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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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williams is going full-metal stoner on this. >> what a week for network anchors. that is what's making news in a >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." >> the president prepares to speak to america about the actions needed to avoid the fiscal cliff that could plunge the country back into recession. it is friday morning, november 9. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. >> the next couple of days, the sunshine is back. we saw yesterday afternoon. that will stick around today and even into the weekend it. temperatures have been cooler than average. we will finally warm up to more
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seasonable conditions. our next call from does not approach until tuesday. not looking for in the rain -- cold front does not approach until tuesday. we have 44 african national and 39 at the dulles. 37 degrees in gaithersburg, frederick, and winchester. temperatures will make it into the 50's. we will have more on the seven- day forecast that looks equally as good as the express and a few minutes. >> good morning. it is friday morning. we start of quiet, overnight construction -- they are getting ready to wrap everything up. the outer loop near the toll road where three lanes are closed that has been picked up. 66, we will take a look inside the beltway. it is quiet town.
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no problems outside the beltway to tell you a bout. a lot of construction on the toll road. on the beltway in the maryland, they did a lot of paving the past few days. there will be uneven pavement until they get done with the surface. you can see there is no delay. west of the frederick area on 270. >> 4:32 rainout. president obama speaking about the potential impact of the fiscal cliff. virginia taking steps to prepare for a worst-case scenario. bob mcdonnell said two weeks to find ways to cut cost.
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>> of government -- we will have less customers and be in trouble. >> businesses are not doing too well already. >> if congress fails to act, the economy could shrink by one half percent. the unemployment rate could soar to 9.1%. >> the president got emotional while addressing campaign staffers in chicago. >> i am really proud of that. >> the campaign released a five minute video of his speech that came one day after he won reelection. >> president obama weighing replacements for several aides and cabinet members expected to leave it.
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the treasury secretary timothy geithner, hillary clinton, and leon panetta will leave sometime next year. >> the former democratic committee chair said he will make a second attempt to become governor of virginia. he ran for governor in 2009 but lost in the primary. the lieutenant governor is also seeking the republican nomination. >>d.c. police looking for five men behind a shooting in southeast. it was in the 3100 block of bueno vista terrance. turning now to a developing story coming in from dulles airport. a united airlines flight had to make an emergency landing. >> passengers said the man was
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yelling and would not sit down and started crying in the aisle. >> they had to restrain his hands. there was a pilot he went back there and basically held him down in the aisle while we landed. >> we are told one person was evaluated by paramedics. we do not know if that was the unruly passenger. a >> twitter might have reset your password by accident. >> good morning. >> if you are a bargain hunter, you already know about black friday. there it is also cyber monday. in recent years small business saturday had been gaining some traction.
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this year on november 24 nearly half of independent merchants plan to promote shopping small as part of their holiday strategy. 86% who plan to offer discounts expect a big sales boost. if you are planning -- if you are having problems with your twitter account it may be because passwords or abs -- accidentally reset. twitter says they may have unintentionally reset more than intended. they said in a statement they were sorry. restaurant chains are looking to reward our military and feed them in many cases for free. more on that coming up in the next hour. >> thank you so much. 4:36 renown. the temperature 48 degrees. >> the pla
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>> east coast community still recovering from super storm sandy. >> when and heavy snow plunged
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thousands of people back into the cold and darkness. could be their railroads were shut down and people who live in low lying areas of new jersey were once again forced to leave their homes. >> this is another disaster we do not need at this time. everybody is devastated. >> the storm forced red cross and it the mat to leave areas devastated by sandy. >> a new gas rationing plan takes effect this morning in new york city and long island. police will be enforcing the new system. it allows drivers to get gas every other day. new jersey gov. chris christie enacted a similar plan. madison square garden will hold a special concert next month to benefit people affected by
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sandy. it will be held on december 12 and it will be called 12-12-12. more details are expected in the coming days. >> let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> pretty decent weather over all. the nor'easter that kept as cloudy and cool the last couple of days is making its way toward the canadian maritime and away from the united states. we have cleared things out. it was nice to see the sunshine finally yesterday afternoon. that will stick around for several days. 44 degrees at this hour at reagan national. fredericksburg has a temperature at 37 degrees. we will warm up this afternoon between 53 and 58. look at the weekend, how about that? 63 on saturday and sunday is veterans day sunny and a nice at 67.
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let's head over to trafficked with jamie. >> the overnight construction crews are wrapping things up. its direction, nothing to tell the about. 395 is a wide open trip. a lot of road work on the toll road in each direction between hunter mill road. a heads up as you head ou tthe door. 2709 travel lanes are open. if you head beyond hagerstown, eastbound 70 is closed. as we head down to the beltway traffic lanes are open by georgia ave. they are getting ready to wrap up the construction here at 193 university boulevard. >> 41 degrees out there.
