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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 25, 2013 12:05am-1:05am EST

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>> and a good morning to those of you who just watched who became the big win ners hollywood and the not win ners hollywood decpwhrfment let's get to the red carp wet our
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winners. live with reaction. what did you guys think? >> it was not a predictable set of oscars. there were several up sets starting with steven spielberg. "argo" turned out to be a big winner. that did win the big award of the night. and one movie -- no one movie dominated anything. >> they spread the love around this year. >> let's look at who won best actor, daniel day-lewis for his portrayal in the movie "lincoln." >> "lincoln" didn't do as well as people might have thought. >> best actress of course went to jennifer lawrence for the "silver linings playbook." >> i expected that to do better
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tonight. >> didn't rack up a lot of awards but jennifer lawrence favored to win in that category and she took home that oscar tonight. >> the other upset or at least in the category least possible to predict was best supporting actor and ross in "django unchained" took that award home and here is some of his reaction from backstage. >> i love this movie not for being the highest grossing one, i love this movie because it's a fabulous exciting piece of entertainment with a really deep message. >> and it was simply when quentin tarantino went up to win his writing award.
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i'd say "django" did better than expected. >> that leather tie. >> he's a man of interesting style. for supporting actress it was anne hathaway who took away the oscar. she was expected to take home this oscar. >> we have a washington connection tonight that a lot of people are excited about and that was documentary short. if you saw it earlier shawn fine went up to win that award. we caught one them backstage and they have a lot of nice things to say about our town. >> we feel really connected to washington especially being from new york and l.a. we love being from washington.
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he is a third generation washington. we love being from d.c. >> shawn's parents worked in television in d.c.. >> we were rooting for shawn fine and it was a great win. >> all eyes this evening on the host. there were a lot of questions as to whether he was the right guy for the job. what did you think? >> i think thought he did pretty good stand-up. i thought the show wasn't produced as well as his add libs. >> he he said it was going to be a family show. fell flat for me but one of my favorite parts was when he played the character "ted."
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>> i think your imagination has gotten out of control. >> i'm really good at sex and i can bring sodas and snacks and soap and stuff. >> we believe that "ted" should mc next year. >> absolutely. there seems to be quite a ground swell of support for "ted" for next year's oscar host. >> if they make "ted" 2 that might happen next year. >> let's look at other highlights from the evening. jennifer hudson. what an amazing talent. her song this evening from dream girls unbelievable and another amazing performance by adele who also ended uptaking home the oscar for best song. she gave this emotional speech. >> thank you so much. thank you. this is amazing. i'd just like to thank barbara
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and michael wilson. sony pictures, mgm, paul -- oh god for believing in me all the time. and my man i love you baby. >> it was nice to see her win. very well deserved. it's an amazing song. >> you never go wrong thanking your mom. >> one criticism we are hering is that for a show that wanted to attract a younger demographic might have fallen short with the performances. >> that big hit took place in 1964. you weren't born then. >> no. >> your mother was very young then. >> i did know the song. it was a very beautiful song. it was a great performance. but some of the more youthful performances were the ones most enjoyed >> i think a tighter produced
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show would have been more appealing. >> halle berry unbelievable. >> she should design an award after her. >> anne hathaway and also kristen stewart a little questionable, buzz about them on twitter. >> you're looking good yourself. >> i'm trying not to embarrass you. you're looking good yourself my friend. >> i'm just an old guy at the oscars. >> it's been a pleasure working with you. that's what is happening. all the celebrities are leaving now. >> we both concur there should be an award after halle berry and you get the first one. >> i love that. i'm going to start working out
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now. >> you look great. thanks you guys. it's been a lot of fun. >> have fun out there. >> for more on all things oscar you invite you to log on to we have lots of photos so there is an extensive photo gallery from that trip. >> let's change gears. what can we expect this week? >> we are looking at a quiet start to our week but big
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>> we're following some breaking news tonight as a major accident has shut done the memorial bridge. an s.u.v. drove off the bridge and went into the water. the driver and a passenger were able to get out of the vehicle but police are still on the scene. there is no initial word on what caused this accident. >> we're following other top stories. an arrest has been made in the death of the student who was shot while walking to school. police will announce the name of the suspect tomorrow
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morning. ross is one of six teens killed in the last six months. >> we are now just five days away from the sequester with no deal in sight. steve mandated budget cuts will kick in on friday. earlier today the obama administration released a state by state break down which our state could lose millions of dollars in funding. >> the arch arch is heading to the vatican now. cardinal will help decide who will replace pope benedict who gave his final blessing today. pope benedict will officially step down on thursday. >> let's take a look at what we can expect for the weather this upcoming week. >> still chilly and a lot of changes. today was nice. we had the sunshine but we had 30 mile per hour wind gusts and that brought us a bit of a chill in the air.
