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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  November 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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defense, he is from germany. he said he did not know all of the lyrics. the boss is not going to be happy about that one. >> that was wrong. >> coming up at 6:00, another hour of news starts now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning, washington on your side. >> democrats and republicans set to collide over taxes. how the president plans to take action to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> commuters get good news about a vital transit route. >> it is 6:00 on friday morning. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to jacqui jeras. >> we have great whether to go along with that.
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the sunshine finally making a comeback. yesterday afternoon it came out in and number of days. it will stick around for a while as well. a nice warm up for the weekend. a cold front is approaching, but not until tuesday. we have a nice stretch of gorgeous weather. this morning 39 at reagan national 38 at dulles. the mid 50's this afternoon with sunshine across the board. >> i just checked it with metro rail and they are all on time. we like that for sure. we are overhead with news chopper 7. we are checking in the riding from the west. the volume here on 66, was about looks ok. a little bit -- we do have
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volume eastbound on the left side after the centerville interchange. 95 is starting to see delays as well. >> 6:02 right now. there is a showdown in the nation's capital over the fiscal cliff. the president will talk about how to avoid that. >> he could run into some trouble getting republicans to agree on a compromise. >> in his first post-election comments, president obama is expected to talk about the issue at hand -- the economy. he said he is looking for a bipartisan solution to the fiscal challenges. >> i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. reducing the deficit, reforming the tax code. >> there is still seven weeks before mandatory tax increases and spending cuts could go into effect, fears over the fiscal
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clifford growing. both sides are hoping to avoid another recession. at this point it does not seem they are on the same page. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. it could not even pass the house. >> democrats think the president has a mandate to raise taxes on families making over $250,000 a year. >> there was a message sent to us by the american people based on the campaign. people making all of this money have to contribute a little bit more. >> a new report from the congressional budget office predicts of congress does act the economy could shrink by 0.5% and unemployment to go back up to 9.1%. the president is making his address at 1:05 this afternoon. >> worries over the potential for gridlock led to a second straight day of sell-offs on
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wall street. the dow lost 121 points and that brought the two date total to 434 points. the nasdaq fell 42 points while the s&p 500 was down 17 points. the worry over the fiscal cliff also sent asian stock markets today. >> we are following a developing story out of dulles airport. a united airlines flight from denver had to make an emergency landing. a flight -- a passenger on flight 662 would not follow instructions for landing. the man was yelling and started praying in the aisle. one person was evaluated by paramedics. >> this is a live picture from the big apple. a few minutes ago the midtown tunnel reopened. flooding closed both tubes of the tunnel under the east river.
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the brooklyn battery tunnel is the only major bridge or tunnel in new york city that is still closed this morning. gas rationing plan to ease shortages is in effect in the new york city area. drivers with odd numbered license plates can fill up on odd days and even license plates can fill up on even days. new york gov. andrew cuomo called for an investigation sang power companies were unprepared and badly managed. >> five men wanted for shooting in southeast d.c. one man was shot around 11:00 in the 3100 block of bueno vista terrace. no word on a motive for the shooting last night. an unusual sight causing traffic headaches and montgomery county. >> a movie shoot on river road
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tying up the busy road. you can indirectly blamed an oscar winning actress for it. >> you know, it is not every day here we get the filming of a motion picture. as we all know, traffic is an everyday occurrence. put them all together and you have quite a drama. in her next movie, judy dench is playing an irish catholic woman whose decades-long search for her son brings her to the united states. audiences will not see the real live traffic the movie is producing at home. >> the traffic is terrible. >> the side of production crews a lot of police, and the hope of catching a glimpse of hollywood actors is causing major rubbernecking. >> it went forever. it was ridiculous. >> the movie was told they cannot found during rush hour, but they have been moving
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equipment to run through traffic. >> i think it is pretty awesome. especially round here. >> are you going to avoid the rush hour? >> absolutely. >> i am still waiting for the true story movie about d.c. traffic. the trailer will say in a world where we wait in our cars for hours. this movie comes out in march. stay away from river road this morning. >> the average movie is two hours. that sounds right. >> thank you for the heads up. virginia is enjoying a growing impact from the film and tv industry. the commonwealth's rates and more than $394 million in 2011 and that is a 14% increase from 2010. argo and lincoln among the films
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shot here in 2011. >> the overachieving job requirements to work for the health minister of macedonia. >> some presidential ballots get caught up in a web of controversy.
