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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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marc anthony. stan: why is that offensive interference? if that had been a defensive guy going ho of the back, it would have been called every time. qadry: from an offensive player standpoint putter took the screen pass and made everything happen on his own after that. the rams in front with :40 left to play and john harbaugh not happy to see his young defense
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give up the yardage and the points that put the rams back in front. stan: that was a good deseened play, just throw a screen but this is all reynolds. he just had a will to get to the end zone. we've seen it with rainey. now we're seeing it on the other side of the field with chase eynolds. that makes you have guys miss. gerry: the extra point is good. rams with a three-point lead. 24-21. :40 left to play. go back to the chase reynolds uchdown. john simon, rains' rookie linebacker out of ohio state, had the best shot at reynolds and it was one of those delays we've talked about, stan a play in fifth. he wasn't able to make it. you can almost see simon get deep on the play and got his body motion fwoning to the
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inside of the field while reynolds was going to the outside of the field. stan: a lot of tackling on that play. third and long. a screen pass. all you have to do is come up and make the tackle right here, john simon on it. then we got a complete missed tackle. that would have stopped him short of the first down also. gerry: ravens fans, if you didn't like the way that touchdown looked and soundeding we've got something better in the way of viewing and doing, pick up the ravens' cheerleaders swimsuit calendar for only $15. go to or on game day. on't delay, get yours now. stan: did you go to that? gerry: i did not. year to the wonderfully -- my wonderful wife went with me last year.
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do you think i would go to a cheerleader calendar shoot without me wife there? stan: would not be a good idea. gerry: there's no way i'm going without my wife to a cheerleader calendar shoot. swrks on the return. he'll get the ball across the 25 to the 27. young players on the ravens' offense with :36 left to not only try to win this game but -- stan: anthony allen, just to the round opens it up for jackson. gerry: l allen one of the most consistent special teams players they have. stan: he's still mad about the fum only on the 1-yard line. gerry: if you're in a battle for the job you can't turn the ball other in the grill mates red zone.
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the pass is complete to mellett on first down. he he moves the ball out near the midfield logo. stan: it's one thing to to it in a preseason game but i'm crures you to see how the young receiver will react when there's more of a flex defense and you have to readjust your route, how that will figure into regular season play vs. a preseason ame. gerry: heefers a young player. -- here's a young player. stan: looked like he almost reached out and touched a defensive player. when he was pointing to see the guy, who it was, almost hit the defensive guy. might have been part of the call. gerry: stevens had the miscue on the snap fumble earlier in the game. hanie, good protection, going deep town the sidelines. he got hem in. as he enbounds, waiting for the
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ferble ruling, out of bounds. brown with the reception. held on to the ball. ight in front of us. doug: got your red flag, only 2:05 left. stan: it was a great catch, god body control, i think he was out of bounds. i don't think that was a completed catch. never in the history of football was there a pass completed out of bounds. gerry: harbaugh not throwing the red challenge flag. delayed handoff to bobbie rainey, he's taken down, takes us to the two-minute warning. :00 left to
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gerry: 2:00 left for john
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harbaugh and the ravens in preseason. they trail the rams, 24-21, looking at third down and 10 at their own 43. he brings the ravens to the line, rainey with him in the backfield. mellette wide left, brown wide right. plenty of time on the play clock. browns bring blitz pressure. the pass deflected at the line of scrimmage. looking to get it to mellette, he had him open on a crossing pattern. qadry: he had man-to-man coverage, blitz coverage going on on the opposite side of aaron they picked it up nicely but caleb hanie trying to get the . ll out to mellette
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>> one of his linemen hit in his article, hit his elbow as he went to throw it. gerry: cook willing anal punt to the near sideline that will bounce into the end zone for a touchback. qadry: i was ready to catch it. gerry: it was coming right at q here at the 10-yard line. stan: i did catch it. qadry: you caught yours on the back. stan: you would have run onto the field and caught it? gerry: then he would have had to explain why he was scoring a touchdown for the rams wearing a ravens shirt. qadry: i would have been on the ground because security would have had me in handcuffs. gerry: ravens defensive players have to get the ball back to the offense and not much time to do it. the whistle preer to the snap is the rams commit a false start.
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referee: false start, offense, number 69. five-yard penalty. still first down. qadry: the -- stan: the ravens will be bringing full run britses on these downs. they're going to say if you want to win, don't want to give us the ball back, you'll have to hrow it. gerry: davis urn center. reynolds in the becomefield gets the handoff. reynolds, straight ahead between the hash marks. he'll get three. harbaugh using his first of three time-outs to stop the clock with 1:43. while the coach talks things over with his players and his staff, we want to take a moment and thank all the people who have helped us bring you the simulcast throughout the preseason, starting with our director, peter, our preand post-game producer, larry rosen, our associate director, matt, ur subproducer, jay o'brien.