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things are going to change tomorrow for the better but on tuesday it's not going to be so pretty. we have mainly clear skies as we look at downtown. our skies will remain clear tonight. 35 degrees is our current temperature. the winds have started to die just a little bit, out of the north at 15 miles per hour. wind chill in the mid 20's and we're going to look for that to rise through the early morning. you will see temperatures in the lower 20's to 30's in the morning. leesburg had a high of 38. now it's 30 at wtop roofment temperature versus reset since we're after midnight. outside across the area, 32 at cumberland there is thot a
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tremendous amount of really cold air out there but the cold air that is out there is going to move our way through the end of the upcoming week and by next weekend we'll probably see temperatures 10 to 12 degrees below average for the beginning of march. >> high pressure overhead tonight that brings us clear skies. clouds lynn crease through the day tomorrow. complex weather system going to take shape. area of low pressure along with a coastal system, that is going to give us a chance for wintery weather. into the day on tuesday a winter storm watch has already been posted. it includes western maryland. i have a feeling this is going to expand just a little bit and parts of the d.c. metro area could see an advisory issued by
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tuesday morning. these are areas where we could see about a quarter of an inch of ice, not snow. that is a bigger problem. you can see as we move through the day tomorrow plenty of sunshine, temperatures jump to just around r50 degrees then early tuesday morning from the south and west areas shaded in purple, this moves our way and that's going to be the wintery mix but we could see three quarters to an inch of rain across d.c. on tuesday, rain not snow. 24 to 30 for a nighttime low. tomorrow mid 40's to 50 degrees. after the messy weather of tuesday, bump in temperatures on wednesday colder for next weekend. but tuesday morning, afternoon looks messy especially west of d.c. >> bring on spring. >> we are trying.
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march is right around the corner. four days. >> we're almost there. >> sports around the corner as well. >> may not be an oscar but a superstar is doing something else to tell you about. an nfl wide receiver is ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an vainnovator. o hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ ♪ to hold over 80,000... well that would make you... the creators of the 2013 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> today is the one day out of the year everyone seems to know a little bit about nascar, at least just a little. and the story line this year was danica patrick who came so close within the last ten lapse of winning it all. fwfer race. she is the first woman to win the poll 90th lap make history
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again. patrick gets out in front after the caution and become it is first woman to ever lead the daytona 500 during the race. the final lap jimmie johnson gets the lead. danica still in third. there is a crash in the back of the pack but the caution flag does not wave. it's jimmie johnson who twins daytona 500, his fifth win there. but danica finishes 8th. >> i'm honored but again these are things that just happen along the way. i hope to on the quest to be the best driver and run up front and get to victory lane. these things happen and i'm proud but they are not the ultimate goal. >> it was a good race. virginia head coach said his team is right in the spot to make a run for the big dance
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with five regular games left to go. half anderson throws it away. but look at the hustle. gets it back dribbles down court and passes to mitch who will lace it right in. they win 82-54. >> laid terps and duke. they had too many defensive break downs. duke wins 75-59. >> and super bowl rivepbs jones will now put his touchdown dance moves to good use. he's one of the contestants on the upcoming "dancing with the stars" season right here on abc. >> they seem to like receivers on that show. >> i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes. [ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios -- america's faest, most reliable internet -- you get it. but don't take our word for it, ask a real fios customer.
