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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute watch asan on storm biggest storms of the the midwestding tonight. it is heading this way. this blast of winter weather in time for the drive home for work. >> we begin with senior meteorologist bob ryan. >> this has been a really big producer, close to the record and parts of kansas. under ahow you the area winter weather revisory. it is not quite in our area because the area is so dry, if you have friends in chicago, last 24 hours.
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here is the center of the storm, it will be like so many storms this winter moving to our north. we will get a bit of moisture air is so dry that i really don't think we anything in the morning rush-hour. i do think that there is now a better than 50-50 chance that we see a very slight amount last 4 snow, sleet, and if you spots for the evening rush hour. >> we are getting a closer look the major mass that was caused by all of that. we're live in the satellite center. >> we may deal with some of truly dealing are with it out in the midwest. this is a live picture where they are covering part of the , and the further west you the worse it gets.
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this is what it looks like in iowa tonight. the midwest and great plains are covered in white. among the hardest hit areas is where drivers could barely see a thing at times. also in missouri where some of made their way through the storm but some needed a lot of help. even some trucks had times, reallyd at big stocks -- trucks got stuck buses were not immune either. it is ice that is keeping tow drivers busy. it has at times literally thundered its way across the country. it is the same storm that damaging tornadoes the california and some rare snow to affected baseball.
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have beene americans with it. it is a monster. >> and an ugly one, headed this way. complete storm watch coverage, 24 hours a day. and our social networking facebook and twitter. the local forecast begins a four block 30 a.m.. bubbly back to update the forecast in just a few minutes. >> following news from en rondeau county were council members have selected laura newman as a replacement for john leopold. newman is the chief executive developmenthe authority. out 15 other candidates. resigned earlier this
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after he was found guilty misconduct in office. parents are outraged at night, after learning an wasentary schoolteacher charged with sexually abusing a pair of students. at meadow hall we have more.ool, 2009, and august of past four and a half atrs has been a teacher here lementary school -- and every school. a lot of parents are not sure if they buy that story. to say that getty and is done is an understatement. the arrest of timothy on two lefts of sexual abuse has this apparent dumfounded. this is not the man he met many
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times. the kids,ed with all is nice and easy going. if you talk to that guy, you like you know him forever. forwarde students came he approached -- touched themly in september. they said he tried to force them him.uch reaction today from parents was outraged towards these serious allegations. >> i know the teacher who he is and the person that he is. everyone is jumping to conclusions. >> she has a daughter in his class and she says that she absolutely does not believe what girls are claiming. >> there are many parents that be in court with him, standing up for him because of is and thethat he teacher that he is.
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>> the bond hearing is set for 1:00. they do conduct background their before hiring teachers. they are on administrative leave. repeal1:00, a bill to penalty has moved forward into the state senate tonight. a vote is expected next week and also support in the house of delegates. tonight, he said that the death bill just moved out of committee. it is expensive and doesn't work. a maryland delegate has introduced a bill to legalize marijuana. the measure creates a system to regulate it like alcohol and direct the comptroller to license one of their retail and testing facilities.
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voters approved measures to legal in november of last year. >> a sexual harassment scandal the d.c. fire department. at least two female cadets have against members of the department. tonight, the mayor is speaking out about our report. jay? or this is personal for may vincent grey. the program was inactive until resurrected it. dodge this is the graduation ceremony and he was proud to be there. >> there will be a day where we have a fire program in the columbia.f >> harassment directed at female
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started at the training academy last month. >> we're always going to be concerned enough to do the investigation and find out. based on what is determined, we appropriate action. >> we really need educate our women on things that are appropriate. >> we are not revealing this to protect herty harassedwho was not said she heard directly from others that said they were harassed by male instructors. >> it was alleged they shaking their behinds, mentioning their breasts to some of the young cadets. >> the version is strongly disputed. >> what we believe happened, was language and
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touching not of a sexual nature that makes them uncomfortable. >> no employee has made an allegation of sexual misconduct. we are investigating any verbal we havearassment but from the chief. he said if he is not satisfied the internal investigation, hearingsall for himself. >> a report such that these allegations are unsubstantiated and there will be an oversight hearing. >> they also told us the took immediate action instructors away presence of cadets. >> firefighters are a deadly fire that a man and two of his daughters. was the 8600 block of the around 4:00roke out this morning.
