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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 2, 2013 12:35am-1:05am EDT

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tonight on "nightline" -- road rage. a busy new york city street in the middle of the day. a frightening scene as motorcyclists confront a family in their suv and the driver runs over one in his path. now the injured biker's family is blaming the driver. was itself defense? >> two women, one rich, one poor. but they share a diagnosis, breast cancer. on the first day of obama care, an inspiring tale of two cities. and this crusader's journey of hope. >> i want to make a difference. >> the government is shut down everything from museums to national parks -- did you know this also means no asteroid warning system? or panda-cam. no panda-cam? >> announcer: keep it right here, america, "nightline"
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good evening. thank you for joining us. it happened in broad day light -- an altercation between a large group of motorcyclists and a family inside a suv. call it the violent video that has gone viral. now crucial evidence for the nypd. the driver badly beaten and now recovering. but one biker could be paralyzed for life. now with both sides hurling accusations and charges being filed, what really happened? here is abc's linzie janice. >> reporter: imagine being out with a drive with your family on a sunday afternoon and suddenly you are surrounded by a swarm of motorcycles, roaring engines, angry bikers in every direction. that's what happened this weekend on a major highway in new york city before this scary confrontation spun violently out
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of control. and all caught on camera. inside that black suv, 33-year-old banker alexy leone, his wife and young child. watch as one biker appeared to stop short. when the suv hits him, the entire group of bikers comes to a grinding halt. when police say some of the motorcyclists got off their bikes and attacked the car. >> they take their helmets. start to dent the car. apparently his tires are slashed there, with a, with a knife. >> reporter: he pulls off in terror, plowing through the crowd and severely injuring one biker as he escapes. and enraged the group takes off in hot pursuit. a three-mile high-speed chase in broad day light. after four terrifying minutes the motorcyclists swarm the suv once again when one rider ditches the bike and leone pulls
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it back and speeds off again. he is not safe. trapped in traffic on the manhattan street with nowhere to hide. the bikers attack. one of them smashing the driver side window with his helmet another using his fist. that's when the video cuts out. police say the nightmare continues. he is beaten in front of his family and left on the road in a pool of his own blood. he was later treated and released at a nearby hospital. but of the biker that he mowed down as he tried to get away wasn't so lucky. tonight that man, 32-year-old, is fighting for his life. >> all his ribs are broken. his spine is broken in two places. he is never going to walk. never going to walk again. the wife of the paralyzed man defend her husband and the riders. >> everyone got worried. everyone stops. my husband stops. doesn't throw his bike. parks it. and walks on over to try to help
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the guy. >> his brother agrees. >> watching too much sons of anarchy. he assumed he was going to be hurt. that was not the case at all. >> reporter: the police are not so sure. >> well it depend on what the circumstances are, depends on whether or not, your vehicle is being attacked, whether or not you think you are being attacked, whether or not your wife and child are in the car, you have to look at the totality of the circumstances. that's what we are doing. >> reporter: who were the bikers, what are they doing in new york city? gatherings like these, a kind of biker flash mob happen all over the country. basically groups of riders organize stunts and temporarily take over highways just for laughs. this past january, in california, a group of bikers blocked a four-lane freeway, just so that one of the riders could propose to his girlfriend. he celebrates by spinning his wheels to create a cloud of pink smoke. the group of thrill seekers that took to manhattan last weekend
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call themselves the hollywood stunts. last year they invaded times square. posting this video online. but this year, police were determined not to let that happen. >> quite frankly, it wasn't on anybody's radar screen last year. we were aware of it this year. and did a fair amount of enforcement. >> reporter: they arrested 15 riders and confiscated 55 bikes over the weekend. abc news contacted hollywood stunts. they told us, under no circumstances do we condone any type of violence, hate or any riding that can harm pedestrians or riders. but we found helmet-cam video posted by a member of the group from two years ago showing similar reckless behavior. the bikers weaving in and out of traffic and ending up attacking this car. we want to belter understand the motivation behind these rides and the stunts that so often go
