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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 10, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, on for attack. how did a 28-year-old man get off a plane in los angeles wearing a bullet-proof vest, his luggage packed with a smoke grenade, a gas mask and an arsenal of weapons fit for a horror movie. the heartbroken parents of the 10-year-old who vanished on her way to school, speak out for the first time, as fbi agents swoop in on jessica ridgeway's home. dogs scouring the backyard for new clues. developing now. a prostitution scandal rocking the tourist town of tenenbaum. a zuma fitness instructor is charged and a trove of videotapes.
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everyone there is bracing as police prepare to release her client list. 50 cents, please. >> good grief. >> he's a good man, that charlie brown. so popular, he's headed back to the big screen with snoopy, lucy, linus and all his pals. why even's on their feet for "peanuts" right now. and good morning, everyone. it may be raining outside. but that music puts you in such a great mood, doesn't it? >> brings me back. >> it sure does president gre. great to have you here. amy robach. robin is recovering from her transplant. big ralls for both candidates in the battleground state of ohio. and this morning, polls continue to show a surge for mitt romney. >> and listen to this story. it outraged me and everyone here all morning long. a young, 14-year-old girl.
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she inspired so many as a symbol of defiance against the taliban because she was promoting education among women. she is fighting for her life, after the taliban targeted her, gunned her down. she survived. and a team of surgeons extracted a bullet from her neck this morning. she is recovering. we'll have the latest on the story. >> one brave young woman. we have to switch gears now. we want to show you a video we can't stop watching. how so many people are getting up close and personal with tigers. is it just wild encounter? or too close to nature? >> saw the alligator. we have a guest today. ann romney will come in our second hour. we're going to begin with the alarmliing arrest at l.a.x. the big question, how did he make it on that flight into los angeles in the first place? cecilia vega is here with more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: this is a weird one.
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look at all of the weapons. it could be a scene straight out of a horror movie. the weapons police say they found in the man's suitcase were bizarre, not to mention frightening. and now, investigators are just trying to figure out what he plans to do withthem. federal and state investigators remain baffled this morning, after a customs agent at los angeles international airport stumbled on this disturbing arsenal of weapons, inside his checked luggage friday, as he was arriving to the u.s. from japan. police say harris was carrying a smoke grenade similar to this one, strong enough to fill an entire plane with smoke. as well as a gas mask, billy clubs, knives and a hatchet, all, police say, neatly packed in his bags. >> the possibilities are endless on what he could have done to it. >> reporter: agents found a collection of other tools fit for a horror movie. body bags, duct tape, handcuffs, leg irons, a protective suit.
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even oven mitts and cooking tongs. federal investigators want to know how that suitcase made it on the plane. >> it had to go through screenings in those countries to get on the plane. why it didn't raise any suspicion with screeners, we're still trying to figure out. >> reporter: in fact, police say the only reason harris was finally stopped was because a customs agent noticed he was wearing a bullet-proof vest under his trench coat. along with leggings and knee pads. harris seen here, is a 28-year-old naturalized citizen of chinese decent. recently, he's been traveling to japan but lives in boston. a lot of what was in his suitcase wasn't illegal to carry on a plane. if it was in a checked bag. but the smoke grenade is not be on a plane. now, to the shocking security lapse that could have changed the outcome of the
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deadly attack in libya last month. this morning, a top state official is gearing up to testify today what the security there was inadequate. abc's jake tapper has exclusive reporting. he's at the white house with the very latest. jake? >> reporter: eric nordstrom, the top official at the embassy in libya has told congressional investigators that the security at the consulate in benghazi, was inappropriately low. and you'll be surprised to hear who stood in his way, in his view, when he tried to rectify that. abc news has learned that although eric nordstrom and the commander of an american security team also in libya had heard that foreign fighters were flowing across the egyptian border, state department officials seemed oblivious to the consulate vulnerability. nordstrom told investigators he was worried. mostly consisted of merchants and shopkeepers had received no pay in months, other than a $30
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stipened from food from the embassy. i had no idea if they would respond to an attack, nordstrom told investigators. senior state department officials now acknowledge that only an hour before gunman methodically and deliberately stormed the compound, billing ambassador chris stevens, the streets were empty and things were calm. a direct contradiction made by officials, claiming the trouble began with demonstrations against that anti-muslim video. >> a small number of people came to the consulate to replicate this sort of challenge that was posed in cairo. as that unfolded, it seems to have been hijacked, let us say, by some individual clusters of extremists. >> reporter: nordstrom now felt investigators he had been concerned for a while. and he had security personnel in tripoli, the state department would not give him permission to deploy them to benghazi. nordstrom told congressional investigators that state
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department official charlene lamb, quote, didn't seem to have a problem with having no agents on the compound in benghazi. if something happened, personnel could go to a residential safe haven set up. that's where chris stevens and another another smoke inhalation. >> a lot of questions about that, jake. the race for the white house, with 27 days to go. it's "your voice, your vote." and just one day before the v.p. showdown, there's more signs of a mitt romney surge. he's pouring it on in the state that most needs to turn, ohio. that's where abc's david muir reports from now. good morning, david. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. with the new national polls showing this race, now, tightening, mitt romney here in ohio, looking to build on his momentum. but he had company here. the president here, as well, looking to hold on to his slim lead here in the buckeye state. dueling rallies in ohio overnight. the president trying to hold on to his shrinking lead here, in front of a crowd of 15,000. his message, tailor-made.
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>> when you think about ohio and when governor romney said we should let the auto industry go bankrupt, we said no. we're not going to take your advice. don't boo, vote. >> reporter: the newest poll shows the president's lead tightening to just four points here in usual, ohio. mitt romney, knowing no republican has won the white house without ohio. >> i've been watching some of the president obama's rallies. and they chant, four more years. four more years. and today, there's 28 days before the election. i think the right chant ought to be for them, four more weeks. four more weeks. >> reporter: but overnight, the romney campaign answering questions about something else. a new interview in which romney discusses a crucial social issue, abortion. romney telling "the des moines register," there's no legislation that concerning abortion, that would be part of my agenda. >> do i believe the supreme
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court should overturn roe v. wade, yes? >> reporter: and this is what he said about planned parenthood in march. >> planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. >> reporter: the obama campaign pouncing. the romney campaign saying this new interview is no shift. telling abc news, mitt romney is proudly pro-life. and he will be a pro-life president. with the president still in the lead here in ohio, governor romney was very clear in that overnight rally, telling people in the crowd to go back to your neighborhood, find someone who voted for president obama last time and bring them to our side. george? >> david, in clearing up the back and forth on abortion. are they now saying, is the campaign saying the governor does still support overturning roe v. wade? >> reporter: they won't go that far. they're just saying it doesn't represent a shift, george. but the obama campaign saying, this represents a candidate who is trying to move to the center, a more moderate mitt romney. this is clearly an issue that's
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not going to go away. >> david muir, thanks very much. diane sawyer and i will have live coverage of the next big debate. the v.p. candidates go at it at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. pacific. the moderator will be senior correspondent martha raddatz. turning to the brand-new details in the hunt for the missing colorado girl who vanished on her way to school next week. police are doing another search of her mother's home. and this morning, her parents are speaking out for the first time. clayton sandell is in denver with the very latest. clayton? >> reporter: good morning, amy. right now, police are chasing down hundreds of tips and leads about jessica ridgeway, now missing for a sixth day. we're also now hearing from her parents, making their first public plea for their daughter's safe return. fbi agents descended on jessica ridgeway's home on tuesday, with her family's permission. bringing in search dogs and scouring the backyard, as her emotional parents spoke out for the first time. >> you get the pit in your
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stomach that you don't want any parent, any parent to, to ever experience in their whole entire life. >> just, it's the worst thing i've ever been through. >> reporter: sara ridgeway, says her daughter, jessica, left home on friday morning to meet up with friends for the walk to school. that was the last time she was seen. >> and i need her to walk back through that door. >> mthe camera. >> reporter: authorities are hoping this video of jessica, first broadcast on "gma," will generate new leads. >> we ask you to be here. >> reporter: overnight, residents held candlelight vigils for the safe return of the 10-year-old who loves stuffed animals and playing with her dog. >> we know how precious our children are. and we know this could happen to any of us. >> i just can't imagine going through this.
