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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the pitch, a slang! going, going! >> and breaking tonight the biggest home run in nationals history. jason wood cents a pitch over the left-field wall and sends a national to deciding game 5. he gave the nationals and the fans a show they have never seen before. begin with tom was live at the ballpark.>> everybody was so down in the
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dumps after yesterday's game. polar opposites that actor jason wood stepped up to the plate. after that home run that is what it looks like and sounded like here at nationals park. a lot of fireworks right there could have been told by various people that nationals park has not ever been close to being as loud as it was after woods hit that home run. we talked to some of them. >> i was thinking that it was time for jason to get a walk off home run. >> it worked. >> it did work! >> it was unbelievable. it was a truly momentous moment. a lot of people were getting worried today. >> look at this. >> we realized that they have to have heart and they did. >> obviously, a very exciting night for a lot of nationals fans. i will warn you however, there
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is one more game to go. hicke they don't win tomorrow night, tonight game will let me as much. so it sets up and it showed i is a showdown tomorrow for the right to go to the national league championship series. i think the entire town will be watching it >> also breaking tonight, we are hearing from the nationals players following the home run that saved their season. what an incredible scene. we want to find out if the players enjoyed it as well. >> it was incredible. the national into your the cardinals was an instant classic. extends their memorable season to tomorrow night. the nationals and the cardinals were tied at 1-1 in the bottom of the ninth. jason would took the 96 m.p.h.
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fastball over the left-field wall. the 13th pitch of the act back a werthit was very close. after that, i was on the heater. that is what is all about. that is what you play all season for. then you get to spring training early for it. we have a chance tomorrow to take the next step. >> as the fans left the stadium there were saying it was worth the wait. now the stage is set for the final lap of the drama that has become the nationals. >> needless to say, that walk off home run was the top of the town for many folks. let's go to archer godfried who is -- you atria godfried. >> the excitement over that last
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minute when was electric. we talked with both fans who are lucky enough to see the win in person and those who were forced to keep it glued to the tv screen all night long. tonight's victory and expressing some high hopes for tomorrow night. >> he may hit a homer, i said. he was fighting off a lot of balls and strikes. he is a power hitter. i thought he would come through in a clutch and he did. >> it was awesome to see the home run. the crowd went crazy in the review was just having a good time. >> it was an awesome time. >> you have tickets for tomorrow. >> yes. >> why do you want to go tomorrow? >> that is the championship round tomorrow. >> were you expecting tomorrow? >> i am expecting the nationals to win. i expect them to score at least five runs.
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that is what i am expecting. >> he will be in the stands to see just that for the final face up tomorrow. i talked with a couple of people who were in the stands tonight for the big victory but do not have tickets for tomorrow night. i ask them what it would take to get them into the seats and they said then firstir born. >> as soon as it happened, the king of breaking news alerts any time. let's get to the other big story of the night. the fiery showdown between joe biden and paul ryan. >> president obama is in new york city on the same day as netanyahu is and is the meeting with him he goes to a talk show.
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>> it is a bunch of stuff. >> what does that mean, a bunch of stuff? >> that is irish. >> this was more like a ballroom -- like a bar room brawl compared to the presidential debate last week. >> there was football and baseball tonight. this fight matched anything on the field. we call the the many faces of joe biden been he was laughing and frowning and smirking. there was a lot of interesting. it was a very strong performance tonight. everything from health care to libya appeared paul ryan said that this administration has failed to send a serious message to the rest of the world especially regarding the fear of a nuclear iran. >> they see, president obama and new york city, the same day that netanyahu is. instead of talking with him, he goes on a daily talk show. >> this is a bunch of stuff. >> what does that mean?
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>> it means it is simply inaccurate. >> it means it is irish. [laughter] >> a lighter moment there, but it was not all like. a very stark contrast on proposals for the bush tax cuts, about a proper pullout from afghanistan, and changes to medicare. paul ryan questioned several times about specific answer -- about specifics of loopholes. this was the exchange over jobs. >> you know what the unemployment rate in scranton is today? >> i sure do. >> 10%. in what it was the day you guys came in? 8.5%. that is how it is going all around american. >> look, you don't read the statistics. that is not the way it is going. >> what epitomized this entire races this back-and-forth and the opposing side debating their
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accuracy. >> with respect to that quote, i think the vice president's very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. [laughter] >> that little soliloquy on 47% you think he just made a mistake and i have to brigitte. >> this was the back and forth all night long. people love to pick a winner after these. both stand their ground tonight. paul ryan did not appear to be a novice. he seemed to be very serious and on his game. joe biden did a good job at speaking to the american people, looking into the camera and a lot of people watching this would hope that there will be three vice-presidential debate instead of presidential ones because they had a lot of firepower. >> thank you. thousands of u.s. home gave us your instant feedback on the candidates.
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using your smartphone. we got a lot of reaction. many agreed. biden said that the world is behind the united states could and many disagree that ryan said that with president obama we get speeches and we don't get the leadership. the big win by the nationals was not the only victory at the ballpark denied. >> another dc council member is accused of wrongdoing. but in jim gramm is defending himself. you will hear from him coming right up. >> tomorrow night, late, there could be a freeze.
