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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  July 14, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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just a short time ago, the department of justice said it would review the case to determine if it should consider prosecuting zimmerman. president obama issued a statement about the not guilty verdict and in part, he read the death of trayvon martin was a tragedy for not just for his family or for any community, but for america. if weuld ask ourselves are doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims to many lights across this country on a daily basis. we should ask ourselves as individuals and as a society how we can rent future tragedies like this. that is the way to honor trayvon martin. the words of president obama. they begin our team coverage tonight. we go now to marcy gonzalez. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> with those words, george zimmerman left a courthouse a free man. the nearly month-long trial over, his attorney saying he
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will soon get act a central piece of evidence, the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. across the country, last night verdict sponsor -- spawned protests and prayers. in this church that martin poss family used to attend, his cousins shared their disappointment in the outcome. >> they are concerned and hurt. [inaudible] ,> while his terence moran because of death threats, zimmerman remains in hiding for fear of his safety. he pleaded not guilty to second degree murder, always saying he killed martin in self-defense. legal experts say based on the case laid out by the state, the jury's decision to acquit was no surprise. >> talking about just that moment he shoots and the amount of evidence there was that george zimmerman had been beaten by trayvon martin, it was
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difficult to see how the prosecution was going to win this case. rex the department of justice released a statement saying their investigation into martin poss death is ongoing and they will continue working through the evidence to see if it reveals any civil rights violation. as soon as the verdict came down, we saw plenty of reaction on social media. thousands of people took to the streets in protest. we actually saw some protest right here in d.c.. .ur team coverage continues now >> this has become the spot for prod -- for spontaneous celebrations. but as the light of day comes, we are talking to a lot of folks who are trying to figure out what happened in this controversial case. unhappy with the not guilty verdict in the trayvon martin case, hundreds poured into the
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court or for a diesel protest. sunday morning, it was still the topic of conversation. >> my own opinion is it was not justice. it might have been correct. >> i support the jury's decision. i think in many other states it would have been a different verdict. >> many were hoping for a different outcome and were disappointed even satin. >> there should have been some repercussion for taking the life of somebody, regardless of the situation. -- veryy disappointing disappointing there was not a consequence. >> i think more concrete evidence would have made a difference. >> thousands are calling for the judge -- for the justice department to charge zimmerman. a prosecutor says it could be an uphill battle.
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you've got five sons and use it as a teachable moment. but i'm having trouble figuring -- trayvon is martin was not doing anything illegal. he was just walking home. he had come back from 7-eleven. >> so many people are so engaged in this, several hundred thousand filed an online petition with the naacp website. somebody people signed it that it crashed website a few times. one more note about the naacp -- the howard university chapter will hold a prayer vigil in light of the zimmerman verdict. it will take place at the flagpole. we will have a crew there and bring a live report. be sure to stick around with us for theabc seven and on
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latest on this case. things are about to get very dangerous from heat standpoint. >> a lot of folks are uncomfortable with the heat and humidity and a little sunshine. temperatures, look at these outside readings right now. 89 at reagan national. 88 at winchester. 88 in fredericksburg. the bigger story is the heat index. 93 in gaithersburg trade feels like 96 in the district. are going to look for temperatures approaching 100 degrees and potentially 105 degrees as we move through the upcoming week. temperatures between 80 and 86 degrees. we'll talk about how long it will last in just a few minutes. >> we are all staying tuned up for the royal baby watch which is continuing with the duchess of cambridge expected to give earth any moment now.
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we are seeing excitement build on both sides of the pond. baby fever is rampant across the pond in england and here in the u.s., but it is a big deal in our neck of the woods with a lot of folks fascinated with the birth of the future king or queen of england. we found one shop in georgetown where that fever is at an all- time high. m street is not fleet street. but at the maternity shop in georgetown -- >> i'm excited to see how they are doing and when the first pictures come out. >> much of the talk is about a certain royal baby. >> the baby thing is huge. ,> and the proud parents to be prince william and the duchess of cambridge. >> everybody is excited to see what the baby will be. >> no paparazzi here, but outside saint mary's hospital, photographers are camped out
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hoping to catch the first images of the first -- of the future king or queen of england. >> how could they not be excited? >> the baby's arrival is expected to pump $400 million into the reddish economy. customers are most impressed by kate's classiness and calm. >> she seems to be part of the royal family. >> amid the excitement of this new baby and in special times to come, there are poignant reminders of another young mother, the late princess diana. her fashion, people are fascinated with her family. >> that fascination revolves around the eternal question -- have you ever thought about being a princess? >> a lot. >> wayward girl question mark most of the british public is betting the baby will be a girl. the two most popular names are
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alexander and george. the new royal baby will be introduced for the first time in the same path. prince william was 31 years ago. most customers at that georgetown maternity shop say they believe the new arrival will be a girl. >> thank you. some encouraging news about nelson mandela. what one former leader is saying about his chances of going home. plus, more changes in leadership in egypt. details on the country's new leader. shocking news for fans of the tv ♪
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 6:30. on your side. >> some encouraging news about
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the health of nelson mandela. the former south african president says he could soon leave a hospital and continue his recovery at home. mandela has been hospitalized for more than five weeks for recurring lung infections. eightst recent medical listed him in critical but stable condition. fans of the hit tv show "glee" are mourning the loss of one of .ts stars, cory monteith authorities found him dead in his room yesterday after he missed his checkout time. police say there is no indication of foul play but an autopsy will be conducted tomorrow. >> on initial examination, further examination will take lace to determine cause of death. >> he admitted to struggling with substance of use and checked into rehab in april. the state department bus number two man is heading to egypt. he will hold talks with interim government officials in egypt as itl as business leaders area
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will be the first since the military ouster of mohamed morsi. country's interim vice president was sworn in. he won the nobel peace prize in 2005 when he was head of the international atomic energy agency. he has been a big critic of the muslim motherhood and the former president. going up, how high will the temperatures go this week
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>> metro will stay open late and next hour to accommodate those attending the event at the walter e washington and convention center.
