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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute 11:00s is abc 7 news at -- on your side. >> a busy night for some local firefighters as they respond to zens of people just minutes apart. we will tell you why nelson mandela's grandchildren aren't easy tonight. big changes are coming in just a couple of hours. it looks good so far but that will change. we hope you went outside today to enjoy the mild weather and that sun. and get yourrella code. steve rudin is here. >> we are in the weather center where we are watching heavy rain just to the south and west of us which will impact your day tomorrow especially during the early morning hours.
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take a look at temperatures. we are talking about 48 degrees at reagan national airport -- that is four degrees above our average daytime high for this date. stormscan shows all the moisture coming this way moving very quickly. it is moving into the richmond area. given until 2:00 this morning and you will see this rain and will become heavy at times. waking up tomorrow morning -- 37 to 42. rain will continue throughout much of the day here and i will tell you what to expect new year's eve and new year's day. we are tracking the potential for wintry weather by the end of the upcoming work week. details on that in a couple of minutes. why youis a good reason should do this if you have not already. you should download our weather app. you can check at weather conditions like when that rain is going to start. 11:00 -- a fire at a nursing
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home sent two people to the hospital in what became a very busy night. richard reeve is live in centerville with more. as you said, busy night for fairfax county firefighters. hundreds of fire personnel involved at two separate locations. a major responsible fired. this one at the westfield village apartments. the fire broke out at about 7:30 p.m. it was at the second floor of the senior complex. mostly smoke damage here. we did speak with one of the evacuated rescued. >> of the fire alarm went off, everybody came down, fire trucks came and said it was spoke on the seventh floor. what caused it? i have no clue. >> suspicion that this might have been intellectually calls the fire -- in electrical fire.
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area when a much more intense fire. let's take a look at this fire. doing its work -- units were called here just before 10:00. rooflames came through the and no one was home at the time appeared the home armor -- at the time. the homeowner got a call that his house was on fire. >> we don't know what happened yet. neighbors called us and we were out and they said there were flames coming out of my house. that wereely units normally here were at the other fire. no delay in service and they did a great job. >> the battalion chief was referring to the twisty roads to get into the complexes. unknown what the cause for the second fire was between these two fires they called in
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assistance from loudoun county so a very busy night for firefighters. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> and mother spent the day knocking on doors, looking for answers as to why her son was shot by police yesterday. were trying toey question him about a stolen car when he got into a truck and try to get him -- try to hit him. that is when they shot him in the face. his mother says he doesn't -- she doesn't think her son was targeting the officers. >> i think he was scared and confused in his head and just wanted to run and get away. i will find out what happened. i need to know. >> of the opposite is involved have been placed on administrative leave. he is in stable condition. d.c. police have not released the name of a man who was wounded.
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the incident happened on the man's birthday. he got physical with officers and that was when he was shot. unarmed, ae was friend said. mandela'slson grandchildren appeared at a special event at the verizon center tonight. vincent gray and ted leonsis were on hand tonight. ashley coleman is live in northwest. good evening. mandela'snelson granddaughters are here in the district visiting and they like basketball. they decided to take in a washington wizards game ended -- and they decided to shed -- at the legacy of the late grandfather. before the washington wizards took the court, something special happened -- a visit from nelson mandela's granddaughters. they joined vincent gray and ted leonsis and john wall. >> it is hard for us to be here
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but at the same time i know my grandfather would've wanted us to continue his legacy in some way. life toated his entire changing people's lives. >> mandela passed away in december 5 in south africa. in order to carry on his legacy, his granddaughters presented both teams with a limited edition mandela bangle. proceeds go to education, raising awareness of poverty and aids. mandela care deeply about these problems. this was a chance to educate others about mandela's work. >> he was a central figure to nba players so it is great for them to be able to support this. >> what better place than to be in the nation's capital to celebrate this man. >> mandela's granddaughters hope that by being here they will continue his work and honor someone day and so many around the world love deeply.
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know we are strong and he left us in a good place. we miss him everyday. >> you may also recognize those granddaughters from her reality show they started last year called "being mandela." they grow up in the u.s. and now live in south africa. >> d.c. police are looking for the person who shot a teenage boy in southeast. it happened just after 3:00 this afternoon. we are told the tenets conscious and breathing at the scene. it is unclear what led up to the shooting. a man is recovering in falls church after he was shot at a fast food restaurant. the shooting happened around 4:30 p.m. the victim was found lying next to a car at a taco bell caught -- talk about parking lot -- taco bell parking lot. shoppers at westfield wheaton
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plaza were forced to evacuate after a fire broke out at a restaurant there. the blazes started at a crisp and juicy restaurant. no one was hurt and the mullahs couple of hours and it reopened. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire that prompted all that smoke you see there. new information on the shooting that damaged a memorial. up on abc 7 news at 11:00 -- what museum officials are saying about the repair efforts. more than one million americans are forced to find another source of income after the unemployment benefits ended today. former president bill clinton has his plans this new year's day. how he will
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. >> officials with the african american civil war memorial mark talking about a shooting that damaged part of the memorial at the u street metro station. men were shooting at the -- at each other in that area when some of the bullets hit the plaque. the bullets that leaves a minor damage and it is too early what those will cost but the repairs
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will be replete it as soon as possible -- completed as soon as possible. some big names will be on hand for the swearing in of new york's new mayor. bill clinton will administer the oath of office on new year's day. hillary clinton will also attend the ceremony. the blobs you work in his administration -- de blasio work in his administration. john kerry will head to the middle east next week. the state department says he will lead on new year's day for israel and the palestinian territories. we will take part in ongoing peace talks. it is a time of uncertainty for more than one million americans. today is the end of the extended unemployment benefits. >> i am in a panic. i don't know what i am going to do. >> this woman is one of about
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1.3 million americans facing the end of jobless benefits. congress did not extend the emergency program but for most people around the country at their received -- after they received weeks of payment, the money runs out. unemployment is at its highest since world war ii with 4 million americans out of work. have bills to pay and now i have no way to pay them. womane nelson says this -- this puts important choices for people out of work. >> they will take jobs they otherwise would not take. >> some republicans say they're limiting that it's to just 26 weeks saying it is a disservice to workers. the white house is hoping congress will extend the benefits. most democrats want an additional year. -- for this mom, getting back some of the benefits will help.
