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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 22, 2012 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- down to the wire. for the last debate. the candidates go their third and final round tonight in florida. >> this time foreign policy, use will be front and center with 15 days to go. it is monday, october 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> i'm john muller. rob is off this morning. paula is on assignment. she will join us in a moment. we'll get to the all-important last-minute debate preparations in a moment. also this half-hour, a warning before the wisconsin shooting ram paige wo rampage workers in the day spa were told to watch out for the co-worker's husband. now his body has been found at the scene. also ahead, a special sunday, pope benedict xvi names seven saints, two americans, why one of the choices is making
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history. later if it is monday morning, time for the weekly look at all the nfl action. we will tell you how our picks and yours did. week seven. >> week seven already. >> flying by. >> first, president obama and governor romney have battled to a draw. that's right. a new poll of likely voters shows the presidential race is an absolute dead heat. >> a nail biter. one mistake can make all the difference. candidates are preparing feverishly for tonight's final debate. abc's david kerley reports on the debate with just 15 days to go. >> reporter: taking a break from debate preparation, mitt romney flipped a coin for a football game between his staff and reporters who were still asking questions. >> would you be open to one-on-one talks with iran? >> reporter: no answer on the report that iranians are ready to talk directly to the u.s. about its nuclear program. one republican called it an iranian ploy. >> as to iran they have
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quadruple uranium to make a bomb before obama got in office. >> reporter: the white house denied a meeting is set, added it is open to one-on-one talks. a source warned the administration is cautious, because the iranians have used negotiations in the past as a stalling tactic. what is clear, this will be a debate point. >> we have iran, four years closer to a nuclear bomb. >> reporter: not just iran. republicans want to know if enough was done to protect u.s. diplomats during benghazi, libya attack. a drone did arrive over the city as the the attack was ending and diplomats were being evacuated which could allow romney. >> it was not a spontaneous demonstration is that what you are saying? while the president has ben out of site at camp david we did get a hint of his plan. highlight the killing of bin laden, end of the iraq war and question mitt romney's overseas trip as a presidential candidate when he wondered about security at london's olympics.
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>> we remember his duke of hazard's tour of destinations over the summer, where he isrrod countries not friendly to us. >> reporter: both campaigns tell me each of their candidates will figure a way to make points about the economy. arguing a strong economy, strengthens our national security. david kerley, abc news, the white house. and stay with abc news for complete coverage of the debate. it all starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. police in brookfield, wisconsin have found the body of the gunman who opened fire in a day spa sunday morning. they say 45-year-old radcliffe haughton shot himself after killing three women and wounding four others at the spa where his estranged wife worked. in court last week after being arrest ford slashing his tires. workers at the spa were told to watch out for him. a judge impose aid four-year restraining order against him, but that was not enough to stop the violence that this witness saw. >> we had police officers come
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in. telling everybody to get out. once we were getting out, i, i went to my car. i saw the girl coming out from the salon and she was bleeding in the neck. with a paper towel over her neck. and she was very hurt. and she had to get escorted by the police officer because she couldn't walk. she was yelling. >> the mayor calls the shootings a senseless act on the part of one person. four injured women are expected to survive. police have not said if the gunman's wife is among those shot. major terror arrest in jordan. jourdardanian security forces s they foiled an al qaeda plot to bomb shopping centers and assassinate western diplomats. 11 terror suspects have been arrested in connection with the plot. officials say the men brought in weapons from neighboring syria and were also getting help from iraq. jordan is a key u.s. ally in the region. for weeks we have been hearing rumors that former cuban leader fidel castro was
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seriously ill or even possibly dead. then, this photo surfaced showing the aging strongman, sporting a checked shirt and straw hat outside a havana hotel after meeting with former vice president of venezuela. his first public appearance in months. castro gave up his former leadership six years ago. history was made at the vatican this weekend as the pope named the first native american saint. born in upstate new york in 1656. among those attending the ceremony, a 12-year-old boy from washington who said prayers to her miraculously saved his life. >> that was when i met god, just standing there, i gave him a hug. and i asked him if i could stay in heaven because i really enjoyed it there. and he said no. because i had to, because my family needed me here on earth. >> another american named as a saint at the saint ceremony. mother mary ann cope, a 19th
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century nun who cared for lepers. looks like america's housing bust may be over. new home construction surged last month to a level we haven't seen in four years. but the new homes look different than the old ones did. abc's matt gutman has the details on the new housing boom. >> reporter: she needed just one look. >> i fall in love. >> reporter: kid it the new american dream house. both downsized and super sized. you see her new tiny three bedroom house is just 1800 square feet, down 500 square feet from your average house built before the recession. but it is a full house, populated by three generations of mcdonald's, plus the dog. the price was right, $143,000. a mortgage of just $1,200 a month. >> half the price. >> half the price. >> reporter: one of the buyers fueling the demand for new construction. >> we have seen a 20% increase in sales year over year.