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>> let's go back to hollywood, you can see here quentin tarantino is speaking right now. he just took home the oscar for "django unchained." let's listen in. >> how rewarding is it to be recognized as the best person to put words on to paper? >> i have to say all that criticism that came out it ended up being kind of a good thing. because one of the things i
12:34 am
wanted to do was start a conversation about slavery, about america's role in it. and to take an audience member from the 21st century and have a sense of what america was like back then. so even the people that have criticized the movie and a lot of people don't like it, a lot of people do like it they've been going back and forth and that is what i wanted for the end of the day for this movie and i hope that continues for the next couple of years. >> so your movie was such a success at the box office as were a lot of the nominees this year. do you think the financial success of these films will impact making serious minded fair? >> that's a very good question and i've been thinking about that a lot lately. i go into my own little film
12:35 am
study from time to time especially during crazy moments like this to put it out of my brain. i've been doing a lot of study on the films made in the early 1970's and that was the beginning, starting in 1967 that was the beginning of new hollywood. and i have to say, i wasn't thinking about us. i was just doing that study for my own edification. and i looked at the nine nominees and i have to say more than most other times you can think of, i actually recognized the spirit that was going on then with the nine nominees now and even backed by commercial success. where they were making adult movies where there is nothing about the subject at all in a lot of these movies -- >> quentin tarantino out there after
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who is it? >> it's jimmy kimmel. >> oh. hey, what's up? >> i just came by to say congratulations. great job. >> oh, thanks.
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>> can i come in in. >> no, no it's not a good time. >> i brought champale. >> oh, thanks, man. appreciate that. thank you so much. >> can i come in? >> no. >> even just for a second. >> this is not a good time. >> have a quick drink. oh, my god. ♪ you're a hoarder. >> no, i'm not. this is all stuff i need. i need all this stuff. >> a side view mirror. you need a side view mirror to host the oscars? >> that's from my dave's first car. >> is that michelle kwan. >> she had impeccable grace. >> you have every season of card shark on vhs. >> this show changed my life. >> you got to throw this stuff out. i mean, this is ridiculous. sorry, man. i'm sorry. here, put some meat on it. >> thank you. oh, my god! what is this?
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>> oh, you know what these are? this was my lucky charm. this is what got me through the oscars. >> fingers? >> those are taylor lautner's fingers. my taylor lautner's fingers key chain. >> that's disgusting. ic have this? >> no, no these are mine. but you can get your own. >> you're a monster, macfarlane! >> run. he's fast. >> white people. >> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live! after the oscars. ." an edition of lie witness news with appearances from bruno mar, jessica chastain samuel l. jackson, bradley cooper oprah winfrey, matt damon and many more.
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"movie: the movie 2v." now here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you for watching. thank you for being here. this is our eighth annual after the oscars special. i'm your host jimmy kimmel. this show is to the oscars what ikea is to furniture. a little flimsy, but it will do. did you like the oscars tonight? i thought it was a pretty good show. [ cheers ] seth macfarlane did a very nice job hoeing. but should a 4-hour-long television show be allowed to give out awards for editing?
12:46 am
i say no. this is the 85th award because 85 is the average weight of the women on the red carpet. instead of asking who are you wearing, they should ask when you are eating? one of these years some poor starving actress is going to take a bite out of a mike. the dolby theatre is directly across the street from us which is why security around here is so tight. they confist kated both of my cans of aqua net this morning. security's way over the top. i guess you have to have it. you have almost every big celebrity in the world in one building. if something were to happen we'd have to give awards to real housewives instead of movie star, god forbid. did i do that consciously? i'm sorry. in case you're wondering how to pronounce the name of the musical hugh jackman starred in this year. you pronounce it like this -- >> less miserables. >> could we have that one more
12:47 am
time? >> les miserables. >> thang, john travolta. that can't possibly be how you say it can it? guillermo is that how you say it? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: as is always the case there's a loltd of hype leading up to oscar night. campaigning, speculating. creating ways like this. in tonight's edition of "how is this news." >> the numbers show men are more likely to wave their statues in the air. >> jimmy: because girls don't have statues. we're shaped differently. there was a lot of red carpet coverage. for the fifth consecutive year ryan seacrest took home the year for best animated short. congratulations. the e! network started the red carpet countdown at 10:30 a.m. seven full hours before the broadcast started. this year they kicked things up
12:48 am
a notch. they called this the countdown to the red carpet. they had an animal trainer stop by to demonstrate how a tiger can do stunts like the ones in the movie "life of pi." the trainer's name is randy, which i think is a bad hint to start with. but randy had the situation completely under control. >> you'll only see this live on e!. other shows might pretape this to make sure this is safe. no, throw me in willy-nilly. oh, i have to be quiet? >> we'll do another one. >> no, i think that's good. >> did you see that? >> that's good. >> give her a second. hey, call her, call her. no no no no! call her. get closer. no. >> what's happening? >> she's just confused. >> she now knows. she now knows. get her in there. >> jimmy: and that's why we use cgi.
