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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> the neighbor saw the victim after the attack. " she was injured himself and she had a bruise on her forehead. >> she was disoriented and needed to be taken to the hospital. he wonders if her disability may have led to her being victimized. >> she walks so someone may have followed her. she was evidently not able to defend yourself. she is old and a week. >> police say they have a generic suspect description of a man wearing a mask. there were investigating whether there were similar attacks in this upper northwest neighborhood. >> it is a violent crime and the person who did this is a coward. a woman is 81 years old. enough said. >> this neighbor said she is always conscious of whether her home would be an easy target for
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a burglar. >> lighting is very important. i have a light center in m driveway. you have to be careful. >> police say mcelrath was able to steal computer and run away. the 81-year-old victim remains in hospital. >> d.c. police are investigating a bizarre death in northeast washington. officers were called out to the 1400's block of brentwood parkway and they found a car on fire and a man's body nearby. it looks like the car with her fans -- went through a fence. the body was severely burned but they're not able to release an official cause of death. >> gabrielle giffords and other victims came face-to-face for the first time with the man who shot them outside a grocery store last year.
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jarret laughteedoughner. >> gabrielle giffords to read her husband in front of the man and said that he had failed to kill her. survivors and friends of those who were killed packed the courtroom. >> pam was shot twice. >> i decided that adding anger to the burden would do no good. >> she stotaught at the same elementary school that laughner was at. >> your mind as of the failure of our society to adequate -- provide adequate care. >> he did look at their victim. his mother sobbed as victims described their personal pain. >> i felt it across the back of
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my head. this is tragic. the showman is treatable. >> gabrielle giffords came face- to-face with the man who tried to kill her. she did not speak. her husband did. mark kellie said he may have put a bullet through her head, but you have not put a dent in her spirit and her commitment can make the world a better place. he pleaded guilty to 19 federal charges. under the agreement he will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. quex>> it is not clear where he will be sent to serve his prison time. he could return to the facility in springfield, missouri or locked up in colorado. that is where some of the country's most notorious
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criminals are house. terry nichols is there along with the unabomber attack kosinski -- ted kazinski. >> a man was convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter. he was driving an express bus when he fell asleep acrbehind the wheel. he will be sentenced in january. >> it looks like we're turning a corner over seasonable temperatures. >> maybe attendees below average. >> we're looking at the rooftop of camera.
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we will have earlier sunsets for a while. the earliest sunset will be between the first and 11th of december at 4:46 p.m. it happens every year. 48 -- 49 in fairfax. a bit of a breeze but as breezes will diminish and the temperatures in the upper 40's to about 50. it will drop down into the 40's later tonight and by tomorrow morning, clear skies, 29 to 36. we will look at the 70 outlook. >> jury selection got under way today in the trial for a university student accused of killing her roommate. it was a case that gripped the campus and the metro area. what can we expect from the trial. quex jury selection was the order of the day and and often tedious process. going through perhaps hundreds of people to get down to 12 who
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city can be fair and impartial. this will be a very closely watched trial especially here on the campus. we saw today many people with deeply -- were deeply affected. on the bowie state campus, students remember that september night all too well. >> it was sad and scary. >> it stopped everything on campus. >> the images of domenik fraser -- dominique frasier being rushed from her door room. >> she was well liked. >> she of lifted everyone around her. >> it was homecoming week 2011 and in the dorm suite a share they were getting ready for a night out. music blared and frasier and alexis sims and began to argue. their feud when violent. it is alleged that simpson plunged a pair of scissors into frasier's neck.
