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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 17, 2013 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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>> we are getting close to the sequestration deadline. more than a trillion dollars in the next decade. >> the president and congress have less than two weeks before the cuts kick in. >> is political catch phrases like fiscal cliff and debt ceiling behind us, americans have something to worry about. is sequestration. the spending cuts would be imposed on march 1. democrats proposed a measure to delay cuts. >> we cannot cut investing in education and research and development. we need to get back to balance. >> we are talking to in a half
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percent of what we spend. this is the first year of 10 years in cuts, after you have to be realistic. families across the country have had their budgets cut by a larger than that. >> $85 billion in cuts could lead to furloughs. the pentagon fears this could have a drastic affect on military. many republicans say this is coming. >> we are here because the president refused to cut spending, and we have grown up with this. >> so there is still some uncertainty over the deadline, senator charles schumer appears confident the sequester will be avoided. >> there are those that do not need a favor of hardly anybody other than themselves and the few whose special interests are protected both sides are looking for a solution. it seems finding a solution has so far evaded lawmakers.
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>> we are joined by the political defense reporter. we are talking sequestration and you know it well. what sort of impact will it have? >> it has already had an impact. training is being deferred. maintenance is being deferred. we are looking at close to a trillion dollars. there is going to be very little the pentagon can do to avert it. >> outside the defense department, who is going to feel the impact the most? >> i think every agency will be cut by a certain amount. we are looking at about 9%. everything is going to be cut. >> we are talking as if it is a foregone conclusion, but is it a
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foregone conclusion? >> it depends. we have a shortage of agreements about what they actually do to avert it. nobody is working in negotiating together to avert it by march 1 which is when the next deadline is. they decided to go home for the recess. when they come back, they will have a few days. >> it seems like a lack of urgency. >> there is a lack of urgency. price we are going to have a possible defense cut and and the person the president wants a the helm of the defense department has not been there yet. >> chuck hagel got a vote on thursday afternoon. he needed 60 votes.
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he only got 59. republicans are saying it is to confirm -- too early to confirm. they have not had enough time to review his statement and his record, but most republicans think they will be able to after they come back from recess. >> there is still apprehension among republicans, but they have had a reasonable amount of time. i want to talk about immigration reform. a r d telling president obama's plans for immigration reform, -- there is a plan detailing president obama's plans for immigration reforms, but a lot of st. now we did a lot of people say it will be dead on arrival. >> they say there is a plan, and they pursue elements of this in the media and elsewhere. it may be dead on arrival, but the white house and congress have done these things in the past.
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>> thank you. >> thank you so much. in the other news tonight metro leaders have been assessing step after passengers decided to sell to evaluate from a green line train that broke down. passengers were stopped for a fourth of two hours. the metro manager and other leaders explain what went wrong. >> some of them did an outstanding job. they did not make the amount -- the announcement on the train. had that occurred, it might have alleviated the situation. >> despite warnings, people on the second train also got off and passengers had no choice but to shut down service. no one was injured in the incident. >> walter reed medical center is
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evaluating a technology that could mean more depression treatment for service members. now hospital is studying patients. if they compare the brain scans with others in an online database that could allow them to make decisions based on comparisons. >> highlighting the divide within the organization. the fire chief delivered an address this past week. only a handful showed up. some were upset about the proposal to move to 12-hour shifts and another plan to deploy and other forces to other ships. >> i think we will be fine. >> i think we will do this again and again, and hopefully folks will show up and hear this kind
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of message. >> many of the rank and file members skipped the event. they also invited top officials to speak, and they did not show up either. >> a former school principal is making accusations he and the family confronted the district by sending a grandson to the d.c. school, but she says that is not novel story. -- not the whole story. >> she worked in d.c. public schools for 44 years. now her former employer is suing her, her daughter, and her granddaughter for elevating school tuition for her grandson. now the region -- for evading school tuition for her grandson. he attended school in d.c.