12:49 am
how great would it have been if the tiger got loose and ate giuliana rancic? i did well on my oscar pool. i had "argo" for best picture, daniel day-lewis for best actor and ernest borgnine for the in memoriam montage. i won. i feel bad for anne hathaway. she realized her lifelong dream of winning an oscar and all people want to talk about is her nipples in that dress. the nipples almost poked through the dress. this is a big event. you have to sand those down. jennifer lawrence won the award for best actress. every night in hollywood you see beautiful women going home with little bald men. tonight is the only night they're actually happy about it. it's crazy. "argo" won best picture, ben aflekt wasn't even nominated for best director. next year he should get a nomination for whatever he directs, even a documentary about yoga pants. another winner tonight was
12:50 am
"amour." i don't usually go for foreign films, but if you see one movie this year about an elderly man wiping the spit off his incontinent's wife's face in french, this is the one, raves peter travers. one of my favorites of the year was "life of pi." a great story, visually unbelievable. ang lee won best director for it tonight. they announced there's a sequel in the works. wouldn't you know it, we happen to have a sneak preview. ♪ >> my name is psy, p-s-y. i have been in a ship wreck. i am on a life boat alone with a tiger. [ growling ] i have a boom box that only plays one song. a very, very annoying song.
12:51 am
please, send help. ♪ gangnam style ♪ ♪ gangnam style ♪ ♪ hey sexy lady ♪ >> "life of psy." he's dead now. you're welcome. >> jimmy: so the academy awards are officially over. the red carpet has been rolled up. the 10-foot-tall oscar stat us go back to standing guard around elton john's bed. we'll be back to watch people in "lie witness news," jamie foxx channing tatum and "movie oochlt: the movie 2v" is next.
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>> jimmy: we're back. "jimmy kimmel live! after the oscars." a big night for white guys with ponytails, that is for sure. those who didn't win did not go home empty handed tonight. the losers got a gift basket valued at more than $45,000. there were a lot of things in there including condoms, bottle of tequila and gift certificates for acupuncture. which mean ss quvenzhane wallis is the most confused youngster on the planet right now. almost everyone has an opinion on the oscars even people who haven't seen all the movies.
12:57 am
people in general tend to have strong opinions on subjects they know nothing about. to prove it we sent a camera crew out on to hollywood boulevard on friday. this is a full two days before the oscars aired. they hadn't finished rolling the red carpet out. there's no possible way anyone could have an opinion on how the oscars went, but that didn't stop them from giving one in a special oscar edition of "lie witness news." so the big night is over. what did you think of the oscars? >> you know, honestly i love the way that they sort of revamped it this year. the new producers were sort of a great change. and all the tribute thes did to the previous years, it was nice to see some of the previous sort of film greats acknowledged yeah. >> the big night is over. what did you think of the oscars? >> i thought it was amazing. a really good performance by all those people. >> what was your favorite part of the night? >> i would have to say the best
12:58 am
picture award. it was really cool. >> which picture? >> what? >> which one won best picture? >> i couldn't tell you. >> what happened when the power went out? >> oh my god, everybody was like, is this one of those really big earthquakes? i was really nervous, but i was really nice. when the lights came back on it was good. >> what was your favorite part of the oscars? >> helen hunt. that girl got it going on man. >> how do you think queen latifah did as host? >> she did beautifully. she's really a very beautiful woman. >> what did you think of suri cruise's acceptance speech? >> a little too long. the longest. kind of nerve-racking. so i just got up and left. >> what were you when you got up and left? >> in my bedroom. i went to the kitchen. >> what do you think of barbra streisand's nips lift? >> there will be wardrobe malfunks every now and then. so hopefully the little kids weren't watching or parents put
12:59 am
their hands over their eyes. >> because it was huge. >> it was huge, but hey, you know. >> what did you think of the oscars? >> the oscars? man, they got nothing going on. man, this is -- i like mary j. blige. >> the big night is over. what did you think of the oscars? >> seriously? they didn't do them yet. they didn't do them yet. >> be honest are you drunk? >> yes. i've had a few. >> jimmy: where is their gift baskets full of condoms and acupuncture, which is a bad combination, by the way. we have an excellent show for you tonight. channing tatum and jamie foxx are here. we'll be right back with more stars than you could possibly eat in this -- >> sir, we're under attack.
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>> they're too sexy! >> "movie: the movie 2v." >> the long awaited sequel to "movie: the movie" is next. i live in the space, between appearance and reality. where the hand sees more than the eye. where the power of touch has no limit.
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