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>> i am here. you think you have to grab and go for breakfast? good morning washington. >> florida expected to announce today which candidate won the
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sunshine state. the last minute wave of absentee ballots blamed for the delay. >> a fire is blamed for the delay in the massachusetts. it prevented an old voting machine from counting the ballots. the majority of the 12,000 residents went with mitt romney over president obama. >> a nice sunrise so far. >> it is ridiculously beautiful. look with the lights on and the sun coming up and the sky is clear. it is beautiful. our temperature this morning, 39 degrees. it has gone down just a bit with the clear skies. you can see the little sorrel there. that is what is left of the nor'easter. things are clearing out. for those of you trying to
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travel or people without power it will stay cold. better conditions. look at the little bubble across the southern plains states. that is a warm-up that will be heading here. the only real problems we are expecting today are blizzard conditions for the intermountain west. montana could see a couple of feet of snow. 53-58 and a quick peek at the weekend forecast that will feel so good. 60's and sunshine. >> here ago. coming in from the west, it has been gorges on that sunrise. hopefully commuters will not be getting too distracted. a metro rail delay on the smithsonian. the orange and blue line trains are single tracking.
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other than that the pen train is on time. >> thank you. 6:12 right now. we will check in with the live desk. more
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morningk, washington." >> it is 6:59 now. a new doll on the market creating controversy. >> we posted this on our facebook page. viewers have been commenting all morning long.
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this is a picture of this doll. it is made by a spanish ball manufacturer. it is a breast-feeding doll. a little girl puts on a halter top with sensors son into it. when she places the doll clothes, the doll starts to make a breast-feeding noises. a lot of people are saying this is too much. a lot of parents coming out saying this is to adult like for their little girls. the company says they are getting support from breast- feeding organization saying this is a good way to teach young girls a healthy way to feed a baby. we are getting a lot of comments already. a lot of viewers saying it is too far and creepy. some say this is a good idea for a young girls. they want to change the way americans have discomfort with breast feeding.
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a lot of people continue to comment. we encourage you to comment as well. do you think the doll is too mature for young girls in the united states? we will read some later on and pose them online. >> thank you very much. >> macedonia's house the minister looking for a assistant. >> they only want to hire geniuses. the administer looking for 7-10 advisers to consult once or twice a month for a daily pay of $64.100 dollars. you have to have an iq of at least 140 and decertified by mensa and have a university degree and speak at least two foreign languages. for that you can get a part-time job for $8 a month.
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>> $64 a day for two days a month. i think that is lofty. let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> what a beautiful start this morning. the sun is starting to come up. we have a beautiful colorful glow. here is the camera on our roof in arlington overlooking the potomac. let's take a look now at the weatherbug network. 43 degrees there. a beautiful slither of colors here along the sunrise. such a beautiful start. it is called. 39 after reagan national, 38 at
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dulles, 37 at gaithersburg. 43 degrees in lexington park. skies are clear. it will kick holder in the morning. -- it will get colder in the morning. that is the remnants of the nor'easter. it has moved out of the northeast and the mid-atlantic. we are left with nothing but sunshine today. high-pressure controlling the weather. it fits over the top of us and wins pour in from the southeast. we will get warmer temperatures the next couple of days. blizzard conditions are expected there that will move into the midwest as we approach the weekend. it will hit us by the early to middle part of next week. mostly sunny and a little warmer. 53-58 tonight. 30-37 temperatures tonight.
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look at the seven-day forecast, that looks so wonderful for the weekend. you almost did not even need facial hair when the temperatures are that warm. adam you know where i am going with that. >> i think growing the mustache to keep me warm and for a good cause. it is considered mo-vember where thousands of men grow little mustaches. -kind of pathetic what i can do. on twitter --do you need a sharpie for that? yes, i do. i started team mostorm. we have many members. it is never too late to join in. go to for a blog on the right hand side.