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her trial begins after jury selection today. frasier's mother denise has called it a case of murder. >> prosecutors will argue that simpson was the aggressor and could have stayed in her room but charged frazier. simpson was released from h jail and her defense is calling the self-defense and she was bullied. on campus there seems little sympathy. >> it was a dumb reason to kill someone over. >> you do not do something like that without suffering the consequences for it. >> expect this trial to come -- kick off with opening arguments on tuesday. the challenge will be to convince the jury that this was a first-degree murder. the defense will try to convince the jury that it was something much less. police say>> two days after reelection,
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president obama is working with republican leaders to tackle long delayed budget deal. >> compromise is not a dirty word. i am willing to negotiate any time, any issue. >> let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country. >> the u.s. goes under a fiscal cliff meaning massive cuts across the board. we will have much more on what the failed budget deal could mean for our area. >> latinos want to make immigration reform. -- a priority. >> an amazing 50% of registered
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latino voters voted in tuesday's election. two-thirds of them voting for the president. that is why so many gathered here at the white house to remind the administration of its promises. quex>> the >>chant means obama, make good on your promise. the message is clear for the president. >> this is an opportunity to solve the immigration once and for all. >> veronica is living here and worked tirelessly for the passage of the maryland dream which allows access to college financial aid. she is at the white house with her grandmother and sister >> my sister was born here and is that difference that we want to stay
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together. >> president obama received 17% of the vote. that was the difference in a tight presidential race. >> they will not let the obama administration for gatt. quex>> they deserve an opportunity to contribute to this country. >> in his victory speech, the president did say that fixing the country's immigration policy is one of his top priorities. those who gathered here say they're waiting for action. >> the last town ending the alcohol drought. >> new surveillance video shows what happened when a pilot tried to steal a plane. >> see how people are dealing with a 1-2 punch
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>> take a look at this. a man is stealing a delta connection plane. this happened in july. cameras captured this pilot
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reversing this jet and taxiing away. the pilot caused extensive damage to the plane in the airport, and 14 cars before committing suicide in the passenger cabin. athese rackers drove motorcycles through a shopping center and headed for jewelry store. they knew what they were doing. a couple of them went inside and one stayed outside and kept shoppers at bay with an ax. they drove off and have not been seen since. >> 7 is on your side to warn you about a recall. involving chocolate milk powder. nestle has recalled the powder because of a risk of salmonella exposure. this is all over the country. the affected products have an
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expiration date of october 2014. so far no illnesses have been reported. >> people who got their power turnon from hurricane sandy found themselves in the deryk again thanks to yesterday's nor'easter. >> your cleaning out and digging up. -- they are cleaning up and digging out. the region is still reeling from superstarstorm sandy. chris christie said it set back recovery clinic about a day. >> we're confident we will be able to move forward in our recovery efforts. >> the storm pounded the northeast with snow and rain and wind up to 60 miles an hour. -- in sixty miles an hour. this new storm is pushing them to the limit. >> everything i and is here and i'm trying to save it.
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>> this storm is creating a potentially deadly situation. >> it is back out again today. >> heavy snow created dangerous conditions on the road stranding some drivers. >> cars were not going anywhere. >> this new york resident is taking the wild weather in stride. >> we can get your anything. >> the storms are treating a headache for air travelers. 1500 flights in and out of the northeast were canceled because of the storm. >> you have to feel for those folks. >> the next week should be quiet and it will get a warming trend. this will melt over the next 45 days. let's get you on the time lapse. this is one of our cameras in bethesda. we still have some lingering cloudiness, mostly high
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cloudiness. we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. temperatures are cooler than average. there is a noticeable warming trend. winds at 9 miles an hour. the temperatures are below the average high of 61. 52 reagan national. rudder expertfredericksburg at 52. the temperatures are dropping and lighter winds and clear skies. of the pocket of cold air is to the north. we're on the southern fringes. still some circulation but the weather conditions are improving.
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you can pretty much make out right there. there is the center of circulation and it will take the clouds with that. we're going to wind up with a nice stretch of days here. high-pressure will be in charge and we how but northwesterly component to the wind. saturday and sunday, the high will shift off to the stand as it does we will swing around more to the southwest and that will start boosting the temperatures into the middle 60's on saturday, per 60's on sunday and monday and things are quiet until we get to tuesday. that will not arrive till tuesday. it will be very nice. they denied it will be cold and clear for a late night temperature at 33 and in the midday, the lower 50's. lots of sunshine and light wind. here is what we see for you. in the middle 50 tomorrow and
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mid-60's on tomorrow. and temperatures in the upper 60s on sunday. on monday, sunshine and some showers on tuesday. i like the idea we have two days this year. >> and good weather. >> it will be nice. >> scandal is new tonight. the first lady and a handful of people are feeling the heat when a scandal threatens to take them down. >> butsee what the cigarettes are about tonight. -- secrets are out tonight. >> two new movies coming out.
