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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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in 1978. >> would you do it? >> no. that's what's making n >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, it is a must win a game today for the nationals. the cardinals up two games to one in this national league division serious, shutting out the nationals in the district yesterday. day is 10/11/12. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist adam caskey at. >> here's a look at our forecast today. it's going to be cooler than yesterday. yesterday we made it to 71 in the district. noticeably cooler today.
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first we will look at the satellite and radar composite to see clear conditions over washington over the entire middle atlantic. showers in wisconsin and moving into michigan and new york. there's a chill in the air around here. oakland at 32 degrees and 46 in manassas. highs in the low to mid 60's. a northwesterly breeze of 5-10. total sunshine. a cooler day at the ballpark today. during game time we will be in the 50's. looking ahead, you will see temperatures set for the most part in the sixties until sunday. then we will be in the low 70's. let's go back to angela. >> good morning. starting pretty nicely in terms of accidents. there's overnight work zones. they are picking up the cones on the beltway in maryland.
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there's a work zone -- was a work zone on the outer loop that has been lifted. and the outer loop has been picked up over the northwest branch. between university and new hampshire there is a work zone. from the beltway put it looks pretty good in springfield. there's an active work zone between arlington and 66 with 3 left lanes closed. they should open shortly. back to you. >> thank you. in baltimore, five people killed in a house fire. jummy olabanji has more. >> very sad news from ortiz baltimore. -- from northeast baltimore. for children and one adult died in a house fire in the 5600 block of denwood avenue. this is the home where it
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happened. they say it was just before 2:00 this morning there received a phone call there was a fire at this home. firefighters put say that they saw someone trying to jump out of a second story window. they knew there were more people inside. a firefighter fel the second-floor into the basement. he was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. the residents of the home who jumped out is also at the hospital. firefighters say that once they were able to knock down the fire and get inside is when they made the sad discovery of five bodies inside the home. we do not know how the five victims died. whether it was smoke inhalation or the fire. that is under investigation this morning as fire fighters in baltimore try to figure out what started this fire. back to you. >> thank you. we will have more on that throughout the show. a developing story from colorado. investigators trying to
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determine if a body found in the park near denver is that of a missing 10-year-old girl. the body was found a few miles from where jessica ridgeway disappeared on her way to school last friday. the body has not yet been positively ideinvestigators believe it is jessica. she was kidnapped and her parents were not involved, say police. dramatic video of an early morning rescue in florida. crews were able to free a construction worker who had been trapped in rubble more than 12 hours. a parking garage collapsed. the man is listed in critical condition this morning. the five-story garage was under construction when it collapsed. two workers were injured. they expect to find another body in the rubble. another big story we are following, the national made history with their first home playoff game on wednesday. if they don't win today, they will be history. >> the st. louis cardinals are
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one victory away from moving on throug. so the nationals have to win today. tim brant explains what went wrong yesterday. >> the nationals should be rocking again this afternoon at the ballpark for a game 4 in the best of five series with the cardinals. yesterday the defending champions went after the nationals with vengeance and beat them 8-0 and they have the home team on the brink of elimination. there's edwin jackson. look out. the cardinals 4-0. washington had base runners on every inning until the seventh. the cardinals took control. now the pressure falls on ross detwiler, making his post ever postseason appearance this afternoon. >> i have no worries. he's been great for us all year
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long. >> we are not out of this by along shocked -- a long shot. >> this is a pretty good wall. dinnertime ac4:07 is game time. >> some fans of the nationals will turn things around with a win today. >> next time. >> i am still happy with what they've done so far this year. >> today's game is a little later than yesterday's. first pitch at today will be just after 4:00 p.m. today's game will be on television on tbs. >> a sobering report on food safety. >> we will look at that and an early look at trading with linda
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bell in new york. >> let's begin with a recall. kellogg's is recalling frosted and unfrosted miniwheats. it may contain pieces of metal. fda inspections of industry facilities are rare. food companies often hire their own inspectors a. it's more problematic for imported fruioods. there were unsanitary conditions for some foreign food plants. netflix plans to start offosed captions on all television and movie content within a year, part of a settlement from a death massachusetts viewer -- deaf
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massachusetts viewer. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. we want to get to politics. tonight the focus can be on the vice-presidential candidates. joe biden and paul ryan will have their first and only debate in kentucky. >> as far as the presidential candidates obama will campaign in florida today and romney in north carolina. there's a new nbc wall street journal poll which shows romney made gains in the swing states of virginia, florida, and ohio. the largest in virginia, where now he's ahead of the president. now more from brandi hitt. >> the second round belongs to the running mates. >> i feel good about it. >> paul ryan and vice president joe biden say they are ready to go toe to toe in danville, kentucky. >> i have been studying his
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positions. >> and there is a critical time in the campaign. >> i've been in business 25 years. i have no idea what you are talking about. >> last week mitt romney dominated in his first debate against president obama. the president even admitted he had a bad night. >> your supporters have been saying you did not show up. >> there's no doubt i can make a better case, which is why i so look forward to tuesday. >> is it possible you gave up your reelection that night. >> no. >> we cannot afford another series of budget deficits of roughly $1 trillion per year. this is not just bad for the economy. it's bad for jobs. >> brandi hitt, abc news, ky.
