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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> at first, it looked like a car accident was to blame, but tonight, a local college student
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is dead and the police are saying it is murder. >> the police are now saying they know who killed a savior? -- xavier? >> that is right, the police arrested a gainesville man, the motive still a mystery. friends described him as a talented athlete, a hard worker on and off the field. xavier was just 19, described as a standout football player at battlefield high school in manassas. his friends are trying to comfort each other over his losts. >> it is hard to explain what they are going through. >> fairfax county police discovered his body at about 7:00 friday night in vienna just off chain bridge road, where his minivan had crashed into a barrier.
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investigators say he had been stabbed to death that they did not know his killer, they plan to meet that evening. he was a sophomore, a student well-liked in the classroom. >> he was so ambitious and willing to do anything for anyone. >> well-liked on the athletic field. >> anything he needed to do, he would do it, whether on the weight room or in the field. he would give you 120%. still in shock. i don't want to believe it. it is rough. >> the police are not saying how and why the two men met. we know that there was a struggle and the man was stabbed. >> d.c. police are investigating a shooting in southeast. shots rang out at 8:00 this evening in the 5000 block of errors place.
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the details of the shooting are sketchy. the victim was found lying in the middle of the road, not yet identified. detectives are canvassing the carrier, searching for crews lues. d.c. police say a teenager was hit by a car and a second time by an suv. the suv driver did not stop. the police did not have a description, but they're looking for a tan suv with d.c. plates. >> the case of a missing university of maryland student has taken a sad turn. he disappeared 10 days ago, but it was found at a parking lot in bowie. investigators believe he took his own life. they say he had not spoken to friends or family since december 19. >> and emotional gathering in arlington as funeral services were held for jason emma, who was shot and killed in northeast on monday. the police say he was sitting in
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his car, blocks from his home, when he was killed. if he had just moved to capitol hill. investigators released surveillance tape of persons of interest. new details about a deadly fire that swept through town home in greenbelt last night. the victim was a woman in her 80's who initially escaped the flames, but then went back inside to help others escaped. the neighbors say they were devastated to hear what happened. >> it is very sad, especially this time of year. it was an elderly lady who live there with her son. she had 24-hour nursing care. >> two people got out of the house, seriously hurt, but are expected to recover. earlier today, the greenbelt fire chief was knocking on doors to remind people have a working smoke detector. the weather, we did not get a lot of snow today, but the wind is picking up. >> people are wondering what the
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conditions will be like in landover tomorrow. >> it will be cold and wind the, even in the evening. we have to get through the cold snap for the time being. closer to the new year warmer conditions. boston that is the weather maker that brought us the wet snow earlier today, not much accumulation, the high pressure moving in from the west. the wind is really beginning to pick up. if the wind gusts 25-30 continuing to increase as we go over night and early morning hours. tomorrow morning, if you have to walk the dog definitely bundle up. 25-32, but with the wind out of the northwest at 15-25, it will feel like the upper teens. coming up, we will talk about the forecast for the rest of the year into 2013, and if you are
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headed to the big football game tomorrow night, what to expect. >> just three days until the country reaches the so-called fiscal cliff, and the deal could be coming together as soon as tomorrow. richard reeve joins us from the newsroom. what we are hearing is this deal may not cover everything? >> that is right, the temporary payroll tax cut is set to expire, affecting everyone getting a paycheck. we are told senate leaders are trying everything, private conferences, phone call, email trying to hammer out a deal before the deadline. the clock is ticking, just three days left now. >> i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> this weekend, government issued the's are arriving at the capitol signal talks are still going on, but the americans are getting impatient. >> sit down, get in a room, and don't come out until you get this taken care of. >> right now, harry reid and
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mitch mcconnell are working on a so-called mini deal to prevent a tax increase for roughly 98% of american workers, extending unemployment benefits to nearly 2 million people, preventing cuts to medicare doctors. >> whenever we come up with will be in perfect. >> it comes up with president obama calls the bare minimum addressing tax cuts without doing anything to curb spending. >> we will get at best a patch and be here again in two months. congress cannot get out of its own way. >> average family would pay an extra $3,400 next year. >> the law says that every american's tax rates are going up. every american's paycheck will its mother. if that the impasse has shaken wall street, -- the impasse has shaken wall street.
