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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  July 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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infrom it today. mid to upper '80s expected. 70 degrees in warrenton, 72 and arlington right now. 88 degrees for the high temperature roundabout way this afternoon with lower unity levels. that is the key. tomorrow, back up to about 100. but it will feel i 108 when you fax -- but it will feel like 108 when you factor in the humidity. now to lisa baden. >> no major incidents on the interstates. normal travel times on the beltway as well. good out of dale city to get through springfield. quiet in this picture at the american legion bridge. more traffic ahead. newschopper 7 a little while. now back to news.
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>> we begin with a busy night for emergency crews and prince george's county. they try to save a teenaged male from the water. there were not successful. this happened on old stagecoach road in laurel. john gonzalez is there with what he has learned so far. >> prince george's county investigators will be back out here at the willow lake apartments later this morning to try to figure out what went wrong. the pond is just beyond those trees. water rescue teams searched for the teenage boy nearly two hours last night. he was reported missing around 8:45 last seen in the apartment complex. witnesses tell police the young victim went under water and never came back up. search and rescue used boats and helicopters with infrared equipment and a high-powered lights. 80 minutes later he was found under the bonds which is about four feet deep.
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cpr was performed at the scene. he was then rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. the exact age and identity of the boy has not been released. we understand investigators will be back out here to try to figure out exactly what happened. reporting live in laurel, john gonzalez. >> thanks so much. several families are wondering what is next after fire destroyed their homes in prince george's county. the flames swept through the apartment last night on rochelle avenue in district heights. brianne carter is there with reaction from residents. >> as you can hear, they're working to board up some of these apartments that are now vacant. 21 units, 30 residents displaced. tense moments last night. many barely had time to get out. dozens of district heights residents are now looking for new place to call home after a fire ripped through their apartment building last night.
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this woman barely had time to get out. >> i see smoke and fire on the other half of my building. >> she was able to grab some clothing, but not able to get her dogs. >> i watched both of them burn. i just don't know. they were my kids. >> flames were coming from every pore, even the attic, and fire officials got to the apartment. it took an hour for almost 100 firefighters to put out the blaze that damaged 21 units. >> i hope everybody is okay. >> their you can see crews working. the news this morning is that everyone was ok and able to get out safely. they have opened a shelter nearby for residents in need. the cause is still under investigation. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> a missing oxon hill man has
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been found. a silver alert had been issued after he was last seen dropping off his wife and washington hospital center in northwest d.c. he was found yesterday in florida. officers were worried because he suffers from dementia and high blood pressure. >> the latest in a shooting at a movie theater in colorado. the suspect james holmes prosecutors will build their case. >> he shouted and appeared to target people the night of the shooting. batman star christian bale visited the survivors estimate. the first funeral will be today. the incident has prompted a sudden surge in gun sales and colorado and elsewhere. >> the house and senate leaders say they have no plans to tackle gun control issues this
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year. they say the shooting should not be politicized and that there is little time left to take up the matter. it will soon be easier for maryland residents to obtain permits to carry concealed weapons. there's a report a federal judge gave bmaryland until early august that applicants must show a good and substantial reason to carry a gun. >> today the presidentis realthe president is pushing back against romney -- >> those ads taking my experts about small-business out of context. >> romney's campaign is running
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ads that suggest entrepreneurs are not building their own businesses. the president said he was referring to an infrastructure and education that helps businesses be successful. speaking of romney, he's expected to be in europe today for the first foreign trip of his candidacy. he will attend friday's opening ceremonies for the olympic games in london. his aides are calling the trip are learning opportunity but the president's campaign says it's all about for opportunities and fund-raising. it's wednesday morning, 5:06. >> developments in the gambling showdown in maryland.
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move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it wednesday morning. lower humidity levels today. the humidity will drop from now into the midday and afternoon. currently 74 reagan national 66 in gaithersburg, 67 in hagerstown, 66 in winchester this morning. warmer conditions along the waterways. quantico at 77 and 78 in
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annapolis, 79 in lexington park. bright sunshine out there. dew points in the 50's at times. highs from 85 to 90 this afternoon. it will be short-lived. heat and humidity again tomorrow, highs near 100. >> 270 is uneventful from interstate 70 to 495. looks normal at democracy boulevard on 270. one hour to get from markham to the roosevelt bridge on 66. everything is open on the dulles toll road and dulles greenway. looks good on 395 to the pentagon. metro rail starting the morning on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 5:10 on this wednesday. >>
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>> this is "good morning washington." >> investigators are trying to figure out why a teenager drowned in upon the laurel. they say he went into the kind of around 9:00 last night but did not come back out. search crews found him after 10:00. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. his name is not been released. investigators 34 because of a fire in district heights that forced nearly 30 people to find a place to live. the point about about 8:00 last night on roshell avenue, no one injured. -- the flames broke out about 8:00. the first of the funerals will be held today for shooting victims in aurora, colorado.
