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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  August 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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bathen island canada. >> hope linsey is somewhere warm. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, federal agents swarmed an apartment complex near seattle, washington. arrested a man accused of e- mailing a threat to kill president obama. good morning, it'synne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's check the forecast with adam caskey. >> its another warm day, but not too humid. general in mild tomorrow as well. 71 right now in the district, 61 in winchester. 57 in cumberland. not as foggy as yesterday. partly cloudy today.
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a few stray showers late in the day, like yesterday. just a couple will pop up on the radar screen. could be over d.c. or the suburbs. highs in the mid to upper 80s all the way through the weekend. now to angela for the commute. >> good morning. we are dealing with overnight construction in the process of being lifted. in virginia, 395 looks pretty good. moving quite well from springfield interchange. into the interchange in virginia on the beltway outer loop at leesburg to 66, you need to stay in the far right lane for another 30 minutes. in maryland, not looking at any problems. also moving well on 66 making the drive in front janesville into the capital beltway. now to steve.
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>> a man in washington state has been arrested, accused of making e-mail threats against the president. the 31-year-old sent an e-mail to a general mailinboxfbi in box threatening to killpresident. he had a shotgun aimed at them when they arrived. they did not find any explosives. he's doing court this afternoon. in the next half-hour, what his mother says about his arrest. >> around prince george's county, charges pending against a father accused of kidnapping his 1-year-old son. >> an amber alert was issued for little cesar martinez, last seen with his father. shortly after father that alert was canceled after martinez was located on harmed with his father in district heights. the man is in police custody
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this morning. >> in the day ahead the former uva lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend has a court hearing today. in charlottesville the court will consider george huguely's request for a new trial. he was convicted in february of second-degree murder in the death of yeardley love. he is scheduled to be sentenced august 30. >> d.c. taxicabs are getting an upgrade. mayor vincent gray will introduce a new smart meter system. that includes credit card readers, gps navigation, and other features. council member marion barry has filed a resolution to renegotiate the contract. >> cleanup expected to continue after a deadly train derailment in ellicott city. >> a few college students are hanging out on the bridge when a train derailed killing both of them. it is believed the two young women tweeted a picture just moments before their deaths.
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>> with heavy hearts, students at mount hebron high school clung tightly to each other attempting to fill loss of two classmates, rose mayr and elizabeth nass. the 19-year-old posted this picture of their feet dangling overfrom the railroad tracks.round midnight. >> it was complete chaos. people running all over the place. >> it was a domino effect of devastation as 21 cars came crashing to a halt. and flipped over the bridge fighting parked cars below and others from doubling to the side of the tracks, dumping tons of coal in the spot where the two women were sitting. rachel was friends with both of
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them from the drill team. >> they cannot graduate. it's heartbreaking. you never think it's going to happen to your friends. >> officials investigating what led to the derailment. a 10-year-old remembers elizabeth as a fun-loving babysitter she will never see again. i cannot believe it. >> in business news, two cities in the d.c. metro area made to the top-10 list of top burning town bethesda, maryland. median family income of more than $184,000. median home price of $740,000. ashburn, virginia, in sixth place with a median income of $146,000. median home price of $345,000. >> billions of dollars of food is wasted in america every year. >> airlines continue testing are
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limits with more fare hikes. with more on that and a preview of today's trading, here is linda bell. >> let's begin with youreurope. more meetings are being held to address the debt crisis. stocks in the state a lower open. not good news for air travelers. another fare hike to talk about. united continental is expanding a reason for increase of $10 for short flights the longer ones as well. this is flights farther than 500 miles. the move was to cover higher costs. we all may be paying more for food lately, but americans are throwing away the equivalent of $165 billion of it each year. that's according to a study. when you break it down, that's more than $2,200 per family. they're asking the government to study this and set goals for
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waste reduction. as college kids go back to campus, more students may be headed to a new home instead of a cramped dorm room. that includes the d.c. area. i will explain in the next hour. live at bloomberg headquarters, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:37, 66 degrees. >> still ahead, republicans could be in four different kinds of challenges during next week's na
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>> president obama has another busy day. >> he will take part in a roundtable discussion at a high school in las vegas. then we will take part in a campaign event. from there he flies to new york to meet with several nba players including michael jordan. vice-president joe biden will attend a campaign event in detroit while first lady michelle obama will speak with supporters in fort lauderdale. she will also meet military families at a naval station and make an announcement about veterans and military spouses. >> candidate paul ryan making another trip to virginia. he will campaign in roanoke today and then he goes to north carolina. mitt romney will attend a rally in iowa.
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>> just five days till the republican national convention in tampa, florida for. officials bracing for a potential party crashers. >> one of them could be a potential hurricane. isaac. is to soono to gauge the path of the storm, but officials have a backup plan to vice-president. joe biden will travel to the tampa area soon for a series of campaign events. the party is excited to have him in town. >> we want to get a check on the weather with adam caskey. >> good morning. another pleasant start. a few degrees warmer than yesterday morning. you will not notice much of a change. let's look at the weatherbug network. 66 in arlington, 63 in camp springs and lanham. very similar conditions, mainly in the low to mid 60's on this wednesday morning. mostly sunny this morning. patchy clouds developing by lunchtime into the afternoon. later on today we cannot rule
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out a f few strays thundershowers. 86 today for the high temperature. a couple degrees warmer. not too humid. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. back to angela foster with traffic crept. good morning. still dealing with overnight construction the. that's the main thing especially around the beltway? . in virginia, on 50, both sexes are closed. be prepared approaching arlington boulevard. that will reopen shortly. -- both exits are closed on 50 in virginia. no troubles on interstate 66. a live look at the teddy roosevelt bridge. good to go from the beltway across the span of the bridge this morning.