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>> reporter: in fact in one of the states hardest hit by the housing bust. much is fueled by record mortgage rates and pent up demand for new homes and the price. how much would that have been five years ago? >> five years ago that home would probably be in the high 200s. >> reporter: twice the price the she sought a house to accommodate her parents. >> we are a very united family. >> reporter: in fact, multigenerational homes are in such demand that lenar rolled out nextge n designed for three generations. selling homes like this at a pace three times faster than a couple years ago. while the surge in housing starts is arguably the best economic news in four years, is it soon enough and beg enough to help president obama win the biggest battleground prize of them all -- florida. matt gutman, abc new, homestead, florida. >> that made perfect sense to me people are living together. you have aging babyboomers. i have three generations in my
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home. my mother and my grandmother. yeah. >> i hope my daughter buys one of those. i will go yes, i am going to be taken care of. push her toward that. one of these nextgen homes. >> i think families are living together. downsizing, taking care of each other. the elderly. >> kind of think it should be that way. old folks homes, come on. take care of me when i am old. well a football fan is in critical condition this mofts an falling off the escalator at met life stadium in new jersey. the 42-year-old man was on the down escalator after the game when he fell 20 feet over the side, and onto a metal stage. he was air lifted to the hospital, with head injuries. sad. >> yeah. >> goodness. well here is your monday forecast. winter has arrived in the northwest. that's right -- up to 10 inches of snow in the rockies and cascades. more than a food in the sierra range. rain from seattle to northern california. thunderstorms from dallas all
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the way up to the twin cities. pretty mild along the east coast. >> 70s in atlanta. baltimore and much of the midwest. 50s from fargo, seattle. wet 65 in sacramento. and a pair of zookeepers in denver went above and beyond the call of duty to save the life of a newborn taper. i hope i am saying that right? >> you said it right. >> taper. they rushed to the seemingly lifeless baby and performs mouth-to-snout resuscitation. after a few short breaths the animal was breathing on its own. >> soon the baby stood up and nursed from its mother. that was in early september. now the baby tapir is happy, healthy in public and entertaining visitors at a denver zoo. strange animal, right? >> looks sort of like a pig. >> kind of look an anteater. yeah, a strange one. >> i am an animal lover. the whole mouth to snout resuscitation. >> you wouldn't do it? yeah, not that i want to give mouth-to-mouth to a tapir.
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say the animals mouths are cleaner than ours. heard that about the dog and cat. just the same. >> my, my. coming up, our chance at some monday morning quarterback. >> our experts weighing in on the game, including our own paula faris, dressed in a very unusual outfit. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by just for men auto stop. follow the wings.
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welcome back, everyone. you are going to figure out why i am wearing this later in the week. week seven of the nfl just about in the books. this might have been the best week of the season soap far. here to talk about it, jason page of espn radio new york. who didn't get the super hero memo. >> look some warped prom theme or something? >> speaking of super heroes, eli manning, is anybody better late in the game. 22 career-winning drives. looked like rg, iii's day. >> masks a rough third quarter. eli threw a couple interceptions. late in the game, eli makes some plays. robert griffin iii, doing amazing things in this game. he continues to give everybody in the league problems including the giants. look this is a giants' team used to seeing running quarterbacks, michael vick, cam newton, tony romo. mobile quarterbacks. they have problems with rg, iii, gives the redskins the lead. eli manning.
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77 yards. how does victor cruz get behind every redskins' defender? how do you get that mobile? gets behind all of them. rg, iii did have a chance late in the game to get an opportunity, fumbles away the football. giants come away with a victory. >> i would do a salsa dance like victor cruz, just not going to work. okay, texans destroyed the ravens. maybe they had, that, team from last season on their mind. >> last week, they got throttled by the green bay packers. you knew they'd be going into a hornet's nest. joe flacco, and a good bounce back performance for him. my boy, joe flacco. >> he is really your boy? >> he is. flacco my guy. picked flacco to go to the super bowl. didn't happen. didn't play well. houston did what they wanted. swarmed on flacco.
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no ray lewis for the baltimore ravens' team. they look alizdemoralized. when you thing the jets may go for it. mark sanchez lets the ball slip out of his hand. he had chances in regulation too. >> certainly did. aren't the jets like watching "tie taken." you know what the ending will be. you have to watch it every week. it's what the jets have become. you know they're going to be in the game. just a different story to how the games ended today. certainly no different. they had their opportunities. under six minutes. very much in the game. they get a late touchdown pass to get this game within three points. they get a field goal to tie. this game would go into overtime. after tom brady. >> tom brady. yeah. able to drive his team down the field. field goal. overtime. hold the patriots to a field goal in overtime. >> you hold on to the ball. >> yeah. mark sanchez. >> yeah. >> they take it over. >> every time they see it. replay. >> like. telling you look watching the
2:47 am
titanic. still go to see the titanic. still go see the jet right now. >> are we talking about the saint? they they me back in it. started 0-4. now 2-4. >> they get it in late fashion, direct fashion, controversial fashion. late play in the game for the saints. ultimately, wind up being the difference. in it. you get the saints. they're 2 and 4 now. the saints are 2 and 4. very much alive in the wide-open nfc, wide-open afc, why not. late touch yun fdown. for the buccaneers. looks like a win. overtime. saints end up getting a win. they're 2-4. can't count out the saints. >> check out jason's picks for next week, the games we should be looking for. he is our super hero of sports. jason page of espn. >> i just want this. can we do this? this is so good? >> stay tuned for the "world news now" picks competition results. >> yum, yum. >> ooh.
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no, just kidding.
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♪ >> welcome back, now that we have had our analysis. it is time for our update on the "world news now" nfl picks competition. >> joining us here as usual, com competition commissioner, jack sheehan. >> we had off the radar, that i took heat about, all of them, three or four of them pretty close games. we peicked dallas/carolina. tennessee/buffalo. and arizona at minnesota. >> here is the bad new.
