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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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it. >> it is not just a warm and fuzzy place. come a place where people to learn life lessons of focus, hard work, discipline. even if they do not remain a ballet they take with them that colonel. >> 180 students and six different cast. it, it runsto see through december 29. it is a great performance. >> the kids are beautiful. >> and very talented. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the news continues now. live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> snow crews preparing for our third blast of wintry weather inside of a week. >> meteorologist steve rudin is on the storm watch tonight.
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>> temperatures not a problem right now. temperatures are generally in the 30's and 40's. 39 degrees at reagan national. a lot clearer out to the west with temperatures at 30 in winchester. clouds out there right now but the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory fort loudoun and montgomery county. this is mainly the northern half of the counties. you could see upwards of an inch or two inches of snow. the further north and west you go into northern frederick county and washington counties, you could be looking at more significant snowfall. the breakdown of the timeline, what to expect the rest of the weekend coming up in a few minutes. rebecca? >> seven is on your side when the weather threatens. stay ahead of the storm on our webpage, you can like us on facebook and demo the storm watch weather app
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on your phone. >> an update from colorado where to high school wind its -- high school students are wounded. the suspected shooter is dead at a shooting at arapahoe high school in colorado. it is just a few moments ash miles from littleton, colorado and last year's deadly movie shooting in aurora. students who two was injured is shot and in serious condition. she is currently in surgery. new details are emerging about how all this went down. the sheriff there told us that walked inted shooter openly carrying a shotgun around 2:30 eastern time this afternoon. he was asking for a particular teacher. he errantly was targeting the teacher. word spread quickly and that teacher escaped. anotheries said that student first confronted the
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gunman. they now believe that is not the case. they later found the suspected shooter dead in a classroom, likely from a self-inflicted wound. evacuated by were deputies, hands in the air and single fire. they were patted down as deputies right to see if they were additional gunman. there was trouble and they began calling each other. >> i basically hung up on her and began texting my son. i wanted to see if i could get it in communication. he shortly said that he was ok. >> it was crazy. >> we didn't really know it was a gunshot, but we heard the repetition so we might as well take our teacher. we turn out the lights and lock your door so they could not get in and we made sure that if we heard anything or do anything,
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we will not go out until the swat team comes. >> it had to be terrifying for those kids. at this hour, the high school is a crime team -- crime scene. there was a device found inside the school, possibly a molotov cocktail. this comes on the eva b sandy hook massacre just a year ago. we're following this one and why have more details at 11:00. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> new developments where we heard that police are looking into a murder investigation. opel tell abc 7 news that they're trying to verify the condition of the woman and a small child. a man also lived in the home. opel found a body, believed to be his, this morning. if the second killing in the neighborhood in less than a month. investigators say they are not related.
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washeriff's deputy convicted of mull -- of voluntary manslaughter. greg patterson killed julian dawkins and now awaits sentencing. says it has house made attempts to free american -- free an american who disappeared seven years ago in march of 2007 in iran. the u.s. government insists that the retired fbi and dea agent was there is a private citizen. ap investigation says he was there as an analyst off the books for the cia. >> we have raised the issue of his whereabouts on a continuous basis. i have personally raised it with the iranians in the course of our discussions. seek hisue to try and
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release and return to the united states. >> at the white house, jay carney calls the report of the associated press and "the washington post" irresponsible. is that the white house urged that news organizations not to run the story. >> bc residents are looking at the city's nook streetcar -- new streetcar. sam, what happened? >> this is part of the crew back here. the original plan was that they were to have the streetcar on the flatbed truck sitting here before rush hour so they can wager during rush hour and then after rush-hour take it to the worksite. this is d.c. everything got started late. they got stuck in rush-hour soda sitting about nine blocks that way at eighth and eight. this was the scene this
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afternoon. the state -- the streetcar stop it eighth and h this afternoon. meetingle responsible groups. there was too much traffic for wire holdernd the was damaged after it scraped and underpass. imon native washingtonian -- >> i am a native washingtonian and i am glad to see the three car back -- streetcar back. >> the agency has been testing the cars on tracks outside of capitol street. today, workers began the process of loading one on a flatbed truck to begin the testing on 8th street. the issue is getting under overpasses and overhangs. the train measured 15 feet four , about two feet tall than
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a semi truck. officials say the incident was minor. they will shut down part of h tonight to put the car on the track. >> is a delicate situation how they get it on the track. they'll begin testing shortly after. >> crews are still working on the power lines up and down ending and h. in about an hour they will shut down h street northeast three north n 5th street and it will take the flat cart -- flat bed with the streetcar on and try to put it on the track. that work is supposed to and around 1:00 saturday morning. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you, sam. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, a new report is blamed integer zookeeper at the zoo.
