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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  July 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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there and hot very quickly as we move through the morning and afternoon hours. temperatures outside, keep in mind we're talking 4:30 in the morning, and it's 83 degrees. the heat index, what it actually feels like out there, closer to 90, 90. unbelievable warmth this early in the morning. we have a heat advisory for the district. it starts at noon this afternoon at noon, of course, and then it expires at 7:00 this evening. we'll see heat index readings at 105 degrees. we have a very quick warmup through the morning and afternoon hours. temperatureses, 95, 96, 97. the heat index will be a big problem. we may see an isolated thunderstorm. we'll get a check on the rush hour commute. good morning. >> good morning. thank you very much. so far, so good on the major roadways.
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we have a couple of overnight construction projects just wrapping up but no incidents to report at this time on major highways. to start off, we have that 95 in virginia. you can see that things are moving pretty smoothly. you may get heavy traffic southbound. 95 northbound, now heading up toward the beltway, it's not too bad at all. we do have some activity as well. route 50, after st. clair road, that's going to be difficult. 95 northbound, another overnight construction project. that's going to be between the icc and route 198. things are moving pretty smoothly. again, you may get heavy traffic. people work their way around that through montgomery county. that's going to be running smoothly at this time. that's going to be in the outer loop. and, we can also see on our live
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camera 395 moving smoothly. no big problems or delays there either at this time. light traffic conditions headed northbound toward the city. i'll send it back over to scott and jummy. >> our top story could affect thousands of people. >> that's right. the people in prince georges county, right now, is the time to start preparing. it could be cutting out the water for at least three days. we go straight to john gonzalez with what people need to know. >> you're absolutely right. right now, is the time for residents to start stocking up. even before crews removed this main pipe, wfcc is already apologizing for the inconvenience and strongly urging residents who live here in southern prince georges county to stock up on as much water as they can. officials say a section of vital
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54-inch pipe started going bad. these are the areas, morningside, temple hillses and oxen hills. if you live in these areas, you have to start stocking up on water this morning. a monitoring system started giving warning signs on friday that a number of wires on the pipeline were failing. the problem spots seen from news chopper 7 is located inside the beltway. more importantly, the water restriction will affect a very large area here in southern prince georges county including joint-based andrews and all of the home shops and restaurants. here at the national harbor, it will be greatly affected. emergency services are working with hospitals and nursing homes in the area to make sure they have water. when this pipe is removed sometime this afternoon, we're told, thousands of customers will be without water for at least, at least, a few days. this is in the midst of a pretty
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intense heatwave. stock up now and take the warning seriously. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> great advice. the water outage comes at the hottest time of the year. that's going to be the case for states as far west as michigan last year, heat killed several people. make sure you're doing everything to stay hydrated. >> three people are recovering after an overnight shooting in southeast dc. three people said they were playing dominos when two men shot them. the victims were conscious when they were taken to the hospital. this took place less than a half a mile from where four people were shot.
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>> looks like his partnership with samsung may be a problem. >> when it comes to supporting women in business, the government missed the boat. with all the details, we're live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> hello, scott and jimmy. small businesses owned by women attracted 4% of contracts in 2012. however, the government's goal was 5%. according to data, the energy department was the worst performer in that area. two years ago, president obama stepped in by allowing agencies to set aside contracts just for them. agencies that are doing a good job supporting women include the department of housing, urban development and the treasury department. have you heard of the app that samsung used to give away an album, magna carta.
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the electronic privacy information center said samsung failed to disclose information about the app. samsung tells the l.a. times that the complaint is baseless. if the king of pop, michael jackson, were still alive today, you may be surprised at how much his concert tour would have raked in. i'm linda bell reporting. back to you. >> thank you. let me guess that's a lot of money. >> yes. >> it's 4:37 and 77 degrees outside. >> still to come, the efforts to put together a legal team for the suspected boston marathon bomber i
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>> welcome back. boy, we keep talking about the hat. i got in the store this morning, steve. i'm telling you, it was about 10 degrees warmer. >> hey, we are looking at a very warm start to our early tuesday morning temperatures. let's take a look at the graphics for you. we'll show you temperatures across the board. 78, fredericksburg. 73, winchester. look at that cool and
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comfortable 64. the national weather service issued a heat advisory. it expires at 7:00 and includes the district of arlington and alexandria. fairfax is not under the advisory. we do have a trough that's bringing showers to the del mar beaches. wake up temperatures, 75 to 84 degrees. afternoon highs, 93 to 98. feels like temperatures of 100 to 105. coming up in a few minutes, we'll take a look at the extended hours. here's amanda. good morning. >> not heating up in the morning commute. we have a couple of incidents.
