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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  September 24, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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did some of the terrorists escape by hiding among the fleeing hostages. alex marquardt is on the ground with the very latest for us in nairo nairobi. >> reporter: this was the end game, the explosive conclusion to the four day siege. as troops swept through the mall looking for terrorists, one soldier tossed a grenade, then took cover, waiting for the blast. the president of kenya told the country the terrorists were defeated. >> intelligence reports had suggested that a british woman and two or three american citizens may have been involved in the attack. we cannot confirm the details at present. >> reporter: today we saw the first images believed to show the attackers. a tweet allegedly posted by the terrorist group al shabab categorically denies the involvement of any women.
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but an eye witness told a different story. >> instantly it was this is a woman. >> reporter: tonight there are reports that some of the attackers may have slipped out in the confusion on saturday as more than 1,000 people were evacuated from the 300,000 square foot mall. there are unforgettable stories and images of survival. this picture of a woman and two children taking cover. then their rescue caught on tape. a man also lying on the floor crawls slowly to reach them. he picks up the little girl and then takes the young boy in his arms, crouching low as they run between kiosks towards safety. across the atrium in the supermarket as shots rang out, 19-year-old dorcas mwangi hid for four hours under a pile of suitcases. her brother texted her that the attackers were killing non m
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non muslims and sent her a prayer to memorize. >> i sent her a prayer. >> you would have been able to recite it. >> yes. >> reporter: she says it was her own prayer that got her through the ordeal. >> honestly, i was praying the whole entire time. >> reporter: there are still more than 50 people missing including civilians and terrorists buried under that rubble. tonight kenya's president dispatched a forensic team to study the attack and determine which countries the attackers came from. >> thank you alex marquardt in nairo nairobi. back here at home, the dramatic story of a handshake that did not happen. the president of the united states and the new president of iran amid predictions of a break through with america's adversary. abc chief white house correspondent jonathan karl is here to tell us what happened.
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>> reporter: president obama was hoping for a historic shand shake, the first in three decades. it was the iranians who said no. white house officials say the iranians turned down the handshake with president obama, saying it was, quote, too complicated back in iran where hard line clerics still talk about the u.s. as the great satin. handshake or not there are signs an historic change may be under way. iran's new president has come to new york vowing friendship with the west and promising never to build nuclear weapons. president obama today opened the door to warmer ties. >> the road blocks may prove to be too great. but iran's genuine commitment to go down a different path will be good for the region and the world. >> reporter: for decades iran has been one of america's most feared add investigator sarys. american diplomats held hostage
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for 444 days. americans were reminded recently in the movie argo. just last year war with iran seemed inevitable was we were warned that iran was on the verge of going nuclear. the then president vowed to wipe israel off the face of the map. in contrast the new president called his country a har binger of peace and security. that speech was just wrapped up. president rouhani said he is open to talks with the u.s. to quote, manage the difference between the two countries. while there was no handshake there will be a meeting between secretary kerry and the iranians. it's the first time the united states has sat down since the hostage crises. nobody walked up when the president got up to speak. more on the president now. we are exactly one week away
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from a giant change in america's health care system. mark the date. a milestone for obama care. tonight the president is bringing out the big gun to argue it will lead to a healthier and cheaper medical cost for americans, even as its critics make one more stand against it. abc's bob woodruff now. >> reporter: tonight two presidents introduced by a possible future one. >> reporter: >> the more i thought about it the more i realized how much they have in common. >> reporter: call it bill clinton to the rescue. one week before people line up for obama care, the president turns to the man he calls his secretary of explaining stuff. >> when you have universal enrollment you can manage your costs better and cut your costs down. inflation and health care dropped for the first time in 50 years. >> reporter: for bill and hilary, a family fight. 20 years ago, their push failed, but now in order to fund the changes obama won most of the