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>> i think the likelihood is we go over the fiscal cliff. >> jim moran is wondering if partisan politics has destroyed the chance for any agreement. >> i don't think we will be up to reach a deal, no matter how small it might be. >> the american people are watching what we do. obviously, their patience is already thin. >> if senate leaders reached a deal, rank-and-file senators could vote by sunday, house member sunday night. right now there is not enough time left, they really need a deal tomorrow to beat the monday midnight deadline. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> in addition to working on a deal on the fiscal cliff president obama has ordered 50 u.s. troops to the african country of chad to help evacuate american citizens and embassy personnel from the neighboring countr rebel forces are approaching the city. the president said it is a
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deteriorating security situation. the evacuation comes in the wake of criticism of the obama administration's in telling -- handling of the situation in libya. >> former president george h. w. bush is out of the intensive care unit into a regular hospital room tonight. he had been in the hospital since november 23 from a bronchitis-related costs. he was moved to intensive care before christmas after developing a fever. he is the country's oldest living president. >> new information into a plane crash that killed four people in russia. what happened to another airplane from the same airline just days ago. >> why an attorney for a new town massacre survivor says the state of connecticut is to blame. if >> how of
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>> we're learning more tonight about the crash of a russian airplane in moscow. four people were killed after the red wing airplane broke into pieces and caught fire while landing. four people were hurt. your plane rolled off the runway into a snowy field. another red wing airplane went off the runway in siberia on december 20. the official said that crash happened because the airplanes engines failed to go into reverse during landing. >> a woman is in jail tonight charged with pushing a man to his death in front of a new york city subway train. she was charged with the murder as a hate crime in the death of the man. he was killed thursday. the detectives arrested the woman yesterday after somebody spotted a woman who resembled the person seen on surveillance tape after the incident. >> the lawyer for a 6-year-old survivor of the school shooting in newtown, conn., is speaking out tonight one to sue the
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state for failing to provide a safe setting. he says it is not just a problem in connecticut. >> the state of connecticut and other states, too, are failing to protect children from guns. her friends are dead, and that is trauma. >> the student in the case has not been identified. >> two police officers involved in a gunbattle with a suspect in new jersey are out of the hospital tonight. a third officer underwent surgery for stomach was and is expected to recover. the suspect was in sight of a police station when he wrestled the gun away from one of the officers and started shooting. two officers fired back. the man was killed. >> a winter makes up this morning, and tonight the wind is whipping up. and it is cold. steve has a look at the forecast
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rest of tonight and tomorrow.
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>> the 29th annual festival is about to kick off in china, including ice and snow sculpture competitions music performances, and other activities. more than 2000 works will be on display. that is kind of like what we see at the gaylord the national harbor, just a little bigger. >> we are looking at a wine the night and one in the day tomorrow. . windy night and day tomorrow. looking outside right now, the camera is not moving much on top of the building, but the wind is increasing. when gusts up to 40 m.p.h. as we move into the early morning hours, into the day tomorrow. the temperature right now, 40 degrees at reagan national, the windshield not so bad, 37.