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>> reporter: jessica's parents, who are not married and have had custody issues over their daughter, say they remain hopeful but feel helpless. >> i don't know what to do. you know? i just want to find my daughter. >> reporter: and there have been no major breaks in this case since sunday, when ssica's backpack was found about six miles from where she vanished. but the fbi is now looking into the abduction of an 11-year-old girl in wyoming on monday. she was later released. but police want to know if there's any connections to this case. george? amy? >> clayton, thanks so much. our hearts go out to jessica's family. >> sure do. >> we hope they get some answers soon. want to turn, now, to josh, with the other stories developing at this hour. >> all right. good morning both of you. we're going to begin with a safety alert for millions of drivers who recently had their air bags replaced. officials say that tens of thousands of counterfeit air bags made in china were installed at repair shops and may not protect you in the event of a crash.
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the fake air bags fit in dozens of cars including the toyota camera, the honda accord and ford focus. new cars are not affected. this warning applies only to air bags replaced at independent repair shops in the last three years. to find out if your car could be affected, logon to our website, on yahoo! overseas, troubling news from inside iraq. al qaeda is making a comeback. a new report finds the extremist group has doubled the size of its fighting force in less than a year. taking advantage of instability there to build new training camps for terrorists. and some encouraging news about the brave girl we mentioned at the top of the show. the young girl in pakistan who dared to speak out about the taliban and fight for women's rights. she is recovering today, after doctors removed a bullet from her head although she does remain in critical condition. she was shot by a man who boarded her school bus and asked for her by name.
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here at home, florida is now reporting its first death from the ongoing meningitis outbreak. it now brings the death toll to 12. number of confirmed cases has, meanwhile, jumped to 119, in the 10 states you see highlights there. all linked to contaminated steroid shots made in massachusetts. and in los angeles, take a look at this. a massive fire ripping through an office building there. five firefighters were injured when part of the roof actually collapsed. officials believe it started as a brush fire in some nearby grass. and one upscale new england town has been rocked by a shocking scandal. a prostitution ring allegedly operating out of a zumba dance studio. the instructor has been arrested. now, the people of kenny bunk, maine, are on-edge, as police threaten to expose her clientele. here's abc's john muller. >> reporter: it's a town known for east coast charm.
7:15 am
but now, kennebunk, maine, has been involved in a massive scandal involving sex, money and zumba. >> it's a nice place to live. i'm quite surprised. >> reporter: authorities charge 29-year-old zumba instructor, alexis right, for running a sex-for-money operation out of her zumba. wright appeared in court yesterday. >> not guilty. >> reporter: her alleged partner has also been charged with promoting prostitution and violation of privacy. >> not guilty. >> reporter: it turns out the duo allegedly recorded many of wright's encounters and say they have gathered more than 100 hours of video as evidence. now, the town is bracing itself for another wave of scandal, as the police plan to release the name of wright's alleged customers. >> there's a lot of people talking. and probably some people
7:16 am
sweating bullets about that list that may or may not come out. >> reporter: now, the list of customers allegedly includes doctors, lawyers, even a television personality. it's such a small town scandal that the school superintendent says to be on the lockout for relatives on the list they might be teased and bullied. wright and strong maintain their innocence. josh? >> all right, john. that will do it for us. there will be updates as news warrants here. >> that's going to be quite a day in kennebunk. now, cue the music. you know it anywhere. it brings a smile to all of us that grew up on the "peanuts" specials. charlie brown, snoopy and the "peanuts" gang are coming back to the big screen. and abc's chris connelly has the scoop. >> reporter: cue the music. ♪ >> reporter: the memorable characters. >> 5 cents, please.
7:17 am
>> reporter: and get ready to laugh, in the wake of tuesday's news that a deal has been made. >> attention, everyone. >> reporter: to update charlie and the gang for the 21st century, for a new animated feature. >> lucy, get the costumes and scripts and pass them out. >> we know how fanatical the "peanuts" fans are. if you put in the wrong image and wrong voice, you're going to hear about it. >> reporter: it would be the first "peanuts" feature film without the input of creator charles schulz, who died in 2000, after bringing his blend of wit and woe, to 50 years of "peanuts" strips, film and commercials. the new film, it's said, will be co-written by one of schulz's sons, craig, who knows he has big shoes to fill. >> all i can do is do what i can. i believe the rest of the family is dedicated to that. >> just look.
7:18 am
sincerity as far as the eye can see. >> reporter: the film is slated to be released in 2015. that would be the 50th anniversary of the peabody winning "a charlie brown christmas." good enough news, to bring everyone to their feet. ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> sharing our -- >> we're all 8 again. >> we are. >> i just -- i hope it continues for another generation because amy and i just found out, we had the same tradition. >> we made chef boyardee pizzas. >> we'd make the pizzas. >> not coincidentally, sam and i made a chef boyardee pizza last night. >> i had a snoopy tree. i would get one every year. >> george is a big snoopy fan. >> big snoopy fan. and linus. i love linus. >> and you have a blanket like linus. >> yeah.
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sorry, george. let's get to the boards. we'll walk over. just join us, won't you? we're going to start with the numbers, 25 states had the warmest january to september. this may not surprise you. but it becomes official today. noaa says that year to date, this is the warmest so far they've been keeping records. and by the end of the year, this will go down as the warmest year. 25 states having their warmest year ever. here's where cold air makes a little bit of a push here. detroit, boston, new york city, chicago. watch these numbers over the next several days. this is a big push over the weekend of colder temperatures.