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back to you. >> thank you. 4:43 66 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> we have a story you will only see on 7. zero local business caught in the crossfire of a battle between sexes. learn
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>> a man is in custody in
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connection with monday's crash that killed a prince george's county police officer. a 44-year-old named michel. bel-- mitchell. there are still looking for the driver. the crash killed officer adrian morris and injured another officer. flags in maryland are flying at half staff in his honor. he was a two and 1/2 year veteran of the prince george's county police department for. flags will continue to be flown at half staff until sunset on the day of his funeral. >> the department of defense has confirmed the death of another local soldier in afghanistan. sergeant david williams of frederick, maryland, died in canada are. the 24-year-old was from joint base lewis-mcchord. his cause of death is under investigation. we're learning more about the local navy seal killed in last week's blackhawk helicopter crashed in afghanistan.
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patrick feeks was from edgewater, maryland. the 28-year-old was decorated and highly skilled. he died last thursday when his helicopter crashed during a firefight with insurgents. his family and friends gathered to remember the fallen hero on tuesday. >> sometimes patriot is a trite word, but he did it for love of his country, family, and teammates' poor. exceeded been an abc olson's 2008. he served two tours of duty in iraq and had been in afghanistan since december. will be buried at arlington national. >> we're hearing from the wife of a senior energy analyst who was beaten over the weekend near eastern market. maslin was struck on the head as he was walking home from a tavern on capitol hill. the collapse of the strangers porch. his injuries are so severe that he cannot speak. last week he and his wife celebrated their third wedding anniversary.
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>> the entire focus is on his recovery. that is truly a minute by minute. i do believe he will recover. >> robberies are up sharply in that part of the city. police don't know if that was the motive in this case of. they are still looking for the attacker. >> another store you will see only on seven. the special police officerderek hunter said he had to pay to fire off rounds last october at the maryland small arms range in upper marlboro. that was okay until he saw other customers were not paying. if the owner told him monday is ladies' day, which means only women can shoot for free. >> just because i am a man should mean i should have to pay more. greg i don't see anything discriminatory about it. if we are entitled to run any promotion. >> the complaint to the prince
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george's human relations committee, agreed to the range was breaking the law. it's not clear if that decision will change the club's promotion of. >> police trying to find out what caused a town house fire in upper marlborough that left several families homeless. the fire also extended into a neighboring town house. one resident was taken to hospital with minor burns. >> the washington monument is not sinking according to government surveyors. >> that's good news. there were concerns about the monitoring amonument during last year's earthquake. still several cracks need to be effect. >> the reflecting pool on the national mall is almost back to normal after two years. they will take the fences down before the end of the month. they patched leaks and the water
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is. no is. it will be recycled constantly and will probably be prettier. -- they patched leaks and the water is no longer a stagnant. >> coming up, we are supposed to learn who is the new co-host for
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>> let's get a look and how the day is shaping up. >> turned into a pretty nice day yesterday. >> it was pleasant with a few isolated showers even across the metro area. reagan national picked up a half-inch of rain. today will be similar. a few stray and showers for a few hours in the afternoon and evening. 71 now in the district, 66 at dulles airport 57 degrees in cumberland, 61 in winchester. not as foggy as yesterday morning. right now it is much improved compared to yesterday. hi esther day from 77 in frostburg to 84 in front royal to . 86 in the to about 87 in culpeper m. stafford with a 30% chance of late-day thundershowers. patchy clouds tomorrow, mid to upper 80 is, not very humid.
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we will have a little heat, but not overly humid, pleasant. the same story into the weekend but the humidity will kris a little on the weekend with ties in the upper 80s and bright sunshine. now to angela >> . good morning. on the roads starting off in excellent shape. we have picked up all the traffic cones from overnight construction around the beltway. we had a lot of slow traffic a few minutes ago making the drive past 201, but we have reopened all the lanes. traffic moving well without delay. 270, nothing disruptive between the truck scales down to the beltway. traveling in virginia this morning, looking pretty good. here's a live look at springfield. 95 still has relatively light volume. making the drive through the
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occoquan, no delays or incidents to report at this time. back to you. >> thank you. the white house party crashers are officially divorced. abridging a judge assigned off on the stupid between direct and michaele salahi. -- a--he claimed his wife was having an affair. court records filed in new york city indicate the divorce of tom cruise and katie holmes in july. the couple tied the knot in 2006 and have a 6-year-old daughter. you could call this a big score for michael strahan. he has agreed to be the new co- host of "live! with kelly"." >> he has filled in as guest host several times.
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hwee will keep his job on fox nfl sunday which is taped in los angeles and will post with kelly in new york. lots of frequent flyer miles for him. -- will host with kylielly. a spokesman declined to comment from the show. >> when she started on the job she was commuting back and forth. >> you gotta do what you got to do to get the job. >> she was commuting back and forth because she was shooting a soap opera. not unusual for that show. congratulations, michael. next year, jimmy kimmel will start a half-hour earlier. it will air at 11:35 p.m. and nightline will be bumped to
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12:35 p.m. next year marks the show's 10- year anniversary. >> kanye west has been added to the list of celebrities being considered for judge "american idol." has expressed interest. one potential snag in the deal was he would require his salary into it least matched a salary of mariah carey. she signed on for $18 million. i could see that. is 4:57, 66 degrees. >> still ahead how
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