2:50 am
you and rob were 2-2 for the week. paula and fans of wnn football nation were both 3-1. >> for the season so far, still paula in the lead. with the fans a game back. and the commission and rob, battling for the bottom spot. >> that's shocking, commish. >> comes done to misery loves company some times. you got to do what you got to do. it is not that all bad of a week when both notre dame and the steelers won their games. >> with you on that, commish. go, irish. >> giants fan, we won too. jets were not so happy. >> it is what it is with the jets. we have given the jets plenty of a hard time. take that for what it is worth. would have been really bad for the commish. got to give a shout out to the oakland football raiders. they were playing at hope. they were down 17-6. 23-13. going into the fourth quarter. that is cecil shorts, iii, he fumbled in overtime.
2:51 am
here comes sebastian janokowski. field goal. raiders win. and the commish because of that, excuse me, because of that, the commish goes 2 and 2. as opposed to successfully going 1 and 3. it would have been horrific if that had gone down. >> you got a represent taeutati. you did better last year. >> ironically as we do come up to the halfway point. an ironic happenstance for tonight's "monday night football" game. chicago/detroit. chicago the, the adopted hometown of the president. and detroit, governor romney's birth place. >> funny how that works out. >> you see there. >> thanks, commish. i'll be watching. hopefully you will do a little better. >> commish can't do very much worse. go irish.
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well, now it is time for "the mix." and some researchers -- writing for the journal of economic psychology decided to figure out what a woman's perfect day was. >> perfect day for a woman. is it shopping or shoes? >> or how about sleeping and going to a spa and having wine. >> that doesn't sound bad for a dude. >> that would be my perfect day. they say they spoke to 900 women, average age of 38. the women wanted 106 minutes of romance. >> 106, not 105. >> 106, intimate relations with their partner. they wanted 82 minutes of socializing. they wanted 78 minutes relaxing. 56 minutes of shopping. 57 minutes talking on the phone. and eight hours of uninterrupted
2:56 am
sleep. i got to tell you, i don't know who the women are. >> aeeight hours of sleep sound good. at least romance ahead of shopping. >> you want 106 minutes of romance, you don't want anything to do with spa, wine. >> they didn't talk to sunny, tell you what. >> this is a flawed research report. >> all right, should we talk about a football team's mascot making a winning pass. this is true. pretty unbelievable. a kentucky teenager, his name, trent bower, started the football season, paul lawrence dunbar high school as the mascot. inside the uniform. now he is the team's star quarterback. he hadn't played since he was 10 years old. one day this fall, decided to ask the coach if he could give it a try. the coach said, the guy was a little small for a football player. couldn't help but notice the guy had a great arm. to everyone ear s's surprise, h scored two touchdowns. the team lost. pumped up to start quarterback. the neck week he lobbed a 50
2:57 am
yard pass downfield with second on the clock. they won the following game. from mass account cot to quarte. >> what about the quarterback before? >> he is in the mascot uniform? >> i am a lawyer. i have seen a lot of stupid criminals. this may take the cake. this man dresses of in a disguise pretending to have been in a car accident, yes. >> that is a bogus disguise. >> goes to a bank of america in des moines, washington, hands over an oregon i.d. stating he need a new debit card. >> that's his disguise. >> the gray beard? >> when the officer saw hip. and suspected the oregon id. he looked at the guy and said you are serious. >> didn't want to come out of character. stayed in there. >> ridiculous. >> if you want a pumpkin
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this morning on "world news now" -- terror inside a place of tranquility. >> a man opens fire inside a spa. seven women were hit, three fatally. police say it all stems from the man's anger at his wife. it's monday, october 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning. i'm sunny hostin. paula is on assignment.. >> i'm john muller. rob has the day off. we are learning more about the shooter's motives and hearing from witness whose are describing a terrifying scene. >> really, a shooting at a spa. who would ever think something like that would happen? first a look at some of the other stories we are following for you this morning. it is do or die time for the presidential candidates? as they prepar to meet face to face for a third and final time. with the debate tally in a tie,
3:01 am
and the polls showing the men neck and neck. that's right. we are going to take a look at what topics are likely to come. >> this thing is close, man. >> it is. speaking of debates. how about one that never was. how some voters may be seeing things that don't even exist, going so far as having opinions on the matter? >> this one is fascinating. can't wait to talk about that. >> yep. >> if you are up, chances are you are setting your dvr to catch some of primetime's new shows. our music/media consultant is here one of my favorite paem eo to make sure you are recording season's best. first police in the milwaukee suburb of brookfield, wisconsin, are piecing together the mass shooting at a day pa of all places that happened on sunday morning. a shocking event. police say the gunman's wife worked at the spa. after killing three women and wounding four others, the shooter him self took his own life. with the suburb west of
3:02 am
milwaukee still in shock, brookfield mayor, tried to fiend word for the grief and anger late sunday. calling the shootings a senseless act on the part of one person. and we are now learning more about that person. hours after the rampage, following a tense, confusing search, police found the body of 45-year-old radcliffe haughton inside the spa, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. just last thursday, haughton was in court after being arrested for slashing his wife's tires. a four-year restraining order was issued and he was ordered to turn any guns over to the sheriff's department. but the order was apparently too little too late. eyewitnesses say one of the women inside new haughton. >> then a woman came running across -- acrossed -- and she had said her stepfather was in there trying to shoot as many people as he could. >> reporter: other witnesses describe a frantic scene as the sunday morning calm was shattered. >> i saw a girl coming out from the salon. and she was bleeding in the
3:03 am
neck. with a paper towel over her neck. and she was very hurt. >> we saw some woman crawl out of the front door and roll down the hill. >> reporter: police did not say if haughton's wife was among the victims. three were kid. four others rushed to the hospital. >> all four patients are expected to survive. unfortunately be are becoming all too familiar with this situation and we treat victims with gun violence every day here at our hospital. >> reporter: president obama and paul ryan from wisconsin, both expressed their condolences. volunteers mobilized at a low cull salvation army. among those turning out to help, members of the sikh temple in nearby oak creek, wisconsin where a gunman killed six before killing himself in august. brookfield has a tragic history of another mass shooting in 2005. a gunman killed seven people and then himself at a church meeting less than a mile from the spa that was the site of sun day's shooting. >> terrible story.
