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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  November 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the split. on sunday he took to twitter until the fans regardless of what happens he sees all the tweets and the love of his fans are sending him any thanks them. look for more a little bit later on "good morning america." >> that will be abuzz this morning. we have another hour of news and it starts right now at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute >> scandal brings down the man once considered one of our nation's most well-known military leaders. the twist in the case around and former cia director general david petreaus. >> people living in some of standing's hardest-hit areas say they feel they are living in a fishbowl. >> get out of bed. >> find out how you can get it would cut off from leon and many of us here at abc7. thanks for being with us early this monday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm cynne simpson.
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let's get right over to jacqui jeras with a look at the forecast. >> not a day to hit the snooze button but to get out and get going. a beautiful start. there is a little patchy fog developing in the outlying areas of be aware driving in early this morning. but we will see sunshine this morning, giving way to increasing cloudiness this afternoon. we have a cold front that will bring some rain. that should arrive mainly late tonight, so we have one more mild day before the big plunge and temperature. but it feels pretty good to start ya. 50 four in national, 41 in culpeper. 63 at noon and mostly cloudy skies by 5:00 with 66 degrees. our high temperature just shy of 70. let's check on the traffic now this morning from the belfort furniture weather center. >> thanks. we will take a look at the map. innerbelt way maryland before
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kenilworth at rte. 1 in college park, trellis separated from the bus, flipped over and still on the shoulder. not blocking everything but you will see the flashing lights. springfield, looking pretty good. northbound 395. each of these restrictions lifted -- hov restricted but they remain in effect on route 50. >> thanks so much. some congressional lawmakers of questions for the fbi about the investigation into general david petreaus. but new details have emerged about the affair that led to petreaus's resignation friday. a married military volunteers says she got harassing e-mail frbiographer who happen to be his mistress. brianne carter is a capitol hill with the latest. >> a lot of people asking what is next? what is next for the cia and what is next for this investigation? a lot of people here on capitol hill say how -- have now more questions. new information's the new
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questions surrounding the resignation of david petreaus. petreaus left his post as cia director last week after saying he had an affair, reportedly with his biographer paula broadwell. according to sources new information shows the fbi had been looking into broadwell for allegedly sending threatening e- mails to a family friend the petreaus. >> the and assault -- initial complaint was harassment that possibly could of gone to email hacking but there was no substitute information that this had anything to do with national security. it wasn't until last week the white house was made aware of the situation. some lawmakers say they should have known about the program. >> it just does not add up -- that the fbi would be carrying on this kind of investigation without bringing it to the president of the highest levels of the white house. >> senate intelligence committee chairwoman dianne feinstein says she plans to investigate the fbi. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national
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security. i think we should have been told. >> sources are saying the white house did not know about all of this until last week. of course, this coming this week as the meetings are set to get underway here on capitol hill about the attacks in libya. former cia director david petreaus was expected to be the person to testify. we believe now the acting director will be the one to step in. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> as we observe the veterans day today, a statute of the marine corps's most decorated member will be dedicated this afternoon. family members retired marines and others will help dedicate the statute of louis puller at the national museum of the marine corps in triangle. >> hundreds working and walter reed national military medical center in bethesda say they have not been paid in two weeks. the union says the contractor
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told the employee use the one not being paid because the governor -- government has not paid them. they have not commented on the situation but the union says it has filed a complaint with the department of labour. >> new this morning -- the month -- montgomery county fire officials working to find the cause of a fire that destroyed a home in dickerson. the fire department tweeted these photos of the house completely engulfed in flames. fortunately, no injuries. new video just in of a fire in swevern, maryland. at the live desk. >> you could see from these pictures new video into the newsroom, the fire burned through this anne arundel county home. it brought 70 firefighters and 20 pieces of equipment to while away in severn. they immediately requested for a second alarm for help. officials said the family of three who live inside the home were able to evacuate themselves after hearing the
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smoke alarms and: 911. it took about an hour and half to bring the fire and the control. right now the app currently investigating the cause of the fire. we do know because approximately $350,000 worth of damage. no firefighters were hurt battling the flames. >> we are also following a developing story in columbia, maryland the where police are searching for a government -- gunman who shot the manager of a taco bell restaurant early sunday morning right outside of his business. john gonzalez is live at the location with more. >> this manager still fighting for his life. he was flown to baltimore shock trauma in critical condition. this is the taco bell where he is the manager and has been for some time, we understand. he was shot multiple times walking back from this exxon in the same privileges the couple of feet away. happened around 1:00 a.m. sunday morning. the drive-through here at the top go bell restaurant is closed on weekends until 4:00 a.m. and
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the money. police do not know why this happened. they're trying to figure out if it is a random attack or attempted robbery. but the manager is fighting for his life. the neighbor, the residence tell us they are shocked because this is a county that only sees about two or three homicides a year. they are hoping this does not turn into the next one. more details on exactly what happened. we understand the manager was at the exxon buying something. he was walking back when police say he was ambushed. this morning police are looking for two men. they are going through surveillance video at the shopping center which is nestled between two residential maplewood's. and again, very uncommon for this to happen here in the columbia. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> as we look at news of around montgomery county, new public schools superintendent dr. joshua starr will get his first day of school the best -- address and two hours. it is deemed building the future together, and it will be at the
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stressed more music center in north bethesda. >> 51 degrees and much more to come. the future of twinkies might be in jeopardy -- >> say it isn't so. and punches flying at the racetrack. nascar action. who or what is to blame for this melee.