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they're watching "the dark knight rises" when the gunfire erupted. >> the health care overhaul will shrink rather an increase the nation's federal deficits over the next decade. 3 million few were unsure people will gain health care coverage because of last month's supreme court ruling, granting states more leeway. we could learn more today about where things stand in an effort to expand gambling in maryland. house leaders plan to meet today to discuss negotiations of a plan that would allow table games at existing casinos as well as a new casino in prince george's county. governor scott o'malley is expected to soon announce whether he will call a special legislative session to take up the issue. >> two high-ranking chinese officials have resigned amid criticism over the government's handling of the storm that left dozens dead. a chinese newspaper reports the mayor of beijing and the vice mayor have left office.
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this comes after 37 people die n -- died as a result of the rainfall last week. the death toll could continue to climb. >> the bay looks pretty good for us adam,. refreshened >> i love days like this but it does not last long this time of year. sometimes it only lasts about 18 hours. at least we're getting a full day of lower humidity. >> already feeling pretty good out there. >> it is refreshing. dew points in the fifties later on today, lower humidity levels. it will be comfortable, highs in the mid to upper 80s this afternoon. tomorrow, here comes the heat. right now it is 66 in winchester 69 and martinsburg. 78 in lexington park.
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look at the temperatures. kansas city is still in the mid '80s, 85 degrees. 84 in omaha. that is burqa heat and humidity still resides. it-- that is where the heat and humidity still resides. that is well off to our west right now, but it will slowly creep our way all day. we are comfortable today, less humid. enjoy it while you can. by tomorrow the heat and humidity will be overhead. 88 today for the high temperature. northwesterly breeze at 5 miles an hour, becoming calm this afternoon. the average high is 88 degrees. that's where we should be at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, barry hot and sticky, near 100 degrees. it will feel. about 103 degrees to 108 when
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you factor in the humidity tomorrow. we see signs of a cooling trend. friday, down to about 96. over the weekend, close to 90. that's not far from where we should be this time of year. slight chance of lateday storms tomorrow. now to lisa baden. >> but the new looks pretty good on nine desi95 66, and it looks good to the airport. metro rail vre starting off on normal service. in maryland, traffic is open on the beltway and university boulevard, moving nicely. in virginia, more of the same. looks good 3 falls church and an rosslyn, and beautiful near the pentagon. back to you. >> thank you. apple customers expect a new iphone, but not until autumn. >> it was not a good second
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quarter for netflix. paula faris explains. >> apple customers are so sure there's going to be a new model this fall, sales of the current phone are down. that's one reason apple reported lower earnings than expected. $9 billion instead of $10 billion. apple is releasing a new macintosh operating system today that is only available as a digital download. no disks or memory sticks. it costs $20. netflix' net income fell in the previous quarter. there are concerns about rising competition. alaska brown bear is shown in their national habitat. have a great day, everybody.
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>> rodriguez is hit by a pitch. >> and you could hear him scream. a ride has a broken hand -- a- rod has a broken hand. rodriguez could miss the next two months. that's painful to watch. >> it's certainly is. the mariners went on to win the game. but the orioles could not make up any ground against the yankees. >> years tim brant. >> the nfl players are going back to work this week. the redskins report this week and will be on the bill tomorrow for the perfect practice. the nationals will go for their sweep this afternoon in new york city. gio gonzalez was untouchable as night, giving up only two hits. tied in the sixth inning.
5:23 am
look out. into the upper deck. a couple batters later florezs drives into left field. into third base. look out. never stops running. 5-2 was the final as the nationals continue to roll. >> the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead prepare for construction on union station.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this morning,
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the emergency crews did all they could, but it was not enough to save a teenager from drowning in laurel. now the investigation begins into what led to the tragedy. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, july 25. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown in for cynne simpson. adam caskey has the forecast. >> the humidity is down. dew points down in the 50's in these locations and beyond. monrovia, 55dew point of 57/ leesburg 70 degrees with a lower dew point. a great day today, high temperature of 88, which is average for this time of year, with lower humidity. that's refreshing. all of that changes tomorrow.