7:20 am
a great morning across the nation's capital with low clouds. this cloud cover will break up have sunshine by lunchtime. today than we had yesterday. 68 in washington but winchester down to 39 degrees. the highs today and the lower 70's and the first pitch at 1:00 park, 57 degrees rising to 72 coming up on "gma," the latest twist in the tennis umpire murder case. she passed a lie detector test. now, here family is speaking out. dan and nancy will weigh in. and swimming with tigers.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. is an and in hd, this news of de. it is 7:26 on a wednesday morning. is october 10. it might cost more than usual to on inauguration day.
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the transit agency is expected board tomorrow for permission to charge peak fares full parking fees on january 21. inauguration day is on a holiday, martin luther king day holiday, riders would typically get a break. as we told you, we're getting for the city's first postseason game since 1933. the nationals take on the st. cardinals this afternoon. to the game,ing check your tickets. says homeyour tickets game one. it may be the third game of the is the first game at home. newschanneltation, have an in-depth report the ballpark in a minutes at 7:30. >> the couple of accidents tying up in maryland at inbound
7:28 am
50. traveling in virginia, not too bad for the most part with volume delays inbound i-395 . a little hray, this morning -- gray this morning. the clouds are breaking up. 37 degreesand clear, in winchester. we are on our way to 72 degrees this afternoon. >> we will be
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♪ wild thing take a look at that. little girls swimming with tiger cubs, in a pool. it's at a florida animal sanctuary. the director says, the cubs are similar to house cats. would you let your kids take a plunge with a tiger. look at matt gutman. >> in a wet suit, no less. >> been a couple of weeks since we had matt in a wet suit. good to see that again. good morning, everyone. robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant. good to have amy robach here. >> thank you so much. we also have brand-new details in the tennis umpire murder case. she passed a lie detector test. now, her family is speaking out. dan and nancy are weighing in.
7:31 am
also coming up, tori spelling is opening up about her difficult pregnancy. she is talking about this for the first time, how she nearly lost her own life and the life of her new baby. we'll explain that. also, ann romney joining us this morning. special guest here. she is here to share some family recipes. it means we're eating welsh cakes, i'm told. similar to scones, apparently. also, will talk about something she's passionate about. we begin with the latest twist of the case of the pro tennis ref, charged with killing her 80-year-old husband. lois goodman passed a lie detector test. first, here's dan harris with the details. >> reporter: lois goodman's attorney said she passed that polygraph with flying colors. the lawyers shared the results with the d.a. and they're hoping these charges will be dropped. from the moment lois goodman was arrested, just days before the
7:32 am
u.s. open in august, still wearing her referee uniform, the family of this line ref, who has seen matches between some of the top tennis players in the world, launched an aggressive legal and p.r. campaign to clear her name. >> mrs. goodman couldn't wait to take this test. she couldn't wait to tell the truth. >> reporter: the latest salvo, the results of the polygraph tests, administered by retired fbi agent, jack comarco, which says that she showed no signs of deception when asked the key question. >> did you kill alan goodman? there was no reaction to attached to the answers she gave, which was no. >> reporter: his verdict? >> innocent woman. >> reporter: goodman said her husband died this past april when he fell down the stairs and hit his head.
7:33 am
prosecutors say goodman murdered her husband, hitting him with a coffee cup, stabbing him with a shard and getting a manicure. investigators say they found evidence she was possibly having an affair. was she asked about that? >> preposterous. it was a nonessential question. the question was whether or not she murdered her husband. and the answer was no. >> reporter: lois goodman is now out on bail, confined to her home. her daughter says her mom is still in shock. >> she has a huge heart. and everything that's been in the press has just been very negati negative. and it's not her. >> reporter: it's been tough on her family. no comment from the d.a.'s office on the polygraph results. her lawyers insist alan goodman's death was a freak accident. as for the allegations of an extramarital affair, police spoke to the man who is supposed
7:34 am
to be her lover. and he has denied it. nancy grace is in atlanta. here with me, dan abrams. dan, let me begin with you. a lie detector test, as i understand it, isn't admissible in court. >> lie director tests are used in the process of investigations. her lawyer probably said to her, don't take a lie detector for now because he didn't know what the result might be. we're going to do our own lie detector, do someone that's unassailable to do it. someone that literally led the fbi polygraph unit. now, they're saying this means a lot. the fact that she's passed this lie detector test. i don't think that the authorities will be swayed. but i think it's a significant piece of evidence. >> nancy, if you were the prosecutor, what would you say to it? >> well, i happen to know the man that administered the polygraph is jack trimarco. i know him very, very well.
7:35 am
and i appreciate the lie detector results that he told us about. i appreciate the statement that the defense made, the p.r. effort that they have made. but this is my concern. my concern is the evidence. and also, i don't believe that there was an affair. and i don't even want to talk about that or conjecture about it because that only drags down her reputation. that's not what this is about. this is about the physical evidence. there are nine blows to the right side of the head only. the shards of the coffee cup are still in his head. there is blood, inconsistent with a fall. there is blood down the stairs. blood on his bed where she found him. there's blood at the fridge. what did he do? beat himself in the head with a coffee cup and have a snack? there's blood in the linen closet. and blood going to the garage. this is not a fall. >> the question is, what is the evidence, though, that she did it? there's no question there's evidence that poses questions
7:36 am
here. but i think they have a real problem here in terms of the direct evidence that she's responsible as opposed to someone might have been responsible. >> well, there's a count for that. there's forced entry. the alarm didn't go off. nothing was taken from the home. she finds the body. immediately, if there had been any drama to her hands, immediately goes out for a manicure. this is unusual, in all respects. but she first said that he had a heart attack. that would have been revealed in the autopsy. what i'm saying is, look. this, by all accounts, is a sweet, little, old lady. but the evidence doesn't match up. >> dan, there is enough evidence there to at least give the prosecutors pause about dismissing the case. >> yeah. i don't expect that the prosecutors are necessarily going to come forward and dismiss the case. but i would be stunned, based on the evidence that i've seen, that they were able to get a
7:37 am
conviction, based on the evidence we know of. there are questions here. there are unanswered questions. but put together the fact that there's not a lot of evidence and now the fact that she's passed a polygraph test. and i will tell you, i'll bet you that the prosecutors are getting very nervous. >> you know what? that's great. that's great, dan. she passed a poly. if she did well on that private poly, i'm sure she won't have any trouble taking a state-administered polygraph. >> let's assume she takes the state-administered polygraph and passes, do you then dismiss the charges? >> if i were prosecuting the case? i believe she committed a murder, i would not drop the charges. >> yes. assume you have the evidence you got here. and she does exactly what you said, which she takes a state-administered polygraph test and passes, do you dismiss the charges? >> i -- if i believe she committed a murder, would not dismiss the charges.