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>> i am specialist ryan with the united states army drill team -- good morning, washington.
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>> good morning to you. the los angeles lakers not wasting any time hiring a new coach. they signed mike d'antoni to a four-year deal but -- and they were in negotiations with former coach phil jackson but the talks broke down. they fired the previous coach just five games into the season. a post-race brawl grabs a spotlight in a nascar race in phoenix. >> the makes it up every once in awhile. the car intentionally wrecking the 15, retaliation for an early end to the that caused a big brawl in the pits. jeff gordon was the driver of 24. boyer and crew went aft to gordon's crew at and boyer join the melee and everybody was separated. they got called in to the nascar hall and got a good talking to. >> keep it in the cars boys.
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let's check in with the jacqui jeras. the sun is coming up. >> let me step out of the way so you can really enjoy this. overlooking the nation's capital on veterans day. the moon hanging over the sunrise. just a couple of clouds. so pretty this morning. hope you have a chance to enjoy it. 50 degrees is the current temperature. it will be the last mile they before things really changed. 46 in gaithersburg, 41 and manassas, 43 in culpeper. a cold front from the west is approaching which will bring cloudiness by the afternoon hours and some rain tonight. look at the difference in temperatures. 20's and betty's in the midwest hugging the 60's highs on the coast. a big drop of about 20 degrees and the temperature of the next few days. this morning, a little patchy fog giving way to increasing cloudiness. a beautiful afternoon with a high between 65 degrees and 70. hope you enjoy it. hopefully traffic is enjoyable. in a little slower on a holiday.
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>> it really is relatively enjoyable. here we are the springfield interchange at moving nicely. a little volume as you get into spring of nothing as we normally see at this point in the morning. no age of the restrictions on 95 or 66, 270 or the toll road. metrorail operating on saturday schedule. no vre or marc -- because of the observe the holiday. >> thanks very much. 6:13 early this month when it. coming up -- we will be back to this with more.
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>> nato officials say a gunman and an afghan army uniform shot and killed a service member fighting with u.s.-led coalition forces and afghanistan, the latest in a rising number of insider attacks, fracturing trust. the service member's identity and nationality have not yet been disclosed. >> investigators still trying to figure out what caused an explosion that leveled homes and in indianapolis neighborhood. table people died and officials say nearly 80 homes were damaged. more than 30 may have to be built -- demolished completely. a utility company says it does not find -- found evidence of a gas leak. >> a new problem in new york's staten island as a struggles to deal with the governors -- devastation from superstar stock -- super storm sandy annoyed by people cruising by and taking pictures of damage. many people in new york of the
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jersey still don't have power. most of that on long island where the power company is under fire for the slow pace of restoration. >> venice is dealing with some of the worst flooding in years. about 70% a center of venice of underwater. movable barrier to protect the city have been in the works for years but not going to be operational until 2014. >> tough times. the beautiful shots here of the capital. nice sunrise as we get the day started. >> and the temperatures are nice. cannot ask for much more. >> and it is veterans day, people off of work honoring veterans. one more day and then we will see changes ahead. talking about the conditions, the beautiful sunrise overlooking the potomac. winds are coming out of the
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south southwest at 5 miles an hour, and a southerly flow bringing temperatures up despite cloudiness that will be moving in today. temperature this morning in woodbridge 45, 47 in arlington. shady side at 50. about 50 degrees in waldorf. from yesterday, 71, that is how warm it was. average high today is 59. way above the normal but low temperatures kind of in line -- 43 yesterday. a little warm this morning. mostly clear conditions up and down the east coast. a little patchy fog in outlying areas the lookout the cloud cover a budget into western maryland, and you can see a line of showers from the great lakes to the gulf coast. a strong cold front. but when i say strong public of the differences and temperatures -- 33 in chicago, 19 in minneapolis. 55 in detroit.