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now to lisa baden. >> it helps if i turn on the microphone. hearing about a barn fire in bealeton, virginia. 17 number two 28, their clothes in the northbound direction of 17. --there are-- they are closing the northbound direction of 17 at 28. looks good south of town at the wilson bridge. and metro rail is reporting normal service. >> we start with a busy night for first responder is in prince george's county. the emergency crews tried to save a teenager found a bottom of a pond, but he did not survive. it happened last night in the 13,000 block of old stagecoach road.
5:28 am
john gonzalez has more on this sad story. >> investigators from prince george's county will be back out at the willow lake apartments later today trying to figure how exactly what went wrong. this pond is just beyond those trees. water rescue teams searched for this teenage boy for nearly two hours last night. he was reported missing around 8:45 and last thing around a pond in the apartment complex. witnesses tell police the young of incomevictim went under water and never came back up. they used infrared technology and bright lights, and found him at the bottom of the pond. cpr was performed and then he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead. his age and identity have not been released. investigators are expected to be back out here to try to figure out what went wrong.
5:29 am
john gonzalez reporting, abc 7 news. >> 30 people homeless morning after flames swept through their apartment building about 8:00 last night in district heights. all three levels of the building were engulfed in flames. one woman who escaped is heartbroken because she did not have time to get her two dogs out. >> i watched my dogs burn both of them. i just don't know. they were my kids. >> the dogs did not make it. no residents or injured. investigators say the fire started in a lower level unit. they are trying to find a cause. >> police are investigating what appears to be murder-suicide. our role to discover the bodies of a man and woman yesterday afternoon. there were inside an apartment in the park shirlington complex on 31st streets. they are 30 years old heat.
5:30 am
a neighbor tells us the couple had two small children. this is the first homicide in arlington county since march of 2010. a cabdriver faces charges after a potentially deadly situation near the verizon. center in northwest verizon a taxicab trying to get from behind a bus got into a crash. the driver then lost control and went on to the sidewalk, forcing people to jump out of the way. a woman was injured while trying to avoid getting hit. the taxi cab stopped after running a red light and hitting another car. >> amtrak is proposing a $7 billion transformation of union station. jummy olabanji has details this morning. that's a lot of money. >> a lot of money. good morning. union station is the second busiest train station in the country with more than 100,000 rides being taken here every day. it opened in 1907and amtrak says it's time for parades
5:31 am
because they want to be will to increase the amount of passengers. one who has been here knows it can get pretty crowded. part of a major expansion plan calls for doubling the number of trains that union station can hold. much of the station expansion would be below ground, where amtrak would like to receive new platforms, and attracts, and a new shopping center. but would like six tracks dedicated to high-speed rail. that high speed line means you could travel from d.c. to new york city in 90 minutes by 2013. that's about an hour faster than today's strain. a private developer plans to build a 1.5 been dollar complex of offices condominiums, and a new hotel. for any of this to happen it will take money. -- a private developer plans to build a $1 billion1.5 billion complex.
5:32 am
>> we should learn today whetherwhat it will cost to use the e-z pass bikeshare program and how it will affect drivers carpal folks, and mass transit winn users. montgomery county's ride on bus system will operate on a normal schedule today, but you could expect delays for the rest of the week. operations should return to normal by monday. the system had been operating on holiday schedule since 26 buses were taken off the road after a fire in silver spring last we. >> it could take longer to update. the update the smart meters-- to update the taxicabs. two companies competing for the
5:33 am
contract protested the city posed a decision to reward the deal -- award the deal to verephone so there could be a delay. >> this puppy was left on the side of the road. he has a good temperament. he will be placed up for adoption when he recovers. 5:33 on this wednesday, 73 degrees. >> pepco is responding to a decision by maryland regulators not to grant the full rate increase request. why the power company says customers could excuse us, while
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we change into something more comfortable. cool. introding, the square sunnyd bottle.
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>> we're at the national aquarium in d.c. we're always excited about sharks. come down and see us. good morning, washington. >> it's time to check our forecast 5:36. >> adam caskey is here to tell us how the weather is shaping up. >> it is refreshening with a lower humidity by late july standards. it cannot last long this time of year. tomorrow we will have the heat
5:37 am
and humidity. now it is 71 in arlington with a light northwesterly breeze at 3 miles an hour. it is the northwesterly component that is making it more comfortable. 74 degrees at reagan national, 64 in gaithersburg along with a winchester and cumberland, 69 in martinsburg and 70 in culpeper. a lot of sunshine today on this wednesday, a good day to get outside to do your gardening because of the lower humidity. high temperatures from 85-90. tomorrow, near 100 degrees on thursday afternoon. when you factor in the humidity it will make it feel like 105. slight chance of storms tomorrow. more on the extended forecast coming up. >> a bill lee on marc rail, train 890, 20 minutes late because of a single-signal problem. -- brunswick line.