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an accident is working in the annapolis area. this is going to be right off of route 50. we can see that accident will be affecting you on route 50 westbound. not slowing things down too much. you may find moderate to heavy conditions there. also picking up that from 95, now this is southbound. you're good to go up to the beltway. if you're headed southbound down toward the stafford area, you may run into some delays between route 214 and quantico. 266 looking beautiful, no big problems or delays. a live shot there along 270 shows us we have very light and favorable conditions through
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that stretch of roadway as well. for now, i'll send it back to jummy and scott. >> 4:42 is your time. >> people around the country are still speaking out about the
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>> tens of thousands of prince georges county residents are
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expected to lose water service for several days beginning this afternoon. water is going to be turned off while crews replace a large water mane. the southern part of the county will be affected. residents are urning urged to stock up on water. residents are investigating a triple shooting. they say three men were playing dominos early this morning when two men shot them. all victims were conscious when police arrived. more protests following the george zimmerman verdict in los angeles. several hundred mostly peaceful protestors gathered overnight. 150 people splint erred off. some broke windows, attacked people on sidewalks and at one point raided a walmart store. jummy. >> scott, for the first time since that verdict, we're hearing from those who knew george zimmerman as he was growing up in manassas, virginia.
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>> he was an honest and quiet kid growing up around the neighborhood. >> was always very polite, very considerate of other people. >> if you've talked to folks who watched him grow up, they have nothing but good to say about who was. >> i really don't know. >> george hall recommended zimmerman for the police academy. he said he and his family were perfect neighbors. he said he wouldn't have hurt anyone unless it was self defense. >> he had to be provoked. >> if somebody was bingeing my head against a curb, i'd fight back too. >> glen hill was several years older than george. he said he was a good kid. he said, it's hard to believe he
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was ever accused of murder. he says unless zimmerman changed, he wasn't the type of person to shoot somebody unless it was self defense. >> if he felt threatened, the situation probably would dictate to me from the george i knew if he would do it or not. >> obviously, george zimmerman is best known for what happened in florida, he's actually spent well over half of his life here in manassas. he graduated here in 2001. neighbors say it was sometime after that that he moved down to florida growing up right here. >> attorney general called the shooting of trayvon martin tragic and unnecessary. he also promised the department of justice, will follow the facts and the law as it decides whether federal charges are warranted. president obama says he will not
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involve himself in the justice department's decision. >> the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings wants a death penalty expert added to his defense. a federal judge must sign off on the request to add brook in the washington university school of law. he plead not guilty to all charges in the 30-count federal indictment. a federal aid to congresswoman, michelle bachman is out of a job. javierm sanchez was caught stealing from her. it is not said whether he is a suspect in several burglaries last year. >> an advisor to president nixon as the watergate scandal unfolded has died. he received an award in 2005. he died saturday in manhattan.
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40 years ago, he urged president nixon not to destroy those fateful tapes of those conversations during scandal. he was 89 years old. >> a big show of gratitude to fairfax county emergency responders. >> i try to recall what actually happened. >> eight months ago, david was in springfield on business when he had a heart attack. when he was being loaded into a rescue unit, his heart stopped. rescuers were able to save his life. on monday, his family was in town to thank them. >> we want to let them know just how special we think are their services and talents. >> you guys are my heros. you saved my dad. you saved my family. >> he is 46 years old. apparently, he changed his eating habits.
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he now weighs 70 pounds less than he did in november when he had the heart attack. >> it's great to see them reunite like that. you can tell how thankful they are. first responders get a well-deserved pat on the back. >> they may be busy these next several days. >> it's going to be hot out there. as we move through the day, it's not going to get better. 83 degrees this hour. the heat index already feels like 90 degrees out there. it's only going to move upward as we move through the morning and afternoon hours. in beltsville, maryland, it's 82 in alexandria. we have a feels-like temperature of just around 90. temperatures are cooler off to the west and the mountains. winchester, now 73. ocean city maryland, 80. a few showers, recally this morning. we have a weak trough that's
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going to bring a few more showers in. really, it shouldn't amount to a whole lot. in dc, we're going to crank up the heat. later on this afternoon, we could see one of the hottest days we've seen. it expires at 7:00 tonight. it includes the district arlington and alexander. they're not under the advisory. it's going to feel very, very hot still with temperatures will into the 90s. highs this afternoon around 96 degrees. heat index around 105. here's amanda meadows. >> good morning. thank you very much. we had a few incidents to report including an accident working as you're coming through the eastern shore on 150 west. with we're monitoring conditions. the left lane is closed on 50 westbound just after st. clair road.
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95 northbound, still working an overnight works in there. looks like that is clear. so, that is a nonevent at this point. all lanes are open. we were dealing with conditions across the board through that area to begin with. 295 northbound, no big problems or delays. and then, you just have 95 northbound all lanes open in both directions. very light traffic. we have a live shot for you if you're heading in, you can see the 14th street bridge. you can see those cars and hollywoods are moving along quite smoothly at this time. >> a warm 78 degrees already. 4:53 at this time on tuesday. >> whether you like his politics or not, one president has an ♪
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>> chris brown is a free man this morning after a judge revoked his probation after he failed to hand over his driver's license. a judge will set a trial date next month. if it does, he could go to jail
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for that 2009 assault. boys that are seriously overweight are banned from this year's boy scout jamboree. they published it. more than 40,000 scouts are attending the jamboree. >> touching moment involving a former president and the current one. former president, george h.w. bush was at the white house to join president obama in honoring volunteers. george bush gave the president a colorful pair of socks. the socks george bush had on had stripes. he's recently displayed a flair for fashion. for his 89th birthday, he wore superman socks. nothing wrong with that, a
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little fashion in the white house. >> still, a heartwarming story you'll only see on 7. we were there as they set foot outsid
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>> we have everything you need to know to prepare. >> police in dc are investigating ari


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