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that could mean paying $75,000 in damages and penalties $24,000 of that for non- residential tuition for d.c.'s school attendance. >> they are at my house a lot. she goes back in the morning. >> campbell claims it is all a misunderstanding. she lost her husband james four years ago. she says when her granddaughter and great grandson were kicked out of their southeast d.c. apartment, they were a comfort. >> i should be further along with this grieving, but i have not gotten there yet. i am not comfortable being here by myself. >> a first of its kind storm. it is not even over yet.
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already, it is raising red flags. >> we will tell you about the controversy over a pot shot coming up. >> our skies are
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>> friday is the last day for the u.s. secret service director mark sullivan. he is finishing his long career as head of the agency. since last year it was tarnished by the scandal of secret service
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agents hiring prostitutes. >> george zimmerman's wife is in prison, four are charged with perjury after allegedly lying when she testified about her husband's finances. >> on wednesday, the former new orleans mayor nagin is said to be arraigned. the indictment accuses him of bribes. the money allegedly came along with a family business and trips to hawaii, jamaica, and other destinations. many parts of the northeast are feeling the effects of super storm sandy. how one town has started a long process of getting on its feet. >> how long this cold snap will
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is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. this is the purit of perfecection. whether you're a ham & cheese at noon a turkey-cheddar-bacon in the afternoon or a tuna salad when the job is done sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> work is under way to repair damage to a major landmark now after super storm sandy. the mayor says most of the work should be done by may 10, but things like ramps will come after that. >> around these parts it was a windy day that will truly test the strength. if you can sustain 40-mile per
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hour winds we do just fine tonight. conditions have already improved for the day tomorrow, and windy conditions again. let's take note of that into wednesday appear reagan winds are out of the west-northwest at 12 and giving us a wind chill factor of 16. you want to bundle up. it is still chilly out there. i should say we see 48 degrees a high of only 27. the sea at 22 degrees. it is 23 at alexandria . -- dc at 22 degrees. southern maryland at 27. a cold day. we are looking out a little bit of a bump in temperatures. you can see it to the west.
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this push of warm or milder air will drive late tomorrow into early tuesday followed by a cold front that is going to drop our temperatures wednesday, but look at the wind chill factors. now it feels like 5 degrees this hour. they are digging out about 5 inches of snow that fell earlier in the day. clear skies for tonight. lots of sunshine for tomorrow. it will be a bit cool when we wake up in the morning. temperatures will warm up nicely by the afternoon hours. it is dry and will remain that way. a cold front approaches from the west. this is future cast, and it looks like our skies remained mainly clear for the overnight
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hours, and tomorrow, look for the clouds to increase tomorrow. this is going to head our way. a cold front strong, gusty winds. we will look like region we will look at a change. temperatures begin to fall, and colder air on wednesday. forecasts for tonight, 15 degrees to 20 degrees. lots of sunshine tomorrow. with the conditions on tuesday into wednesday. colder air. for the middle of the week, temperatures below average. thursday night into friday we could be looking at a wintry makes. we will keep you updated but tuesday morning looks interesting. >> we will keep an eye on that. >> up next, the first medical
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>> of first alert to. preparations are under way at a marijuana dispensary hoping to be the first to open in the district. >> more on the preparations under way and the concerns many still have. >> it is painted sky blue.
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they hope to open early april as the first medical marijuana dispenser rate in the district. the general manager says the rules will be restricted in the country. >> double check your id issued by the department of health. >> what used to be a jim is announced -- a gym is now a pot shop. >> only residents with dc residents can buy, and no smoking on the presidpromises. they will also sell cookies brownies, candy, and drinks. they do not want to tip off the competition.
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they will sell paraphernalia and offer counseling services. there are cameras everywhere. where is one on the law there. many of believed selling the drug invites abuse. the average marijuana user was actually a 32-year-old white male who started using pot before age 19. a colorado study found only 3% had cancer or hiv aids. 94% had severe pain. >> i have a bad back. i have a headache. for $2 you get a card. >> that is not the case. this is about medicine. >> it will help the sick he says, and cleanup the neighborhood. >> i am excited. this is a dream come true.
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>> it is important to know marijuana is against federal launch


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