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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, an update on from sandy.orts frustration continued to grow millions still without power in new york and new jersey. good morning, washington. friday, november 2. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jeras. cold temperatures this morning. cold start across the with temperatures in the 30's and '40's. , we are keeping an eye on the sky. some drier air has been building in this morning. little disturbance to our west. there could be a shower or snowflakes later this morning. degrees in manassas, 37 at dulles, 42 at reagan national, gaithersburg, 39 in martinsburg. we will be warming slowly today.
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51 by noon and 55 degrees at 5:00. more sunshine in the seven-day forecast. let's check on traffic with steve hershorn. the beltway, new hampshire delay, stay to the left as you had passed 95 and around to newnd hampshire avenue. delays around the beltway. some leftover roadwork, the virginia side, several works owns overnight. ,95 northbound and southbound are in the process of picking that up. bad.not too in springfield, hov lanes are open. from dale city to springfield. 395, 14th street bridge, lanes are open. is open in
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springfield as well. back to you. >> thank you. begin with good news for new yorkers trying to recover from sandy. the electric company is scheduled to restore power to manhattan by saturday if. >> mayor bloomberg announced water and meals will be distributed tyndareus around the city. tahman bradley has more on the efforts in new york city and new jersey. >> and the may be gone, but frustration is growing. >> we are going to freeze. >> this manhattan neighborhood, recovery continuing at a slow pace. president forgotten.have been >> they have no value. they see other areas are being taken care of and they overlooked us. hundreds showed up to local churches and aid organizations for food. very needed right now. it was another night of the cold for s.i..
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thousands of still without .ower, many homeless michael and his family among gumbel. -- among them. >> mine young becerra, daddy, i home.o go said.youngest >> transportation is still a nightmare. drivers waited in o get gas andeep t people waited for blocks to catch the bus. >> where are the buses? >> checkpoints were set up to force people to carpal. door-to-door rescues by the nationalws and guard continued in new jersey natural gas fires burned. new york city will try to return normal. the marathon will go on, but say it should not, because it would strain the city's resources. >> this morning, workers from
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dominion and the american red f the state tout o areas devastated by sandy. >> team coverage continues with gonzalez at national power crews are heading out. >> it has been a very long weeks crew members of the dominion virginia power utility company. they have tried to restore power to thousands and thousands of homes in northern virginia. still about 700 homes in the dark. while they work locally, this operation is going on at the gaylord hotel. 1500 workers are being sent out maturity, where major power outages remain. largestold this is the state.ver sent out of these men and women are coming off a very long days. along the jersey shore, 60% of still without power. last another 10 days, mention temperatures
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dip into the 40's this week and up north. locally, the red cross is deploying volunteers and virginia,to west sandy pushed over 3 feet .f snow at the gaylord hotel, the screw breakfastll have around 6:00 and then they will e road around 8:00 this morning. 1500 are being deployed to new jersey. john gonzalez reporting. 4:35. garrett county, maryland, getting help as it tries to recover. he storm dumped more than 2 in the western maryland county. howard county says the emergency management offers scant the have an task force urban search and rescue units headed there now. with tree and will be calledd upon to assist in other ways as well. a job fair will be held today for veterans and military spouses.
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commercechamber of foundation is hosting the event e anacostia at 50, on 50 thiesen in southwest, 11:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m.. veterans need to provide military identification. the apple ipad mini on sale today. not so much fanfare. >> in part because wall street's reportg jobs today. good friday morning to you. >> stock futures little changed. the final jobs report before out in a's election is couple hours. forecasting a to more americans out of work. if employers have little reason to boost its staff levels as demand slows.
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expansion is expected to be at a snail's pace. out atbers will come 8:30 this morning. linkedin is benefiting from people looking for jobs. they sold more subscriptions to base, giving third quarter sales a boost. sales may rise in today's session. the apple ipad mini goes on sale today. expect huge lines we saw with the iphone 5 was released september. as of yesterday's, there was just one guy in line. he traveled more than three from brooklyn to get to flag ships store in manhattan. saw a few dozen people in line this morning. and facebook is changing its time line. on that in the next hour. >> we will see you soon. four days away from the election the nominees are keeping final weekendeir of campaigning. >> president obama and mitt more visits to the
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swing states. end inoting is about to maryland. it is crunch time for the candidates would just four days calendar until day >> . let's put americans back to work, doing america needs to be done. >> president obama this morning ohio with several camping event scheduled across the state. challenger mitt on keyis also focusing states, first in ohio.sin and then then >> this is an election of great consequence. i think you understand that. clerk thursday new york city mayor michael bloomberg endorsed president obama. t will have an i impact is not clear. many people aboard cast their ballots thanks to early voting. this race could come down to every last vote. new numbers show this race is as ever among likely voters. new polls in three battleground states have the president on top. >> i know what change looks like
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because i fought for it. you have too. after all we've been through together, we cannot give up now. >> we will win on november 6. maryland code the governor decided executive order to help tampering by hurricane apply for absentee ballots. they may be e-mail to register voters who request them before 5:00 p.m. monday. those voters must attest they residentf the county because of sandy. s must be mailed election day and must be received by the local elections will later than november 15. voters in storm battered jersey couldn new from ther ballots backs of military trucks. the secretary of state says defense department trucks will places asat polling as those sites are still accessible. paper ballots would be used. officials should know today how the 3000 polling places will be without power. >> its 42 degrees.