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they're both worth four stars. >> don't be deceived. the scams sweeping one local neighborhood. >> that is why i am here. >> the new competition sweeping your area. the benefits are more. >> for one
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>> for the first time in more than eight decades, restaurants in the vázquez can sell wine and beer. >> they waged a spirited battle against the effort to beat the ban on alcohol in maryland's only dry town. we have reaction to this change in the old law. >> we are in a restaurant. if you wanted to order something to drink with your dinner it would have to be water, coffee, or one of these. soft drinks. a typical small town with one distinction, damascus is dry. no alcohol. >> i do not think we should change it. >> the battle to serve beer and wine has pitted neighbor against neighbor. >> some say keep damascus the
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way it is. others say they need those in restaurants to improve dining options. >> the townsfolk have voted to repeal the referendum to allow restaurants to serve beer and wine. finally tuesday, those in favor of the blues won out. >> bringing new restaurants and to the area. >> the owners are eager to apply for a license. >> i think it will help our visit and increase our volume. >> there is lingering opposition and fear of change. >> they might get drunk and get out of control. >> some say they doubt serving beer and wine in restaurants will make much of a difference. >> there's a lot of businesses that are looking forward to it. i do not see what the big deal is. >> there you see a, coffee and water among the still legal
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beverages. there are several restaurants andin damascus. one restaurant expects to start doing so in a few months. >> thank you. a store owner in central virginia is none too happy about the results of the presidential election and he let it show. he shut down his jewelry store for the day. his business gets a lot of foot traffic and he posted numerous signs protesting election. one sign said, shame on the u.s. and virginia. and warning of hard times ahead for obama. >> residents with constant flooding in the neighborhood. >> i am outside the state department where 20 local children adopted from abroad were honored
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5 with leon harris, allison sterling, chief meteorologist doug hill and tim brant, sports. this is abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. on your side. >> fairfax county voters made a decision that will affect hundreds of families. >> they voted to put a new system in that would prevent devastating flooding that plagued the small town and it might not be the only benefit to northern virginia. we have reaction. >> all this was gone. quex from the living room to the basement. >> right here. >> everything here was just ruined. everything. >> after enduring a terrible flooding in 2006 and 2011, people said they can finally see brighter days ahead.
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fairfax county voters approved a $30 million bond to build a levee and pumping station to hold back the water. >> of course we have been praying. it is the most wonderful thing that has happened. >> the flooding has ruined basements and cars. sandy forced residents to evacuate. >> hurricane sandy made people realize that this community had needs. >> until construction is complete the flooding remains. emmanuel rivera is ready. >> people hope to see the foresails come down when the levee goes up. >> it is worth every penny. >> i you can't get us now. >> there would not give us a
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timeline for when the construction would take place but projects usually take several years and on election day, fairfax county voters approved three other bond projects to libraries, fire stations and different buildings. a lot of projects in fairfax that need to get done in addition to the levy and pump station. >> a man expected to be the east coast rapist is pleading guilty. thomas was arrested last year in connecticut after multistate law enforcement effort. he is believed to be risk -- responsible for rapes and attacks on 17 women since 19907 in maryland, connecticut virginia, and rhode island. >> police arrested a man they say attacked an 81-year-old woman at her home in northwest
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d.c.. the woman was home alone last night when tyrone mcelrath program. the woman was found bruised and disoriented on her front porch. she is still in hospital tonight. >> the man who shot gabrielle giffords and others in tucson has been sent cents. jared loughner pleaded guilty to 17 federal charges. >> putin's took to the streets in front of the white house today to remind president obama to make good on his promise of immigration reform. the president received 70% of the latino vote and that played a large role in his. election -- his reelection. >> this is national adoption month. in honor of this, there was a special day for children adopted from other countries. not only were they so ready their new families but also
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their new citizenship. we are introduced to a local family who has more reason to celebrate. >> please raise your right hand. >> at the state department, america's youngest new citizens adopted from abroad took the oath of allegiance during a ceremony hosted by secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. [applause] >> one by one -- each child received his or her certificate of citizenship. >> having those important people coming to welcome our daughter into the country is very exciting. >> marco was adopted from ethiopia. >> adoption was initially not in their planned especially after five biological children. a few years ago margot's mother discovered a lost cousin.
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they had adopted from ethiopia. >> you heard the story and it struck as almost instantly that there's a sixth child waiting to join her family to be reunited. >> 3they have reunited margo with her in the of the bee -- ethiopian siblings. >> in all, 20 children were represented. -- were honored. representing seven countries around the world. >> that is the picture of this country that we want the rest of the world to see. >> let's get a check on traffic.
