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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  November 11, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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found out that the majority of americans agree with my approach. >> and he threw down the gauntlet saying everyone agrees with keeping the middle class tax cuts. so he said congress should act on that now. >> i've got the pen ready to sign the bill right away. i'm ready to do it. i'm ready to do it. >> that report. so what impact will the election results have on talks over the fiscal cliff? >> well certainly after you have tuesday's election president obama comes in with the upper hand he won a nationwide victory and republicans suffered a loss. the pressure now is on republicans to come to the table and say how much ground are we willing to give here? and do we think that back in 2004 when president bush won his reelection he had a smaller
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electoral college victory and he considered that a mandate. the president here might be able to say that but dows the president compromising on some of the things that he has said he is going to stick with the tax cuts and repealing the bush tax cuts? what do you see the president's role to be? >> the president's role here is sticking by the campaign trail thopets have tax cuts making less than $250,000 and you have john boehner saying somewhat saying we don't want to have any tax increases at all. so the pressure is on republicans to budge somewhat and you're going to see the question over the next couple of weeks is how do you see what form does that take. >> what other lessons or headlines do you think we got out of this year's election? >> the next washington you see is going to look a lot like the last washington you saw. you're going to have a democratic white house a democratic senate and republican house. so the question is how much more gridlock are we likely to see? you're probably going to see
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more gridlock in washington but voters may say we're sick and tired >> and i guess it's kind of appropriate that the new bond film came out this past weekend because the nation's top spy went down as a result of an affair. david petraeus. does it seem as if we have just gotten to the surface of this scandal here? >> there's so many unanswered questions as relates to david petraeus? why did congressional officials not know until just a few days ago? why did white house officials not know about this until just a few days ago? so many unanswered questions. and then you have another set of questions which is the fact that david petraeus was scheduled to go to capitol hill next week for hearings on the benghazi situation. so then you have this came just a few days after the presidential election. so many unanswered questions and people are going to be looking for answers for in the coming days. >> do you think they held out announcing this until after the
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election? >> well, that's a question that i think a lot of -- some republicans may start asking fairly soon. but if you're the white house there's no doubt that you did not want this coming out right before the election as you're trying to put forward your medge. >> all right. -- message. >> appreciate it. >> only a matter of days since the election came to an end but plans already under way. >> as d.c. bureau chief reports now that president obama has been assured a second term things are starting to come together. >> at the capital workers are once again building the platform and stage where once again barack obama will be sworn in as president as he was four years ago when some 1.8 million people packed the national mall to witness the moment. a day after the election are people getting ready? >> i already have friends who have called dibs on beds in my house so they're coming. >> so the same as last time. >> the same for hotels. >> since the morning phones
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have been ringing off the hook. we will definitely be sold out over those dates and that's why there's a four night minimum. >> they even have a four day three couple presidential suite package for just $70,000. >> to meet obama? >> do not get to meet obama. >> the city's tour promotor destination d.c. already put up links. >> go to and find out what hotels have availability and what things are happening in the city that they can take advantage of. >> so as the stages go up once again d.c. is getting ready. will the inauguration be as big this time as last? most people think not. >> it's just the last time was the first so it's always more exciting and upbeat than the second. >> and of course the constitution says that the president must be sworn in on january 20. but that is a sunday so the
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president will be sworn in in a private ceremony on that day. the public event will take place on the following day which is also martin luther king day. organizers say they will be working with that theme in mind. >> some changes are already under way. over maryland executives are hoping to begin running 24 hours a day. and in order to do that roughly 1200 people will need to be hired. even creating a school to train new dealers. that property could open by mid 2014. official plan to get bids next year. gay couples in maryland in the meantime can start planning their weddings but they will need to wait a few more months. voters passed a measure. the law becomes official on january 1. maryland one of only two states with same sex marriage approved
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by popular votes. >> from now on drivers in the district busted by speed cameras won't have to pay as much. the fines have been lowered. now, anyone going 10 miles an hour over the speed limit will pay $50 instead of 75. the fine is now 100 instead of 1025 for drivers going 11 to 15 miles over f above the limit. don't push it. if you go 25 miles over the speed limit you'll get socked with a $300 fine. the changes come over concerns. fines were less about safety and more about revenue. now that the election is over congress is heading back to work. >> and dealing with the fiscal cliff, we'll tell you what else has priority. >> what a beautiful day we had today. lots of sunshine. mild temperatures but a strong cold front just off to the west. you will feel the difference by tuesday.