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i got you white chocolate pumpkin. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. >> d.c. councilman jim gramm is the newest public official embroiled in scandal. tonight, he is telling his story to abc7 news. tom spoke with him tonight and his lead in the district with this the evolving story. >> the report came out this afternoon could initially jim
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graham's office said that he would not have a response. >> what we're talking about here is maybe maybe, one sentence at the end of a meeting -- >> tonight jim graham defended himself. the report accuses him of conflict of interest and not putting the public first. >> i think that he cast a shadow that remains, quite frankly. >> the report says, four years ago, when he was on the metro board and d.c. council, he told warren williams that if banneker dumped this property, he would help williams landed big contract for the d.c. lottery. graham says he does not remember saying that. he says he did want banneker to
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dropever built anything. now another company is planning an apartment complex. graham has not been charged with any crime. >> you show me one sentence in that report that shows a criminal act. >> but the investigators said that this is not a to him if this was a crime. >> it is up to other investigative agencies to make that determination. >> according to this investigation, there is no evidence that gramh hadam interest -- that graham had a financial interest. but "several investigative agencies have asked for a copy," but he has declined to say which agencies have asked for it. >> also a man was severely beaten in eastern market.
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he was robbed of his cell phone and credit cards back in august could now, a day before the suspects are in court, neighbors are coming together to help. >> i am totally astounded at how people have come together to help us.we feel incredibly blessed to live in this neighborhood. they're just the most wonderful people who have behind us -- to have been behind us. >> a word safety festival will educate people on crime and safety issues. also tonight's win was not the only big moment of the nationals game. checkout this heartwarming family reunion. >> i did not know what to do or say. i was very surprised. >> just very happy to see him
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after so many months. >> what is it like to see your dad? >> habeeb! -- happy! >> they lived in germany, but he has been serving in afghanistan for the past four and have my moments. mom and kids' food to our region for vacation without knowing that dad was in town. and the people are looking forward to tomorrow's game and the weather for the game as well. >> bundle up. but no rain. outside, this is how is it is around nationals park. the temperature outside right now is 53 degrees. tomorrow, the place will really be hopping again. the overnight low tomorrow night, by the way, we do have a freeze watch. it will be 31 degrees. it will not be that cold in washington.
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montgomery county, frederick county, that is for tomorrow night and into saturday morning. there will be a lot of spots near the freezing mark. here in washington right now the 52 degrees. 41 degrees out in winchester after a high temperatures into the 60's. we are into a rather cool pattern and that will continue but along with a lot of sunshine as we head into the weekend. look at the temperatures out west. and also, a lot of color. right in our own neck of the was, there is especially some nice color. -- neck of the woods, there is especially some nice color. a lot of nice color showing up in our neck of the woods. we want to ticket to big meadows where the temperature is currently 49 degrees. this is the tree to keep your eye on good as we go to the time lapse, still a fair amount of
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green, but really more and more color. tomorrow, early in the morning there will be another chilly morning. temperature's only in the 40's, and little bit more miles around the bay. we will get some clouds, but the pattern is a westerly wind so it will be dry. as we get into friday, a few clouds around. during the latter part of the national game, as there is celebrating, temperatures will only be into the 40's. around the first pitch temperatures will be in that fit the's. again, heading out to the game tomorrow, bundle up. -- a around the first bit temperatures will be in of the 50's. again, heading out to the game tomorrow, bundle up. we have some new bl bonnieogs foliage coming up -- we have some new blogs on the foliage
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coming up. >> that was an instant classic taken in sports baseball rules the day. jayson werth gives the car is the royal flush. a huge night at the ballpark. washington has been e let me tell
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>> get ready for game 5 tomorrow night because the nationals are alive and well. it was a two-one gem a classic a season saver. we up at the bottom of the second. la roche struggled a little bit. but a good buy baseball. home run. the national's lead 1-0. the national's pitching was sensational. then jordan zimmermann came in. he struck out eight straight batters. setting the stage for jayson werth in the bottom of the ninth. a 13th pitch at that knocking the fastball over the fence. and here we go. let the celebrations begin. the national into-1 with a game 5 looming. -- the national's win 2-1 with
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game 5 limning. >> that was a great effort on his part. >> every playoff game comes down to one page. >> whether we win today or lustig, tomorrow is a new day. now -- whether we win today or lose today tomorrow is a new day. >> the baltimore orioles are in new york trying to stay alive trying to avoid elimination. the yankees were scoreless in the top of the fifth. he takes it. this silence is the crowd and it gives the orioles a 1-0 lead. meanwhile, the yankees played small ball. barry jeter comes home from
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third. it was a one-one game. they're now in the 12th inning and the orioles have won on and one out again in the 12th in the bronx. meanwhile, the giants eliminated the reds 6-4. they now move on to the championship series and there are weeding the winner of the nationals and the cardinals. everybody seems optimistic that griffin will be about to go against the vikings. he ran to practice again. he will be evaluated by doctors tomorrow morning. the redskins are favored by 1 over the vikings. meanwhile, the basketball fans, the knicks were in town tonight. they beat the wizards 108-101. the wizards are 0-2 now in pre- game season per -- in preseason
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>> the woman who blogged
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alexis douglas: i can remember when i was younger and... my family was not necessarilyfi financially stable. we were poor. anncr: then alexis got a job at the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. alexis: i started as a wardrobe clerk. but then i was able to work my way
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up. i got a 401k, i have health insurance... and i make great money. anncr: in maryland, question seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. from hotel and restaurant staff to accountants... and construction workers. alexis: you want a great place to work k with good pay... and great benefits, vote for question seven. >> chilly tomorrow, but did
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baseball weather. pamela howze: it just seems like such an... infringement on our lives. w how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. you. we know you. we know you have to rise early... anwork late, with not enough sleep in between.
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how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore.
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