5:38 am
nothing on 270 or 70. looks good across the wilson bridge. now back to the news desk. >> pepco is responding to a decision by maryland regulators not to grant pepco its full rate increase request. the utility says it's disappointed by the decision and that reliability will suffer if without the higher rates it requested from the maryland public service commission. last week the panel approved only part of the $68 million rate hike request according to pepco's poor performance over the last several years. >> the annual hispanic heritage festival in the district will no longer be held in the mount pleasant neighborhood. city leaders say the event has grown so large that it will have to be held at another location. they have chosen pennsylvania avenue in downtown washington. it will take place on september
5:39 am
23. it is 73 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> the latest on friday's mou repeater shooting in colorado.
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>> here's what's coming up at 6:00 this morning, we all express our frustrations differently. find out house wearing in the workplace could leave a huge dent in your reputation. -- hwow swearing in the workplace could leave a dent in your work reputation. >> and find out when the first signs of trouble may have surfaced regarding james holmes. we will talk about that and more coming up by 6:00. >> now to the latest in a movie theater shooting in colorado. >> christian bale visited
5:43 am
survivors of the attack. we get the latest from tahman bradley. >> it will not take away the pain, but it might help. the actor who plays batman visited victims of last friday's movie theater shooting. he showed up without a camera crew, so these cell phone photographs taken by survivors are the only clear pictures. he specifically asked for no publicity. >> christine at him. >> i am batman fans. >> the actor also stopped by the memorial for the 12 people killed in the massacre. the denver broncos also made the rounds, to comfort survivors. >> this is our community. >> there's more uplifting news. hugo jackson medley was born yesterday. his parents were at the movie. when the chaos broke out. his mother was not injured but his father is still fighting for his life. we are hearing extraordinary
5:44 am
stories from survivors. amanda's or friend alex sacrificed himself to save her -- amanda's boyfriend. chrissy polis me down and covered my head -- he -- >> he pulled me down and covered my head. >> in the hours after the shooting, james holmes was staring at the wall at the police station, his eyebrows twitching. he even used evidence bags which were placed over his hands asby detectives as hand puppets. >> state farm is pulling its ads from penn state football broadcasts following the child sex abuse scandal. gm is reconsidering its sponsorship deal as well. wall street is threatened to downgrade the schools credit rating.
5:45 am
this suggests the price of the scandal could go well beyond the $60 million fine and other penalties imposed by the ncaa. >> a man has died after falling over a retaining wall near the canadian side of niagara falls. police officer was taken a man yesterday when their boat went over the wall and plunged down. as you crews pulled the opportuofficer to safety. he suffered broken bones. crews also recovered the other man's body. opening statements will begin next week in the trial of a former illinois police officer accused of killing one of his wives. jurors were seated yesterday. drew peterson is charged with killing kathleen savio in 2004 and is a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his. fourth wife stacy his the man convicted of killing actress and singer jennifer hudson's mother, brother, and neck you could
5:46 am
spend the rest of his life in prison. a judge gave william balfour three light sentences for the 2008 killings. this came after the judge denied its request for new trial. >> los angeles moved to ban storefront medical marijuana dispensaries. city council voted unanimously for the ban that will likely force more than 700 pot shops to close the doors. supporters say that the dispensaries system had gotten out of control. opponents disagreed. >> we have an issue with a large for-profit businesses that operate outside what we think is state law and not only cause a nuisance for the community but a public danger. >> you honestly think that people suffering from debilitating disease can start any sort of farming operation? >> hospices and home health
5:47 am
agencies will still be allowed to provide medical. medical we will get an inside look at the jackson family feud. tensions among family members caught on tape on monday. sheriff's deputies were called to the home after a fight broke out. sources say that janet, jermaine palmer and randy all tried to convince michael jackson's two oldest children to leave their grandmother's home with him, but paris resisted. >> said news from the world of entertainment. the two hollywood actors have passed away, including chad everett. >> the 75-year-old died at his los angeles home after battling lung cancer. he most recently appeared on abc show "castle." he was married to actress shelby grant 45 years until her death last year. braden to learn what caused the death of actor sherman helmsley. >> he played george templeton
