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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great wednesday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. two prince ahead, county police officers are off the streets as investigators look into the of the shooting,' >> home owners spending the day severe stormsom left damage across parts of the d.c. region. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, september 19. i am steve chenevey. i am pamela brown in for simpson. >> 1 community it particularly near 59thheverly place.and 59th jay korff explains.
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>> [inaudible] >> we will get back to him in a few minutes >> . storm caused plenty of in the district and virginia. a tree fell on to power lines in northwest d.c., sparking a fire. heavy rains flooded roads in creating a.c., traffic mess at rush hour. one tree fell onto a home in arlington. nobody injured. .> it was shaking it could've been worse. >> the situation was even worse mclean, where a woman died control, oflost burst into flames. soweto is blamed for crash involving a police cruiser last in herndon. -- >> wet roads blamed for a .rash
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the nationals will play a double .eader now you can exchange your ticket for lesser value for today's match up. first game at 4:00 and the second at 7:00. speaking of baseball, the orioles came just finished at morning. 18 innings. win.rioles >> unbelievable. >> now to jacqui jeras with the weather. >> still some lingering showers out there. looking at live super doppler a, sprinklese a couple mary' and st. flood warnings in frederick and carroll. .t's a little cloudy we did have some damage, as you video.the
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you can ceiling during clouds. skies will be clearing throughout the day. but sunshine by this afternoon. 63 degrees at 9:00. 67 and partly cloudy by noon. mostly sunny and 71 degrees by 5:00. seven-day forecast in a minute. >> let's look at the roads. i am worried about the morning rush-hour. lortong all-around, down.the tree came that has been taken care of. a lot of the overnight holdruction put on specifically because of the weather. on the beltway out of springfield and through tysons and towards the americanegion bridge looks good. fairfax police have an accident the little river turnpike at beltway, an .verturned car the maryland beltway is in good
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shape. back to you. >> thank you. one man in critical condition getting into ay with prince george's county police. d.c. police investigating because the shooting happened on border. side of the along southern avenue. two prince george's county officers were responding to reports a man was walking around firing shots. when they approached, that the officers. they fired back. times and several hospital.he no officers were injured. >> a catholic university student after ahospital barricade situation. police responded to a midnight.after the student had barricaded inside a room and at some point either jumped or fell off the fourth floor of the building. he was transported to the hospital. >> of video from a private fund- which mitt romney said f of all americans are
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want help from the government. it continues to defend his remarks. >> now president obama is responding to the comments. tahman bradley has more. >> appearing on david letterman, commented onma romney's remarks. >> one of the things i have as president is you country. the entire my expectation is if you want to be president you have to work everybody. >> it was his first time weigh on was secretly recorded that shows romney telling donors that 47% of the country is dependent on government. , the the tape was released topaign has been scrambling control the damage. we were talking about a campaign and how he's going to to half of the boats
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half of the vote. i want to get 50.1% or more. >> i felt sick to my stomach. shows he's out of touch. >> it comes at a terrible time hasthe gop nominee, who t obama inind presiden polls. voters don't believe he is sympathetic. a recent poll found 58% of americans said that romney would over the wealthy middle-class. republicans are trying to take attention off the tape, pointing to an audio recording of state senator obama 14 years ago to show wealth redistribution. obama calls the attack desperate. website america's frustrates some customers. >> linda bell has that and more from new york.
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>> american airlines says it more than furlough mechanics and other ground while it restructures its through bankruptcy. has sent layoff notices over 1100 workers. lawmakers are tackling online security. many bank of america users have trouble accessing the web site at. a spokesperson for the bank says looking into the cause of the difficulty. target has a lot of open jobs
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for the holiday season as well 's.hl >> a little chilly this morning again. about 60 degrees currently. clear. in the thousands of students in are headed back to school. details
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morning, let's look at the weather. lets a good morning to jacqui as we look forward to better things today. >> be patient, because it is still cloudy this morning and there are light rain showers in between laryland lusby and montrose. it's not point to be heavy and impact your commute. montross. it is 63 in d.c., 60 at dulles. tomorrow morning it will be really chilly outside. skies becoming mostly sunny today. pleasant, high temperature 72.een 67 and refreshing once again. we will give you the seven-day in a moment. first, traffic. >> one item in virginia, fairfax
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236, littlee on turnpike, overtopping the beltway. if you are headed westbound, are letting you get by. a lot of activity through the stretch. not much happening in maryland. a lot of the construction was put on hold overnight because of the weather. easy start to germantown to the beltway. county polices an overnight near the 800 block of near the d.c.e border. that closure is still in effect. back to you. >> thank you. the metropolitan washington airports authority board is up an important issue today. board members expected to discuss of the new ethics .olicy the board will also find out where the things stand with the dulles rail project. be changes the take a cab and the district.