7:38 am
>> why should she take it? >> what i'm saying -- as i was trying to say, before i was so rudely interrupted. if she refused to take the state polygraph, why take a private polygraph? i want to see both of them. and i'd like to find out, why wouldn't she take a police poly. >> we have to end it there. let's get the weather from sam. >> talk about a turn in the broadcast. we're going to start off with surfs up, everybody. we're going to start off with video of waimea bay. and surf's up. i could watch this all day. but lifeguards issued almost 1,000, 2,000 warnings to surfers that this is really rough surf. the peak of that surf was over last night. but the waves are high. a beautiful look at what it's like across the islands of iowa. hilo at 83. 85 in honolulu looks good to me. here's where the west picks up rain, as well. not the northwest. but southern california, from
7:39 am
san francisco, to fresno, to l.a., san diego, even vegas, this low will move in and give folks an opportunity to winchesterow in leesburg and 57 degrees downtown. cloudy locally and a good amount sunshine the rest of >> josh just says i called san francisco southern california. i did not. >> san francisco's going to be so happy to know that it's in southern california. made my day. >> all that weather was brought to you by smuckers. george? >> thank you, sam. coming up, swimming with tigers. should kids get this close? take a look. even to cubs? [ horn honks ] hurry up or we'll miss the bus! come on! ♪ whatcha got there, richard?
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♪ wild thing back, now, at 7:43. and we have a shot to show you. little kids, swimming, side-by-side, with tiger cubs. the florida animal sanctuary says it's the only place on the planet you can do this. so, should you let your kids dive in? well, there you see abc's matt gutman, taking the plunge there in dade city, florida, with the story. and trying to chase the tiger cub, who doesn't look like he wants to be in the pool, matt.
7:44 am
>> a happy growl. >> matt, can you hear us? >> good morning, amy. this is tony. he's the star attraction here. he's a fearsome beast. 1,000 pounds of canine. what you don't know about guys like this, they have webbed feet. and they're fantastic swimmers. there's a new party animal in town. tony, the tiger. only 6 weeks old and tiny. his roar may only be a peep. but he's an enormous attraction here at date city's wild things. which says it's the only place in the world where customers can swim, yes, swim, with a real-life tiger. >> it is a limited time that we can do it. you can only interact with the
7:45 am
tiger until they're 40 pounds. >> reporter: it's a success. drawing people as far from iceland, for just 30 minutes, for a battle feed, and practicing your tiger paddle. when fully grown, tony, a siberian tiger, could top 1,000 pounds. bertha and veronica cruz didn't seem to mind. trying to keep up with it is exciting. >> reporter: so exciting, it seem s everyone wants in on the action. swimming with wild and deadly critters seems trendily, now. at arizona's out of africa park, these fully-grown cats, thrash around with their trainers. and in florida, bob barrett considered mixing 8-year-olds and alligators at pool parties a business model. >> it just took off like wildfire. >> reporter: the state
7:46 am
eventually considered it illegal, shutting him down last week, something that some animal activists believe is the right thing to do. >> you should never have close human contact with animals. they belong in the wild. and people should not get in the habit of being in close contact with them. >> reporter: but what a lot of people don't know is it's actually safer to swim with these animals than to be with them outside of the water. that way, they are too busy swimming to swat you. now, when animals like this -- this is tarzan, who weighs about 30 pounds. when they get to be 40 pounds, the experience is over. the whole idea is to socialize animals who are born in captivity and will live the rest of their lives in captivity. amy? >> all right, matt gutman. >> i think you have a healthy respect that should be there? >> i think tarzan weighs more than 30 pounds. >> yeah. >> he was a healthy boy. >> our thanks to matt and his wet suit. coming up, josh's "play of the day." i'm done!
7:47 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> a true story. when i was a little baby, my parents didn't have a lot of money. so, they would let me feed myself for entertainment. this is why. look at finn. happy first birthday to finn. get in there, buddy. get in there like it's your last meal. oh. happy birthday. >> that's great. happy birthday. >> that's great. >> and you're welcome. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks --
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7:56 am
anlive and in hd, this is news update. 7:56 is the time of this october 10. the key player in the vincent scandal is scheduled to be sentenced today. howard brooks pleaded guilty in payments being made election. will likely ask for probation. work at theama will white house today. romney will make more
7:57 am
campaign stops in ohio. polls show a tighter race between the two candidates in the buckeye state. newschannel 8 will have more in a couple of minutes. it is a crash tying up the the george washington memorial parkway. it is blocking your right lane and traffic is stopped northbound. inbound the 66 as volume delays. open.nes are ontoaryland, it is jammed 70. this is,ful picture breaking through the clouds over the d.c. a gorgeous shot of low hanging
7:58 am
clouds breaking up. winchester and 57 degrees downtown. on our way to 72 degrees temperature this afternoon. cooler tomorrow. we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
josh, throw it to me. i'm ready for morning tv. >> really? mrs. romney, you're really ready for this? >> after raising five boys, i'm ready for anything thrown my way. >> all right, mrs. romney. go long. >> how is that for play of the day? >> ann romney, this morning on -- >> "good morning america." a lot of cheers right there. ann romney, mother of five boys. getting you ready for anything, including "play of the day." >> if we're taking sides, i'm
8:01 am
picking ann romney. i think she can handle it. >> and robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have amy robach here. and great to have mrs. romney here. she's cooking. and we're eating. we will taste some of the romney family favorites. >> tell us about these. >> i've got a cooking emergency. the grill's too hot. but i'm here. i'm making welsh cakes. my grandmother taught me how to make them. i'm teaching my grandchildren how to make them. my grandfather started working in wales at age 6. and my grandmother, from the time they can remember, ate welsh cakes every day at 3:00. i'm learning how. i learned from my grandmother. and now, i'm teaching my grandkids. >> we're on seconds at 8:00. they're so good. and i love the commitment to the
8:02 am
cooking. you were going to get that right, even though you were on television. that was really great. you should know at home, we invited michelle obama here, for a special morning. and she's working out her schedule. we hope to see her soon. >> that would be great, as well. we have news for you all. "dancing with the stars" was a shocker, too. terrific all-stars voted out of the ballroom. we've gone live to talk about it. and we'll talk about tori spelling. she's opening up for the first time about her harrowing ordeal in her fight to keep her baby boy alive and herself alive. look upstairs. suddenly, our control room looks more tan and fit than ever. our control room is looking good. they have the sexy on. we're being run, right now, by the entire cast of "jersey shore." >> a lot of that going on. >> better-looking than our normal control room staff. >> oh, hey, now.
