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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> parts of the d.c. region are looking like a winter wonderland. atis making things tricky
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the airport and the roadways. we have team coverage right now on abc seven news. the winter weather that we're talking about has had an impact all throughout the day and several school systems have announced that they have had closures. let's give you the list. they include manassas, culpeper, fairfax, and prince williams. delays.e two hour will give you a timeline of what to expect tomorrow morning. steve has been tracking the storm for days now. >> i'm the chief meteorologist and we are watching the super doppler radar. there is moisture moving our way in the form of freezing rain. you will see freezing rain over the district and arlington. it is in prince george's county.
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off to the north and west, they had a lot of snow earlier in the day. now, not so much. at least, not right now. it is moving off towards the north and east. look at our storm scan. there is a waste to go in the overnight hours. fingers are crossed and temperatures will slowly rebound. they already have. temperatures across the area are at 33 degrees at reagan national airport. keep in mind that these temperatures will fluctuate. in the last hour, we had 34. dulles is hanging onto 30. manassas is where i expect problems and around winchester. temperatures are only in the upper 20s. that is closer to the bay and holding onto 33 degrees. let's go over to the chief meteorologist to get the latest
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warnings and advisories and what to expect over the nighttime hours. once we have winter storm warnings in effect until 10:00 in the morning. -- thereinter was her is winter weather advisory and temperatures will fluctuate a bit. a ghost east to west and across the bay. you will see the temperatures climb a little more quickly. many areas will climb to and above freezing. there is no ice and maybe a little more freezing rain. they will get a quarter inch of ice. sleep and there is more of that coming. there is an accumulation of ice that will down power lines. this will happen tomorrow morning. in the meantime, ice will be a problem.
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frederick maryland and north of the district. what are you seeing? frederick -- we are in downtown frederick, along market street. this is seven or eight inches of rain. i have the temperature on my handy dandy homemade thermometer. it is 30 degrees even at the local airport. there is a very light sleet falling at this time. but look at the roadways. has/.is pavement that -- slush. roadusly, there's the main and compacted snow. you try to dig down the pavement
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and you can see that it is hard to get down to it. here's a good example of what to do and what not to do. clear car and do yourself a favor for tomorrow. on the right, this is a good idea. do not fear your car out. it is better to have snow underneath then rain. tor here, these folks had clear their car out. when you do not have snow, you will have ice on the windshield and the glass. that is harder to clear off. leave the snow on your car. i chatted with a young man who was shoveling. he had an interesting driving he was frustrated. >> is a disaster. ands across route 85
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stopped for half an hour. there is a half mile and a half an hour. an hour, i went and half a mile. snow and everything. it's a heavier snow. >> those in frederick had a tough time getting down to germantown. it took almost two hours. they said the roads were clear on the way back home and along 270. that is the latest here in frederick. a little bit of rain coming down and not a lot of action. this is south of the metro area. theresee road conditions and they are causing quite a mess.
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airports have hundreds of flights canceled. ay korff is live. >> the rain comes down and hits you in the face. it is a night of treacherous travel at the airport. i am at reagan international airport. if a lot of people have not let the ground yet. not- a lot of people have left the ground yet. there are delays and cancellations due to icy conditions. >> i would rather be in a hotel than driving conditions that are not safe. domestic departures were delayed or canceled due to storms that impacted air travel throughout the eastern half othe united states. >> there were a lot of
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to getations and you try to l.a. or seven cisco. -- san francisco. >> pilots needed their planes deiced. >> we try to make it to national. -- nashville. they canceled again. >> he is trying to make it in time for a special occasion. >> i-20 get home. -- i just want to get home. i'm trying to make it home for my daughter's graduation. >> battling the elements. they do not have an ice scraper and we held improvised to get crusty layers of snow off his car. >> i was not expecting it to be that bad and i see. -- icy. >> ice was the issue on sunday. >> i checked my car and started
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to go home. it was frozen. >> a little bit of news, many of the airlines are relaxing the fee to rebook your flight. you will want to check with your carrier. live outside the airport, abc seven news. >> thank you. from these guys, to the roads -- from the skies to the roads, our coverage continues with robert. robert? >> it is here in montgomery county. a short time ago, thunder and lightning. the temperatures are hovering around 28 degrees. and chillysnow temperatures. all this has turned into a thick coat of ice. particularly on the sidewalks.
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this is all day and into the night. drivers and cars are paying the price. >> there was an accident. racing to i-270. lanes are coated in ice. -- we are going. >> a car slammed into the center median and is abandoned. >> the cars backwards. >> it -- the car is backwards. >> it has been like this since breakfast. they want to avoid being the next victim. imagine bumper cars on an ice rink. >> today is 20-30. >> running from the 270 split to
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damascus. racksare spin out and that keep coming. drivers did not slow down or underestimated how quickly these roads were icing over. >> i heard them go, whoa. the car was spinning out. 70 and it was a white knuckle experience. -- they hit 270 and it was a white knuckle experience. i talked about the streets turning to ice and here is an example of what we're experiencing. hadaithersburg, they several dozen calls for services. people want to the local hospital and the good news is that there has been no for sit
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-- no fatalities. >> robert, thank you for the update. let's go to the railroad workers. they're clearing the tracks to get ready for the commute. they plan to run the normal schedule. riders are at urged to arrive early -- are urged to arrive early. this, stay with abc seven and for complete coverage as we look ahead to the monday morning commute. we'll have a forecast. be sure to watch good morning washington tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. right here on abc. >> holy freaking moly. >> a look at the dangerous conditions across the country. latest on thethe
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 11:00. >> it diehard fans raved the rough roads to check out the game at the field. and it wasconcerns for a couple of reasons. we will explain why. >> the game was going on and you had precipitation. it is hard to tell, but there is ice on the road. we have a mixture of snow and ice. rains are like this one. we do not see cars slipping and they seem to be doing ok. in fact, a lot better than the redskins fans after today's game. andt was coming down
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traffic was better than normal. most fans never showed up or left early. it was thanks to moments like this. fans -- they say that they found the roads around fedex field in good shape. they had been treated and were wet. for the most part, they were not frozen. knew it was on the field. >> the redskins are worse. >> was the weather worse or the redskins? >> the weather. maybe the redskins. did not have an ice scraper and she used a redskins flag. >> i used to to get the ice off the window. at least it is good for that.