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clouds increase this afternoon. the cold front brings us showers. for the most part, it will be overnight tonight and into the morning and then we will clear it out and let down by tomorrow or afternoon. the forecast today -- patchy morning fog giving way to increasing clouds. for tonight, look of a cloudy skies and showers 45-50 and a seven-day forecast, much cooler temperatures on the way for the middle of the week. i would like to connect with you -- sometimes i did not have enough time in the weather forecast to give you all the information i wanted. follow me on twitter -- really cool before and after pictures afterusgs released on hurricane sandy. adam caskey has a little more facial hair today. them a little more facial hair is the key. almost half with through the month of movember -- i am having a tough time growing the mustache. we are raising money for prostate cancer and other men's
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health initiative. for more information you can go to, and i have a blog on the right hand side. 49 degrees now. we are in arlington not far from the iwo jima marine corps memorial. look at this -- setting up for a beautiful sunrise over the nation's capital this veteran's day observed. currently, right near 50. i would say average for temperatures across the region. it is going to be a warm day today. high temperatures right near 70. sunrise, 6:48 a.m. and coming up beautiful color to the sky and the sunset 4:56 p.m. today. rest of the week much cooler with high temperatures in the low to mid 50's very big changes today enjoyed the last day of warmth. steve, hopefully a good day in the traffic center. >> so far, so good.
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the beltway near connecticut avenue moving nicely. no accidents or incidents. the earlier incident on the inner loop of the beltway accept -- after that accident route 1 and college park was cleared away. here is the toll road at route 28, a little bit east of dulles airport. light traffic east and west bound. heading inbound for the main toll plaza everything looks good as well. over to springfield, no significant delays all the way to the springfield interchange and on to 395 would be hov restrictions because of the observed holiday. >> there is a new effort to find jobs for veterans. and could we be nearing the end there was say it, of the 20? >> abc's rob nelson has details. >> topping america's money -- a looming shortage of airline pilots as many present pilots are about to retire, and others taking jobs with foreign airlines that pay better. and to mold -- rules next summer
6:22 am
will make it more difficult to hire replacements. the workers to maketwinkies are on strike after hostess cut wages and benefits by more than a fourth. a company that makes twinkies and ding dong and a widespread strike could force the company to liquidate. of military skills cannot translate well to civilian jobs -- in his speech yesterday president obama promised to improve the jobs picture for veterans. "sky fall" earned $88 million an opening weekend in the u.s., the biggest opening of any of the 23 bond films.
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>> this is what the twihards are up to a los angeles as the camp out for a couple of days to catch a glimpse of the film's stars as they walked the black car that later today at the premiere in l.a. for the supposed last film in the series. "twilight sagas: breaking don i i) opens later this week. >> dedication. >> we want to make your morning's easier, with a new free alarm clock iphone app. then it has all the latest news, weather, traffic and personalized abc7 alarm tones from some of us here. kris van cleave gives a look at how it works. >> a lot of us wake up to our phone glaring something like
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to get it, go to -- if you have your iphone it will direct you how to get the app, so we'll go will make it easier for you to say "good morning, washington." >> good morning, sleepy head. rise and shine. >> you can download that on the app store or on line. still another half-hour of "good morning washington", your way. >> we are learning more about the two women at the center of the fbi's investigation that led to the sudden departure of the cia director david petreaus.
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>> it appears they are the fbi did not realize until election day that general petraeus was involved. this is not add up. >> lawmakers on capitol hill have questions for the fbi on the investigation that led to the sudden resignation of cia director general petraeus. >> a local company is giving back on this veterans day. good morning washington, is monday, november 12. >> good morning to you. let's get a look of the beautiful sunrise. >> we will have the battle of
6:31 am
the best today. the sun is coming up and we are about 10 minutes away officially from sunrise on this veterans day and our temperatures are very comfortable. 50 degrees at reagan national airport. 52 degrees at dollars and 43 degrees in manassas. petersburg is 62 degrees. our winds are from the south today said despite cloud cover this afternoon, we will stay well above average and shy of the 70 degree mark. we are looking for partly sunny and mild. a big drop in the forecast and that is coming up in a minute. >> good morning this is a look at 270 near 118 which is very nice.