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they will ensure they make the last trains. entrances will close at the normal hours at other stations. riders will be able to exit at all station. the egg is -- the extra hours are being funded by agreement with the washington convention sports authority. the average price of a gallon of gas has dropped the a penny over the past three weeks. the national average stands at three dollars $.60. in the district, the average price is $3.80. the cheapest in virginia is read dollars $.41. a whole penny. >> gumball. >> it's a good deal in virginia. >> we're looking at hot weather and if you want to fill up your cars, do it before sunrise. the air quality is going to deteriorate over the coming
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days. what about ozone action days? >> i expect those later on this week. the clouds are going to stick around for a few hours. they will break apart tonight. 89 degrees at the airport with winds out of the south at eight miles an hour. 89 degrees was a high today. for thishere we are time of year for average. we could be looking at temperatures at 100 degrees across parts of the area later on this week. falls church at 90. of 93, feelsrature like 96 degrees. feels like 99 in silver spring. 89 at lafayette elementary school after a high approaching 90 degrees. temperatures across the board holding in the lower 90s. 86 in manchester. lexington park, in the middle 80s.
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95 is what it feels like in manassas area feels like 92 in gaithersburg. in the 80s during the overnight hours. the heat index won't solve the problem. in -- 80 warning in effect for the philadelphia area. for our immediate metro area, but i anticipate that is going to change by tuesday into wednesday and thursday as we are looking at the hottest temperatures we have had all year long. satellite and radar with high- pressure off the coast. also for the rest of the week, ae wringing and all of the heat and humidity. daytime highs tomorrow will be well into the mid-90s. hotter on tuesday, wednesday
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and thursday. temperatures in the 80s as our skies clear with daytime highs around 95. a heat index reading pushing the 100 degree mark. the extended outlook shows temperatures soaring into the upper 90s by the end of the week. by tuesday into wednesday and thursday. feels like temperatures around 105 degrees, could be even harder -- could be even hotter than that. >> we have had more 90 degrees this year than last year. >> i think it is a bad idea for the playoffs this week. >> toward the end of the week, tell us when they will be back. they will in miami. a trip to the sunshine sate.
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today's game went into extra innings again.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local cleo dealers. >> the washington nationals were just hoping to feel good going into the all-star break. looking for a three-game sweep. fly balltch up at this and can't. he can't make that catch but from his knees, he fires the second and trying to stretch the hit. anthony mentone with a drop and to the left. bryce harper on board. makes it home safely, tied at two. breaking the tie with this
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desmond center field, comes in to score and the nationals would have to more and when it five to do. to two. >> i've been trying to find my swing and today i read this is the last day of the first half. let's just go out on a positive good note and go home and relax. rushing theeeps ball. into thee leading year as we head into the all- star break. the final was 724. otto porter and his summer teammates today looking a lot like yesterday. at home, yesterday, he scored
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seven, shooting eight on for. that's the highlight of the game right there. stars of yesterday and today gathered in chantilly. a great chance for the fans to see all of the future hall of famers. they current redskins linebacker was there with training camp just a few days away trade we talked about moving to richmond for the first time. >> this is my first time doing this. we get a chance to see the chemistry and where they bond is. we get a chance to try it out and we will see if we like it or not. >> an update on tiger woods who says he is all healed up and ready to go after his 15th major title. after right on the course
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arriving on an overnight flight to scotland. he got in his practice round. he has been resting the past couple of weeks. phil mickelson appears ready for the british open this weekend. first win in europe in 20 years. >> they are among the favorites.
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>> it has been a pretty warm day. >> temperatures tonight following into the 70s and some will only get into the lower 80s. tomorrow, the temperatures and the 90s. upper 90s on wednesday.
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a heat advisory will be issued for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. these will be the hottest temperatures we've had this year. heat index readings could exceed 105. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00.
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