8:03 am
>> it's a joke, people. comedy. >> oh, sam. >> ann romney did not know what she was signing up for. josh, we have to get news going. >> we're going to begin with the new details about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, just as congressional hearings get under way. abc news has learned the embassy security officer told congressional investigators that security was, and i quote, inappropriately low, end quote, at the consulate. and he believes the state department hindered his attempt to fix the problem. new items of what happened that night now contradict an official claim by the white house that is attack was, in fact, spontaneous. there's no word this morning on why a man threw to los angeles, carrying a grenade in his luggage. he packed body bags, handcuffs and knives. the boston man is being held in los angeles until his next court hearing. that will happen on friday. the supreme court,
8:04 am
meanwhile, revisits the issue of affirmative action today. justices will hear the case of a white woman denied admission to the university of texas. her lawyers claim that african-american and latino students were admitted with lower scores. the board of supervisors have voted to reinstate the sheriff despite his conviction of a domestic violence case involving his wife. walmart's labor problems have spread to dozens of stores in at least 12 cities. the protesting workers want the right to unionize, saying they're underpaid and lacking in benefits. they will be taking their protest to arkansas tonight, where walmart is holding its annual shareholders meeting. people are getting stressed out at work. pressures on the job is the number two cause of stress after financial worries. "the wall street journal" says companies are responding by offering everything from
8:05 am
training programs to different kinds of office wallpaper, all to create a sense of calm. boy, what wouldn't be good there? also, this guy, rich. he's single and he wants to get married. why can't he find someone. this is former wall street trader, larry greenfield. he's making headlines because he's speaking out against matchmaking services, calling them a waste of money. he spent more than $65,000 in recent years. he was set up on 250 dates. and no match. what a coincidence. of course, the matchmakers say he's too picky. >> i know this is a no-follow-up zone. but i read a follow-up. >> what do you have? >> a high school teacher from long island has come forward. she says, try me. >> look at our own matchmaker here. are you inviting them both on? >> i think he should go on a date with her. >> we should have them here. and let's have a dating game.
8:06 am
come on. >> did you see our audience? they're gorgeous. we can find him a date. >> let him have the date first. >> maybe he will be joining george on "this week." >> i love that. george, thank you. i have to top it with "pop news." let's try. good morning, everybody. jack osbourne have a lot to beam about. he and his fiancee tied the knot in hawaii on sunday. now, he's been dubbed a hollywood hero, not just by his wife. it was mr. osbourne to the rescue. he and a friend leapt into action to save a strugglingng swimmer who nearly drowned after suffering a heart attack in the water. they resuscitated her until the ambulance came. we just found out, she's in stable condition. awesome. marriage off to a great start. congratulations to you both. and thank you for your quick thinking. also, robert pattinson, has he been watching my show on
8:07 am
hgtv? a photo on twitter about the actor diy'ing it, with a drill in a bar. there's a joke there somewhere. someone tweeted, memories from last night. robert pattinson using power tools. new york never ceases to surprise. i'm all for a little diy. hopefully the bar owners were, as well. >> maybe he was going to make a change. >> robert, you're invited on the program. >> and a little twitter piece theater. also in the news. remember dog shaving? well, namo has been a bad doggy. his favorite pastime is stealing and hoarding. his owner caught him in the act of breaking a slinky. he has a sniffing addiction,
8:08 am
with dirty sneakers. and he also chewed the face off an antique panda bear. and look what his owner made him do. pa payback. payback is a you know what, everybody. that is "pop news." let's go to sam. >> he's running out. >> hi. wait a minute. let's see this sign because you guys -- tell me your names. >> avery. >> and? >> jack. >> jack, this is awesome. this is your first time in the big apple. take a look at that. that is beautiful. and, no, a hotel room isn't missing a bedsheet this morning. but they may be missing a shower curtain. maybe. but good job, guys. let's get to the boards. here, we have some things to say this morning. we'll start with this live shot of new york city. is there drizzle? we're feeling it on the ground. but look up. wabc has cameras all over the
8:09 am
place. that's a beautiful shot of the mist and fog and drizzle in new york city this morning. it's not too bad. you can walk around in it. it will dry out in washington and philly. but boston, into portland, will probably keep it around for a while today. then, look at the deep south, where all the heat is. this is my kind of weather at 86 degrees. corpus christi, coming in at 91 today. exce it beautiful mixture of and low clouds over the nation's capital right now. the sun is breaking through and up the cloudsng it will be nice today and comfortable and warmer than the last couple of days. 67 degrees downtown but cooler out west. los 70's this afternoon and a little breezy. >> thank you, guys, for staying
8:10 am
with us in the mist. that's all the weather for this half hour. there will be more coming. let's go inside to that lara spencer. where are you? >> i'm right inside, sam. here i am. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." tori spelling opening up about the dramatic fight to keep her baby boy alive. two surprising all-stars booted from "dancing with the stars." we hate to see them go. but we're going to talk to them all live. and "jersey shore" taking over times square. there's the cast. they're with us live, coming up on "good morning america," live from times square. these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare.
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8:15 am
[ cheers and applause ] 8:15. welcome back to "good morning america." we begin with tori spelling. the star speaking out for the first time to "us weekly" about the frightening battle to save her baby's life and her own. just 6 weeks old, little finn mcdermott, seen here with mom tori spelling, looks to be the epitome of a healthy, baby boy. tori nearly lost her own life fighting for her son. now, for the first time, tori is recounting her ordeal. >> tori woke up about 6:00 a.m. went to use the bathroom. and looked down at her legs. and there was blood. >> reporter: rushed to an l.a. hospital, spelling learned she had a season called caused in
8:16 am
part, by her three prior c-sections. another complication, she conceived finn one month after giving birth to her third child. >> the greater number of a pregnancy that a woman carries, the higher likelihood. >> reporter: tori had massive bleeding, which would force doctors to terminate the pregnancy and remove the uterus in an attempt to save her life. tori tells "us weekly," it was surreal. i remember thinking, i can't believe three children behind. doctors mandated a four-month bedrest. and finn was born healthy. three weeks after finn's birth, tori's c-section scar burst, sending her back to the hospital for emergency surgery, where she remained for nearly two weeks. >> while tori is feeling better and finn is a healthy, gorgeous baby, she's still battling with this. >> reporter: tori maintains while she loves being pregnant,
8:17 am
she is most likely finished having kids. >> having one prior is not a contraindication to having subsequent pregnancies. it does increase the likelihood it could happen again. >> so glad she is okay. and tori posted on her blog that she's on the road to recovery. and she thanks all of her fans for their support. let's go to george and our special guest, ann romney, to talk about "dancing with the stars." >> neither one of us ever thought we would be doing this together. >> quite amazing. >> it is "dancing with the stars" time, now. last night, the dreaded double-elimination. two champion couples sent home. >> the couple with the lowest overall total of judges scores and viewer votes and leaving the competition right now is -- our season two champion, drew and anna. another former champion falls. helio and chelsie.
8:18 am
>> drew lachey, and anna trebunskaya, along with helio castroneves and chelsie hightower. this is like a finals. all of you are champions. someone has to go home. sorry it's so early. >> yeah. >> it's one of those things that you knew you were getting into when you signed on to the show. there's a lot of champions. a lot of runnerups. someone has to go home every week. i wish it wasn't us. but that's the way it works out. you know, we'll move on. life goes on. >> drew? >> drew, ann romney has a question for you. >> i have a question for you. how did you like your scoring on the cha-cha? >> how did i like my scoring? well -- >> you got an hour. >> let me get comfortable for this one. >> hold on just a second here. >> that's how much i liked it.