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frostburg, 43 m.p.h. wind gust over the past hour, 27 degrees. 36 children's hospital, the wind gust over 40 m.p.h. the western side of maryland, 40 m.p.h. or wind gusts, the same wind at about 20, the temperature of 24 an accident maryland the clouds beginning to dissipate, 30 degrees dulles airport, gaithersburg 36. fredericksburg 42 degrees. the really cold air, well off to the west, seven degrees minneapolis. the arctic cold air is not going to make its way into our area any time soon. we will keep the temperatures slightly below average this time of year, but still comfortable for the end of december early- january. the satellite radar we had a
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brief bit of wet snow, not accumulating moving up the east coast. new york city and the clear, boston getting heavier snow, upper new england. all of this is moving out of the early morning. the high pressure settles into our area and the wind picks up out of the northwest 25-30 m.p.h. early in the morning. no watch or advisories with the exception of extreme western maryland, still with a winter storm warning for garrett county until 7:00 in the morning. the future-cast tomorrow, a mixture of sun and clouds, more sunshine than clouds, but the strong northwest wind will make it feel like the 20's as we move into early tomorrow evening. tomorrow night, it will be cold, not quite as windy as right now. travel plans, are going to the game at fedex field, bundled up. cold and windy 25-32 tonight.
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tomorrow, the same wind at about 20-30 the temperatures at 25--- 35-40, but it will feel like 25- 28. the game time forecast, cold, the wind out of the north northwest at 15-25, the air temperature 34 degrees. the wind chill factor, you don't want to hear this, 22 or so. chance of showers late monday night, new year's eve. tuesday, a few showers here and there, but no big storms on the way. >> the wind chill, my goodness. >> the cold wind. it will freeze the cowboys. >> that is true, those texans are not used to this cold weather. >> i don't think the fans will mind while they are tailgating, they will be bundled up. getting ready for the game, the wizards trying to finish the year on a high note in the windy
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city. and rg3 trying to end the season on a high note, spectacular fashion tomorrow. redskins countdown coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the wizards are like the walking wounded. now, and not just from the 4-24 record. jordan crawford the latest casualty, sitting out the game in chicago with a left ankle injury. washington kept a close. the third quarter okafor gets the pass and hit the jumper, part of an 11-0 run. fourth quarter just look at
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butler. baseline, nothing but net. the bulls with a nine-point lead 87-77, they win. the navy midshipmen off to a rocky start of the season, winning seven of their last eight, but the clock struck midnight tonight at the craft comparable. -- at the kraft hunger bowl. the offense, no chance, taylor kelly, four touchdown passes, three of them to ross. that was one of them, 50-yard bomb. turn on the television, walk to the subway even look at a stop sign, rg3 is pretty much everywhere in washington. only the second rookie in washington history to make the pro bowl. the lowest interception percentage one of the records.
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he only has five this season. also the highest passer rating and highest completion percentage. he has done so well, but even mike shanahan who has coached by joe montana and john elway has given special praise. >> i don't think anybody in history of the league has played at his level even the last 40 years. i doubt that anybody has played at that level. he has a unique skill set. his ability to throw drop back play action, it puts the pressure on the defense, and he will just get better and better. he is just scratching the surface. >> maryland hosted a struggling delaware state squad it tonight. the terps cruising, 10 victories in a row only three victories by single digits. they are pretty good, right? maryland breaking the press
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easily, and wells finishes with the one-handed jam. the terps led 40-22 1/2. they keep pouring it on. second half, maryland cruising. that acrobatic layup, a dramatic finish. the terps improve 11-one, 79-50 win. virginia tech, not so lucky against byu. six-eight from the three-point line, 29 points in the first half career high 42 on the day tech loses. george mason at south florida. that second half, the baseline jumper. usf with the 12-point lead, mason-dixon close, but they still lose. a.u. played sixth ranked kansas today, losing 89-57. hard to talk basketball when everybody wants to talk about the redskins. >> i think some fans are coming
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down. >> the tickets are still pricey. >> $1200. >> if they included a big thick
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>> virginia woman says instead of finding a new high pad in frof a box of packaging, she
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got a bunch of notepads. she said she got the runaround from walmart until she called the media for help. the family got an upgraded ipad for their troubles. they're encouraging other people to double check before they leave the store. >> ipad, notepad not the same thing. >> not quite. >> at least she got it taken care of.


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