3:04 am
more than 50 people were injured when the floor collapsed at a crowded party in a tallahassee, florida, apartment building. the floor just suddenly gave way, 1:30 sunday morning, sending 100 party-goers crashing from the second flr to toor to first. one said like riding a roller coaster with no seatbelts. some were trapped inside while others scrambled to escape. >> the floor just kept caving in more and more. at that point in time everybody was just trying to get out for their lives. i jumped out the window. all i heard was people screaming, all the crying, all the commotion. >> most of the injuries were broken bones, bruises, sprains. authorities are trying to figure out what caused the collapse. >> how scary is that. it was built in 1995. made of nearly 40 buildings on 44 acres. >> can you imagine? there were 100 people at this clubhouse when it collapsed. imagine, when you look ate, the people that were underneath.
3:05 am
that was just -- unbelievable. we are hearing about things like that. because i remember we covered a story -- with the, parking garage that collapsed as well. this is happening a lot. >> scary stuff. >> yeah. well, now to politics, also scary stuff. tonight's final presidential debate. with the race a virtual dead heat, the stakes couldn't be higher. >> so true. tonight each candidate will claim he is better able to protect the u.s. interests and voters have just 15 days to decide. abc's karen travers reports from boca raton, florida. >> reporter: the president spent the weekend prepping at camp david. romney did the same in florida. he took a brief break to stop by a football game between his staff and the press corps following him. the republican contender egg north repeated questions from reporters. >> how do you feel about tomorrow? are you ready for tomorrow th. >> i'm ready for football.
3:06 am
>> reporter: the debate will focus exclusively on foreign policy. the issue on the back burner this campaign season. the voters are concerned about the economy and domestic issues. at last week's townhall debate, the president and romney clashed over the administration handling of the attack in libya. the attack killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador. >> that the president, the day after that happened, flies to las vegas for political fund raiser. >> the suggestion that anybody in my team would play politics or mislead when weep have lost four of our own governor is offensive. >> reporter: one topic that is sure to come up is iran and its nuclear ambitions. "the new york times" reported there is an agreement in principle for one-on-one talks between the u.s. and iran but not until after the election. the white house said, no agreement at this point, but it is prepared for bilateral talks. florida is a must-win for mitt romney. and the polls here show a very close race. so both campaigns will be smothering the state with attention over the next two
3:07 am
weeks. karen travers, abc news, florida. >> i have got to tell you, did you see the second debate? >> yeah. >> felt like it was a rumble. >> little uncomfortable. >> uncomfortable. seemed so aggressive. i wonder what will happen with the debate. arguably, before libya, the president should have gone in sort of position of strength. he got osama bin laden. sort of the world now sees america as being this -- superpower, but, but not the ugly americans that i think many people thought. we were. and now -- i mean, things have completely shifted for him. >> i think both are going to be more stately on this one, slightly pulled back. >> i hope so. >> i think you are going to fiend the race can't be any closer. a new nbc "wall street journal" poll found the candidates ties with 47% each of the likely voters before the debates begin. obama led the same poll, three points before it all started. lost ground on this. >> not a good place to be for
3:08 am
incumbent. >> stay tuned to abc news for coverage of the debate. starts at 9:00 p.m., eastern, 6:00 pacific time. a political icon lid to rest this week. former senator george mcgovern will be remembered at a funeral service friday. he represented south dakota in congress. then ran for the white house in 1972. losing to president richard nextson nex nixon in an hiss toreic landslide. george mcgovern was 90 years old. two americans among the seven new saints named. the first native american saint from the united states. the other is mother maryann cope, 19th century nun who cared for lepers in hawaii. both of the saints came from upstate new york, but of course they lived 200 years apart. and on the road to the world
3:09 am
series. all comes done to tonight for the giants and cardinals. san francisco's four-run, fourth inning, powered them to a game six win against st. louis. forces the do or die. winner goes to the world series gail seven. who would have thought a one game season. that's what it is coming down to. fall classic starts wednesday night in st. louis or san francisco. >> who would have thought the yankees weren't going to be in it? >> the yankees get sweeped. >> smoked. >> smoked. the bronx bomber there. didn't want to rub it in. >> i was very disappointed. >> imagine you are. talk about the one that got away. a group of australian fishermen got the catch when a 600 pound black marlin jumped into their boat. the skipper says they were lucky to walk away, when the spear like snout came at them. the marlin struggled for a few second. then managed to shake itself free and take back off. the marlin is one of the fastest fish on earth. get this it can reach speed of
3:10 am
80 miles an hour. >> they must have been going did that just happen? what? >> how big it is. >> man. coming up next, did you see that debate between michelle obama and ann romney? no. neither did we or anyone for that matter. it still didn't stop people from having an opinion on it. >> got to love that. first, dvr alert, our music correspondent, bruno del grenado is here with a look at the top new shows. you're watching "world news now." ♪ 57 channels >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by covergirl two-in-one foundation. get two miracles in one product. covergirl makeup, and olay advanced hydrating serum. it's tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation. one pump covers spots, lines, and wrinkles. and one bottle helps improve skin tone over time. that's what i was supposed to say now. well, no one can understand you. ♪ tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation from easy --
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breezy -- beautiful... covergirl! covergirl! and try new pressed powder to help brighten your skin tone.
