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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 16, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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get fios for an amazing price online, just $79.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two year greement. and don't fo yrget your special bonus -- $300 back. or get this great price with no annual contract. hurry. this holiday deal ends soon. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities go to today. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. that's and see why millions have chosen fios over cable. >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news the gulf coast. an oil rig has exploded 25 miles louisiana. look at the pictures just into our newsroom. helicopters, an airplane, and a boat are near the scene. the fire. word if the fire has been put
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out. >> david petraeus is telling congress he said from the first day the deadly attack in was the work of terrorists. >> he told the panel other agencies changed the original cia report. we have the latest twists in the search for an answer. washe former cia director growth for over an hour this morning by the house. we know this afternoon the libya was not spontaneous. from whath different the general said just three days after the attack. >> david petraeus told the house d senate committees he told was terrorism within hours and al qaeda was involved. testimony comes as the investigated for the over an extramarital affair. i think petraeus will be in a provide details. the american public should know
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this. hearings, the new congressman said he thought the answers were correct. along there was terrorismt involvement. recollection of e told us in september. >> he would not say if the sex scandal ever came up. >> he regretted what happened. it. was basically people we spoke with believe his personal issues are happened ino what libya. he still wonders. should be interesting to being involvedr the scandal affected his through the whole thing. the september 11 attacks left includingk, ambassador stevens. -- the september 11 attacks left four people dead, including stevens.r what the remain about
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obama administration knew about the attack. he interviewed many of the people involved. >> when all the hearings are completed, which could include from hillary clinton, make thewould like to classified information public. reporting live on capitol hill, john gonzales, abc 7 news. the meeting has racked up at house over the fiscal cloud. leaders of the house and senate to work over thanksgiving to find a solution. >> tomorrow is speaker boehner's birthday. we are not going to embarrass him with a cake because we did know how many candles were needed. >> right. [laughter] >> we do want to wish him a happy birthday. thank you. >> after the meeting, leaders encouraged that they will
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agreement. democrats and republicans called productive. >> we are hearing from the of the little girl whose production prompted amber alert overnight. the jobless around this morning her parents fled their homes in southern virginia. -- the child was found this after her parents fled virginia. in southern >> early this morning, a ups spotted the vehicle used in the abduction. driver called 911 and .ollowed the car inside the car was the little girl's father. the girl was down a short time later in maryland. >> i am ok. >> there she is, safe and sound family in prince george's county. had no idea police say s -- the child had no idea police say her parents took
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members inher family staying where she was night. the parents left last after the court told them o theould be turned over t social services department. she is my sister-in-law. over last night and was the state of virginia was trying to take her child. she did not know what to do. her aunt asked us not to show her face. upset and confused what happened overnight. the state would never have take her into custody. home.ld have brought her >> family members say jennifer was not trying to break the law but save her child. they are trying to figure out w to help the little girl with them for the weekend. they are planning to petition mondayrt for custody on morning. the plan was to call them at .:00 in the offices open today
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we were told there was a member alexis.t for went ahead and call the police. the family says the state of is looking for a foster home but is allowing her to stay them until everything is settled. in police custody. no word yet on when they will be charged. >> northern virginia commuters are preparing for an early in the form ofnt express lanes. is next. look at what >> bumper-to-bumper backups on the beltway could be a thing of thanks to new express lanes opening saturday morning. he is ready for the new option. >> i am glad i will be able to it when i need it. the construction could cost
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have three ornot people in your car. the tolls will vary based on up to $6nd time of day or more. thi --yone knew needs an ex pass. you can use it free if you have three people in the car. virginia will be keeping a eye to watch for toll violators. >> troopers will be on the for individuals that lane andcted the hov sure they are in compliance. does not plan to use it, could free up his commute. people uselove it if it. i would use the beltway more often. the idea of tolls on 95 in virginia is meeting resistance from residents. a new poll found 57% people opposed the proposal to place on the highway to fund
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repairs. virginia says they would rather build the tollbooths rather than 14 cent gas tax. the polls are among the lowest in the nation. the metro station will be open. still be delays. here they are. on the red line, the trains will on a single track. on the blue line, a single .rack that is throughout the weekend. on that get a break tomorrow. the blue and yellow lines will single track in some areas. if you are that trying to catch a flight. this weekend is shaping up to nice one. >> it is looking good for the weekend. we are running into more gray skies this weekend. temperatures are looking cool,
