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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> it may be at noon, but a lot still talking about the morning rush hour this morning. haveands of metro riders the way.on course, it happened right at of rush hour. not which you want on a y morning. >> absolutely. this morning, there were some
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substantial delays. 30, even 60 minutes. there commute really was more of a nightmare. there were on trains that lost power. >> all of a sudden, it just came to a stop. all the power went out. >> not the way they wanted to start their wednesday morning. europe no control over the situation. >> the six car train had about board and lost power this morning, stopping several hundred feet from the station. we lost power. it is said it would evacuate us. they stop. power back on.he and it said it would evacuate its again. after waiting an hour with no lights and no air conditioning, s restored and the train went to the station. at about 8:00 this morning, a
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second red line train also lost power stopping on the tracks. people there became ill on train and taken to the hospital. red line isays the directions now, stillr, there are individuals. at arains are running d because they're these towhat caused the bureau trends to lose power. that investigation continues. we do not know to be running at speed. that has yet to be determined. abc 7 news. >> all rights. keep an eye on that situation. also at noon, george zimmerman back in the news. his dna is casting some doubt about what happened on the night e shot trade on margin. -- trayvon martin. the results, inconclusive. said the 17-year-ago e fight his gun during th
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back in february. also new this new, a montgomery county judge has rejected the attempt. this is according to a news proved -- to a news partner. he pleaded guilty to other unsolved crimes. the 10-month anniversary of the killing spree the d.c. region leaving 10 people dead. he was executed in 2009. the future of lethal injection in virginia up for debate today. lawyers have challenged the department of corrections. say the executioner is drugs into convicted --a spirit the department of claims it is not a medical procedure. >> the retrial of eight former army ranger accused of killing his roommate. he is accused of killing him in
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apartment they shared back in 2006. that conviction was thrown out year. say he is a cold- blooded killer. to prince george's county police are arrested after shooting a suspect last night. -- police say this man was around and shooting his gun. he crossed the street on to the e he had awher with police. k-9 units are collecting clues. neighborsnot the only ofrtled by a stream gunshots. say he walked to the neighborhood late tuesday night.
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>> they all had surrounded. when he demanded to drop the gun, he started shooting at officers. >> very loud and a scary. >> just feet from dozens of homes. spent hours collecting and investigating what happened. >> seat is not understand why someone would open fire in public. he does not understand why would open fire in public. thinking.what he was >> it was right in front of our house. the children had just left the house. >> i went to the movies and came heard gunshots. thishere alive and since
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d.c. side, d.c. e taken over the investigation. that man has not been identified still in critical condition. the officers were not injured but they are on administrative leave. thank you. d.c. police officers also possible sexual on a greyhound bus this morning. we are told the alleged sexual assault happened in the district. arlingtonlled over in 14th streetng the bridge. point, a helicopter was seen over that scene. accused of abusing a sexual -- abusing a swimmer is banned for life. of the nation's largest swim clubs and molested was 14 years old her familyid her and to keep quiet. the right to challenge the case voluntary give up his membership. the list ofdded to
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banned individuals. today is a day of clean up all up and down the west coast. after that line of powerful storms. the power is back on. the silver lining for them? huge not need your air- conditioning today. let's take a look at the forecast. >> their recorded gusts of 61 miles per hour. -- they recorded gusts of 61 miles per hour. clouds are pretty thick. we have been getting rid of them progressively throughout the morning. 66 at dulles. , trying toanimation clear their way out. cooler air moving back behind. most of the nation is quiet.
