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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  September 2, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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for us getting a win like this than blowing somebody out so there's a lot to learn from this. >> throws short and he does the rest. looking right there in a good way. going all the way for the touchdown. uva wins. and there was a rowdy crowd of more than 80,000 giving the players at penn state a standing ovation. look at that. the players dropped to their knees for a moment of remembrance. a very somber day. ohio trailed 14-3 but for 21 points. they lose their first game. final score 24-14. and navy lost to notre dame 50-10 in ireland today. d.c. united is real.
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>> so fitting that notre dame was playing in ireland. coming up, why are these people dressed in costume on a steamy
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>> this isn't the newest live action show for kid. these are adults taking part in the annual event in atlanta. it's where fans of science
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fiction, ex comic books meet up to share their passion. today a parade was held. love to see adults getting dressed up. another look at your sunday forecast.
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>> back with a final check of your forecast and some bad knews for all those barbecues. >> we had the heavy rain and tomorrow we're going to look for a similar situation as we look for heavier areas of rain during the afternoon hours into the day on monday and that's labor day. beach forecast not so hot. look for cloudy skies and periods of rain even some embedded thunderstorms. full forecast 24 hours a day at your fingertips. >> don't go
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>> thanks for sticking with us. instead of relaxing like most americans will be doing this weekend, president obama obama and mitt romney and their running mates are on the campaign trail. christina has been following all of the political action. >> after last week's republican national convention and with the democratic convention about to begin, both parties candidates are gearing up for the home stretch. running mates mitt romney and paul ryan both started the day in ohio. ryan cheered on his alma mater, miami university of ohio, as it opened its season. while romney addressed the nation's budget at a campaign rally. >> we're going to finally have to do something that republicans have spoken about for a long time and for a while we didn't do it when we had the lead we let people down. we need to make sure we don't lead them down this time. i will cut the deficit and get
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us on track to a balanced budget. >> president obama began his final week of campaigning by taking a swing at his opponent's proposals. >> they won't create jobs they won't cut our deficits and they won't strengthen our middle class. they are not a plan to move our country forward. >> the white house and g.o.p. addresses focused on two different issues. president obama talked about bringing troops home where the republicans' steve scalise of louisiana talked about jobs. next up, romney and ryan meet up in florida while president obama trips to colorado before setting off on what the party is calling the road to charlotte. and we're gearing up for charlotte as well. just a reminder our coverage starts next week. even if you aren't around to catch it you can get all the latest updates any time at our website. today paul ryan admitteded he didn't run a marathon in less than three hours as he claimed.
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he misstated his marathon time by more than an hour. this comes after runners world magazine found evidence he completed one marathon in 1990 and finished in just over four hours. ryan told a radio host that he had run a two hours marathon less than seven minutes per mile for the 26.2 mile course. ryan said he should have rounded his marathon time to four hours not three. turning now to stories making headlines. it was a deadly day at an air show in iowa. >> no. no. no. oh no. >> three jets were flying in formation when one of them veered off course and crashed into a field. the plane burst into flames. the pilot was killed. one person died and two others were hurt after a small plane crash in massachusetts. the plane went down near cape cod early this morning. the pilot took off but was
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trying to circle and return to the air strip. that's when the plane crashed and burst into flames. the two people that were hurt suffered severe burns. no word on what cause it had crash. the story out of new jersey tonight. a 16-year-old boy is dead after sticking his head out of the hatch of a bus just as the bus was going under an overpass. the group of 65 students were traveling to a sweet 16 party. no one else was hurt. back here at home controversy of a vienna church sign is actually gained the attention of county officials who say it violates a county ordinance. the church is now suing. >> it's a simple sign that sits off the road in vienna in front of the good shepherd church. but this little sign has stirred up a huge fight over the issue of free speech and religious rights. >> it's a right to be able to communicate. we're a church. we want to let people know what we do. >> church recently purchased
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the $37,000 sign to announce service times community events and occasionally an inspirational message. but shortly after they began posting the fairfax county board of supervisors told the church, hold on. citeding a county ordinance that provides more than two different messages a day. the quhoich on many days had posted three or more. >> it's a church. have a heart. >> it was during the storm time and it was the relief messages. come in we're here. you can take shelter. it was those kind of messages and that was two or three too many. >> larry kennedy lives right next door and passes by every day. what does he think? >> as i think about it now it's kind of silly and confusing. >> the coich and county officials tried to come to a compromise but couldn't so the church decided to fight back and sue the county claiming their religious and free speech rights are being violated. >> i think they should be able
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to say what they want as long as it's something positive. >> we believe open hearts, open minds and open doors and i would like to add open communication. >> the county had no response but it has two weeks to respond in court. in the meantime the church says it will stick to its limit of two messages a day on its new sign. >> still to come here, a couple in georgia says that they were attacked in a very public place where they believe they were targeted and why this isn't the first time there's been some kind of trouble. plus you work hard for your money. so let amp help you spend it wisely. his reviews are just ahead. >> steve in the weather center. we had severe thunderstorm warnings earlier this evening. all of those have canceled out. what can we expect for the rest of the holiday weekend? all the details to plan ahead
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coming up.
