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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 21, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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prayer. >> and the hard-working people who put on this show, are also thinking of you, robin. tweet team robin to show your >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> following several big stories including a look ahead to obama's visit to northern virginia. a local man has had a clintversial twist on eastwood chair. >> and the iphone 5 being released today. years.ited 34 this is better than anything. >> an emotional night for the die-hard national fans. back to the playoffs for the t time since 1943.
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exciting. good morning, everybody. happy friday. is september 21. i am pamela brown. >> i am kendis gibson. now to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> its corn to be the best day outside and enjoy the outdoors. will be a little 80 this afternoon. changes for the weekend. showers and a thunderstorm is expected on saturday. some could be severe. then another big cooldown in the forecast. temperatures right now, 61 in d.c., 56 at dulles. mostly sunny and 65 at 9:00, 72 noon, 79 at 5:00. let's check on traffic. in falmouth,
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representative and up construction. across the 14th street bridge. construction still in place in .he district pennsylvania avenue over the been shut downs because of the a paving project. last place295, your inbound 11ths street bridge. in the tysons area on the beltway, construction schedule be there until 5:00. the beltway in maryland looks good. back to you. >> thank you. nationals fans, the wait is .ver we are in the playoffs. >> let's begin last night with that momentous moment.
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over the dodgers. the nationals claimed a playoff time in 79e first years. >> perfect timing. playoff tickets going on sale morning.s tim brant shows how the team took care of business. >> the best party in town last was on south capitol street. the nationals beat the dodgers for the first time in 79 years for the playoffs. it has been a long time. this is huge. ryan zimmerman has been the leader of the team seven years. he was the star again last night. bryce harper puts it down. harper scores. 1-0, nationals. the fans could feel it. here comes zimmerman. the nationals be los angeles, 401.
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john barndt board. this is special. it was 1933 the last time. >> we have been through a lot of not good times and these are the goodning of a lot of hopefully. we have a long ways to go, but we are very proud. >> playoff tickets go on sale today. there's a look at sports. tgif, everybody. >> the celebration included fireworks last night at park and plenty of cheering fans. >> tuan pham was in tears. >> i waited 34 years for this. of the fans were in tears. >> it's unbelievable. >> its great. >> continue to follow the
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as they prepare to postseason.he pros president obama will arrive woodbrige in about seven hours. was after a campaign in another swing state, florida. the president will talk about economy and his plan to help middle-class families. first lady michelle obama will campaign in baltimore today joe biden visits new hampshire. >> republican presidential nominee mitt romney is on the after campaigning yesterday in florida. he will speak in las vegas today. his running mate will visit new orleans. ann romney will campaign in nebraska >> . new controversy on the campaign trail stemming from clint that involvesech hanging acounty man -- a chairhis house house.s roz plater got his side of
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the story. >> i don't believe in this president. that when her said hung an empty chair from a tree wooding.ast wo >> i loved his speech. >> why hang it in a tree? he said in a past somebody always wide his political science. >> this time i make them work it so they cannot steal its. >> his protest even caught the attention of the secret service. a spokesman told us the secret aware of the incident conduct an appropriate follow-up. the chairs are on his own property and some residents told us it should be his own business. . >> it >> -- it is america.
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>> i think it's wrong. >> it is racist. racist in any fashion. if i wanted to make a noose, i i did not. i have no intention of doing that. i feel it is an attack on free speech. they are taking a little bit of nothing and building it into something. >> it's not an isolated incident. austin, texas, and homeowner n empty tree in his front yard. abc 7 news. >> campaign fund raising report had $89esident obama end of august to spend on. his on romney had $50 million to spend.
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the republican nominee and his party raised $111 million combined, while the president democrats raised $113 million. >> turn to world news, and developing situation in. an official says the warningvy has fired shots toward north korean boats that crossed the area.ed no one was injured. the apple iphone 5 hits stores today. >> with samsung may be ready to with another lawsuit. let's go to bloomberg york cityrs in new for linda bell. the wait is over for the iphone 5. it's already in the hands of fans in sydney and hong kong. apple generates two thirds of its profits from the iphone. sun is looking to crashed the party.
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samsung makes use apple of patent infringement lawsuit over the new iphone. case may not go to trial until 2014, so don't worry. not likely to affect the availability. timeican airlines, its on- has tumbled to 54%, on a pilot shortage and increasing.issues baltimore washington pace toional is on the busiestitle as the d.c. baltimore area this year. a spokesperson attributes this to record trafficke passengers] record passenger traffic. back to you. >> thank you.