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chris anderson is here and he has that. >> thank you very much. we're checking delays on the outer [inaudible] and that will continue across the american legion bridge. we have a tractor-trailer in the roadway. and typical delays heading out from the tysons corner area to the 270 spur. southbound traffic on me to 70 spur. 95 northbound thinning out because of an accident. we see traffic coming awfully -- heading southbound and through the county interchanges. back to you. >> have a great night. next walmart's big change for all you hard-core black friday
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shoppers. >> a double four-star weekend at the movies. i have a couple you want to see coming up. prexy hell yes to the question about marriage on the ballot this year --
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>> two big films with big-name
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actors hit this weekend. >> this would be a good weekend to hand out to the movies. >> people want to do something else now. the great double play for the movies. spielberg and daniel day lewis and bond. a fight to death opens "skyfall." the great bond music signals its bow to its old school roots. taking on javier bardem. a spy with a grudge.
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"skyfall" hits every now and raise new l-- breathes new life into the greatest super spite of all. -- spy of all. "lincoln" focuses on the last final months of his life. he pushes the house of representatives toward the 14th amendment. in 1984 the south can rejoin the union. >> don't waste that power. >> tommy lee jones is congressman thaddeus stevens. history worth your attention. andtwo two great bets for four- star weekend. i do not know what has happened. the oscar race has started to shape up and it includes "lincoln" and maybe "flight."
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"lincoln" i can't say enough good about. bond is great fun. >> see you later. >> next, how this mother shared her election day spirits when she named her twins. we will tell you about that. >> when he knocks at your door he claims to be a member of a high-school marching band. th
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>> beware of who was at your front door especially when they're asking for donations. >> someone is posing as a dunbar band member. this person is a fraud and the band director is sending out a warning. tell us about that. >> not only is this person not a member of the marching band, they're not a student at the school according to officials. the band director is asking people to take pictures of whoever this impersonator is.
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there misrepresenting the band and the school. the dunbar high school marching band is working hard to establish itself in the city and around the country. someone is going door-to-door try to pass themselves off as a member of the band and asking for money. >> ian is a president who got that knocked out the door. he did not give the impersonator money but he sees what people might. >> it seemed like a good cause the way it was presented. it was a nice delivery. >> doors were knocked on across from town. >> it is a great tragedy is what is. >> we're going to different trips around the country but we do not go door-to-door. we do not ask for cash. >> band members were upset. >> it makes us look bad like we're a bad school. it is like us.
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>> it is not you. but it makes you look bad as we are saying. >> that person, whoever he or she is has no morals. >> they're not doing the right thing with the money. it is not fair. >> this is a shame. they do not know how many times he successfully walked away with cash but they believe this impersonator has been added for months. they are raising funds for these trips that they are taking but they say they only accept checks. you can mail them or hand deliver them. here at dunbar high school. >> 7 is on your side. if you plan to fly for thanksgiving, you can expect some packed flights and more expensive. 24 million people are expected to fly between november 16 and november 27, up 130,000 people from last year.
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expect pat to flights because fewer planes are flying because of skyrocketing jet fuel prices. airlines can afford to raise their prices this season. walmart is kicking off the black friday deals on thanksgiving day. that is the earliest they never started their holiday sale. the deals will start at 8:00 p.m. with offers at 10:00 p.m. and another round of deals at 5:00 a.m. on black friday. >> the u.s. presidential election might be over about one woman in africa found a unique way to always remember it. a 20-year-old mother in kenya named her newborn twin son barack obama and mitt romney. they hope it will lead for a fresh start for the u.s. and kenya relationship. i think she is setting them up to disagree too often. >> that is a hilarious. sports is next.
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>> gordon pederson has a look ahead. >> we are hearing a lot of talk about the fiscal cliff. $1.20 trillion in mandatory cuts. the president wants to talk about this. john boehner is talking compromise. members of congress will see what will happen. what falling off the cliff will do to the nation's economy. we will have that anda more a more at six. >> get ready for inspirational stories. >> katie couric looks at the year in miracles. that is tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. right here. >> we may have a weather tramp here. >> it sounds like it. into the weekend. >> looking that way. lots of sunshine and a warming trend. that will be the difference here.