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along with them. i have been insome l somimilar situations. let's check it out. >> reporter: we took a drive with a professional stunt rider, nick, who learned his trade out on the open road. here we are, nick where that initial confrontation happened, that initial accident between the suv and one of the bikers. nick used to participate in organized stunt rides like the one last sunday. >> i can tell you right away before you go any further this stretch of road is straight and smooth. so if, if it were me, this would be a great section to do a trick. >> reporter: all of the bikers stopped and surrounded the suv, did they all need to stop? why did they all stop? >> that is the question. >> reporter: do you know why? is it code? >> these guys, probably they want separation between the group of bikes and cars behind them to do their tricks. so if, if i'm just hypothetically. if there was a car too close, and you are trying to do the
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tricks you would want them to back away. >> reporter: disrupting traffic to do tricks is of course entirely illegal. nick says that doesn't stop many stunt riders. when you got more than one book on the road. you got one guy might pop it up. some guy might try to do a wheely. some other guy will say watch this. when you get more people in the group, they kind of egg each other on. >> nick has since reformed his street riding ways and now only performs his stunts on closed courses. he says, other riders should do the same. >> if they want to exceed the speed limit want to do any stunts itch you wif you will, a place. not on the street. >> reporter: as for this weekend's street ride gone terribly wrong. police have made some progress, arresting this biker and charging him with reckless endangerment for causing the accident that triggered the horrific chain of events. they're also questioning another suspect, who police believe may be the man seen here.
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pounding the suv with his fists. they're still searching for this biker. more evidence of this hobby's serious consequences, not just for the stunt doubles themselves, but for those us that have to share the road with them. for "nightline," linzie janice in new york. >> sure sound like the nypd will be filing more charges. it doesn't sound like they will be against the driver. we will have to wait and see. next the incredible journey of two of women with breast cancer. one with insurance and one without. >> announcer: abc news "nightline" -- brought to you by bp. the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven.
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so i guess my wife was right. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of erican women use them at some point in their lis but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made coon rms of birth control illegal, including the pipill. cuccinelli was one of only ly five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli ininterfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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discussing the new health care law which has paralyzed the government both sides claim to be protecting those who can't afford health insurance. but there is no debate that those with money tend to get better medical care even when talking about life threatening diseases. that's what spurred one wealthy breast cancer survivor into action. as my "nightline" co-anchor cynthia mcfadden reports she invested in a dedicated doctor and a cause to save others far less fortunate. >> reporter: she was 38 when she found out she had stage 2 breast cancer. the divorced mother of two young sons she pulled herself out of poverty and made a fortune on wall street. how did you make the decision to have a double mastectomy? >> i was told my chances are
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better having a double mastectomy. i said you do the most radical treatment possible. i want to be around for my boys. >> reporter: as dede fought for her life she took on a fate to help poor women have the chance for a cure that she did. that battle was at the heart of the hbo documentary, the edge kae -- education of dee dee ricks. >> i felt it was my obligation to give back. >> reporter: one week after a double mastectomy, dee dee travels from her penthouse apartment to harlem a world away to meet with renowned surgeon dr. harold freeman. >> i really was going to come and cut cancer out of harlem. but cancer wouldn't yield to the knife. why? because the people were poor, uninsured and coming in too late for surgery to be the main answer. >> reporter: if you see a breast cancer in a woman early, you can almost always cure it at this
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point? >> early breast cancer, the earliest stages of breast cancer, are curable almost to 100%. late breast cancer, people die from it at nearly 100%. >> reporter: a shocking reality brought home to dee dee at their first meeting when dr. freeman tells her he is struggling to raise $2.5 million or lose a vital pledge of the s amount. >> i will get you your money. >> oh, my god. i am going to get for it you in the next couple months, dr. freeman. the fact that you have to go out and raise $2.5 million is a disgrace. you will get your $2.5 million. you are going to get a lot more. >> thank you. >> reporter: how much money have you given to all of this? lots personally as well? >> personally, i have given -- a little over seven figures. >> reporter: wow. that's putting your money where