8:19 am
no, it's frustrating. it's frustrating. you know, that's part of the things about going first. they have to start the bar somewhere. and they go build on the scores from there. you know, i thought it was better than some of the other dances that got similar score s but it doesn't really matter. i had fun doing it. and i had a blast dancing with anna. >> aw. >> it all comes out in the wash. >> helio, carrie ann dubbed you the quick step king. what did you think of it? >> i thought it was great, to be honest. it was pretty nice. i was very flattered. and they did a hell of a job. obviously, there was some rules that some people were talking about, which i don't understand. but they said they were breaking. for me, it was a great performance. and definitely, they did a great job. so, it's -- i enjoyed watching them.
8:20 am
and seeing it again. >> chelsie -- >> and importantly, our things didn't go so well. but chelsie is going -- >> it was good. it was great. >> there's so many new twists this season. chelsie, another one is you get to not choose dances for another couple. you chose the mambo for derek and shawn. how do you think they're going to handle it? >> yeah. you know, i think they'll do great. you know, i actually thought that was a really great twist last night. it was fun to do. they gave us really good options for dance choices. and i think it will be really interesting. it's going to be a great week next week. >> i have another question for drew. drew, you have a great relationship with cheryl burke. who are you now rooting for to win the competition? >> i, of course, want emmitt and cheryl to do well. she's my former partner. emmitt is a friend of mine. ultimately, i want the show to just be able to, you know, kind
8:21 am
of get this monkey off its back of, you know, the quality of dancing maybe not being what some people expect. and different people still being on the show. i want the show to have that credibility and legitimacy. i'm just a fan of the show. >> there's so many fans of the show. you cannot fault the quality of the dancing this season. all-star season. everybody doing so great. before we go, i have to congratulate you. seeing that inner beyonce during the cha-cha was really something. >> thank you very much. i might keep that one on my record somewhere. it was definitely fun. >> you guys are all good sports. fantastic dancers. thank you for coming on this morning, too. everyone can see "dancing with the stars" on monday at 8:00, 7:00 central, here on abc. amy? >> thanks so much. now, to the cast of "jersey shore." here in times square. this season, we learn that it will be the last season in
8:22 am
seaside heights. so many changes to discuss. and here to talk about them all, the cast minus snooki, who is home. jwoww, you have your show with nicole. how do you feel about "jersey shore" ending? >> it's bittersweet. "jersey shore" changed my life, in the fact that -- and nicole's. we found our fiances and future husbands. i owe my future to "jersey shore." >> that ring, very impressive. when's the wedding? >> i don't know. hopefully next year. >> and mike, the situation. we have to say the situation, you started this year on a whole new start. you just got out of rehab. what was that like for you? >> it's one of the most difficult experiences i ever had to go through in my life. but at the same time, i got through it. and it was definitely -- once
8:23 am
you get through it's one of the most rewarding experiences. >> you're trying to make amens. >> coming in, yeah. i knew that would be an uphill battle. each and every castmate here, i have a different relationship with. and i had to make amens with. >> sammie, critics haven't always been so kind when talking about "jersey shore." what would you say to them? >> you see us an hour each week on tv. but you don't know how we are as people. you shouldn't judge us unless you get to know us on a different level. >> vinny, speaksing to that, where would you be if not for "jersey shore"? >> we were all doing different things. i was going to law school. we had real jobs. ronny worked in real estate. you would never know it. but we actually were -- i was a political science major. you know, we were doing different things. we would have been okay. >> talk about -- why is this show, why has this show been so
8:24 am
popular? >> the show is really popular because it's like black or white. it's people watch the show and saw us and they were like, these people actually exist. and they're in awe, like we're new species. and there's people that watch the show and, i did that when i was younger and i can relate to the show and i enjoy watching it. it's escape to their real life. >> or they're going to do it. >> or the little ones. >> i want to do that. >> pauly d., the question for you, is how long have you going to keep that hair style? >> i feel like god has blessed me with this hairline. i'm not going to let him down. i'm not going to cut it so it doesn't go away? >> change, no? and, dino, what do you think jersey shore's lasting impression will be? what will they say about "jersey shore" 10 years from now? >> i think they'll be able to relate. our show was, like -- we never thought it was going to be this big. and i don't think anybody did.
8:25 am
and people will look back and be, like, you know, that was a relatable show. and i don't think anybody else or any other show will ever take the place of what we did. >> one of the tender moments. one of the lasting impressions will be the phrases we learned. gtl. gym, tan, laundry. >> i like the whistle. >> t-shirt time. >> so many. i don't know half of them. >> there's a lot of them. >> we had some fun with you. you had a lot of fun in our control room. you're all from the "jersey shore" show. we're going to play a game called what's your jersey score. i'm going to ask you a question about the state of new jersey. >> not really any of us are from new jersey. so, if we get it wrong, i
8:26 am
apologize. >> disclaimer there. >> she's from new jersey. >> i'm from jersey. >> what's the nickname from new jersey? >> the garden state. >> there you go. capital of new jersey? very good. governor of new jersey? >> chris christie. >> how many states border new jersey? >> how many states? >> let's say -- >> philly, new york. >> three. >> philly and new york. >> three. >> what famous show about mobster is in new jersey? >> "sopranos." >> how many u.s. senators does new jersey have? >> two. >> two, like every state in the union. >> we got that. >> "jersey shore" on mtv. coming up, katie couric is here with a story very important to her. good job, guys.