6:32 am
with the hov restrictions lifted today, it will be fairly clear in virginia, it is all moving nicely. we are in good shape along the beltway. >> thanks so much. leaders in washington have questions about who knew what and when on the scandal with general petraeus. >> he suddenly resigned friday after having an affair with his biographer. brianne carter is live on capitol hill with more details. >> new questions and we information this morning surrounding the resignation of former-cia director david petraeus. he stepped down last week after talking to president obama and this came amid revelations he had an extramarital affair reportedly with his biographer paula broadwell.
6:33 am
the fbi had investigating her for allegedly sending threatening e-mails to a family friend of general petraeus. they want to know more -- more information about this investigation. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think he should -- i think we should have been told. >> we understand the white house learned of all this last week. this had been a long term friend of general petraeus, another woman involved. this comes at a critical time in washington. those hearings were scheduled to talk about the deadly attack in libya with the former cia director. he was expected to testify and the acting director will now be the one on capitol hill. >> a ceremony honoring d.c. veterans will be held this morning at the d.c. willwar
6:34 am
memorial on the mall. heads up for metro riders today as we observe veterans day. it is a federal holiday and that means matter was open only until midnight with the trains running on saturday schedule. they will be doing track work along the orange, red, and green line. parking is free and metrobus will also operate on a saturday schedule. >> turning to a developing story in columbia, maryland -- police are searching for the gunmen behind the shooting of a taco bell manager early sunday morning outside the restaurant. john gonzalez is live with details. >> this manager is still fighting for his life this morning. he was formed to baltimore shock
6:35 am
trauma in critical condition. this is the taco bell where he is the manager. sunday morning, he was shot multiple times walking back from this gas station in the same shopping center a few feet away. police did not have a motive yet, two men ambushed the manager shooting him several times. he was able to get back into the taco bell where employees called for help. >> it is unbelievable. >> the driver was open until 4:00 in the morning and the shooting happened a few hours before on sunday. he had run next door to the gas station to buy something and was on his way back to the restaurant when the two men attacked him. nearby businesses are telling late shift workers to be careful. >> if you were working along the advice to the people is not to come out. >> it has some folks who live
6:36 am
here a little bit unnerved. >> i live in columbia and i have been here for many years and it just does not happen like that. i don't understand what is going on. >> howard county only saves about two or three homicides per year if that spirit we are hoping this does not become the next. police are also going through the surveillance cameras in the shopping center. >> thanks so much. opening statements are set for tomorrow and the trial of a bowie state university student accused of killing her roommate. alexis system is charged with first-degree murder. prosecutors say simpson stabbed frazier. >> sentencing this week for corn a brown who is scheduled to be sentenced to more after pleading
6:37 am
guilty to bank fraud. prosecutors recommend he get six days in prison followed by three years of supervised release. he admitted back in june that he lied to get a personal loan. it is 6:37 and still to come -- >> a record-setting showed great treat --
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>> an important anniversary on this veterans day -- the 30th anniversary of the dedication of the vietnam wall and we will need volunteers tonight at 5:00. >> a new pepsi drinkers as soon joining fruit, vegetables, and wheat as a fiber. it is the pepsi special. it launches on tuesday. the company's web site explains how it helps reduce fat levels. in the blood. it will be difficult to find a way to say this makes it is good for you. >> chefs in switzerland maebelle largest cream cake almost 1 mile long, 4,000 feet.