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uninsured must sign on or face a penalty. >> the most important thing, obviously, is just to get people enrolled in this. >> reporter: today's push comes as republicans are fighting to defund the law. senator ted cruz today staged a protest speech on the floor of the senate, one that could last until the morning. >> i intend to speak in opposition. >> reporter: it's a losing battle. children can remain on their parents' insurance until they are 26 and those with pre-existing conditions are guaranteed coverage. >> first we got to get everybody to sign up. >> reporter: still many americans are not sold. it's unclear what a last minute push from even bill clinton will do to change that. bob woodruff, abc news, new york. by the way, something happened today at that clinton conference that gave us a big smile. it turns out that president clinton was running late because of another event, so the irish
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rock star bono, a member of the panel moved into clinton's chair to feature his implementation of the former president they call the big dog. >> when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office and i thought it was a member of his own road crew. it wasn't really dressed right. actually, i felt like the rock star on that occasion. >> i must be really easy to make fun of. >> possibly, yes, for some imitators. and now we turn next to a public debate between the church of scientology and one of its former celebrity members. tv's leah remini first made a remark on "dancing with the stars" and the church came firing back. abc's dan harris has that story. >> reporter: there she was in
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her sweat pants, leah remini in this behind the scenes footage that aired monday night on "dancing with the stars." >> i'm going through a personal big change for me and my family. >> reporter: firing a shot across the bow of the controversial church of scientology. >> the church is looking for me to fail so they can say to their parishioners, you see what happens when you leave the church. they're waiting for me to fate. >> reporter: remini, famous for her roll in the hit cbs hit come, the "king of queens" -- >> but i chose you. >> that's got to sting -- >> reporter: was just a child when she joined scientology, founded by science fiction writer l. ron hubbard and known for its celebrity members like tom cruise. >> it's a privilege to call yourself a scientologist. >> over the summer she became the most famous celebrity
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defector after years of growing questions and concerns, some of which spilled out on prime time tv last night. >> i was always so scared to be myself. we're used to everything that happens to us is our fault. you're used to taking a lot of negative tift yourself. >> reporter: the church has publicly handled her departure gingerly. but in response to her most recent comments, they issued a statement saying we know this may come as a surprise to someone as self-absorbed as miss remini, but we could care less if she wins or loses on "dancing with the stars." we notice that burger king but a new kind of french fry on its menu today, another fast food chain marketing healthier fast food. are they realty healthier and
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will americans buy them? >> reporter: tonight it's fast food wars, the new battle ground, french fries. >> new satisfries from burger king, a delicious new choice with 40 percent less fat and 30 percent less calories and big >> how important are french fries? >> 50 percent of all orders contain french sfries. >> reporter: 56 million orders of fries every month. but there is still millions of health conscious consumers currently operating out. >> maybe they have an option that might be more palatable to the moms. bring their kids to burger king instead of mcdonald's. >> reporter: so what's the difference between the old fries and the new? aside from their shape, the old fries have 340 calories in a small. the new satisfries have 270. and what about the taste? we asked a few of the littlest
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customers. >> which fry did you like best? >> the second. >> which one did you like? >> the first fry. >> not quite an apple in a happy meal but a healthy alternative to the old version which are still available. the new fries cost about 20 to 30 cents more. >> did you know these are called satisfries. what do you think of that name? >> it's a bad name. >> what would you name them? >> yummy fries. ahead right here in just two minutes, it's "real money" week and the family we helped get back nearly $7,000 in hospital bills. charges even people at the hospital couldn't explain. and are you ready to meet an official male chauvinist gorilla pig? hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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criss-crossing the country to find easy ways to put money in your pocket. tonight how to save on hospital bills the sky high cost of the merge room, even if you have insurance. abc's paula faris is here to protect your wallet. >> reporter: we've been hearing from so much of you sending you your outrageous e.r. bills. it turns out there are fewer places where you're more vulnerable. for a year now suzanna and phillip have been carrying a heavy burden. >> we were freaking out. >> reporter: last spring she sent several hours in the emergency room after symptoms she later found out were related to kefr cal cancer. she sent her an $8,000 bill for medication. >> it was disbelief. i cried.