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>> during tonight's debate, log on to from your compatible smartphone tablets or browser and give us your reaction. we will show the results on abc 7 news at 11:00. we are looking at 48 degrees >> . still to come, an update on a man brutally beaten near the eastern market area in the district.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> thursday morning, welcome back. adam caskey and with a look at your forecast. it may be a lot cooler today than yesterday by about 10 degrees. tomorrow will be verisimilar but breezy. you'll notice the wind on friday. 45 now in frederick, 47 in martinsburg, 32 in oakland maryland. 53 at reagan national. 62 degrees today for the high temperature with a good amount of sunshine. blue skies. the average high is 70. we will be close to 60. mid 60's tomorrow with scattered clouds and a northwest breeze at 10-15. we will talk about the weekend coming up. back to angela. >> a good start on the road. o early collisions to report. you may have to dodge a few traffic cones.
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those will soon be lifted. in virginia on the beltway, the outer loop had a work zone between gallows road and middle river turnpike. that should be gone momentarily. you'll still see a work zone southbound on 95. two southbound lanes blocked between 17 and route 3. minor slowing between selma and fredericksburg. construction in urbana blocks a left lane on 270 between maryland 80 and 109 hyattstown. back to you. >> thank you. the wife of the energy analyst severely beaten in august near eastern market is reaching out to the community. tonight she will announce the formation of the maslin family trust. there will be safety information tables, food, and children's activities. thomas maslin has had a four brain surgeries and is still hospitalized. three suspects are being held without bond.
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>> we should find out today what killed a panda cub at the national zoo. they planned to release the results during a news conference today. it died six days after being born. the zoo said its liver did not look normal. officials will also talk about how the mother has been doing since the death. >> thursday morning, 48 degrees. >> an alert for women in fairfax county. what police are saying
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>> alarming news for women in fairfax county. a man has attacked and grow to numerous women and he has struck more than they previously thought. >> the latest incident on in cumberland drive in springfield/ autria godfrey has more/ >> in cumberland drive bus stop where lesley waits for write every day is now the latest
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location where police say a woman was groped. >> i do feel scared. i don't like walking here by myself. >> the woman tells police she was walking along in cumberland drive when a man came up from behind, grabbed her, a broker, and then took off. -- groped him. 15 women have reported being fondled while walking along dark roads around springfield. the women detailed a similar suspect descriptions in each incident. this is the police are now searching for, based on their accounts. >> i think i saw this on tv. i am surprised. fairfax police want women to know this face. they are talking with residents. they reminded her to be vigilant to keep from being a victim.
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>> all arguments will be held today at fort belvoir in the case of fort hood shooting suspect major nidal hassan accused of killing 13 people in texas in 2009. today's arguments will focus on whether the trial judge should be removed from the case. defense attorneys say that he exceeded his authority by ordering the suspect to shave his beard. he said that he grew a beard because of his muslim faith. >> the dalai lama expected to attract huge crowds when he visits charlottesville today. thousands of people came out to hear the tibetan spiritual leader yesterday at the college of william and mary in williamsburg. the nobel peace prize winner talk about the unintended consequences of violence and the need to be compassionate to others. >> prince george's county native
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sugar ray leonard will be back in his hometown today unveiling plans to expand the sugar ray leonard boxing center in palmer park by creating more educational opportunities for local children. it will include anti-bullying and michelle obama's "let's move" campaign, and literacy promotion. it's 48 degrees on this thursday morning. >> beyonce does not think she's irreplaceable. find out why she is handing over the starring role in the remake
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>> thursday morning. it is a cool start to the day but it's going to be cool the next couple days with a little warming by the end of the weekend on sunday, putting us a few degrees above average. we will be back down below average today. 49 in arlington, 45 and starling -- sterling. 51 in camp springs, 47 in lanham, maryland. mostly sunny today, high temperatures in the low 60's today. 62 degrees for the high temperature. for the nationals game around 4:00, 62 degrees. it will be shading your home plate as the sunset. temperatures dropping down to the mid to upper 50's by the end of the game with a northwesterly breeze at 5-10 miles an hour. here's your weekend outlook and for the susan g. komen walk
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breezy on friday, 64. on the weekend 62 on saturday. by sunday, 73. no chance of rain until monday. back to angela. >> an excellent start for the most part. there's a closure in prince george's county. powder mill road between cherryvale drive and beltsville drive, utility work is blocking the lanes. be on the alert for that. otherwise looking pretty good for the most part around maryland. there is a work zone in urbana on 270. all lanes open after that the southbound and northbound. in virginia, no troubles on 66. looking good on 95. still works on southbound between falmouth and fredericksburg, two left lanes blocked. other than that, moving without delay. back to you. >> thank you. you might not have realized that
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today the date is 10/11/12. is the date significant? maybe not really. there's a resort offering a special numerology package including a wedding chapel and the minister. they're offering and other special in a few months if you miss it. >> singer justin bieber said some belongings were stolen during tuesday's show in washington state. >> he reference to a computer and a camera. it's not clear if he filed a police report. coming up at 6:00, resurged his family tree. >> singer and actress debbie reynolds has been hospitalized after experience a bad reaction to medication if. the 80-year-old still performs numerous shows each year. there are reports she has
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canceled all appearances and concerts for the rest of the year. her managers said they have not made a decision hasn't yet. director clint eastwood will have to find another dream girl for his remake of "a star is born." >> beyonce has confirmed she will no longer a star in the film. she has tried to coordinate your schedule, she says but it was not possible. it would've been the fourth version of the movie. >> it's 48 degrees outside. >> still to come, the mother of a fall in abc not happy with mitt romney talked about her son during his political
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