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welcome back. we are well into the fall tv season now. and some shows are doing really well and others not so well. >> not so much. joining us now to talk about the season's highlights and lowlights, is music/media consultant, bruno del grenado. >> didn't you love saying that. del grenado. tell us. a swing into things. >> month into the season, the first two casualties. >> all ready. >> "men in jersey." very predictable. jersey girl. the hair, the looks and the clothing. working at a downtown manhattan law firm. just because reality shows based
3:15 am
in jersey do well in the ratings doesn't mean nonscripted shows in the garden state do well. it is like a version. >> just didn't work. >> did not work at all. >> the other one "animal practice." nbc had so much hope. preempted closing ceremonies of the summer olympics to air commercial free preview. touted the monkey as the big star of nbc. said ratings were going to be humungous. once again, it bit the dust. goes to show, shows about monkeys don't work. >> curious george barely made it. >> animals and kids. >> w.c. field. >> there are shows doing really, really well. >> exactly. yes. >> which ones? >> "nashville" on abc. >> one of our shows. >> one of the biggest shows of season. >> why? why? what is so great? a. >> about a country star,
3:16 am
middle-aged, has competition, hayden comes in, gives her a run for the money. dallas, based in nashville. >> a drama? >> about the music business. powers booth, plays connie britain's father. conniving, backstabbing guy. it has everything. >> you have to tivo that one. >> we have to watch that, sunny. >> anything else? what else is good? >> "vegas." dennis quaid. a period piece. in the 1960s. first time in 37 years, dennis quaid headlines a tv show. awesome acting from him. and michael chickliss plays a mobster. dennis quaid, rancher turned sheriff in the 1960s. about their interaction. dennis good guy. michael, the bad guy. really tremendous acting chops. >> dennis is good. let's face it. good in everything he does. so, out of everything, all of
3:17 am
the great ones, which is the one you thing our viewers need to definitely make sure they catch? >> going to say "nashville." >> oh, see. >> works out well for us. >> got a stacked deck here. i am hearing everybody talk about the show. haven't seen it yet. >> i didn't then itting hayden would be so great. she is getting rave reviews. >> everybody saying the best show about the music industry ever been made. also because it was written by callie cory, the writer of -- of, gosh, she won an award for oscar for "thelma and louise." >> we will check that out. "world news now" music and media consultant, bruno del grenado. >> sound much more sexy than when you say it. >> bruno. >> thank you. >> the candidates' wives, head-to-head? >> we are going to tell what you have to hear, voters who say, michelle obama and ann romney's
3:18 am
showdown was a treat. they never had it though. we'll tell you.
3:19 am
>> well, as the political campaign starts to come down the stretch, maybe you can't blame some voters for getting a little confused. >> so many commercials, so much rhetoric, debates. presidential, vice presidential and the candidates' wives. >> the last one? >> candidates wives. >> abc's david muir is on the case. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel conducting an experiment and it caught our eye. >> we asked people what they thought about the first lady debate, between michelle obama and ann romney. >> reporter: kimmel's crew learned didn't stop people from answeri
3:20 am
answering. >> who do you think won the debate between ann romney and michelle obama last night? >> i have to say michelle obama. she did a lot better. >> reporter: who won the event last night between ann romney and michelle obama? >> ann romney, classy wonderful lady. >> was there anything she said in the debate in particular. >> no, i look how she looks. >> who do you think won the debate last night between ann romney and michelle obama? >> michelle. >> why do you say that? >> because i love her. >> anything in particular she said that spoke to you? >> no, in general, just saw a little bit of it. >> reporter: that's because there was no debate. voters have seen and heard a lot from both wives who are the not so secret weapons for each campaign. >> we have got to keep working to fix this the we have got so much more to do. >> i love you women! >> just this week, both willing to take on the unexpected. ann romney with the women of the view.
3:21 am
>> at one point when you didn't think he was being heard. he said he was not sure he wanted to come on with us because we are high risk and sharp tongued. >> he said sharp and young. >> there was michelle obama, the lightning round on live with kelly and michael. >> please forgive me. for the president, do you prefer boxers or briefs? >> oh. >> none of the above. no. >> david muir, abc news, florida. >> good answer there. >> i loved the guy who said. i didn't watch the whole thing really. >> i didn't watch the whole thing. you don't want to look like, so human nature. i saw a little. but not enough to sound smart about it. >> incredible. >> that was great. great piece the i loved it. >> coming up. >> sorry, sunny go ahead. lady first. >> coming up. monday morning staple, "insomniac theater." >> talking about "the sessions" a drama in limited release.
3:22 am
our review straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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♪ ♪ well, finally this half-hour, "insomniac theater." i can't say it the way rob does. >> theater. >> a film getting some very positive reviews. it is called "the sessions." >> true life story being released in more and more theaters over the next month. here to tell us, digital news assistant, jayce. >> based on mark o'brien, 80s and 90s, well acclaimed journalist and poet. his writings were not what he was well known for. he lived almost his entire life
3:26 am
in an iron lung. quadriplegic. at 3 he decid8 he wanted to los virginity. consulted with his priest, william macy, gave him per motion to see a sex surrogate, played by helen hunt. it's not just a story about some one losing his virginity, it's about a man and his journey to manhood. take a listen to some reactions. >> i loved it. i am still procession it. it was really touching. and the performances were very, very strong. powerful. >> i think it is the kind of movie, the kind of story that stays with you. >> the fact that he was able to reach out and connect though he had all the physical disabilities that he, was just a -- a remarkable, remarkable thing. >> a lot of people loved this film. i loved it too. i am giving it four out of five stars. >> wow.