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your mouth is? and you have raised? >> we are coming in for all of the efforts that, since being diagnosed at about $10.3 million. >> reporter: $10.3 million. >> the best thing that ever happened to me was cancer because it opened up to all the suffering that's going on in this world. and i want to make a difference. >> reporter: something else important happened up in harlem, an otherwise unlikely friendship that opened her heart and broke it. >> a tale of two cities in a way. what can happen to two different women with the same disease in the same city. >> hi, guys. >> reporter: dr. freeman introduces dee dee to cynthia dodson, diagnosed late with stage four breast cancer so often the case when women are uninsured. >> i am supposed to die because i wasn't born with a silver spoon, i am sa petzed to die, you have to come in wi-- suppos
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to die, you have to come in with the attitude, i have cancer but i am not trying to die. >> reporter: out of her own pocket, dee dee paid for cynthia's care. it was too late. the disease that brought them together ultimately separated them. cynthia died at age 44. >> it's not acceptable that women die of breast cancer or -- or -- because they're poor. and because they're uninsured. we can fix that america. >> dee dee ricks is here. >> reporter: two years after the documentary aired, dee dee and dr. freeman are here in harlem doing that. >> reporter: two years later you are still together? >> yes, we are. yes, we are. >> i think we will be together the rest of our lives. >> reporter: today they're at an organization called strive which aims to put folks in the neighborhood back to work. >> you are also giving back and saving lives. >> reporter: she raised an additional $2 million to train people like these to become patient navigators. something dr. freeman pioneered
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more than 20 years ago. you really started the first effective national navigator system? >> we have a national hearings in 1989, while i was president of the cancer society. we saw that this was a universal problem. poor people meet barriers when they try to get into and through this very complex health care system. so we invented this thing, called patient navigation. it begin to work. we changed the five-year survival rate in harlem from breast cancer from 39% to 70%. by two interventions, screening, and patient navigation. >> reporter: dee dee knows firsthand the difference a navigator can make. when her friend and makeup artist, val dees was diagnosed with breast cancer. dee dee stepped in. >> the doctor wanted to put me on a drug, a brand new drug. it was not approved yet. the insurance denied it.
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>> reporter: how expensive was the drug? >> $6,000. >> reporter: per treatment. >> she ended up getting the medication. >> reporter: you can't do this for everybody. even though i know you wish you could. so really the navigators become a whole lot of dee dees makes your hand go further and dr. freeman's too. >> reporter: like here at harlem hospital. sheila santa ana believes she wouldn't have had the strength to get through the system without her patient navigator patricia montanyes. >> they have enough, if you ask me, to deal with knowing they have cancer. make their appointments. make sure the results come in on time. >> what her, i don't think i would have been able to make it this far as i have come. and now i am cancer-free. so that makes it even better. >> over the next three years we will train over 5,000 people with the skills necessary to be a navigator.
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and a third of whom must be unemployed. so not only are we saving lives we are putting our country back to work. >> reporter: and just this spring, dee dee went through another life changing event with dr. freeman at her side. you have gotten married, dee dee in the last two years. >> i was very honored that dr. freeman gave me away. >> i have never given any one away before. so and to give her away was a real honor for me. but it was dee dee's youngest son, jordan who reminded them just what dr. freeman had done for their family. >> he realized that dr. freeman had saved me emotionally and mentally and given me a purpose in life. >> our thanks to cynthia for that inspiring report. for more information on the abc initiative to go pink, go to
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>> tonight a feed frenzy shut things down. the federal government closed its doors last night after failing to reach an agreement on the budget. a move that affects every single government department and agency you may have heard about the museums and national parks shutting their doors. but twitter warnings about incoming asteroids will stop coming from nas sta which depeng on the traffic pattern of a million could be crucial or on the nonessential side there is the national zoo's panda-cam
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that will no longer allow us to keep tabs on the cute, cuddly, 5 week old cub. that's federally funded. with one million out of work and the economy slowing, many may want to use australians as an example following a similar impasse. they removed their parliament. haven't had a shutdown since. we just can't do that here. and at least not until the next election. dent don't be alarmed. what you are looking at is not real? none of it in what can be described as a bizarre scene. an italian company, and the submarine surfacing in milan with emergency responders, live television reporters and yes, sailors emerging from the stranded vessel. is, protect your life with our comprehensive coverage. because, anything can happen? and in case you missed it. last night on "dancing with the stars" bill nye did his best to overcome a torn muscle. limited his movement during a


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