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they did not win today. >> wadded a few souls put up with the wind and the weather. >> i stayed because of my boyfriend. but i was in the club level seats and i sit inside. >> otherwise, you would have been gone. >> you can see the eyes that -- ice that is developing and it is all over the top of it. there is ice and landover and they seem to be doing ok. that said, all of this rain that we have been getting is not going to be pretty. so, please be careful if you are walking or driving outside. especially on the untreated surfaces. tonight, in prince george's county, abc seven news. >> as bad as the conditions
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were, things are worse in baltimore during the ravens game against the minnesota vikings. downou find the first line? the snow came down and left a mess on the field. in philadelphia, it was blizzard-like conditions. it was like that in pittsburgh, as well. it caused problems across the country. wow! sheets of ice came onto that building in plano, texas. no one was hurt. people were involved in a crash in milwaukee. >> i was really -- i was going five miles an hour. >> driving gets treacherous and you have to give people room. do not get close.
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>> good advice. a storm that has swept across country is blamed for more than a dozen deaths. it is going to be a dangerous situation overnight. >> the magic number is 33 degrees. 33n temperatures reached degrees, no more ice will form. we will get you started. it is 33 degrees at reagan national. most other places are below. 34 was a high for the day. that the morning low and is below the average of 49 and 34. there was snow in the first part inches inrm and 6.6 west virginia. got into minor accumulation and the business of sleep and rain.
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29 degrees in asheville and the wind is dead calm right now. those areas that are hanging on to the rain are going to be the biggest problem and will see temperatures continue to rise. , lexington park, reagan national, here's the deal. we have more rain coming and a lot of rain coming southwest and beyond. as long as temperatures stay at 32 degrees or lower, it will not -- it will freeze and it will leave us with a whole handful of problems. >> absolutely. the storms in the winter storm warning points to the west towards montgomery county and frederick county. this is early tomorrow morning. they are winter weather advisory. you will see it accumulating west to d.c. and upwards of a
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quarter of an inch is not out of the question. the roadways have been treated. right now, arlington does not look so bad. it is a little slack. because what out there. this is the super doppler radar and you can see the area that is shaded. there is a little bit of sleet southwest of d.c. and towards culpeper. look at what is happening. this is where temperatures are now above free that -- freezing. everything should eventually changeover to all rain by tomorrow morning. it will be wet out there and the rain showers will continue throughout the day. here's the timeline as we move into tomorrow. -- itl lead 31 degrees will be 31 degrees and the changeover will occur by 7:00 or 8:00. the temperatures will rebound to
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35 degrees. the winds will be out of the south and west. the extended outlook has some question marks. there will be a chelating snow and a lot of that is up in the air. some models are saying that we could see measurable snow on total -- on tuesday. it will be cold on wednesday night and into thursday. >> it is not even winter yet. >> let's get to the redskins. we have stories coming out of redskins park. the redskins have a record like they do. fingers are pointing. the guy at the center of the storm, you alluded to them, the head
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>> and now, the sports desk. >> a truly forgettable day for the redskins. an embarrassing loss to the kansas city chiefs at the fedex this afternoon and the head coach is making no commitment about who the starting quarterback will be next week and the team is making no comment about if the coach will be back next week. mike shanahan looked i see on the field. it did not compare to his relationship with the owner. >> rightfully so. a report fromo espn, shanahan was ready to resign and cleaned out his desk before the playoff game. gaveid that schneider
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preferential treatment to robert griffin iii and undermined shanahan's authority. he responded to the report. >> it is not the right time to comment on my relationship with schneider or talk about this. i'll get a chance to talk at the end of the season. >> griffin did not take too kindly to being asked about shanahan. but it is not relevant to the football game or my life. that is my answer to that. it is ridiculous. special teams allowed a punt return and kickoff return for a touchdown. washington lost 45-10. the team's record is 3-10. >> we are working our tails off.
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and allheir back 100% of these rumors are -- >> we have to go out and play. today, you know, we did not. >> how about some good news? the washington capitals picked up another when. let's go there. they apply pressure and here's a shot by marty. >> a putback. >> a great game this evening. it was at the license center. separation and he drains the jumper. the final desperation shot from maryland is no good and george washington beats maryland 77-75.
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the sooners got on top and stayed on top. he's landed home. 81-66. maryland accepted the invitation and they will take on marshall in the bowl. that is at the academy in annapolis. with the bce word government is on a two-hour delay tomorrow. we had a --
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crocs the conditions outside still have rain coming down. it is not freezing on contact. here is our timeline.
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ands early tomorrow morning there'll be a quarter of an inch of rain. there'll be ice and we will see things warm-up. the highs will be around 35 or 40 degrees. the? questions pophe up on tuesday. have live update and team coverage on the weather coming up after this rate.


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