6:41 am
the cake was cut up and sold and will go to breast cancer research. >> at least it is for a good cause. >> i can always eat cake for that cause. we are continuing the battle for the beauty. look at best -- such a gorgeous morning today. we've got bad across the metro area but it is the last one of the really nice warm days after hitting 71 yesterday afternoon. chief meteorologist doug hill is joining us now. >> we will head up for 60's today but the weather will change with a cold front moving in. you can see the bright colors
6:42 am
looking live from arlington at washington-lee high school. temperatures are mild around the area. we are mostly in the 50's. we will see clouds increase this morning with sunshine and later tonight, showers and tomorrow, cold air. we will see the sunshine today give way to clouds and later tonight showers. >> we will take a look at a map with the report of an accident on the northbound baltimore- washington parkway and powder mill road heading up to bwi- thurgood marshall airport. a quick look at springfield everything looks pretty good, just a little bit of volume. 95 looks good all the way up to the 14th street bridge. >> at the time is 6:42 and 51 degrees and coming up, honoring
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the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> find out how a local company is serving oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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>> this has been a weekend full of events honoring america's veterans, but men and women who serve and to have served our country. a global company is keeping the veterans day celebration going to bed with an annual day of service. the managing director joins us this morning from northwest washington. where exactly are you this morning? >> we are at the armed forces retirement home today and it is great to be with your. >> this is one of countless locations where many local
6:46 am
employees will be giving their time. >> yes, it is a great day for us, it is a great day of service for us parade every year we try to do this where we get our office together and get about 1500 people and get out in the community with the desire to give back. we are excited about today and the opportunity to be here and work with some of the veterans and some of the other folks across the community. >> it sets a wonderful example for the business community. there are 40 different project sites. what does this mean to you? >> it is a terrific opportunity for us. we live here, we work here, and part of our obligation as a company is to give back. it is a great way for us to get together as a group at eccentric -- accenture and we're
6:47 am
working with about 30 different nonprofits. the employees feel a storage of obligation and the ability to get together with their friends and do some good in the community. >>axccenture is known as being a great partner with america's military. i will be out there helping out and i will see you later. we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thanks a lot. >> here are some details of that kickoff. >> the weather should be great for it. we have sunshine this morning but clouds and rain in the forecast but that will hold off until later on tonight. doug hill gives details. >> we are getting off to a mild upstart with temperatures in the '40's and 50's this morning. 50 degrees in the nation's
6:48 am
capital but 55 in st. mary's county. a cold front is coming our way with temperatures going below 0 on the u.s.-canadian border. late tonight we will have showers with a cold front coming in. the clouds will win the day and the showers will be in tonight. we will call for skies to become increasingly cloudy throughout the day and temperatures will climb through the mid 60's. the next seven days, we will get showers and out tomorrow morning, breezy with falling temperatures and we'll get an ice crisp batch of whether through the end of the week. >> we will start with a map and there are two accidents on prince george's county. delays are starting to build pretty quickly.
6:49 am
northbound on the bw parkway toward power mill road, you may want to go over to 95 to avoid potential delays. >> the time is 6:49 and we want to make your morning's easier so we have developed a new free, alarm clock iphone app. >> it has the latest news weather, and alarm tons. you can't tell -- you can hear me telling you to stop hitting the snoozed for you can download it for free. > monday express's coming up so stay tuned. >> we will tell you what you need to know before you head out the door.
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and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clininic near you at >> good monday morning, the latest on the shocking scandal that ended the career of cia chief general david petraeus and we will take look at the other woman. it is an affair that has rocked washington and we will hear from a colleague who has been in close touch with general petraeus since the scandal broke and that is next on "good morning america." >> let's get in our monday expressed. >> let's start with brianne
6:53 am
carter live on capitol hill. >> good morning we will have more on all of this -- new questions and answers on the resignation of former test cia director general david petraeus who stepped down last week after saying he had an extramarital affair reportedly with his biographer. there are questions about whether the fbi was investigating that woman for allegedly sending e-mails to his family friend. there have been lots of questions about this coming from capitol hill. >> the manager of this talk about in columbia, maryland is fighting for his life this morning after being shot multiple times. he was working the overnight shift yesterday morning when he walked to this gas station a couple of feet away and he bought something and was walking back and police say he was ambushed by two men and shot multiple times. the men have not been arrested but police say they do not have
6:54 am
a motive. >> pakistan plans to honor the young teen activists shot by the taliban by opening special schools in her name for poor children. the schools are planned for 16 different sites around the country. officials say they aim is to get children in that area a chance to go to school. the organization behind this idea will begin fundraisers very soon. >> thanks so much. >> the baltimore native who was the voice of sesame street's elmo is taking a leave of absence. he has been accused of having a sexual relationship with another man when he was 16 years old. >> metro rail is open until midnight but running on a saturday schedule due to the veterans day holiday. track work is in effect on parts of the red orange, and green line and metrobus will operate
6:55 am
on saturday schedulee. >> download our abc 7 alarm ourapp for free. you could go to our website >> let's check in with steve her shorn and another look at traffic. >> we have two separate accidents in maryland, one on the outer loop and are in the northbound baltimore-washington parkway. there was an incident up near powder mill road. otherwise, it looks good around the area. 270 has a little bit of fog. >> is a beautiful morning i am live at the marine corps memorial in arlington. this is my favorite spot in virginia because of the beautiful view of the city at sunrise.
6:56 am
i take my son teddy down here sometimes in the morning and we eat our snacks and watch the sun come up. it will be another beautiful day wouldst sunshine starting out and high temperatures will be near 70 degrees. we will have some rain later this evening and later tonight. for more on the seven-day forecast, let's go to jackie jarratt. >> one more great day to look forward to and a big drop in the temperatures. we will have only 50's by tuesday. enjoy your veterans day. >> today is the day to get outside so thank you for being with us. >> "good morning
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