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technical director, brian exles. graphics, derek, production assistant cindy, radio producer, johnny. and special thanks to kevin burn and the ravens' entire p.r. staff who have been so helpful to us throughout the preseason, throughout the season, the best in the business. on second down. chase reynolds, dancing his way around. o stand on the 18-yard line. gain about two on the play. qadry: that's what happens at nfl. that might have worked at montana, maybe got him a big chunk of yards but in the nfl it's called pursuit.
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>> here's one of the ravens' players who throw out a first pitch at camden yards. when you when the super bowl as justin tucker found out, you get a lot of invites. jacoby jones always the entertainer. the orioles winners tonight in boston, 3-2 over the red sox. they avoid a sweep. try to stay in the opportunity or the american league east. harr bah using his third and final time-out stopping the clock with 1:30 left to play. we invite you to reli the ravens' incredible run in their commemorative book. t's told by joe flacco, john
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harbaugh, ray lewis, accompanied by more than 150 electrifying bhoined-the-scenes photographs. pick up this limited keepsake today at 1:30 left here in preseason. the ravens will get one more chance with the ball. they're going to have to make the most of it. ecker. hunting the -- punting the billion to rainie. rainie has a little room to return et. across the 30 to the 35. hanie and the ravens' offense get one more shot with 1:18 left to play, they're out of time-outs, they have to work the sideline -- sideline as effectively as ravens fans have worked instagram tonight. the dog days of summer are beyond us for training camp but the dog deas of football are
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year-round for ravens fans and their favorite pets. i don't know that there's a team that has more dogs with jerseys than the rains. social media showing how far the reach of ravens' football is. it reaches to every member of the family. even those with four legs. stan: i got a new baby in the family, new dog in the family, better start sending pictures in. gerry: got to buy aier see fers. hanie from the shotgun is hit. ecome to rainey, incomplete. barely alert by hanie, the whistle hadn't blown yet he was eable to shuffle the ball forward, even though it resembled a fumble, it was an inpleat pass. qadry: sometimes on this field level it's these eesy to see, i
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thought he had the route but there were a lot of bodies in the way, i don't think he would have picked up his wide receiver until it was too late. it was about not losing too much yardage. gerry: hanie throwing sideline, batted down. he was looking for aaron he ette on the sideline and read that pass perfectly, jumped up and swatted it down before it dropped into the hnds of mellette. qadry: they have been throwing this pat rn often in the preseason. it's second and long, not going to go for a quick dunk but for a ig chunk of yards. gerry: no time-outs remaining. almost intercepted. that sets the ravens up for a fourth down and 10 fromer that
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40-yard line with 1:00 left in preseason. qadry: an opportunity wasted. he should have sat down right there, the hole in that senn defense but on the move. gerry: ravens trying to avoid the last play of the game on offense here. caught by mellette, he's taken down shust u.s. just shy of the 40-yard line that will extend the drive with a 19-yard pickup but the clock is running. fenal minute of the game, 45 seconds left. ravens are likely not going to go for a field goal at any point they'll go for a win. from the gunning going deep down the near zhreen. even he had made the catch inside the 5, it would not have downed, his left foot was on the chalk. gerry: he got bheend him though,
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i'll tell you that if he's cramping up, i would go back at him. now they'll call apjer time-out. woodard's electrolytes being depleted as we speak. that was one of those passes thrown out of bounds where -- gerry: what's that percentage? qadry: never has a pass been completed out of bounds. gerry: talking about a game of erges, that's the clads exexample. if hanie puts the ball about six inches further in plain, mellette might have a game-whening touchdown. qadry: absolutely. that's something, being a quarterback playing in the fourth quarter of a fourth game of the preseason and being a starter who is getting ready for a regular season, you make those plays, that's something you have to do to separate yourself in this league. make plays.
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gerry: hanie has snap in this game. don't know that we seen enough for from him for harbaugh and newsome to cheager that strategy of keeping two quarterbacks. wru make a play like that, perhaps the conversation cheages. 30 seconds left. complete to mellette. he gets out of bounds with the ball and with a fers down. at the ram's 31-yard line. the ravens move the chains, stop the clock. rookie mellete, understanding the importance of getting out of bounds. gerry: the defense is playing like they know they got to go for a touchdown. gerry: regular season you might play for the tie but fourth preseason game, overtime is just taking time away from
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preparation for network. furstenberg can't make the catch, the rams get an interception. furstenberg trying to make a one-handed grab, reaches up, tries to bring the ball down. hat is going to do it. furstenberg running the route, put up his left hand and for anence tant looked like he make a great onehanded grab, instead he directed the ball into the hands of rams' defensiveback collins. qadry: it was minnesota-to-man coverage. i think thomas did a fine job of what you call sloughing off, realizing you're on a corner or you're on the outside receiver but then recognizing where the quarterback is throwing the ball, kind of baited him. stan: got jammed 10 yards down field. how did they not call that? qadry: they're not going to call it in a preseason georgia. gerry: rams take the final snap of the game and that will do it
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for the fourth and final preseason game. our final score in st. louis, the rams 24, the ravens 21. john harbaugh greets jeff fisher d with that, they turn their attention to the regular season that starts next week on the road in denver. for now, time to say good night. thanks for joining us for the captioned by the
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national captioning institute startling images in a quiet neighborhood as police officers and paramedics responded to a barricade situation. this started as a domestic dispute and escalated. >> so many questions about this
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bizarre barricade left unanswered. as a negotiation ended with a man dead. >> i am like, swat team? standoffwas a involving a male homeowner. scott snap this richter of an officer poised to react. midafternoon they responded to a domestic dispute. they were told the man inside had weapons. for 40 minutes, and an officer shot the man. they say the man retreated into his house and refused to come out. roach ande vehicle up
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made entry, they did discover the subject. outhey are trying to figure if this man is armed or not. somebodyedly they shot and killed him. it is kind of scary when you think about it. >> we know very little about the victim. he was facing some financial and family struggles. >> we are following developing news tonight. the sheriffs's office is investigating a triple shooting along the 400 block. sheriff's deputies arrived and searched the area.