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i was like this cannot be right. >> reporter: we sent in our expert, michelle katz. the family told her she have been making small monthly payments and wonder if they should dispute their bill. tip number one, have a medical bag handy containing your current medications so you're not paid for what you don't need. see this charge right here? had she asked for a written prescription, it would have been 90 times less at her local pharmacy. these? for two tests she had the previous day at her obs. if the er called she would have found out she already had these done. >> so what would have been $74 they charged you close to $80. >> they charged $228. >> a pregnancy test costs $10. >> reporter: while you're there document everything, every treatment you receive, every medication you're given. it's how she would have discovered the er double billed
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her for this highlighted test. and don't leave without an itemized bill which details your charges and personal information. it's where we saw the er had submitted the wrong birthday. so the money her insurance company was willing to pay never kicked in. and finally, tip number three, even after you resolve errors, there still may be room to negotiate. >> how did you get her bill reduced? >> you say, listen, i would like to go over my bill with someone. explain financially she can't afford this right now. what can we do? is there a way that we can knock this down. >> it's a back and forth negotiation? >> it is. it's almost like dealing with a car. >> reporter: what was nearly an $8,000 is now. >> $1814. >> reporter: when you are speaking with the billing department, just throw out a number, tell them what you can afford to pay. you would be surprised how willing many are to negotiate. our expert, michelle katz is
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answering your questions on twitter. follow along using the hashtag abc news "world news." we have a comprehensive list of all of our tips on our website. >> this is great. you'll be back tomorrow night. this is big retirement fees. >> they add up. >> be sure to tune in tomorrow. thank you, paula. when we come back here, a new kind of da vin chee code, why a piece of music could hold the key to diamonds and goeltd. relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. there's a lot i had to do... ... watch my diet. stay active.
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a photo, super imposed it and says that is in fact link con exactly four score and seven years ago right before his big speech. a treasure hunt under way tonight for gold and diamonds reportedly hidden by the nazis. it's on a page of music from 1945 with markings reportedly made by hitler's secretary. do they show a train leading into germany? they're digging at the place in those tracks tonight. no riches found t. we'll be watching. also tonight we've identified possibly the grumyest gorilla in america. patrick who lived at the dallas zoo for most of his 23-year-old life. he is now being sent to therapy at a zoo in south carolina, his problem? he does not like gorilla girls. he bites them, growls at them.
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and finally tonight a minister who has found something that works. encouraging women to leave the streets, to leave prostitution and seek a better life. abc's steve osunsami on the minister, the mission. they are america strong. >> this is the red light district. >> they're out every night in the rough streets of nashville. >> ek come to my house. >> reporter: trying their hardest to talk women in the sex trade off the streets. >> when you get ready, let me know. >> reporter: they are former prostitutes themselves. >> i was really tired. i was done. >> reporter: booked and jailed hundreds of times before becca stevens showed them the way out.
6:56 pm
this ordained nashville minister promises women who leave the streets a whole two years in her residential program and meaningful work with the company she started, thistle farms makes soaps, oils and lip balms, almost $1 million a year. >> today i got to court to get custody. >> reporter: stevens figured out that you can't break the cycle without a place to live and a place to work. she offers these women security and sanctuary. >> sleep is so unsafe for women who have slept under bridges and who have slept in abandoned houses and trailer parks and all these places where people keep them. >> reporter: like so many she helps, she too survived sexual abuse at a young age. >> what i didn't know was that that period would link me to the women on the streets forever. >> reporter: within two years 75 percent of the women becca
6:57 pm
stevens and her team have helped are still living in the light. truly america strong. steve osunsami, abc news, nashville. >> and we thank you so much for watching tonight. good to have you with us. we're always there 24 hours a day at "nightline" will be here later and i'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. until then, have a great day and a good night. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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