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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wealthy family. a horrifying story. first, breaking news. the student accused of a murder is acquitted. captioned by the national captioning institute friends,now, family, and classmates are talking about the verdict in this high-profile case, which was reached just a after deliberation. reaction just after. is deeplytim's family disappointed. the defendant's family is relieved enjoyable. not guilty.
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alexis simpson guilty in the stabbing death roommate. >> thank you, jesus. there is a god. just belief. >> you play for jesus -- you jesus.r shehe slashed -- she said was scared. they hit me. back andd herself swinging the night. the jury believed her. >> she was very remorseful and sorry after it happened. a 911 col. to get help. >> i am stunned. absolutely stunned. >> a disappointed state's says the family is devastated they lost a loved one
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for justice.e >> to have one dead and one been forevers changed is a sad set of circumstances. is sad for our community. >> i cannot believe it. the caseoman followed closely and strongly disagrees. need to be not walking the street. person. is a free told me she will return to her studies next fall. it will not be at the same university. >> thank you. the death of dominique was a shock. it is homecoming weekend. students and facultyre all verdict 14ut the --ths after the debt but deadly incident. this element of our breaking ory tonight. this storm behind me right
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is the very dorm where it happened. verdict the students see coming. >> it is not the verdict you expected? not at all. >> students are stunned. >> i do not understand how can do that to someone like nothing happened. i am baffled. i was kind of surprised it was not guilty on all seven charges. this senior lived in the dorm it happened. she remembers the commotion. i came over and the security was dropping back. man saw them both the day of the incident. hopes the tragedy serves as a powerful message to others. stay away from violence. we are here to get an education family proud.
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>> some were surprised but are at the jury. >> if that is what the judge things happened, i cannot really in that.t >> nothing will bring dominic back. whether in jail or not, we still lost a life. you talk to students on campus, you did not get a sense of remaining anger or bitterness. ever happenedthis at all. am tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> stay with abc 7 news for coverage of the verdict. .ur facebook and twitter pages the parents of an alleged child sex abuse. the detectives tell us the john villers-
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farrow. >> they always trusted him. he would buy expensive guests -- gifts. the mother now believes he did all to by her son's silence. ell. hope he rot in hai they claim their son spiled into self destruction and depression that continues today being assaulted sexually by this man. >> currently, he is just about catatonic. >> i can almost pinpoint the day this happened. my son went from being a normal little kid to lying all the time, having major behavioral issues. wasording to police, it
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theome here where pornographicn for images. surprised thisle d happen 60 feet from my front door. the boys says it happened over and over again. they were party the pinky club, to pinky to tell anyone. >> he has always come across as e who cares about children. his doorcked on tonight, and no one answers. s facing multiple charges on an $800,000 bond. >> thank you.
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we are also following breaking news tonight from texas where a slammed into a parade wounded veterans. officials say the train was horn, so officials --not say whether the train the crew saw it. to the sex scandal, the most recent one, that has captivated nation. david petraeus. investigators are going to delve deeper into his life. >> tonight, we have learned the is opening an investigation ofo the general conduct david petraeus. during the healing -- hearing,
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lawmakers questioned top cia relationshiput his his biographer, paula broadwell. broadwell was questioned on the before the election day. holder decided to share what he housed with top white officials. meantime, petraeus is capitol hill. people were killed in on september 11. >> tomorrow, president obama and congressional leaders will be meeting at the white house or the first time since the election to talk about the fiscal cliff. president obama will ask for 1.5 trillion dollars -- $1 trillion taxes.
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an officer0, in a shooting last is all because of a fake handgun. an officer was let into a home .o serve a piece order while inside, the officer said a man came down the stairs replica hand gun. the officer shot him, fatally the officer is on leave while it investigated. coming up, five-hour energy and your health. that trend could endanger lives. >> coming up, we will tell you how a 16-year-old girl from a y virginia suburb was a sex slave. story every parent to see. >> i am bob ryan. a few raindrops. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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>> you are watching abc 7 news
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at 11:00. on your side. 7 investigation every parent needs to see tonight. us about her tells ordeal after being dangerousnto the world of prostitution. the victim was just a sophomore school when she was slave.into a sex girl with a love for sports. seemingly charmed life with an upper-middle-class family. >> my mom and dad made good money. later, a standout student in prep school. >> i made on a roll. >> a low self-esteem made her vulnerable at age 16. >> i was bullied. >> one chance encounter turned life upside down. it started when she was waiting bus stop in the summer of 2009.