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>> the bipartisan budget plan is far from a done deal. >> there is more than three days away from a senate vote on the plan and it faces criticism. >> the house may have put artisanship -- partisanship
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aside to overwhelmingly pass a budget deal. >> our job is to find enough common ground to send the ball down the field. lawmakers have been working around-the-clock for two days, pulling all minors to get through a long to do list. --we are doing our old must but most to finish our business utmost to finish our business you're so we can go home for the holidays. >> republicans have used all tactics for days. there it was the so-called nuclear option which was designed to break public and filibusters. it has done that but it is also made this anymore dysfunctional. >> it intrudes to a poisonous atmosphere. there's no sense that the minority party seek to get along with the democrats. if anything they see incentive
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in dragging their feet. it makes for a grammar than usual and of the year. year forr end of the the senate. >> they will need five republicans to join them to break a filibuster. for senate republicans have told abc knows -- news that they would be on board. several tea party groups have come out in strong opposition and house speaker john boehner says their stance is ridiculous. boehner speaker john has formally invited president obama to deliver the state of the union address. it will be on to report eighth and the calls of the president to address the challenges of the country, specifically putting americans back to work. >> terry mcauliffe has picked a former rival to join his cap. -- cabinet.
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human error led to a zebra attack at the national zoo last month heard a zookeeper was critically injured after he was bitten several times. the veteran employee did not follow safety protocols. vesta gators say -- severalators say that days around the enclosure were left open.
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>> lottery players hope that lady luck is on their side. $425ht's jackpot is worth million. that is the second largest mega millions jackpot in history. it is rolled over 20 times with no winner. be sure to watch abc 7 news at 11:00 for the winning numbers. 200 --only 32% of the have been sold. you better chance of being killed by a vending machine, having identical quadruplets, and an asteroid apocalypse. >> have you seen any asteroid apocalypse is out there? >> they said next year, right?
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limited dicey weather out there in the early hours and then after that i don't think will be a problem in the district. maybe north and west of the sea. other going to decrease and we are going in with mostly cloudy skies tonight aired that tonight. mostly cloudy skies tonight. it is slightly below average for this time of year. the high was 71 way back in 1889. 39 at the view gop radio -- wtop radio. 32 in rockville. the wind is not a problem. temperatures across the board are just a little bit colder to the west of us. 32 in winchester. it is already 31 at dulles international airport and 34 in quantico. the temperatures will play a key role in the weather in d.c..
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he colder air will be to the northwest. or is just enough colder to bring us the wintry weather tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours. that is going to track to the north and east and as we move through the day the clouds will stick around but the light snow will switch over to all rain. some periods of heavier rain by tomorrow evening before the system finally clears out of here. across central pennsylvania is --thy heaviest is pennsylvania is where heaviest snow will fall. go, andher north you frederick county, 3, 4, 5 inches not out of the question. elevation will also play a role. above 500 feet will see the heaviest snow. this is our futurecast. we have that pressure that moves out of your by sunday. we'll see some sunshine around
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here with temperatures in the 40's and a colder for the day on monday. a dusting changes to all rain in d.c. and fredericksburg. highest areas of western maryland may even see a little bit of icing. that will not be the case for the beltway. here is our forecast for tomorrow. damages will leave off from the lower 30's to the middle 30's. light rain and snow changing over to all rain by 2:00 in the afternoon. show cold airoks on monday, back into the middle 40's on tuesday at around 41 on wednesday. your -- thethe to title at a sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> they say nothing counts when you are out of town. you think that is true?
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andhey leave town tomorrow play the falcons on sunday. i think the players are happy to go. players want to think about the falcons, their futures. after last week watch debacle against the chiefs, they should be chomping at the bit to play again. her cousins has got a lot of attention this week are it i don't know how he will play but he says he is ready to go. >> we had a good week in practice. i think he has done a good job. i think of all the extra reps he is gotten. he feels more comfortable. not only with yourself but with the timing with your receivers. gottenof the guys was everyone exciting about his play this year is toward and read. have not played in about a month because of that concussion. still limited. he does help cousins if play. i don't think reid has been shut down but he has not been cleared to play against the falcons on sunday. chargers and blog -- broncos last night.
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rivers and manning both through two touchdowns. he was down 7 -- intercepted. game, set, match. the only interception of the game. charges be denver 27-20. otto porter is back. this is his third real game in the nba. he has yet to score a oink. it is like he is walking on egg shells. the head coach says he has to be more automatic and aggressive. >> he's got the capability of doing that. is what we like and him. i want to see that. don't want to-- i screw up your, kind of playing. you can play that way. >> for hockey fans, the caps play in florida against the -- panthers. alex ovechkin has 23 goals in 29 games. yet 11 power-play goals which is the best in the league and he
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has 138 goals which is a frank a -- which is a franchise record. they play at 7:30. don't forgetto -- the semifinals tonight. it is one of the greatest rivalries in college soccer. it guarantees there will be a local game -- a local team in the championship game. how about this shot? he flipped the ball to himself and then top shelf off the post past the keeper. he makes it so easy -- makes a look so easy and that is our way of the day. green bay quarterback aaron rodgers says he is the to play and he is back. not so fast, my friends. coach mccarthy says he is not going >> eight jury has recommended a
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six-year sentence for the deputy convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the killing of julian dawkins outside of a party last may. they had argued that the shooting was in self-defense. a judge will officially sentence him in february. >> light snow, changing over to
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all rain in the district heard it will be cold with temperatures only in the 30's. heavy rain late tomorrow afternoon. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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