8:27 am
good morning @ 8:27 on this wednesday morning. we have breaking news from yemen the security official there has contained a u.s. citizen links to al having qaeda. man was arrested in a hotel. two u.s.lding passports and one german passport. n this story o throughout the morning. d.c. is getting ready for the city's first post season baseball game since 1933. if you're going to the game make your ticket has the word: game 1. is game 3 of the
8:28 am
the first home game. our sister station, newschannel depth reportan in- in a couple of minutes. good morning, everyone. there's an accident northbound washington parkway with delays still in place. a pretty solid back up there. it395 through alexandria, take you at least 23 the belt way the district and maryland, volume delays on the baltimore- parkway and south bend 95 from beltsville to four 95. say goodbye to the cloud cover and hello to sunshine again. r the nextve that fo days.l rain in the forecast until monday. we are in the 50's locally and cooler out to the west. degrees at 4:00
8:29 am
the first this today at 57 degrees and will warm up. are back again at 8:56. will warm up. are b[ male announc ] we the people, the middle class, who move our country forward, work hard, raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class, raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000, while giving a tax break of $250,000 to multimillionaires. don't mitt romney understand we can't rebuild americica by tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder
8:30 am
visa credit car with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% % more than cars earning 1% cash bk on almost everything. ♪ out here in times square this morning. robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have amy robach and ann romney here this morning. >> you've been very busy. you've been cooking. you've been interviewing "dancing with the stars." how is it going? how are you feeling? >> i'm right at home. this is my favorite place to be, with a horse. >> beautiful. >> what -- fabulous. so exciting to have her here. what an accomplishment. what an amazing person. >> can't wait to hear about it. >> it is a story i know close to
8:31 am
your heart. >> we're going to share that with all of you, about a special young woman you just met, becca. and the horse she brought with her to times square. there's so much going on this morning. are your kids on the internet? i think almost all kids are. and katie couric joins us this morning with a story that most parents who have kids on the internet probably want to know about. stick around. three-time emmy winner, bryan cranston. he joins us as the cast has been all week, to discuss "argo." can't wait to talk to him about it. also, stanley tucci in the kitchen. he's whipping up family favorites. we will be overstuffed this morning. >> in the house. first, though, we want to dive into one of ann romney's biggest passions. here with us this morning is an extraordinary young woman, becca
8:32 am
hart, and her horse. you have a different name for him? >> we call him lolu. >> he's being patient with everybody in times square. their story shows how incredibly helpful the beautiful animals can be. in rebecca's case, it's a journey that took her all the way to the parra olympics. she is a champion equestrian, training with this horse. not just to win, but to walk. at 2 years old, becca was diagnosed with a genetic disease that degrades your lower body messs me muscles. >> there's a thinking that when you're a child, the disability to go away. and you'll be like everybody else. but that's not what happened. >> reporter: at 10 years old, becca fell in love with forces.
8:33 am
>> i put on the boots. i put on the helmet. and i got on the horse. i found out that it actually started to take away the disability. not completely. but it was considerably improved. probably within one or two rides. >> reporter: and doctors say, riding a horse has helped her muscle memory and strength. >> they think it's will push my mobility to maintain my mobility much farther into the future. >> reporter: for the past 18 years, horse therapy has given becca a chance to compete as an athlete in international competitions and in two paralympic games. making the impossible her reality. >> it gave me a sense of freedom and vitality i didn't have before. >> we're thrilled to have becca hart and her horse here in times square. hopefully lolu won't get spooked. doing amazing for all that's going on. ann, let me ask you a question.
8:34 am
how did you and becca meet? >> i gave her her award. she ended up being the top champion in the united states. i had the honor of giving her the award that gave her the privilege of going and representing the united states at the paralympic games in london. >> i want to ask you about horse therapy or equine therapy. withthout it, where would you b? >> it's maintained my mobility. the fact that i'm standing here in times square with a horse is phenomenal to me. bauds of him. >> yeah. i hope a lot of people are hearing this. they can learn a little something. what is it about horse therapy or equine therapy? >> it's so extraordinary, what horses do for us. for me, it's balance. it's love. it's joy. what they're doing for so many other people right now. we have wounded vets coming home. and they're turning to horses for therapy. we have kids with autism,s a
8:35 am
burgers, they get on a horse. they become strong and confident. but horses, they're a gift from god, is the way i look at it. and they're a partner in our life journey. and they can bring such joy. >> phenomenal. you've been very vocal about your diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. have you used equine therapy for yourself? >> i certainly have. and like becca, not as disabled as becca. but i was very, very weak and very much worried about my life, thinking i was going to be in a wheelchair, as well. i turned to horses. my life has been dramatically different. it gave me the energy, the passion, to get out of bed when i was so sick, i didn't think i wanted to get out of bed. >> will you continue competing, becca? >> absolutely. >> we're rooting for you, becca. and thank you for sharing this wonderful story. you're amazing. we thank you all for being with us. we're going to take it back inside, right now, to george. >> thank you. that is an inspiring story. an important story, now, for parents, how to protect your
8:36 am
children against online predators. on "katie," katie couric sits down with three convicted predators on how they targeted their victims. this is gripping stuff. >> it's really scary stuff, george. you know as a dad of two girls who are 10 and 7 now. my daughters are older now. 21 and 16. but it's something every parent needs to be concerned about because one in ten kids online is approached by a predator. and there's tricks of the trade. now, there's a lot less parental supervision, because devices are everywhere. they're mobile divorces. they're playstations. they're tablets. we thought it was really important, not only to help parents supervise their kids and understand can be done, but also get into the minds of some of the predators and how they operate. >> you talk about the tricks of the trade. you have three of the predators who come on the air and tell you how they did it. >> that's right. i sat down, george, with three convicted online predators. one was a 55-year-old man at the
8:37 am
time of his arrest, meeting a 15-year-old and 17-year-old girl he had met online for sex. the other man was in his 30s. the father of a 5-year-old, who started by -- >> how is that possible? >> started, actually, soliciting sex with adult women. that led to an interest in child pornography and incest. and he actually was in a sting operation with a 12-year-old and 14-year-old girl, that had been set up by the authorities. and finally, a college student who was tricking girls as young as 13, to send him elicit photos. i sat down to talk to them to really find out what it was that motivated them and how they did it. and they talked to me about grooming, which is really the process of winning over the trust of these innocent kids. and we have the story of one 13-year-old, george. it's heartbreaking. she thought she was meeting her first love online. she thought he was a kid. he turned out to be an older guy. and what happened is really frightening. >> also, important information for parents on how to prevent it
8:38 am
and how to block it. >> that's right. security experts are going to be there and people who actually understand, sort of, the psychology of the predators. hopefully this will be a show where parents will learn a lot about this problem. and as a result, be able to protect their children. >> we look forward to that this afternoon. katie couric. you can see more of katie's report on "katie" on abc. check your local listing for times. now, a final check of the weather. sam? >> good morning, george. a little dampness in times square, cannot slow down this crowd. nate, this is your wish trip to new york city, right? tell me where your hometown is. >> i'm from mesa, arizona. >> we're happy you're here this morning. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. napa, california, a shot we always love to see. we should take the show live to napa and spend about a month there. what do you think? wichita, kansas, absolutely beautiful. you'll all come. we'll all go. and here's where the morning
8:39 am
windchills are a little uncomfortable. bismarck, north platte, chicago. and denver has a blast of cold air. we have a one-two punch. another one. look at detroit, chicago, boston, new york city. the numbers are up and down. it's opposite day. one day it will be mild. the other day, it will be cold again. have to get ready for the a cool 43 currently in and 57 downtown and the first pitch at nationals park today. it will be cooler >> all of america's weather was brought to you by marshall's. who are we going inside to? >> we're going back to george. coming up, bryan cranston is here
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
this the bryan's choice.