3:27 am
>> rotten tomatoes rating it at 96%. >> critics love the movie. >> everyone is loving it. definitely going to win award. best of all when you come out of e it you think of humanity. >> seem to be creepy. >> when you can make a script about a quadriplegic, losing his virginity. >> to a sex therapist. >> it must be well-acted and well-written. >> when casually talking about it, it sound like an odd script. >> uncomfortable movie. >> exactly. when you get into the movie. you start. why they did such an excellent job. you do relate very strongly very quickly to these characters. by the end of the movie, you really do feel for him. and you understand the situation. >> can you bring somebody young to the movie, teenager? an adult film? >> adult film. >> jayce, thank you.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- scene of the crime, police in brookfield, wisconsin still looking for answers in sunday's mass shooting at a spa. >> we now know the gunman is dead and had caused trouble for his wife in recent days. it is monday, october 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everybody. i'm john muller. >> i'm sunny hostin. paula and rob are off this morning. in a moment, new details about a restraining order in effect against the gunman in wisconsin. and also this half-hour, hotel insecurity. just when you think you are safe, and this story is just incredible. a $50 gadget that can unlock hotel doors in a matter of moments. >> that's scary. ahead, george mcgovern's legacy. he lost the white house in an historic landslide, but proved
3:31 am
to be a winner in so many other ways. >> that's right. >> and later, what's cooking with kim and kanye, yes, kim kardashian doesn't have a divorce from the quickie marriage. kanye west could be popping the question soon. that's coming up in "the skinny". but first, police in brookfield, wisconsin, say the gunman who opened firen a day spa sunday, took his own life, and they found his body late yesterday at the scene of the crime. >> killed three women and wounded four others and had been ordered to stay away from his wife. reporter andy rosegen is in brookfield. >> reporter: police say 45-year-old radcliffe haughton stepped into a spa and began shooting. >> we heard a loud sleek. >> reporter: the deadly assault terrorized the wisconsin community. >> i saw a girl coming out from the salon. she was bleeding in the neck. >> reporter: police locked down a nearby shopping mall, country club, and a hospital, and tried to rescue as many people as possible. but it was too late for some.
3:32 am
>> victims are seven in number. four were transported for emergency care. three were located in the salon, deceased. >> reporter: hours later, police found the suspected shooter behind a locked door inside the spa. >> the one suspect we believe is responsible for the shootings today is deceased. we believe it to be self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> police say haughton slashed his estranged wife's tires at the spa two weeks ago. a judge slapped a four-year restraining order against him. spa employees were warned to be on the lookout for haughton. now police are still not saying whether haughton's wife, a spa employee is among those killed. his father says the couple had a 13-year-old daughter. this was the second mass shooting in the area this year. a 40-year-old white supremacist, gunned down six people at a sikh temple 11 weeks ago. the four other victims in this shooting, all women, are still in the hospital but they are expected to survive.
3:33 am
reporting in brookfield, wisconsin, andy rosegen for abc news. tragic story. >> so tragic. >> shooting took place at a mall, less than a mile where seven people were killed in 2005. in addition to the sikh temple shootings. just had a lot of proximity to bad stuff. the sikh community in milwaukee is reaching out to help in the wake of the spa shooting. >> members of the sikh temple in oak creek where a gunman killed six people in august are already volunteering providing comfort to the families of the shooting victims. one man from the temple says the new crime scene sent chills down his spine. that it is really hard to describe what they're going through right now. >> a lot of people facing a lot of loss in that area. it's nice to see that they -- >> they're coming together and being so supportive. i know. what was shocking to me when i first heard about the story you, go to the spa to relax, the one place, i don't think anyone would ever imagine for that type of violence to occur. >> frightening stuff. let's talk about some politics
3:34 am
right now. the race for the white house specifically. the candidates spent the weekend preparing for tonight's final debate. in florida, president obama at camp david, called wisconsin officials after the shooting in brookfield then back to hitting the books and meetings with advisers on foreign policy and the focus of tonight's debate is foreign policy. governor romney meanwhile was doing his home work right there in florida. he did go out for burgers with wife ann, and son craig, and his family, and the rest of the time he was huddled with advisers and did mock debates with senator rob portman. today both candidates will do a walk-through at the debate site at lane university. stay with abc news for complete coverage of the debate. all starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern. 6:00 pacific time. one of the major topics certain to come up tonight is the growing tension with iran over its nuclear program. earlier reports indicated officials in tehran had agreed to one-on-one talks, but, both the iranian foreign minister and the white house are denying that any such talks are in the works.