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>> i am still looking for work. employers tend to increase hiring after the first of the year. >> we see very positive signs of the economy overall. not only employers hiring for job seekers finding jobs. >> time is running out for people to sign up for health insurance coverage in maryland. residents have until tuesday to find out if they have -- if they want coverage. the deadline for two of the plans have passed the people can still enroll with evergreen health and kaiser permanente. more than 11,000 maryland residents have signed up. the new health care law brings big changes for vending machines. soon they will have to display calorie counts for each item inside. the change is part of new labeling regulations meant to
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help consumers make smarter choices. companies with 20 or more machines will have one year to comply with the new rules but a group representing the operators want a two-year deadline. other critics say they will be expensive for other companies. 7 is on your side with the health alert. health and -- help authorities say the flu is spreading fast in virginia. nearly 400,000 people nationwide ended up in the hospital. doctors say if you had not had your flu shot yet, there is still time. in australian icebreaker is heading towards a research ship in art -- in antarctica. people have been stranded since christmas day. a chinese icebreaker attempted to rescue the ship yesterday,
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but conditions deteriorated and had to turn back. said the board stranded passengers are upbeat. overall, i think morale is pretty good. >> rescues were faced quite a challenge -- will face quite a challenge. the ice is now 10 feet stick -- thick. when i think about a cruise, i think about the mediterranean or hawaii. >> you don't think about antarctica? that is why. we have an adventure on the way tomorrow in terms of heavy rain for those of you going out early in the morning -- beep repaired -- be prepared. a lot of rain. outside, if you have plans over rain is nowr -- the
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south and west of us but is quickly approaching. our temperature at reagan national airport is 48 degrees. windstar at eight miles per hour. we made it up to 57 degrees earlier today. the record is 75 setback in 1946. the winds have settled down. it is 49 at morningside, maryland. annandale is now at 49 degrees. temperatures are slow to fall this evening due to the cloud cover and the approaching rain. dulles at 45. temperatures are actually going to increase just a little bit as we move through the early hours. bringain will eventually that cooler air down to the
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surface but temperatures will mail above freezing -- will remain above freezing. weer in the upcoming week, could be looking at something different when it comes to snow. it is 12 degrees warmer. the rain -- just across southwestern virginia pushing into the richmond area. the heaviest rain will fall tomorrow morning between about 8 a.m. and the noontime hour where we can get about an inch of rain. this is what our futurecast looks like -- 6:00 a.m. vita rain across the beltway. during the morning hours, the areas in -- and yellow is the heaviest rain. it should be out of here by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures fall for today on monday and then another shot of cold air for the last day of 2013 on tuesday.
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clouds continue to increase. rain will develop. 37 to 42 for our low. temperatures around 40 to 45 tomorrow. the extended outlook shows question marks. that is when we could see a potential for wintry weather. temperatures will be cold enough. we will keep you updated. goingwe are talking about from sun and relative warmth into wintry weather? >> look what we had last week. we have temperatures in the 70's. >> a big changes for the redskins. >> we can find out maybe this time tomorrow. also a busy day at the verizon center. the wizards are in action after a tough one last night in
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>> and now the toyota sports desk rot to you by your local toyota dealers. second game of a back-to-back for the washington wizards and they wanted to prove their blowout loss to minnesota was a fluke. they took up the frustrations on detroit. a remarkable recovery for bradley beal after he had to be carried off the court last night with a knee injury. the wizards pull away 60-41 after the half. watch john wall on the break. he is all alone and finishes with a reverse slam. -- wizards and a half on it on a run. the wizards blowout the pistons 106-82. georgetown is trying to kick things into another gear.
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they are taking on florida international at the verizon center. a big day of basketball. the lawyers went on a run with josh smith finishing with the to hand slam. in the corner -- that three ball was good. senior will-- the get down under with a nice move an up and under reverse -- and one. hoyas shot 61% on the floor on the way to a win. george washington in new york. what a year or so far for the colonials. they continued their winning ways. joe mcdonald with seven assists. they go to 11-1 on the season. villanova taking on syracuse. fair with the rebound.
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here he is screening for his teammate as he launches the three ball from the corner. -61, they remain undefeated for the season. the end of a nightmare season for the washington redskins tomorrow afternoon in new york. all eyes will be on mike shanahan and dan snyder. will he fire the coach and his staff? the head coach says his players know if he and his coaches are doing a good job. players know what coaches do during the season. you can tell the way they respond to them. i think since i have been in the nfl players tell you very quickly if someone is helping them get better. bowl --ll athletic
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nice play to the player who goes up and gets the cash. tch. louisville wins. george mason's women loses to east tennessee. tina brown led mason with 31 points on the loss. >> i have no idea what shanahan is saying. >> i don't know how to read that one. >> i guess we will find out tomorrow maybe. plenty of people are ready to leave bad things in 2013.
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>> a lot of cheering going on. she didn't actually shred her ex-husband. shira -- she shredded memories of him. she was part of a group of people who are taking part in the seventh annual written stay in new york city. the goal was to say goodbye to bad memories of 2013. we will be rig


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