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the commission is holding a morning.eeting this the agenda is an emergency implement the 50 for eachcharge trip.ger per they will also add sedan vehicles to the road >> . capital bikeshare program is the largest nations program of its kind. now there will be eight stations in alexandria. >> it's wednesday, 60 degrees. approaching 10 years since the d.c. sniper attacks. how
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>> welcome back. people across the d.c. area are up the mess left behind severe storms that rolled through the area. knocked down trees and power
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damaged homes and cars. thousands without power. traffic was and all during the rush hour. a man is hospitalized after a shooting inved southeast washington. two prince george's county police officers approached a man shots along firing southern ave. andired at the officers they fired back. no officers. were officers -- no officers were injured. criticized mitt romney for setting he does not about 47% of the country that pays no income taxes. the president said you need to represent all the people. was convicted in for the death of his roommate. prosecutors have called him
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a cold-blooded killer. an olympic swim coach accused of abusing one of his teenage swimmers. l was 33 at the time in the 1980's. and sherwood high school graduate says that in addition the assault, he paid her and her family $150,000 to keep quiet. well.l be in court as >> a house committee will hold another hearing today on operation fast and furious. justice department inspector general will discuss an investigation into the trowbridge may have allowed in hands ofnd up mexican drug cartels. the committee voted to hold the general in contempt for not handing over documents. aung san suu kyi will receive of the nation's highest honors this afternoon, the nobel prize winner and parliamentarians will be the congressional gold l during a ceremony in the capitol rotunda. d.c. is just one of the stops on
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day tour of the u.s. she will also visit new york, the midwest, and california. survivors of the d.c. sniper attacks and investigators met to those terrifying weeks. e shooting victim talks about what he recalled as a random armed robbery. he was shot five times. >> between september 5 and when , i was fearfult like everybody else. >> those leading the investigation talked about the work that went into the case. agencies working together to track down and them. >> the teachers movement move to its first strike in 25 .ears >> indians returning our schools purpose, theary
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education of our children. >> the tentative agreement includes a longer school day and new teacher evaluation system. still needs to be more than 25,000 teachers in chicago. the strike started last week after the union and the city on evaluation guidelines and job security. >> arizona police now can e a key part of the controversial immigration law. a federal judge refused to block the so-called show me your papers provision. now police and ask people stopped for other crimes to prove they are in the country illegally. said the provision will lead to racial profiling. it is wednesday, 60 degrees. >> yesterday was national cheeseburger day. how krispy kreme is celebrating event and how you can get food at nationals park like
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>> we want to get a check on the weather. >> now jacqui jeras. as theyows the storms rolled through and caused some of the damage. couple of people still without power today. the clouds are lingering, but not farring line is away. watch for skies to become mostly
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sunny. a couple sprinkles lingering across the potomac of virginia and maryland, but nothing to be concerned about. we will stay nice and dry for week withf the temperatures gradually warming. next chance of rain late saturday. i am pleasantly surprised that we don't have as much debris around the area as the weather was dramatic yesterday. in fairfax county there was an accident westbound on the little overtopping the beltway. through.ble t no problems on 95, 395, coming city, getting over occoquan, 395 wide open at street and it looks good across the 14th street bridge. in maryland, the beltway is open. of construction was put on hold because of the weather. on the beltway in
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silver spring. kindle north avenue looks good. 270 is an easy trip. back to you. >> thank you. seen thebly have style" daniel van as .one viral on the web video that has gone viral. there have been imitations. >> and workers lost their jobs video.osting this they had the moves down. be they should've been working at the time. to get theirng jobs back. the pop star behind the letson --atio if you want to eat for free today, krispy kreme is ready t international a pirate >> if you go a step further and
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pirate, you get a .ozen free doughnuts i expect you to bring back a dozen donuts for us. all right. i'll see what i can do. is 60 degrees early on this wednesday morning. showbin left the nearly a year ago,
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courts a shootout between police thecers and a suspect in district. john gonzalez has the latest to the on what led violent confrontation. yesterday's storms left across parts of the d.c. area. from somear homeowners dealing with major repairs. seattle.a game in the orioles finished less than an hour ago. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, september 19. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with the cleanup from the severe storms which brought down several trees. plenty of damage in cheverly, maryland. let's get more from brianne carter. >> there's clean up this morning storms stretching all .cross the region >> i looked out the front window i saw that the front of my porch was down


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