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or go to my facebook page. it is mo-vember and i want to welcome one of the dallas members. this is essam chalf of georgetown. you are going to start schering your daughter. it takes him about three days and he has that classic 'stache right there. he is more than willing for he and his hair studio to flaunt that throughout the month. it said that every mustache throughout mo-vember initiates' 2000 conversations for men's health. it is 40 degrees and will be a beautiful weekend. >> what is not to like about the weekend work as?
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they did have a broken down train at the smithsonian stop. expect some delays on the blue and orange line as a result. yesterday we talked about the delays on river road because of the ilm crews. they are back again. you might want to use glen road or falls to montrose to get around. >> wall street reels and looks to the president for direction. >> good morning. the dow down 400 points in two days. wall street will be watching as president obama delivers a statement today. he will talk about what needs to be done to keep the economy growing and cut the deficit. mcdonald's monthly sales are down for the first time in 10 years. there is pressure from the weak global economy and competitors
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including burger king and chipotle. the price of turkey and trimmings for 10 is pegged at $49.48 up 28 cents from last year. more stores are trying to get you into the mall. sears and wal-mart are both opening at 8:00 thanksgiving night. best buy is offering the earliest black friday sneak peek ever. that is america's money.
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>> right at the end of the game. he sends d.c. into the conference finals. d.c. planning a man down because they're starting goalie got a gold card. the back up saving a penalty kick. they are heading to houston on monday to face the dynamo. >> it is military appreciation night at tonight's wizards game. >> fans get a free performance as well. the wizards host the bucks. three nationals players honored with sluggers awards.
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loroache meeting first baseman. he also won his first gold glove this year. stephen strasburg gets a silver sluger. >> congratulations. 6:27 right now. we still have another half hour ahead.
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30 as president obama gets ready to speak on the fiscal cliff, bob mcdonnell put states officers on notice. >> a chilly start to the weekend. and good news, it is going to get better. good morning. it is friday, november 9. i am steve chenevy. >> i am cynné simpson. let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> good morning. it brings me joy to bring you pictures like this. it is an absolutely gorgeous sunrises. had a chilly start but it looks great. not to mention in his friday
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today. 39 at reagan national. a little chilly in winchester. 43 in annapolis. cooler than average. mid 50's with sunshine across the board. things will warm up. we will see seasonable temperatures. if you do not have outdoor plants, you better make them now. i am thinking hiking this weekend. but as check on traffic this morning. >> hiking. we like that. on metrorail, a broken it down train at the smithsonian stop. for mark pande trains, on time, on the schedule. -- mark, penn trains. we normally back here at 650. not the case. 270, we do have the volume.
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and down toward 109. starting to jam up in germantown at 118. interstate 95 virginia, we have an accident northbound 95 before this camera. and a little bit of volume building over the ocoquan. mostly everything shifting to the scholer. >> 6:32 on friday morning. president obama makes his first post-election speech today. finding a way to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> it could lead to enormous consequences if lawmakers cannot reach a deal. throw the election, the president has talked about raising taxes on those making more than $250,000. but john boehner says raising taxes is unacceptable from a possibility of a federal fiscal crisis. bob mcdonnell will be working to find a way to trim the budget.
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president obama also making major changes to his cabinet. several cabinet members expected to leave. some of these include hillary clinton, leon panetta, timothy geithner, eric holder and ray lahood. and a d.c. council hearing today. it would allow the city to use d.c. tax dollars without the approval of congress. tom davis expected to testify. >> a man -- 31-year-old oscar pleaded guilty thursday to sexual abuse charges. police say he admitted assaulting four woman last august. he faces up to two years in jail when sentenced next week.