3:35 am
well, funeral services are set for this friday in south dakota for george mcgovern, the former senator and presidential candidate, died yesterday at age 90. abc's john donvan has a look back at his years of service to the nation. >> reporter: when george mcgovern was running for the white house in 1972 at a campaign stop in arkansas the kid who met him at the airport, that's right, bill clinton. a good enough way to show how the '72 campaign and legacy of george mcgovern impacts the democratic party even today. the son of a south dakota minister, a decorated pilot in world war ii, mcgovern was a liberal, the first u.s. senator to oppose the war in vietnam. >> i will halt the senseless bombing of indo-china on inaugural day. >> reporter: though he ran in '72, it was the '60s he was channeling. the youth-powered, rule-breaking, establishment-blaming assault on the status quo. >> we are wasting money on the war we ought to use on building
3:36 am
up our own country. >> reporter: liberal was in fashion. but his campaign was a mess. his pick for vice president, tom eagleton, was dropped by mcgovern once it came out eagleton had been hospitalized for mental illness. >> there is not much cause for dancing in the streets of sioux falls, south dakota tonight. >> reporter: on election day he lost every state but massachusetts, and the democratic party lost once loyal voters who would never return. so, by the time the kid who met him at the airport pulled the party back to the middle, the term mcgovernite was a slur democrats would use against each other. as for the man, though, a kind of lasting respect came george mcgovern's way, as senator and afterwards when he made a cause of fighting hunger. to the end he stuck to his views whether they were in fashion or not. john donvan, abc news, washington. drivers across the country are getting a break as prices at the pump continue to fall. gas prices dipped about 12 cents over the past week to a national average of $3.68. california still has the highest
3:37 am
prices in the u.s., but refinery problems there have cleared up. oil prices are also falling. that's some good news. >> we like that. not so much of that these days. here is your monday forecast. more than a foot of snow in sierra nevadas. up to 10 inches in the cascades. northern rockies. rain in lower elevations, seattle to san francisco. thunderstorms from minneapolis, green bay, chicago, st. louis, dallas. >> 80s from dallas to miami. 60s in the northeast. mostly 70s from indianapolis to salt lake city. some incredible video this morning, showing what happens when an unsuspecting pedestrian wanders into the middle of a police chase. >> yes, take a look at this amazing dash-cam footage. the young man -- oh -- is already in the middle of street as a speeding squad car comes barreling into him. but get this, amazingly he lands on his feet. and then he just casually walks away. it's unbelievable. lucky for him able to think fast enough. jump on to the hood and avoid
3:38 am
what could have easily been serious injury or death. >> yeah. see that jump? >> that jump. saved his life. >> saved his life. absolutely right. instead of getting pushed down. he would have hit his head on the pavement. i guess that's how it happens. >> almost like cat-like reflexes. >> yeah. >> i don't know that i would have been able able to act that way. >> right. in your mind, you are going "not good." but then you think -- whatever you are saying. then you think to jump. thank goodness he did. >> gosh, smart thinking. >> lance armstrong spoke out for the first time this weekend since being stripped of all the endorsements. what he had to say wasn't what many people wanted to hear. >> first, an abc news investigation. you think you are safe behind the locked doors of your hotel room, right? we will show you how a small inexpensive device can allow a thief to get inside. you are watching "world news now." ♪ be so lonely you could die >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by swiffer wetjet. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:39 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ you've got a tale to tell ♪ that loan loany street ♪ >> welcome back, more and more travelers could be staying act ♪ ♪ ♪ you've got a tale to tell ♪ that lonely street >> welcome back, more and more travelers could be staying at the heartbreak hotel if something isn't done with many electronic locks on the hotels these days. >> that's right. abc's mark greenblat shows us how easy it is to break into rooms with nothing more than a cheap homemade device that you can learn about on the internet.
3:43 am
>> reporter: just blocks from times square, tourists trust hotels like the hilton garden inn for a safe night's sleep. when abc news checked in we discovered a major security hole. electronic locks on guest rooms can open without a key. >> i'm going to insert the marker into the bottom of the door, and the door is going to open up. >> reporter: you are in my room with your hand on my ipad. >> reporter: this security expert showed us how easy it is to break in with a device that cost just $50 to build. >> i can go down the entire hallway and unlock every door. >> reporter: it also worked at the nearby holiday inn express. where once again, no key, no problem. hackers first exposed the problem earlier this summer, posting videos like this one on youtube, using more primitive gadgets. now the tools can be hidden in magic markers, even iphone cases. and the how-to guide is a click away online. big name hotels reportedly bought millions of the faulty
3:44 am
locks from a company called onity. >> i would say millions of people worldwide would be at risk every day until this problem is fixed. >> reporter: onity told abc news, the company is working with customers to deploy solutions. no one seems to have warned the manager at this hilton garden inn. >> i am not aware, sir. >> reporter: you never heard of this? >> no, sir. >> reporter: after we showed him the video -- >> i will be happy to bring this to hilton's attention bah this is a security problem. >> reporter: before we could follow up. he was whisked away. what will you do about this? >> we will address it. >> reporter: a spokesman for hilton worldwide, told us the company is investigating and addressing the issue. in a major announcement, holiday inn corporate office advised its hotels to try to expedite delivery of a product that will block the hack. meanwhile, the holiday inn times square has placed its order. mark greenblat, abc news, new york. >> how scary is that? >> that is terrifying. and it's not so much, someone
3:45 am
taking my ipad. what if some one does that when you are in the room? >> that's why when you flip the deadbolt lock, it will stop that, and the little chain. in the room, definitely lock it. >> terrifying. or to the safe. >> use the safe. if there is one. a lot of rooms don't have the safe. if the safe is there use the safe as well. >> my goodness, buy that on the internet? >> yeah. let's hope they rectify that real soon. right? >> right. wow. >> when we come back we'll see what's in "the skinny." >> i love "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:46 am
3:47 am
market. ♪ skinny so skinny and now it's time for "the skinny." justin timberlake, off the market. >> is that right? >> as is jessica biel, they finally tied the knot this weekend after dating five years. >> wow. you say that like you can't believe it? that is kind of the norm these days. >> a really long time. >> i guess so. >> i dent know. i don't know. they swapped vows in front of 150 of their closest friend in the south of italy. on friday. >> nice place. >> everyone says just a beautiful wedding. timberlake is 31. jessica biel is 30. he says he answers to a higher power now. he was joking recently. they have a couple of rules in their relationship.