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the 36-year-old father, the 8- plan and the 4-year-old not survive. it is believed that the blaze an electrical failure. >> on our newscast at 11:00 p.m. night, we reported about of an 18-year-old and man dancing around waving a gun. kid, rson was not aaron for that mistake. the dodger for anyone that flu shot this season ha -- >> it did not work for millions who got it. >> and donald trump is the of an online attack. how this happened and his response. oscar races too close
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vegas police are looking suspects after a violent out that ended with an explosion. dead and several wounded tonight. it happened this morning across the street. they opened fire holland the maserati and another person wounded.e car was the taxi blew up, killing the driver and his customer. >> loved ones are mourning a from woodbridge after he was gunned down during robbery.nt gregory was walking his dog when approached by 25-year- old eric smith. during the struggle, smith shot away. murder and robbery charges. >> this is tied to the flu
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vaccine. disease control and prevention say that the 9% effective in people age 65 and older. health officials are not sure exactly why that is. the hospitalization is the decade for old people. seniors should not ignore any serious flu like symptoms. dr. donald trump's twitter seriouslys been lyrics by offensive rapper who pleaded to his home 2 million followers. back in control of the account, said whether will soon be if lives are able to hack into accounts. >> we are 72 hours away from hollywood's biggest night. the biggest stars are in contention for oscars this year. dodge the oscars team is on the
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hollywood tonight. arch campbell left us his picks he thinks will be the big winners. >> oscar buzz centers on argo, itcoln, zero dark thirty, like a good election. too close to call. what did you think of tommy lee as thaddeus stevens? jones the early favorite but his competition includes robert , the obsessive compulsive in silver linings playbook. >> [inaudible] >> i think his valley speech supportingm best actor. >> what was that like? dodge and how about the best
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actress contest. lawrence holds her own among the cast. think she is a the hard stuff? >> jessica won raves for her officer, now is a no- brainer, daniel day-lewis for lincoln. best supporting actress anne hathaway, best director is steven spielberg for lincoln. best picture, argo. argo will get the top prize but playbook will win most awards. >> he is the expert. we invite you to watch special coverage of the academy awards live from hollywood. they will be live on the red carpet and we will be here for abc seven news after the oscars.
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we will watch it together. >> he needs to take that spot and bundle up. other]g over each andnted to take you outside this a great where light displays on outside of the kennedy center, i will show it to you tonight as well. our washington snowfall, it has only been a bit over 5 inches. not even 2 inches today in wichita, kansas. over 15 inches of snow, the second biggest of all time. lightningnder snow, during a thunder smell. -- thunder snow.
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snowing at 2 inches an hour. you can see, there are friends there and the storm is leaving. look at where it is setting. nasty winter weather heading toward ohio. that is a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. fortunately not coming right into us. that will limit a lot of that moisture. by the time to get into friday saturday, i think we of someseeing a touch winter weather. at the temperature is right now. 32 degrees, here is the key. it will take a while for that really saturate the atmosphere. here comes that area of storm,
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circulation to the west. tomorrow morning, 7:00 in the high cloudsa lot of temperatures around the area into the 20's. way out into the shenandoah valley. watch what happens. this is a simulation. by noon time, anything will be of spotty. montgomery county might be a few snowflakes, maybe a bit of and that will be the story into tomorrow. heading out 66, there could be some slippery spots, but no significant accumulation because it is so dry. the second part of this storm develops, and that would be something for us. and no cancellations and no overlyto relieve the about her morning rush
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hour. there'll be some sleep and a very bit of light snow and it turns to reigned as we get into saturday. at sunday back to some sunshine. >> we are lucky. thank you. >> it is all a and or you are out of here. make a deal with boston. new jersey gives washington the devils.
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>> they started against the very talented doubles team at the top of the nhl east. they have not beaten a team at this season. the lampss game, life and starts the siren. they have the early momentum. too many penalties. he gets the goal, the capitals not won.e >> that is the way the game went. as far as being eager to get there, i think we are changing our game. >> of the wizard's made a trade
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today and itics done to clean out and attitude in the locker room. he goes to boston, so the question is, why did you make the deal? >> more flexibility in the future, there is a roster spot. and we will continue to build on to build. trying >> of virginia tech behind the woodshed. he was phenomenal. he led by twentieth the half. the blast virginia tech tonight. yesterday it snowed and today, no. 1 and no. 2 player is eliminated. androy was eliminated,
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fabulous route to be tiger woods. a stunning day on the first day of the match play championship. on his way home. he wore a jersey with no. 18, the number of olympic gold medals that he has. he had not played since he was 10 or 12. he hits a few. the eighth ranked maryland women by 25, 30 points and 12 rebounds.
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d.c. is opening a major retail project. celebrating the completion of the renovation. the shopping venue has new stores and restaurants. they say the pavilion allows to spendthe chance money rather than out. it took about a year. >> i would like to head over there and check it out. >> you might have to wait.
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maybe not an outdoor cafe tonight. >> it will be a cold one. nothing for tomorrow morning, but some spotty temperatures into
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