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>> washington --
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>> welcome back. worstc. area escaped the sandy, but the aftermath is some being felt in neighborhoods. t is especially frustrating we spoke with.
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>> this is arlington forest. >> jane showed us the damage in the neighborhood where she has years.0 >> you can see. >> crews spent most of the morning removing a tree that roof of thisthe home. the damage so severe the family cannot stay it. jane was walking her two dogs. she said she would rather be isside because her home cold. she has not had power since monday. >> i have a t-shirt, a pullover, .t will sweater, and a jacket i i was hoping it would be back on at noon. was asedthing hot cup of coffee. she makes believe she's camping indoors and that going to be ok. >> so many other people have so much less than we do.
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i won't complain. >> this couple agree that they as theave been as bad jersey and new york. this is the second time they lost power. when derecho happened, there days.n the dark for this time they lost power the storm.f the about 10:00 midnight there thud and i think it was the tree. too close to the power lines. news reporting a. dennis allen players' union are donate $1 million n efforts toross i to help out after sandy. the league and its network rundcasters will television pre-game and messages game to promote donations this weekend. several major league baseball also made donations to relief efforts, .ncluding the new york yankees >> time for tictabon today's weather with jacqui jeras. >> good morning.
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me how much ofs generosity people have. keep that int to mind for the holidays as well. looking at the doppler radar, showing a little bit of a disturbance off to the west, intog to make its way maryland and southern pennsylvania. that is a disturbance in the upper atmosphere that will swing through today, which could squeeze out a shower for us. we have so much to drier air moving in today. we will have. of clouds and periods of and maybe a sprinkle , but it willrry of anything. 39 in reston, 35 and , 38 in woodbrige. 36 in newington and oxon hill at 38 degrees. with 41 inart washington, 42 degrees at reagan national. will make it into the mid afternoon with partly sunny skies. cool this week.
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the seven-day forecast coming up in a little while. first, traffic with steve hershorn. the beltway, new hampshire everything is open. k that wasad wor side is the right completely cleared. right now, in good shape on the beltway in maryland and virginia. in virginia, getting rid of all the road work. is moving, traffic nicely through germantown and across the american legion bridge. dow looks good. inner loop and outer loop between maryland and virginia, problems. to springfield, that's a good through dale city. some road work quantico, but northbound open and moving well. back to you. >> thank you. 4:46. >> new details into the deadly that killed aa u.s. ambassador and other americans. how the cia is mapping out a more
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charlie rose: will y endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we oughtke tkeep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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has calledt guard off the search for the captain on mondayp carolina at cape hatteras. 14 crew members were rescued, including one who died. was used in the filming the bounty and disney film pirates of the caribbean. u.s. intelligence officials now the cia security officers of the stateid libya lessstaff in got 25 minutes after they the first call for help. the cia publicly denies a report cia told of personal to stand down. the terror attack on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 killed u.s. stevens andhris three other americans in benghazi. expected to learn more what the curiosity
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over has found during its study of the martian atmosphere. nasa is expected to give a briefing later today. about three months into a two-year mission to investigate whether conditions on the red e once beenhav favorable for life. today the space shuttle atlantis moved 10 miles to the space center's main tourist spot. it will go on display at the visitor center at cape florida, starting in july. is the last shuttle to orbit the earth. retired shuttles will go on display at other museums. 4:51, 42 degrees. >> redskins quarterback robert not really go the traditional route this halloween. the
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> let's check in with jacqui .eras a little chilly outside. i am freezing. it is cold out there. temperatures in the 30's. out a e moved intoions hav the region. have clear skies, that heat that was during the day to escape back into the atmosphere. that's what we have today.
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upper level disturbance is to creep through. that could bring clouds and snowflakeower or later on today. cool across much of the region. air is off to our west. it's 42 at reagan national right now. that is more the exception than the rule. other temperatures, 36 in gaithersburg, 37 at dulles, 36 manassas, 34 in culpeper. cold in theery higher elevations off to our west. our-pressure controlling sneak intoying to here. buffalo today, it's coming in the north and northwest. coolerll usher in keep us 10s and w average again today. periods of sunshine and periods of cloudy and maybe a sprinkle, around more sunshine on the weekend. traffic, with steve hershorn.
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very few problems on this friday. 66 at glebe road, a very nice ride both ways eastbound and westbound between the beltway , lookinga doddridge good. the springfield interchange, well from dale city springfield and continuing on 395 and the 14th street bridge, no problems. over to the beltway in county, bradley boulevard, river road, american bridge, traffic moving well, inner loop and outer loop, problems. back to you. >> thank you. this is a familiar scene, thousands in dupont circle night to watch a tradition, the drag taking off down the road the annual d.c. high heels race. looking good out there. it was delayed because of hurricane sandy. it featured a impersonators of
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show "the view." that it's awesome. getting the scoop on how washington's biggest athletes celebrated halloween. harper dressede clown. he later added a pair of shorts. and mismatched pair of adidas socks from the line of robert griffin of the redskins. >> r.g. iii decided give out his those knockingo leesburg.r in some recipients took to twitter expressing their delight. that's a great idea. you have enough candy. >> if you run out of space in candy jar, you can fill it socks.
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>> we continue coverage president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back.
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and our heroes are comg home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progre and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can... do some nation-building here at home. that's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you. it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message.


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