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>> drivers might want to avoid one part of montgomery county.
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>> the sentence is life in prison without parole for the man who shot gabrielle giffords. six other people were killed. and a court room loughner was
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sentenced as her husband looked on. in a statement he said -- he later spoke with diane sawyer. >> use their right in his eyes. what did you see? -- jus dare write in his eyes? i saw a person who has mental illness and also somebody who knew where he was and why he was there. >> he said he is proud of his wife for staying strong. as part of a plea deal, he avoids a death sentence. >> 22-year-old was hit october 20 while crossing the straight near ridge road and university boulevard. the car was in a street to raise
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and just kept going. >> it hit him, they run. i just want to tell them my cousin is about to die here. suffering with my family. >> police have a few leads. the family say he was working to support his mother and son in honduras and his girlfriend is pregnant. >> a man is hospitalized after a fire destroyed his glendale home. it took firefighters one hour to put out the blaze. the home owners suffered burns but is said to be in good condition. the home is destroyed. from 4:00 until 6:00 this afternoon, firefighters will be distributing batteries and smoke detectors to residents of side
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of several metro stations. they will be going door to door offering home safety inspections and handing out free batteries. >> the bbc is shooting a movie on river road near potomac. >> the traffic was terrible. i could back to work. >> there were some big time rubbernecking delays. >> it went for ever. we could not figure out what it was about. >> some of their equipment needed to cross the road. that did not help matters. they are in town filming a bbc movie with judy dench. it is about a woman who searches decades for a son who was taken from her. >> it's beautiful. >> some people were pretty angry
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a movie would cause such a traffic miss. even some who were stuck in the traffic did not find -- did not mind when they found out why. >> it is great. i cannot wait to see it. >> it started northwest at norton road and went for miles of the way northwest. police are warning you may want to avoid that. if it is normally part of your commute because they will be out there again and there is potential for delays again. judy dench filming this movie here but she is making a lot of news nationally because she is in the new james bond movie that opens today. >> metro taking advantage of the long veterans day weekend to do major track work. from 10:00 tonight until closing
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on monday, shuttle buses are available. customers should add 45 minutes to their travel time. orange line trains will single track between vienna and east falls church. green line trains single tracking between college park. >> let's head to sports. houston may have a problem with d.c. united. >> our local team advanced after defeating new york. a goal in the 88th minute to secure the 1-0 victory. they will play houston on sunday. thursday night football last night, the indianapolis colts beat the jaguars. luck with two touchdowns on the ground. the jaguars are 1-8 and the worst team this year. >> 41 degrees outside.
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>> more health problems for dancing iwth the stars. >> gangum style making headlines again.
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>> hopefully it will warm up a little bit. >> good morning. it will warm up a little bit. this weekend he will feel a big difference. it is great to see the sunshine. did you see the moon and this morning? it was so beautiful and big it. i think that is what we are looking at there on the roof cam as we have a nice career start. 44 at reagan national and 39 at dulles. we just jumped up another degree in frederick. your temperature in fredericksburg this morning is 36 degrees. take a look at our averages. the average high is 61 and low is 43. we were shy of that yesterday with 56 and 40. i think today we will be a few beyond that. we was the average temperatures
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and beyond as we had to the weekend. mostly sunny and 53-58. there is the beautiful seven-day forecast i cannot get enough of. let's check on traffic with jamie. >> as we hit the friday morning -- as you are getting ready to hit the road running good morning nation's capital. look at this great camera off in the distance with twinkling lights, that is the woodrow wilson bridge. crossing the american legion bridge is good. everything is cleared up in the tyson's area with overnight roadwork. it is a little bit rough surface here. no problems, 270. washington parkway all checked
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out fine. >> thank you so much. 4:55 right now. a dancing with the stars co-host is undergoing surgery now for thyroid surgery. >> she is 41 and her doctor recently discovered a novel on her thyroid. it was found to be cancerous. her thyroid will have to be removed. doctors say she is expected to make a complete recovery. there are rumors cheryl burke is in the running to be the next bachelorette. she has expressed interest in the past and is shopping her own reality tv. >> it is the dance that will not go away. >> and now gangum style has smashed a record to be the most viewed video in the youtube history.
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5 million the likes -- that is how many people like the video. the man behind the video was presented with a certificate for the achievement. since his release in july, it has led to numerous parody's as well. that is how you know you have made it. >> it is 4:57 right now and 40 degrees outside. >>bond is back. skyfall hits theaters.
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