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take a look at temperatures around the area. the sun has been down for 49 minutes and temperatures are starting to fall. these are the latest observations. 40 west of town. we also have the wind out of the northwest, 13 miles per hour. those will diminish and that brought in the drier air. with clear skies and light winds, we will drop tonight about 33. perhaps a few of for 20's in outlying areas. there is the spin on the right hand of the storm moving it to groupon new england but interacting with high-pressure across the tennessee valley. that is what gave us the gusty winds today. there were helpful because they brought in drier air and is starting to clear things out. tomorrow, sunny and cooler than average. 61. we will be in the range of 53 to 57. saturday, a sunni and 64. veterans day on sunday, 67 with sunshine. veterans day is observed on
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monday, partly sunny with highs of 67. it looks good to me. mild weather hanging in on monday and by tuesday, the next cold front approaches bringing increasing chances of showers to the area. check out our meteorologist posted a blog. an impact -- a look at the impact of hurricane sandy. lots of interesting graphics and pictures. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. >> we will start with a redskins even though they are on a bi- week. while the chances are not good, the players and coaches have intentions of making a run because the backside of the schedule is loaded with additional games and while the defense is around giving up 28 a game the offense is rising to
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the top, averaging 25 points a game. the problem is their offense will have to outscore their defense to win games. >> we have not scored but we are [inaudible] i felt confident moving the ball and i feel confident with our guys. i have been in spots where you feel i cannot move the ball or get anything going. i am still confident. i do not feel that way at all now. >> the second leg of the eastern conference semifinals between d.c. and united. the rebels will be playing tonight at 7:30 p.m. the game was to be played last night but the nor'easter rolled through and dump all this white stuff on the page. it turned into a winter wonderland. this snow is clear but the field is frozen and the game is on for
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7:30 p.m. tonight. let's go to salt lake city. i want to introduce you to some at the gordon, nine years old. sam is number six she is tiny but is quick. she is playing in the kremlin division. look at her run. she has 35 touchdowns against the all-gheit teams. she has been the greatest running back. all the boys are chasing her. look at her grow and they cannot catch of care. she says, see you next year, boys. >> i am not sure what kind of response she would have. i thought it was impressive and it appears that other people enjoy watching her as well. >> itit's a girl. >> she is all you can handle
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this girl can flat out scream. once they hit her, she bounces loose. she says i put my brothers and with the boys, she plays every position. that is my new hero. >> no wonder, they cannot find her. >> that is fun to watch. it can see why her dad is so proud. >> just nine years old. >> thank you. >> coming up next, some local wo men, they have arm wrestling alter egos.
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>> a group of local women are muscling their way into a world of costumes and on drudge --
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entourages. >> the intent of giving back to the community. jennifer donelly explains. >> as they take to the scene, these women are transformed from -- >> i am an attorney. >> i am a tree farmer. >> into their alter egos. this is a lunatic ravens fan. >> i am a fun party girl out to have a good time. >> paula bunyan, great american folk hero. >> everyone looks really great. we have these great characters. >> stepping aside their comforts out into costumes as members of the new ec ladies of wrestling team. -- d.c. ladies are wrestling team. and rapidly increasing number
5:58 pm
are taking hold of this sport. the first team started in schilens bill in 2008. last year, d.c. and a handful of other cities added and there are 18 cities from across the country represented. each has an entourage taking bets on the matches to raise money for a designated charity. they raised more than $6,000. >> it is wacky and fun. the getting -- getting the community involved and working for charity. >> some art in to win. >> i am training and i have been in the forest dragging logs. >> others are having fun. >> if i can be humiliated fourth units to raise money, it is all ok. >> they all agree that this is a perfect way to extend a helping hand to others. >> what do i not love about it? i get to dress in costume. it is a stage for a woman to be strong. i love raising money for charity.
5:59 pm
>> if you have a strong arm and want to learn more about the team and how to join, go to our website, abc 7 news. >> it is official. we have now seen everything. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. gordon will join us for 87 years at 6:00 p.m. which starts right now. >> live and in hd. this is abc 7 news at 6 on your side. >> good evening. our big story, the federal government then goes over the so-called fiscal cliff. >> there is a deadline but the president is ready to talk now that he has been reelected. congress will get back on tuesday. they have until december 31 to work out a deal or face huge spending cuts and tax increases. we have the latest from the newsroom. >> let's remember that this is


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