3:48 am
the first rule is that he makes her feel like she is getting everything. the second rule is that i actually do let her have her way in everything. he says. so far it's working. because their relationship is sort of. >> so far it is working. >> problem attatic for a while. broke up. got back together again. but, apparently, it went off without a hitch. and, let's hope for -- >> wish them the best. >> -- the best. and actually, october 20th, which was my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. everyone said that justin timberlake was flashing his gold ring during an outing in italy. >> really? all kind of proud. >> actually wearing it. wearing it. >> let's stick with the wedding theme. britney spears will marry within weeks. the buzz anyway. end of the "x factor" third time the lucky charm? she already has two failed marriages. it appears that happiness may be on the way for the"x factor" judge. 30-year-old pop star, spotted in beverly hills hair salon saturday. got engaged to jason trautwig within weeks of wrapping up the
3:49 am
filming of the tv contest. they have been dating for three years. >> i don't know about, about britney spears getting married again. she has had a lot of issues, you know her father, sort of. >> seems to be in a better place. i will say that. >> her father, the trustee. i don't know -- i don't know -- why get married? >> wrap your marriage counseling brain around this one. ryan seacrest, hinting, that kanye west will propose to kim kardashian. on her birthday. so we have another one to talk about. she may not yet be divorced from kris humphries. after that brief marriage. could be getting engauged for a third time. according to ryan seacrest, the "american idol" host, discussed on his kiss radio show. kim is demanding an engagement ring for her 32nd birthday sunday. >> she should not get married again. >> uh-huh. >> we all went for that ridiculous ride with her, two-minute wedding, marriage, to
3:50 am
kris humphries. now going to get married again. she need a ring? she had a huge ring. that didn't do anything. >> maybe, people learn from their mistakes. so. >> i'm not into it. >> i try to be positive. >> ha-ha. let's talk about pippa. >> all right. >> pippa middleton the she has a new book out, the book is called let's see -- "celebrate." and it is really about a year of festivities, family and friend. a party planning book. that's sort of the business her family was in before they became in-laws to the royal family. but interestingly enough, she says it was startling for her to achieve global recognition before the age of 30. because of her bottom. >> yes. >> i got to tell you. i'm not hating on her bottom. because i know i am going to get tweets and stuff. but, that's not a famous bottom. j-lo has a famous bottom. >> it's becoming a famous bottom. >> j-lo has a bottom to talk about. kim kardashian. >> i give pippa the thumbs up.
3:51 am
>> you give pippa -- >> during the royal wedding -- watching festivity. i didn't know about pippa. i was like, pippa. >> you looked her bum. >> something about it. your word, not mine, on the bum part. yes, there is something about pippa. >> interesting. >> she is attractive. >> really? >> yeah. just the bum. >> the whole package. bum included. how's that? >> i'm impressed. >> adele giving birth to a baby boy. congratulations. >> congrats to adele. >> what a year for her. news reports claim that the 24 -year-old singer, only 24, and her partner, simon, welcomed their child on friday night. she is said to be ecstatic about the baby's arrive. she is reportedly, given birth to a baby boy. trying to see if we have a name here. no we don't. >> does she have a good bum? >> adele? >> well, she is a voluptuous woman. she has a great voice, how is that? >> great voice. wonder how the bum is? >> you are all about the bum today? >> i am, i am. >> pippa gets the thumbs up, sorry, sunny. take it from a man. humbs up,
3:52 am
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♪ but it's over now ♪ but it's over now ♪ but it's over now ♪ go on and take a bow >> take a bow. >> finally this half-hour, lance armstrong, we could get the final word on his seven tour de france titles this morning. when cycling's governing body issues its response to the report which placed armstrong at the center of a massive doping conspiracy. >> last friday armstrong spoke to supporters of his charity. as abc's neal karlinsky reports he may be bloodied but he is also unbowed. >> reporter: lance armstrong took the stage in austin to a standing ovation of his most faithful supporters and donors. >> it's been an interesting couple of weeks. it's been a difficult couple of weeks. people say, man, how you doing? i say," i have been better, but
3:56 am
i have also been worse." >> reporter: on the heels of perhaps the most epic fall from grace any sporting hero has endured. armstrong addressed the 15-year celebration without a sorry, without an explanation, without any of the words so many are so desperate to hear. >> this mission is bigger than me. it's bigger than any individual. >> reporter: in many ways, the star-studded event was almost like a good-bye party. coming just as a pile of sponsors from nike to trek have dropped armstrong. as he announced he is stepping down as chairman of his own foundation. >> he is our founder, he has been inspiration for the movement. his cancer journey led to this place. so to have him here is phenomenal. >> reporter: armstrong's ex-wife kristin who according to the u.u.s. anti-dopinggency was in on the drug use and called the blood booster, epo, butter, because they kept it hidden in the butter, wrote a
3:57 am
blog post damaging by what it didn't say. there are many things i am not free to discuss because i am constrained by legal principles like nondisclosure agreements. she wrote, his choices were and are his, and mine are mine. and they haven't always been pretty. i'm sorry if this is disappointing to you. at the livestrong event, those hoping to hear an apology were met by the kind of signoff that gives no indication that one is even remotely in the works. let's have a hell of a good time tonight. thank you! >> reporter: neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> shocked that -- that he did not apologize. i should say unbowed. >> i'm not shocked by it. i mean i guess everybody sort of hopes that he just really comes clean. but considering all along he was saying "i didn't do this. i didn't do this." he is just not ready to say he did. how's that? >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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