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remain cool. let's go to the map. a great look at the sun rise over damascus this morning. significant cloud cover earlier. now, a beautiful midday and afternoon on talk. 46 in winchester. 47 in austin hill. struggling to hit 50 degrees. we will. we will be in the low to mid the highs. sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. cool and sunny throughout much of the united states. is 56 and sunny. seattle and san francisco have a chance of showers. have the weekend forecast coming up. if you have checked social heard the probably out of is going
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business. they are following through on liquidate in bankruptcy court. this means more than 18,000 lose their jobs. comes after workers refused to return to work. that means the end of the twinkies andmakes wonder bread. the shelf life of twinkies is four years.t are stocking up. >> 33 factories have been suspended. willompany says stores open for several days to sell remaining products. the thought of losing their brand is sow for a lot of people. >> what is next? what are we going to lose next? >> i cannot understand it. twinkies.e
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>> hostess brand child for inpter 11 protection january. coming up on abc 7 news at , renee simpson goes toe to toe with anderson coooper. >> the recovery efforts of sandy are under the microscope. >> israel moves closer to a military action in after an attack the world has not seen in more than 40 years. let's look outside. sunshine. it is looking better than earlier. will check in
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>> a developing story in the middle east. strip isin the gaza intensifying. a rocket fell north of the city. it is the first time it has been on since 1970. it struck the ministry building. cover at least 27 people have died. activatedi army has is a0 reserve troops and troops on the and border, signaling a possible ground invasion. killed interans were texas. 16 others were hurt. the accident happened yesterday in mid in texas. they are not sure what caused deadly accident. it is not clear if the crew of
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n saudi float on the tracks. thousands remain without in new york and new jersey. power has been restored to 95% of customers. an associated press analysis of bigge times from other hurricanes and storms suggests response may be than with even faster storms. >> it is starting to look better outside. >> bright sunshine. it is looking and feeling good. >> you started your day in a degree whether. wafelt like an astronaut ddling around. the theme this year is shrek the halls. you can get more information at
12:16 pm look at the beautiful sun rise earlier this morning. i will give you the live picture instd. at reagan national. there is still dry air in place. the wind is out of the north at 12 miles an hour. och we have had the northerly wind. that is why the temperature has been below average with the exception of last weekend when we made it into the low 70's. a different story starting tomorrow. 48 in gaithersburg. winchester is 46. upper 40's and low 50's at this time. we will only be adding another degrees through the afternoon. the eastern half is cool. , similarouth
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temperatures. only 54 in atlanta. the cool air is a cross in a big part of the united states. here is a look at the satellite radar. a nice bit of upper level throughout our region overnight and this morning helping to trigger a light .hower you can see the back edge of the the day pushing east. east.migrating nothing but sunshine for the into saturday. look at the middle and eastern half of the country. nothing but sunshine. we have the high pressure system the north bringing us sunshine. high-pressure generally causes sinking. inhibits the clouds from forming.
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we have been on the cold side of month. getting the north wind. have more highs putting side through next week as well. 54 high today. temperatures dropping into the 40's. wind at 5 to 10. temperatures will be clear and cold like last night. lows -- highs in the mid 50's. sunday is when you will notice an increase in the cloud cover. the next chance of rain is tuesday. just a little sprinkle. steve? >> coming up at noon, we will how she is at her day in new york city. her day in new york city. >>
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>> trust and other people with the food you eat can be , especially after you d behind the curtain the restaurant.
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it is always great to see you. you are delving into what restaurants do not want us to know. afraid to hear what you have to say. this is not about saying are unknown disasters. most do everything right. is one of the great life, especially when you have three kids. there are certain things we need to have common sense about. that is why we do these stories. waysere are some restaurants may deceive people. there are other ways to find value. >> you are hinting at the special. you are right. ,e believe if it is on special precious and newest. not necessarily. you will hear why tonight. tonight, we are using our tampa
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.ffiliate' a weekly report. is a great opportunity for us .o work with our affiliate we often feel isolated. e having all the fun in , and i am stuck in the studio. with thee to work affiliate. think it is the first time the studio in a weeks.of been doing a fantastic job. showng forward to the tonight. we will see you then. gross you out. >> that is good to know. that will air tonight on abc 7. that is not the only big thing in new york today. simpson will be a co- "anderson live." >> she did not show up empty-
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handed. e shopping at the dollar store. i found some things that were anderson. this is perfect for the holidays. plays music. isn't that great? [applause] i thought it would bring out the in your eyes. >> slightly jealous. mine does not play music. that is coming up at 3:00 right here on abc 7. i look forward to watching the whole show in a couple of hours. tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00, about the whole lookience and give you a
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>> the fire that was burning in the gulf, the fire is out. a few people hurt. will have more details at 5:00. good. are looking starting to come in. it has taken three weeks. >> we are at 16 days. are raising money. we're raising money for prostate cancer. we are at $2,300. we have raised
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