8:43 am
>> bad. >> you're on the right side of the law, for once. jock o'donnell, cia director in the new movie "argo." six americans trapped in iran during the hostage crisis. we're going to talk to you about it in a moment. i want to get to the clip. here's, he's explaining what's going on to ben affleck's character. ben plays a cia agent. go. >> traffic calls them house guests. they haven't left the canadian ambassador's house since it happened. >> why didn't we get them ten weeks ago? >> too dangerous. you have revolutionary guards going door-to-door like jehovah's witnesses. >> who else knows? >> just the families. meanwhile, some genius in our embassy, was keeping a mug book on everyone who worked there. jesus christ. the state is coordinating in-house. >> state? >> they do, now.
8:44 am
they want to ride by us, as consultants. angle says it's a lose-lose. these people die, they die publicly, badly. you play jack o'donnell, cia director. you dove into the life. you went to langley. you met these folks. >> i did. the cia headquarters in langley, virginia. what struck me is these men and women are really dedicated service people. they commit themselves to these missions. honorably. they believe in the credo they're not going to leave someone behind. agent officer tony mendez is a hero, a recognized hero. he went in and was determined to get these six house guests out of iran safely. and the mission was successful and true and without a shot being fired. >> it's true. it came from declassified information years later. but you're of a certain vintage.
8:45 am
you can remember this time. >> that's a lovely way of saying i'm old, josh. >> we are of a certain vintage. what struck you about the story when you read it? >> the story itself was fantastic and absurd. if it was a piece of fiction, hollywood would have said, come on. you have to make a plausible story. because it's true, it made it all the more interesting and gave it a baseline to jump off from when our audience watches this. it's compelling. and the script was just tight and wonderful. ben affleck's direction was impeccable. he's a great guy. very smart. and a real passion for the story. >> i remember talking to you in l.a. at the emmys, this is really what you wanted to talk about. we had ben in, john goodman, alan arkin here yesterday. >> was alan arkin sitting here? >> he was sitting right here. >> i don't understand that. it's too early in the morning for alan to do anything.
8:46 am
>> ben said you were the only guy he wanted for this part. that's got to make you feel good, if nothing else. >> it's very nice. as ben knows and george clooney and our producers, they know it's about the story. if the story is good and support that, then actors can fly. without it, we're kind of tethered. >> you have flown, then, for a number of years. certainly, walter white, speaking of stories and characters. saying good-bye. >> but not before we have a cooking session with walter white. i cook a little different. it's a little different recipe. >> real quick. i know it's instantaneous. but the legacy of that character. >> it's the greatest role of my life. the best part i will ever have. and i'm fine with it. i'm embracing that. i'm enjoying this time. i'm 56 years old. and i'm having more opportunities now than ever. and i love it. >> they are incredibly
8:47 am
well-deserved. bryan, a phenomenal film. >> thank you so much. >> it is "argo." it opens this friday. stick around. stanley tucci cooking. stick around. stanley tucci cooking. >> you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. stick around. stanley tucci cooking. >> ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
8:48 am
anand great benebets, vote forf wplace tquestion seven. gy...
8:49 am
some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. our special guest, ann romney, made a treat for us earlier. now, stanley tucci is very passionate about food. his book, "the tucci cookbook" is on sale now. and it's packed with recipes he grew up on. >> it's my father's family. my mother's family. >> we should say congratulations. a little special moment kind of happened. >> thank you. >> do you know anything about this woman over here? >> i don't. but she seems to follow me around everywhere. she looks like my wife. but i don't know.
8:50 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we know you love food. you do foodie movies. >> and "the hunger games." that was about food, too. >> that's sort of a lack thereof. >> "julie and julia." >> i loved it. loved it. >> thank you. >> but where did the love for food come from? >> "big night." >> so many people here. >> i don't know. tell me. thank you. >> where does the love of food come from? >> i think my butter is burning. >> sorry. >> they burnt my welsh cakes, too. >> this show's a disaster. i'll tell you. the love of food came from my family. came from growing up with -- this is really burning. thank you. whoa. >> it's fine. it's fine.
8:51 am
everything's fine. >> every time -- i don't know. my plane almost goes down. now, i'm going to catch on fire. >> maybe somebody should -- should we get rid of this? >> i'll hold it. >> you never know what might happen. >> wow. >> anyway, where were we? >> we should jump to the dishes. >> butter on the stove. >> put some butter on the stove. and then, not better anymore. this is a very simple dish. a pasta casserole. george's eating already. it's actually a little creamier, a little richer. and it's a great, really easy dish to make. particularly, if you have kids. you make this pasta, any kind of pasta of your choice. bow tie, zitti. and a purintina sauce. >> it's a great way to hide the vegetables. >> they have no idea. they only taste the sweetness. and tomato.
8:52 am
and you cook that for an hour or so. and make the base, which is flour and what was butter. and some milk. you can use lactose-free milk. right? and then, you're going to put it all together. am i supposed to do this? i'm afraid of burning something. we're going to take this right here. and we're going to put this into here. okay? into the sauce. or into the pasta. all right. and then, what we're going to do is this is all going to get sort of mixed up in here. >> you can use your hands, right? >> i would use my hands. i'll use anybody's hands. it doesn't matter. we're going to put the sauce. we want to use this on the bottom. a little on the bottom so it doesn't stick. you can use olive oil on the bottom so it doesn't stick. olive oil as much as possible, i think. >> i agree. >> we're going to throw this in. kids go crazy for this dish. my kids beg me to make it.
8:53 am
>> it's everything you love. cheese and pasta. >> really right. and this is, actually, escroll, that you can put in. if they're really afraid of the green, don't put it in. >> and you have a meat dish. >> steak oreganoto. you price is it and pound it and cook it up quickly. >> all these recipes, in case we didn't get to all of them, are online so you can get to them. and the butter won't explode in your home. so much easier there. on yahoo! we'll be right back. stanley tucci, thank you very much. [ dog growls, barks ]
8:54 am
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the book is called "the tucci cookbook." and ann romney. >> great fun. >> have a great day, everybody. live and in hd, this is an
8:57 am
abc 7 news update. it is 8:56 on this wednesday morning. d.c. council chair, brown order curfew.rt a judge issued a curfew e failed tofter h make three required weekly phone s to court officials. he has to meet with them once a now in person. he pleaded guilty in june to fraud and a misdemeanor campaign finance violations. is getting ready for the first postseason baseball game .ince 1933 the nationals phase of against st. louis cardinals at 1:00. to the game,ng your ticket and has e game one printed the ticket. you watch at home, it is on mlb net work and standing room tickets go on sale in about one minute. we still have a complicated inbound to 95 northbound.
8:58 am
from the belt way to the 11th street bridge. northbound delays or from the belt way to the district. blocked on they washington boulevard and southbound delays on 270 from -- to the lane divide. it will be a beautiful day game.e -- the morning clouds moving out of washington. we will have the sunshine for several days. all the way into the upcoming weekend. next chance of rain not until monday. 45 degrees in winchester right now. s -- 67 degrees at 1:00 p.m. for the first pitch and cooler tomorrow. the first pitch and cooler tomorrow. >> i don't spend money
8:59 am
ongasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates


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