5:48 am
one of the most memorable characters on the comedy "the 10 represents." -- " the jeffersons." he was found dead inside his home in el paso, texas, at age of 74. it ran for 11 seasons becoming one of television's most successful situation comedies. his career spanned more than four decades. >> good news from hollywood regarding jeopardy host alex trebek. >> weeks after suffering a heart attack his back at work. the 72-year-old return to the sec yesterday in los angeles to take the first episode of the 29th season. he is in good health and is already planning home improvement projects. >> a little trouble on "modern family." five of the stars have joined together and are suing to avoid
5:49 am
their contracts with twentieth century fox arguing their contracts renewed them from pursuing other work, which is illegal. the studio has declined to comment. >> trouble in the valley of the dolls. lady gaga is being soldued by the maker of bratz dolls. >> now to linda bell. but fans of old wild wings will have to pay even more. the company just boosted prices when it rolled out its new menu this month. due to the high price of a chicken wings, its passing on the cost. it plans to make an additional price hike in another menu out in september this fall. there's a new internet that offers download speeds of 305
5:50 am
megabits per second only available in select cities including d.c. and baltimore. lady gaga is getting sued for failing to approve a line of dolls in her image. she is waiting until her album comes out. she says it is a dispute between her merchandising company and the doll company. retinol to lisa baden. >> newschopper 7 is looking at 66 traffic coming eastbound out of manassas to get into centreville to 50 fair oaks slow traffic. that is typical.
5:51 am
lanes are open to get to the vienna metro station. metro rail is on normal service. adam caskey now. >> today is a perfect day to hipaa links -- to hit the links. >> tomorrow will be a great day to go swimming. there is the potomac river and the roosevelt bridge. traffic is moving very smoothly with light volume on the roosevelt bridge. clear conditions. even over the bay. you cannot beat the sunrise. 74 degrees at chesapeake beach with a dew point approach 61. low humidity today. in gaithersburg, 63. 66 in winchester and 66 in culpeper. here's a wider view of temperatures. after show you this. this is where the hot air is coming from, the midsection of the country. 84 degrees in omaha 85 at this
5:52 am
early in morning hour. they will be around 100 degrees or so of this afternoon. that hot air will be pushing our way slowly this afternoon. tomorrow, back up near the center remarks. it will feel hotter when you factor in the humidity. 88 today for the high temperature with low humidity and a refreshing breeze. the average high temperature is 88. we will be well above that tomorrow, near 100. it will feel like about 105 degrees. theheat and humidity returning on thursday. improvements by friday into the weekend. near 90 on saturday. a very slight chance of storms tomorrow. most of us will remain dry tomorrow. by friday, a 40% chance of a few thunderstorms during the late- day. that's the forecast. pamela.
5:53 am
>> just about 7 minutes until 6:00. >> get out of the posters and albums. another boy band
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>> we want to put some cash in your pocket with our latest facebook giveaway. >> giving you the chance to win $200. go to
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we will announce the winner on july 30 on "good morning washington." but there's a new study and exercise. >> if you feel a boost when you play music during their work out, it is really happening. it includes your mood and makes you feel you are not exerting yourself as much. a study found music had no effect on the number of repetitions people were able to perform. >> a rapper called flo rida is putting out a workout video this year. he says he has always been about fitness. >> the backstreet boys boys are reuniting as well as another boy band. >> 98 degrees is going to perform at a summer concert series next month. that will be their first television appearance in more than 10 years. were you a fan?
5:57 am
>> not really. i was a fan of the backstreet boys. much more to come in the next hour. >> coming up, the latest on a busy night for rescue crews in prince george's county. details on an apartment fire
5:58 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00 a
5:59 am
swim under the stars turned tragic in laurel, maryland. >> and flames shooting through the roof in an apartment building in prince or discounting, leaving dozens without a place to live. >> military pilots are seeing a growing danger in the u.s. >> we have a break from the heat and humidity today. how long will that last? your answer is coming up. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's wednesday, july 25. look at this gorgeous shot this morning. it is adam caskey's favorite day of the week. i am pamela brown. thanks for being with us. >> i am steve chenevey. a great shot of the sun rise early this morning. >> that was arlington from our rooftop camera at washington-lee high school. in laurel, maryland, and other beautiful sunrise. sunrise is not until


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