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a group wastell us having a cookout when someone opened up with a shotgun. so far no information about the suspect or a motive. to theeople taken hospital after a carbon monoxide leak. the carbon believed monoxide leaked from a faulty water heater or stove. all injuries are not life- threatening. a rally against u.s. involvement in serious rot dozens of people to lafayette park. the president said he has not made a decision but is defending a possible strike. newsroom with more. the president said it would
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be based on humanitarian concerns. a no vote by britain a destroyer moved into the east mediterranean sea. the signs tell the story. if we make our demands heard, the obama administration may be prevented from going to war again. >> it is not about taking sides in the syrian conflict. is about the large-scale use of chemical weapons and our response to a war crime. >> president obama spent the day briefing congress. there is a preponderance of evidence to indicate the assad regime carried out chemical weapons attacks in serious.
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-- in syria. >> when colin powell told the you in a rack zest weapons of told the un iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, they were mistaken. >> the rebels can only win if nato enters. >> congress wants to vote on any >> he did buyke. in from the american people. of congressembers from both sides of the aisle have voiced opposition to strikes. president obama said the u.s. is prepared to act alone on syria. update on an
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investigation. less than 24 hours after an exclusive report where we discovered an ambulance remained in service despite having brake the chiefor weeks, response. numerous reports in which paramedics reported an air hose leak. they said there was no reason it should not have an repaired right away and then discussed it on a broader scale. >> we are trying to change the entire agency. >> the i team investigated numerous problems this year. the d.c. fire department announced plans to purchase 30 new ambulances. we did and with some son. doug lets us know what we can expect.
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>> we will start our summer here , and it has been an interesting day to watch the clouds in the sky. gorgeous sunset, clear skies. running mostly in the 70's. the wind is really calm. drop to 67, will partly cloudy skies. up.weekend is going to warm we are talking about 90 degrees. we will give you the details coming up. >> new arrests in the stabbing at a metro stop. authorities say the woman was stabbed just after 4:00 this afternoon. and breathingous when transported.
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we are learning what happened when a tractor-trailer hit a car, sending it plunging into the water below. cause --y the car was the crash was caused by operator error. they face hundreds of dollars in fines. a government ruling says all legally married same-sex couples can file joint tax returns even if they are in a state where same-sex marriage is not recognized. the treasury secretary said clear and coherent rules are necessary. the federal government announced it will not file lawsuits to stop colorado and washington state from allowing recreational marijuana use, but the justice department says it is taking other steps to enforce existing marijuana laws. they passed measures legalizing personal use last year.
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of his biggest fans sent him a wedding gift. he never thought he would get a response, but today the eight- year-old got his wish and more. what a response he got. >> tuesday night he and his family had no idea griffin was going to love him back on .ational tv >> the family loves the redskins. they all love him, but the biggest fan may be ryan. >> i love rg3. >> ryan wanted to give him a gift for his wedding. he said the jersey.
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>> the family did not know if he received the gift and letter until tuesday night. that is when griffin read ryan's letter in a documentary on national television. seen writing a thank you note. >> all i can do is the right direction. >> the note came yesterday. he has only one regret. forgot. >> all of a sudden my phone started lowing up. >> and they had not seen it, we showed it to them for the first time. imagine being eight years old and hearing your sports hero say your name.
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>> that's really amazing. that's the most amazing thing that ever happened to me in my life. >> that's the biggest smile i have seen in a while. he turned nine,@he plans to change his nickname to rg9. >> you can watch the documentary. it comes on at 2 p.m. right here . a deal is reached between the nfl and former players who blame the league for debilitating concussions, plus why it is not enough. in dozens of states across the country why fast food workers in dozens of states across the country why fast food workers
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"as governor bob mcdonnell returns thousands of dollars worth of gifts to campaign donor jonnie williams, attorney general ken cuccinelli says he's not giving anything back." "attorney general ken cuccinelli making quite clear tonight --- he will not be following the governor's lead" "cuccinelli received more than 18-thousand dollars worth of gifts" "they include a $1,500 catered thanviksgiving dinner, private t trips and vacation lodgings." ken cuccinelli. helping himself. not us. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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