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>> a couple in savannah, georgia, say they were attacked in one of the busiest squares in town. they say it was because they are a mixed race couple. >> the pictures are hard to look at. 23-year-old andrew quade's eye is swollen shut and he's got gashes all over his face. >> he was basically left for dead. i don't want to go into all
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thegoery details but they could have stopped and they kept going. >> this general area. >> his girlfriend says the couple was walking through the square just before midnight friday when they say they spotted three black men. >> one of them was making racial comments toward us and the other was blowing kisses so it was a very aggravating situation to be in. >> i didn't want to freak out on them because i thought they were saying something. i was trying to get a little more knowledge about the situation. and before we could even do that it was just bam-bam. >> he didn't want to show his face because it looks worse than the pictures. the next thing he remembers is waking up in an ambulance. the men attacked him and that they wouldn't stop. >> i was trying to pry them off before i knew it he was on the floor. it happened all so quickly. >> you think that these guys had a problem because he was dating an african american? >> definitely. that's simple.
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trr couple says they've felt discrimination before but never anything like this >> the worse will be like a stair or snicker here or there but not to just -- it didn't get to the level of physical contact. >> i can't classify it as anything else or wrap my mind around the logical reason they would have to just go all out like that. >> police say they're reviewing surveillance video and talking to witnesses. the couple insists they did nothing to spark the attack. >> i just hope they get caught really i hope justice prevails at the end of the day. and this didn't happen in this
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presidenclinton: this election to me is about which... candididate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a r clear choice.. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income. people and go back to deregulation. that's
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what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>> look at our top stories. rain falling in different parts of our area. we captured this video in arlington. coming up in a few minutes we will check in with steve for an update on the way the weather stands right now. police in d.c. are on the lookout for the people responsible for some home invasions. tonight we spoke with one of the victims who says she would -- she was held at gunpoint. police say they are actively search forg suspects. people living in the neighborhoods want increased patrols. and president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney aren't relaxing on this weekend. both were on the campaign trail. romney in tampa and president obama looking ahead to the democratic convention in charlotte, north carolina. be sure to tune in for our
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complete coverage of the convention on tv and on line. you saw the rainy video a little earlier tonight. it really came down. >> and the rain an awesome display of thunder and lightning. for those of you in calvert county stnch mary's county, you saw a display. the rain came down really fast in just a matter of three hours the wettest day of the year reagan national airport. outside right now we have quieted things down just a bit and we are going to look for quieter conditions as we move through the overnight hours. take a look at our temperature outside. 75 degrees at reagan national airport. dew point levels still in the 70s and that's why it feels just a little bit uncomfortable outside and no relief with the breeze out of the west-northwest at only three miles per hour. our high today made it up to 95 degrees. the 29th day this year at 95 or better at reagan national airport. and the 51st time that we've had 90 degrees plus days.
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it's been a hot long summer. things are finally going to start to cool down as we move through the next couple of days or so. take a look at our net work. 74 degrees in arlington look at 1.64 inches of rain so far today. 73 degrees right now. winchester now at 73 degrees. the cooler air off to the north of us. upper peninsula of michigan 60 degrees probably feels nice. compare that to the 70s even lower 8 os. this is left of isaac once a hurricane now going to slowly move towards the east over the next 48 hours ch going to ride a frontal system stalled just to the south of us. that lifts northward. will keep unsettled weather in
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our area not only tomorrow but monday, tuesday, wednesday. even into early thursday much needed rain on the way. look at live super doppler looking at the heaviest of rain now moving through about a half hour ago all this moves off towards the south and east and quieter conditions not as rainy as they move into prince george's county. future cast next 48 hours will call for temperatures to rebound slightly tomorrow into the upper 70s to lower 80s almost a repeat performance for today on monday. if you have barbecue plans you may want to find alternative inside because you might want to look now showerers as we end our labor day holiday weekend. for tonight 68, 75 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow. 79 to 84. so it's going to feel a lot cooler due to the cloudy skies the showers and thunderstorms. you want to keep an umbrella
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with you throughout the day. here's the extended outlook calling for the showers and storms. stick around for a good part of the upcoming back to school week. temperatures will moderate just a little bit and our skies will clear by friday into next weekend. but for those of you contemplating to go to the beach tomorrow or not, i think you would probably have more fun here at a movie theater as opposed to one in ocean city. >> i think you're possibly right. arch campbell just the man to tell us whether we should or shouldn't see some of the movies coming out.
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