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robin roberts is recovering this following her bone marrow transplant. the surgery was to treat a rare disorder. some friends came over from the to visit after the will be all that for quite awhile. later today on gnma we will get doctor androm her will discuss the colleagues hospital room yesterday. later today on gma. >> it is 58 degrees. >> another weekend means more track work for m
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news overseas. protests over the release of the in pakistan film pashawar.d deadly in a driver was killed after police fired shots to disperse protestors. protests have been ongoing for more than a week now. >> let's look at the weather. it's kind of chilly outside, but are in for a warm-up. to be a beautiful day. be the best day of the week. you can sneak out of work a today, it might be worth your while. are clear this morning. temperature right now of 61 national, 56agan
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dulles, 58 in quantico. 50 in frederick and 58 in hagerstown. sunny today, 76-81. the weekend forecast will show a and a of showers thunderstorms late in the day on with 84 degrees. much cooler by sunday. seven-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes. let's check on traffic with jamie. morning. it's always tough when you hit the road early in the morning get construction delays. there's a lot of it in the area. major backups. in virginia, 95, coming out of city looks ok to the beltway. farther south, fredericksburg commuters, northbound 95 is jammed. that between fredericksburg and route 17, one lane getting by. through that stretched. side of '95, they
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have wrapped up construction. the district, the same story. still doing some paving. inbound pennsylvania avenue and , 295.bridge closed back to you. >> thank you. he might want to give yourself time to get around on metro this weekend. >> between grosvenor and heights, no red line service. orange line trains will single east falls church between stadium- .rmory and cheverly all the information on our web site, we have 59 degrees on this friday. >> the rev. al sharpton is making a stop in the district today.
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>> welcome back.
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they merit supporters in are about to get prominent african- ministers. grendell sharpton is one of the expected to show support during an event at the national press club today. voted to legalize marriage earlier this year, but opponents get enough signatures for a referendum in november. black ministers preparing to launch a new effort against gay marriage. in prince george's county, investigators will hand out as they search for attacked antally elderly man. the person seen in this sketch victim lasthe onurday at a bus stop bladensburg road. suspect attacked the man while tryingll bat to rob him. seen a person, call police. >> and emotional vigil for a maryland woman shot and killed weekend. withother spoke with abc 7 brittany mckinley's son by her side. his mother and best friend is
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.one he has to sleep with her shirt at night it. >> dozens of family members and friends attended the vigil held outside the home in capitol she was shot. police say that exports and michael stored killed her after confronting her at the nightclub where she worked. he's behind bars. d.c. police confirmed a man and killed in an apparent at one pointpt was prison in connection murder of a beloved principal. joel johnson was recently released from prison after guilty for being an the death of brian principal. johnson was killed last night after police said he and another forced their way into an apartment in southeast washington. >> what comes around goes around. do nothing bad and nothing bad to happen to you.
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he got what he deserved. >> he received the lightest of the four, getting out in april. collect the remains found along the tracks are not human. were found 6:00 wednesday near manassas park. hundreds of commuters were while buses were brought in to get them to their destination. now it's back to normal. >> coming up, alison starling looks at a unique fashion event in arlington.
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the next few days are shaping asurrah the last far this summer goes. >> autumn officially starts tomorrow, right? .> 10:30 a.m. tomorrow september, october, and november fall,e ones we consider speaking.ical it's beautiful this morning, 60's at thisd low time. it will be a gorgeous sunrises about an hour-and-a-half. almost two hours from now. degrees at dulles.
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high temperature of 76-81, mostly sunny. of storms on saturday. talk about that at the top of the hour. here's jamie with traffic. >> overnight construction, so of it. doing much better on the beltway 201, tim north avenue, wide open. no delays. same story past university and hampshire. still struggling with the in virginia. leaving fredericksburg, expect a little extra time. northbound 95 between route 3 7 team, they are up construction. still slow. southbound has been picked up southbound on that same stretch. back to you. >> thank you. a new addition to the vietnam memorial will be on the national mall morning. the rolling thunder is a display at the base
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of the memorial. today is national pow-mia day.nition the new kiosk will help the volunteers continue their for the safevocate return of americans still missing in southeast asia. >> the smithsonian is launching new national ad campaign. is to connect more people with the smithsonian and research on line, in schools, and at the museum. will appear on web sites billboards.nd on they have character is featuring that can beions answered at the web site. hosted an starling poste show last night. at showed off outfits inspired by the corcoran
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paintings. proceeds will benefit my place, which serves battered women and their children. described the fashions as thisay meets house. >> i bet that was fun to be their last night. 4:57 on this friday. >> surveillance video of lindsay 4:57 on this friday. >> surveillance video of lindsay lohan's hit and run an accident
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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