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>> 6:33. but as look around montgomery county. maryland family pleading for help to find a hit and run a driver. this man was hit and critically injured when crossing the street. this and delphi. they told him the car that hit him was involved in a street race and kept on going. >> they hit him they ran the. and i just want to tell them that my cousin is about to die. and i am here suffering with my family. >> police said they do not have many leads. his family says he was supporting his mom as well as a young son in honduras. and now his girlfriend is pregnant as well. and an important hub for drivers and the potomac area. you might want to stay away from river road. >> the movie they are filming again this morning. and this involves an academy
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award winning actress. john gonzalez. on his directors shoes at the scene. >> the movie being filmed here is a drama. but the traffic around the foaming has been a horror. the last time a major hollywood movie was filmed during the d.c. area, a robot car from the movie transformer's crust. d.c. police cruiser. this time around, is really bad traffic. now in her next movie judy is playing an irish catholic woman. audiences will not see the real life traffic. a lot of police surrounding saint peter and st. paul church your honor river road. and this is causing some robert necking. they are told they cannot film during rush hour.
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but at times they have been moving equipment around in potomac, md.. montgomery county please morning commuters like they did yesterday, try to avoid river road west of the beltway. this movie opens in theaters next march. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news . >> 39 degrees. >> new group
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>> breaking news. >> let's check in with jummy olabanji. >> we are just getting information from d.c. police. we have a crew on the scene. we will take you to live pictures at h and madison. uc police there. this concerns some type of attempted robbery. this car we believe is involved in all of this. a short time ago just before 6:25 there was an attempted robbery in the 1800 block of jefferson, at 18th and jefferson, 1 mile away from this scene here near h madison closed to dupont circle, there are two
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victims involved. two adult males. we are not sure if shots were fired, we are trying to confirm that. we do know police said that the two victims similar approached secret service officers outside the white house there, told them about this attempted robbery. and now d.c. police are brought in for this investigation. we are not sure right now what exactly happened as far as they attempted robbery. when a that neither of the two victims were seriously injured. police still investigating. they are part of this area sectioned off, roped off from traffic. attempted robbery that happened at 18th -- jefferson sorry. police are investigating near h and madison near the white house. brianne carter headed to the scene. we will update you later on with the latest details. back to you. >> thank you.
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seven on your side with a potentially new use for home pregnancy tests. the american cancer society says those tests could detect some types of testicular cancer in men. experts said the tests can detect a hormone produced by the cells of a woman's placenta during pregnancy. the hormone is also excluded by some but not all testicular cancers. >> 6:41. let us check in with the jacqui jeras. >> a little cool, but so pretty. a great start. finally, getting to see some sunshine. >> making a comeback. >> it looks like it will stick around. a great looking weekend forecast. more on that with doug hill. good morning how the friday. >> happy friday. temperature-wise come a chilly start with clear skies. lots of 30's on the mark. but we will climb into the upper 50's. a live look at one of our live
6:42 am
cameras in fairfax. 38 degrees. it is wind be a nice day. here is our friday forecast. lots of sunshine. 53 to 58. a lighter northwesterly breeze. and lots of sunshine this weekend. we will warm into the lower 60's. in a senate veterans day. perhaps near 70 degrees in some spots. traffic wise? >> not about on the beltway nasa reported there. on rare road, the warning, we talked about the big delays because of the film a pro. the film crew out again 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you might want to hand over to glen road toward your destination. might want to map it out before you head out. interstate 95 -- news chopper 7 on the location of the crash. everything confined to the shoulder, they had the break
6:43 am
but declared it. northbound 95 before the beltway. delays begin at the ocoquan. once again to the beltway, your good through tysons.
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>> coming up tonight think you are doing yourself a favor drinking diet soda? think again. new evidence those calorie free drinks can cause cell damage and kickstart other health problems. we have the details tonight at 5:00 p.m. >> thank you. seven members of navy seal team 6 are being punished for allegedly disclosing classified information they received letters of reprimand and their pay will be lowered for two months.
6:46 am
they are being accused of leaking information to a video game. four other seals under investigation for similar alleges violations. >> a small west virginia town upset about how local mcdonald's follow the american flag. on wednesday people noticed the flag was flying upside down at half mast. the manager said a police broke in it flipped over. workers tried to fix the problem. the manager says it was not -- an honest mistake and hopes no one was offended. a college basketball tips off a new season by honoring military this weekend. >> michigan state and militaryuconn play tonight. and florida versus george down on the deck of a ship.