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how cold? details in just a few m
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>> look now at some of the stories this week. tuesday first day of legislative business of congress after a recess that began in september. there's a daunting task that must be dealt with avoiding the fiscal cliff. lawmakers only have until december 31 to get a deal worked out or face massive
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spending. >> a select committee on intelligence will hold hearings into the terror attacks in benghazi libya. three americans were killed. the obama administration has been criticized for its explanation for the strike and security warnings that weren't dealt with in advance of the attack. >> new york prosecutors are expected to announce if there's enough evidence to prosecute pedro hernandez. however, there are concerns hernandez who has a history of mental problems is making his confession up. in the meantime jose ramose long considered a prime suspect was released from a pennsylvania prison and then immediately arrested on a megan's law violation after he provided an outdated address. >> flying can be a nightmare for some people but we'll tell you why it was more like a dream for passengers on this new plane. >> speaking of the friendly skies. back with a look at how your
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workweek forecast is shaping up. first, a federal hot minute. >> good deeds don't often make compelling headlines. i like to think that's because as a society our good deeds are more common and less exceptional. less news worthy than our short comings. yet the many good things performed by people and companies deserve recognition. for example, i just returned from a remarkable golf tournament supporting thanks u.s.a. a nonprofit which awards education scholarships to the families of our soldiers, intelligent decision a technology contract to the government was the organizer and title sponsor. microtetch has an interesting effort promoting men's health. and let's not forget the government industry groups such as the bethesda chapter of afcea. there are far too many examples
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to mention here. so the next time you read a headline about some egregious act there are far more
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>> temperatures on the way down. >> but today. >> gorgeous. >> tomorrow will still stay mild but then makes tuesday feel like what's going on? all right. we have mainly clear skies right now and the skies are going to start to cloud out from west to east as they move through the morning hours. 54 degrees right now at reagan national airport. and our high today made it up to 71 degrees. 11 degrees above average for this date. our network right now after a high of 71, temperature right now 52 in arlington and our final stop takes us to george washington university downtown d.c. temperatures are in the middle 50s. winds out of the east just
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around 2-5 miles an hour. temperatures across the board are falling into the 40's and 50s out of the west. head over to eastern shore temperatures 40's and lower 50s. the big story for the next couple of days will be the strong cold front right now beginning to enter chicago and milwaukee. behind it where the core really cold air located 23 degrees this hour and indianapolis and that's a temperature change of about 30 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. now we're 7 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. you can see the warmth just off to the west of us. southwesterly flow for another day. but once this moves by we're going to knock our temperatures down along with the clouds we'll see some periods of heavier rain late tomorrow night into early tuesday morning. and then thingless dry out but really cool off for tuesday afternoon into wednesday. satellite and raiser with high
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pressure slowly moves off. here's the rain associated with that cold front from michigan to chicago stretching into indiana. it's missouri. all of this moves off towards the east. another dome of high pressure. our skies will clear rapidly. we'll keep sunshine in the forecast. but temperatures about 10-15 degrees below average for this time of year. this is our future cast shows the clouds rolling in from the west during the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. may see a little bit of patchy fog early tomorrow. not going to amount to a whole lot. it should be out of here by 9:00 or 10:00. and then the clouds will continue to thicken with the clouds out to the west rain showers will develop periods of heavier rain for tomorrow night but we'll get all the moisture out of here and then the cold air will start to funnel. this is 6:00 tuesday afternoon. temperatures will only be in the mid 30s mid 40's, only in the lower 40's in montgomery
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county. here's the forecast for tonight. under mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are going to cool. there's the big drop after tomorrow. lower 50s on tuesday. keep in mind on tuesday our high temperature will happen in the early morning hours so they move through the afternoon instead of getting warmer it's only going to get colder and more windy and temperatures are going to be in the upper 40's on wednesday back into the 50s by the end of the wiege. it was a nice treat while it lasted. we had two days in a row and tomorrow a start. >> we have until tomorrow night before the rain starts. >> thank you. >> it may not look like something special in the air. but we'll show you what makes this united plane so different.
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>> boeing much delayed and well over budget. 787 dream liner is finally being flown by a u.s. carrier. the giant 787 is in service. >> the day has come. >> greg martin has logged more than 1.3 million miles on united airplanes but never quite like this. >> i've been excited since i booked the ticket.
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>> he flew to houston, got up before sunday morning to be among the passengers on the very first north american airplane flight of the dream liner. >> i hope it flies. >> it definitely flies. the 787 is revolutionary. it's the first airliner made of composite materials making it more fuel efficient. it's pressure rised to a lower altitude and it's completely state of the art. united the first u.s. carrier and they are betting big on the new planes buying 50 of thefment >> you'll see this airplane flying out of chicago, out of new york, out of dulles, houston, san francisco l.a., denver. >> what do you think sflr it's beautiful. >> a few things you'll notice when you get on the airplane. one, it is super quiet. two, i'm standing under the overhead bin and there is plenty of room. the windows bring a whole lot more light into the airplane. and the bathroom is fully automated.
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>> i really want to play with it which i will be doing much the entire flight. >> you can't blame them. the windows are bigger and darken at the touch of a button. >> surreal flight. no one has been in the seat the whole way. there's reporters everywhere. the c.e.o. being interviewed right next to me. i don't think anyone wavents to land. >> at least one passenger didn't seem to share greg's dream of more time on the dream liner opting instead to just dream. all the way to chicago. >> that means there really was a lot of head room on that flight. >> you can see more of the 787 on a photo gallery that we set up. >> final look of t


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