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that is the good news. 67 to 72. back to you. it is 12:08 right now. fired in the battle for virginia. republican presidential vice -- republican vice presidential ryan speaking to a virginia about 90 s ago. the nation's and it national debt that he and mitt romney on the best choice to turn things back around. the gop has to polls out today is pulling ahead in virginia. g to the nbcrdin washington post poll. before the latest surrounding mitt romney's comments at a fund- raiser. >> as you said, this latest onhington post poll focuses virginia voters. to the numbers, barack
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obama leads mitt romney 62 to voters.g likely this is as candidates continue and move past other distractions. >> president barack obama is about the campaign. there are not a lot of people are victims. there are not a lot of people to think they're entitled something. video, romney is seen that 47% of americans will vote for president obama are dependent on government. >> my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them. >> while romney is not his comments, he says it was taken out of context. interview with fox news talkinge was about election strategy, not do as president. >> if we're talking about a
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campaign and how you get close to half the vote. get half the vote, approximately, i event. if the present has a different view. i learned as you represent the entire country. my expectation is that you want to be present, you have to work for everybody. just for some of. if president obama also has a campaign event scheduled here in northern virginia. is said to happen on friday. to the zero weeks ahead of the between the two candidates. o much.k you s 12:10 right now. first lady michelle obama on the campaign trail speaking to students in north carolina. first, north carolina central then having to h -- carolina and nort in -- ity a startling discovery about a around the dinner table. after test at
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rice and and that in how you can protect your food? >> a final lift off of for the e endeavor.l coming up next. a a miserable day next day -- miserable day yesterday. we will check this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teachingsoo some test... he personally cannot relate to. education,
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endeavor hastle finished the final leg of its journey heading to the space center this morning. that included a flyby of the space center. it is due to arrive in los on friday to be taken to the california science center stayhat is where it will on display. teachers finally back in the classrooms today. the teachers' union move to suspend its first reaching ar agreementcontract city on tuesday. it calls for a longer school day a new teacher evaluation system. 7 is on your side of the skin about food that seems unhealthy. it turns out rice have what some
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scientists call troubling levels of arsenic. for adults, these levels and not to be cause for concern. children, itg be a different story. >> we are saying that you really should not exceed more than one serving a day. as for protecting adults, less rice actually has than brown rice. you can also get rid of some of making sure it is you could that arise. there you go. it just be aware. it is very easy to be aware of a day.nice know. it is cool. what a difference a day makes. the strong storms causing some damage across the area. if you stuck with us to the day yesterday, the clearing 7 kind stubborn. you might not quite want to clear out all the way.
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of can see it right on top area for today. this is wonderful, isn't it? just a beautiful. that cloudiness rolling on through. rainfall totals scattered across the area. and your between 1 and 1/4 inches. about 1 inch and a half. an inchin with about and a quarter. they did have about an inch of rainfall. all that blew their. we had about 115. temperatures are warming up. the upper 60's. parts of the west, which a top over 76 of degrees.
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high pressure. this of be a dominating whether .eature we will have to watch this next cold front. we are high, we are dry, we are stunning. just beautiful, isn't it? becoming mostly sunny. for tonight, skies are mostly clear. 44. definitely want the jacket. take a look of your seven-day forecast. gradually warmed the week. rest of before you know it. the timing of that next front, the best thinking is between saturday and sunday morning.
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>> said to be a good time for it. >> that is right. coming up, we will get into the holiday spirit early. many talk about how retailers arers expecting to hire this year. things are getting a bit hairy, literally. she focuses on the $1 billion business of hair. ♪
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be september,l but the holiday season is around the corner. holiday retailers are hiring now. spots for more than 52,000 seasonal staff. than kohl'smore year.last plans to hire between and 90,000. 750,000 homes in august. that is up almost 30% from this year.ast
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applications for building permits up. this is the fifth straight month of improvement. we will focus on women taking control of their careers. nearly 1 million women are constructionhe most do sales and office work. we'll talk about one group of who decided to go for specialized instruction training. an all-female construction company. reinvented themselves tonight at 5:00. one man walking from his home to house.te we caught up with him this morning. he is a board chair for the alzheimer's association in virginia. he is now raising money for research and a support. >> for me, it was about just sure that our political familiar with the numbers. 1300 people a day are diagnosed
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with alzheimer's. 13,008 people a day will be the time we get there today. >> since his journey began, he raised of these $12,000. he will meet with congress to new alzheimer's funding bill. we'll check in with
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away a kreme giving
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donuts if you dress like a when you go to the shop. the do have a warning. no weapons policy. still free to talk like a pilot. u get one free doughnuts if you like. >> come on. giving a more effort and the weather center. how toink it is called speak priorate. >> that will give you a bonus don't. somewill give you meteorological terms. how is that one for you? 72 today. up to the 80's by the end of the week and into the weekend. not until next saturday and into sunday. we will keep you up to date.
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now offering flu shots every day, no appointment necessary. find a clilinic near you at president obama: i'm barack obamthis anncr: he keeps saying it... mitt romney: this president cannot tell us that you're... better off today than when he took office. anncr: well... here's where were in 2008. tv anncr: the wot financial collapse... since the great depression... tv anncr: american workers were laid off in numbers not seen... in over three decades. anncr: and here's where we are today... thirty months of private sector job growth. creating 4.6 million new jobs. we're not there yet. but the real question is: whose plan is better for you the president's plan asks millionaires... to pay a little more... to help invest in a strong middle class. clean energy. and cut the deficit. mitt romney's plan? a new 250,000 dollar tax break for... multi-millionaires. roll back regulations on the banks that cratered the economy. and raise taxes on the middle class. president clinton: they want to go back to the same old... policies that got us in trouble in the first place.
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president obama: we're not going back, we are moving forward. anncr: forward.


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