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both teams got to toward the ship and pose for pictures. maryland in the meantime meet the wildcats in brooklyn. they are hopefully going to be big things for the center. before tipoff, the coach will hand over a check for nearly $1 million a force in the relief efforts courtesy of a two team telethons. >> it is 6:47. >> what a great start? it is so pretty. can we pull up the weather bug camera? am asking too much? it is so pretty. look at that. the sun just coming up on the horizon. we are seeing pretty pictures like this across the metro area. for more on our weekend forecast, let us had to doug hill. >> let us get to our satellite.
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as high pressure moves in, chasing the clouds of with mostly sunny skies. of the coast in new england circulation is out of their. end temperatures on the chilly site. lots of 30's as we speak. 36 and frederick. 40, quantico. every camera we have looked at has been a delightful. this is from the rooftop. it will be spent jocular not only today but through the weekend. here is our forecast. sunshine. temperatures will climb to the mid-50s with fairly light winds at the northwest at 10. and this weekend, look for a warming trend, low to mid 60's on veterans day. perhaps near 70 in spots under mostly sunny skies. have a great weekend. jacqui jeras will have a fresh look at things at about 10 minutes. >> that sounds great.
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we need a good end to the work week. river road, and reminder, that film crew out yesterday, there there again. that is where we have a lot of distractions. so far, not too much of a back up. they will be there all day. plan ahead, you may want to use glen road. we check the crash now on the shoulder virginia, 95 prior to the beltway. northbound lanes are open, but still slow past the ocoquan. >> 6:49. today at 4:00 p.m., do you believe in miracles? can extraordinary things happen to ordinary people? they bring you this year in miracles 30 inspirational stories. today at 4:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. it is 6:49 right now. 49 degrees in washington. >> coming up, a live round up of today's top stories.
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first, a quick check on the forecast.
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>> coming up here, mary attorneys on the wrong side of the law. accused of sexual assault his wife and major prosecutor. he will break down a bizarre case. right here on a good morning america. >> right now 6:52.
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time to your friday express. >> we start things off with jummy olabanji. >> d.c. police are investigating an attempted robbery. a live picture is coming from near the white house at eighth street and madison. police said there was an attempted robbery near 18th and jefferson. somehow this got transpired, the victim's move to the black porsche to this area. or they fly down police officers. shots were fired. they are looking for four men. they are considered armed and dangerous, last seen leaving and a silver or white lincoln car with d.c. tags. we will have more information on not to john gonzalez. >> montgomery county police morning commuters to stay away from this area here in potomac maryland, river road west of the beltway. as a two of filming for a film. traffic was a hard work yesterday. it is expected to be the same
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today. >> >> you got it john gonzalez. here is what you need to know. >> gas prices are going to be -- well, gas rationing takes place in parts of new york and new jersey. even license plates on even numbered days, of #license plates on odd numbered days. >> major track work this weekend. add an extra 45 minutes to your trip. orange line trains single tracking a between vienna and east falls church. single track work between grosvenor and french pilots. gramm-single track between greenbelt and college park. for more go on to and look for the friday express tab. >> it is 6:54. let us start with adam caskey in
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bethesda. >> we are at a metro station. i have been passing out some t- shirts. my lovely model year showing off the tee shirt. 40 degrees here. will be a beautiful day. torture is warming up and to the weekend. i am not need my movember mustache. how about i do the marker on my finger. here is your forecast. bright sunshine, high temperatures well into the 50's. into the weekend, we are warming up more. for more on that, let us go back into the studio. how was it looking? >> it looks great. i know you are working on it. and it is for a great cause. but us check things out on the weather maps. our express forecast, temperatures in the mid to upper 50's and a lot of sunshine
6:56 am
across the board as we head into the weekend finally seasonable to above average temperatures, back in the 60's for sunday for veterans day. will be a great day for that. first chance of rain and not until tuesday. make your outdoor plans right now, i demand it. >> let us check on traffic. do you have outdoor plans? >> i will now. limited to the end of the work week. friday morning. is a little bit of activity on 95 on the shoulder. but still alive. northbound 95 prior to the beltway we are moving along and finding an easy pace to the beltway and onto 395. 66, your lanes are open. around the beltway, not much. thank you so much. enjoy your friday morning. thank you for watching. good morning america is up next.
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