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a man was sitting on the steps. she caught his eye and he approached her. >> i was not sure of myself. you can tell he picked up on that. a 24-year-old, a of the street gang, the crips.ound >> he said, you look so good. you could make a lot of money. >> use belt special -- you felt special. >> i would go out and i told my mom i would go to a friends' house. -- a friend's house. >> he and another gang member up near her home. and take her to area apartment s in those towns to have money. sometimes, servicing its 30 or more men a day. >> you do it until you cannot. e night, i was so tired, i passed out.
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one night, i made over $2,000 out of alled me $100 of that. >> she used ecstasy and cocaine to numb the pain. >> you have to get high to be ok. >> why did you not get out when was not for you? >> he used violence to control the situation. i was so fearful. >> her parents began to worry, a missing person's report. no one suspected what was going on. understood the problem. we did not believe it was herehing that could happen fairfax county. >> she was trafficked by these convicted gang members. police were able to bust the juvenile sex ring. in september, her testimony send the man to prison
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for 40 years. >> i felt so powerful when i podium.the i felt like he heard what i had to say. does not and tonight. tomorrow, pamela will speak with convicted crips gang from a federal prison. will take a look at the ways gangs recruit girls. the father and ceo of five our energy speaks out against the federal probe. there is a claim the popular is responsible for fouraths in the past years. people making them are just after money. the fda launched a similar andstigation last month reported deaths may be linked energy leadersamerica's top met.
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honored to host it at the reagan billet -- reagan bill in -- building. including the former joint asefs chairman, as well business and community leaders. and admiral was given the american patriot reward, which leadershippatriotic and national devotion. it was humbling being in a crowd of people like that. amazing men and women there. you for everything you do. >> we are fortunate to live in area we do. >> absolutely. >> weather. sometimes we have got some wild stores -- storms. for all the folks where you remember where you might have n the big travel day, no big storms. weather comingty our way. enough nasty especially folks up in
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york. 44 degrees outside right now. this november, four degrees cooler than average. look around the northeast. 44 here. hundred thousand t power in new york city. are at 44 degrees here. a chilly and cold morning. right now on live doppler, you e a few lonesome rainshowers. there is a little bit of soreness, a -- a little bit of an area of low pressure. was is the reason today it socially. outof this is heading the northeast and will not be causing any problems for us as we go through the next few days. looks overnight and during the day tomorrow. high pressure. think the sunshine, once back. we'll come i said that yesterday.
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this time, i mean it for tomorrow. there was a suggestion earlier about showers forming off the coast. be stayingy will out as we get on to the few days. temperatur tomorrow, still a bit below average. out to our west, also the same story. but, as we get into the weekend the big holiday travel day, a lot of sunshine and pretty quiet whether no ,atter where you are going especially into wednesday and thanksgiving day. morning, temperatures 30's. as the low some morning clouds. still on the cool side, with n the 50's.s i for the big travel day on wednesday, around here, too much country, pretty nice weather. on into thanksgiving, also, temperatures by thanksgiving, nearer average. e mid 50's.
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no sign of any big storms. had enough of stars. -- storms. >> sports coming up. what is new? are hot tonight. to rekindle the chemistry on sunday? he will tell us. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banknking. standard at citibank. >> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. philadelphia eagles will get their first up close and robertl look at our beac this guy is the real deal. has been handcuffed to the now, the other
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player is somewhat healthy. expected to play against the eagles. has played in only three games. o ask, if it would -- if it would be hard to the energy between the two. >> it is good to have him back. he looks good. told him we will have many games together. might as well go ahead and start now. rg3. to charlottesville. the cavaliers trying to keep alive. intercepted. look out. is a pick six, 36 yards. that touchdown and the first quarter. carolina wins it. no ball game this year for virginia. it was a good ball game tonight. y on thea relied heavil
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6 ft. 8 player. back afterhe is playing minor league baseball. 62-57. blacksburg, virginia tech. five guys in double figures. green scored 23 points. over 1000 points for his career. virginia tech wins, 95-80. they are 3-0. tonight, the mvp awards. no surprise in the american league. baseball's's first triple crown winner in 45 years. game, set, match. rookie never had a chance. over in the national league, the favorite returned from a devastating leg injury to become mvpfirst catcher to win the award in 73 years.
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he won in a landslide. your two mvp. 's. --days until ptichers and report ford catchers spring training.
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>> we want to remind you about 7 app. abc you can wake up to myself, voices.s do not get mad of us even if we get you out of bed. with us. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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>> heading to work and school chilly. morning, it is no rain. pretty quiet weather. no storms insight on into thanksgiving. >> sounds good. that is it for us tonight. hey, look! a hooting star!
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