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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 3, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington" on your side. wakingy much everyone is
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up at 4:00 this morning shaking off the first major snow event of 2014 third thousands across the region are dealing with several inches of snow that could make for a pretty messy morning commute. good morning, washington. i'm jummy olabanji. parents want to know this morning about cancellations. prince william and stafford county schools are all close today. we will have up to the second information on delays and cancellations scrolling at the top and bottom of your screen all morning long. let's talk about that weather because 21 degrees out there is reading here in arlington d.c. area. bighat is going to be the focus now. the snow is winding down and we're going to be worried about the winds this morning and the windchill or, especially by this
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time tomorrow. let show you where the storm system is right now. you can see things are moving out of virginia and maryland, and still getting hit in places like new york. reagan national. the windchill feels like eight. windsor sustained at 31 miles per hour with sustained gusts of 40-45 at times. it makes it tough to keep those roads clear with the wind blowing snow right back over it, even after the plows have been through. and 17 degrees in hagerstown. headlines for today is that we will have bitter cold conditions. the windchill index today is expected to be in the single digits, pretty much all day long. the winds will be strong, especially this morning, diminishing in the afternoon our. we are under a wind advisory across the entire area.
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little bit warmer conditions on the way for the weekend. i will have more details on that from the belfort furniture weather center, but first let's go to our traffic report right now with amanda. >> that is right, a lot of those primaries will still be covered. quite a bit of activity, especially considering the time of the morning. we have two different incidents working on the outer loop right now. that is going to be working near river road. we have a report that that has been moved to a right shoulder. , anlso have construction accident working. that will be route seven on the outer loop. you're going to run into some delays. we have things going down on route 97. you see that bright orange on .ur map and that is all due
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a crash blocking two left lanes there. we also have wind restrictions in effect, which means no empty tractor-trailers or other vehicles that are larger and have that higher center of 95 looks good coming through maryland. we have a lot to show you. current conditions along 270. you can see traffic is light but the shoulders are covered with snow still. the majority of those roadways are clear, but when that wind picks up that snow goes right over the road. for now, i'll send it back over you. rry at > carter, let's go to. >> we do have some snow sticking
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to the ground here, a little bit . arlington and alexandria a similar situation. that seems to be find except for some overpasses where there was a lot of ice because of the freezing temperatures out on the roadways. you have to be careful because of that. even more of a dicey situation where they haven't necessarily been treated or snow continues to fall. we did see it start to stick to look atl continue the conditions throughout northern virginia and continue to update you throughout the morning. back to you guys. >> iq so much. four: 04, there are already delays at the nation's airports. >> we're not the only ones to be hit. the cancellations and delays are stacking up at reagan international. >> they really are stacking up. the wind is really whipping here at reagan national airport at
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this hour. it airport crews are busy. taking a lot of time on these planes. the deicing process becomes very critical on a day like this. if you can see behind me, the tarmac still has a lot of snow on it 30 a lot of work to be done this morning. the flights and delays and cancellations, among the three local airports, 54 flights that are trying to take off have been canceled this morning. 23 of them here at reagan national, 78 local arrival flights have also been grounded. again, the majority at reagan, 35 at last check, and dozens and dozens are -- of delayed flights around the country. the northeast is getting pummeled with heavy snow, ice and wind. nearly 10,000 flights have faced with a delays in the past 24 hours. the most cancellations that .hicago, o'hare boston's logan airport has stopped all flights until noon today. that could be extended. of course this is the holiday travel season which comes to
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defend this weekend -- which comes to an end this weekend. i have to tell you, driving into the airport, many roads around the airport are pretty icy. areramps and overpasses very icy. if you are coming out to the airport, make sure you give yourself enough time. when you get close to airport make sure you slow it down. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc seven news. abc seven is your storm watch station. we have the latest school closings and traffic alerts plus jacqui jeras and eileen with up- to-the-minute forecasts. you can download the free storm watch weather app for your smartphone. >> our team coverage continues of this winter weather. jacqui jeras will be back with everything you need to know before you head out this
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morning. it is for: 07 and 22 degrees. we will be back. ♪
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>> we are back at 4:09. intro to don't have an of snow on the ground, it is cold out there and jacqui jeras, i was driving in a gust of wind and it looks like polar express. i thought it was driving through an article. >> it is very wintry this morning and the biggest impact he will be in going through is in the morning hours. as you head into the afternoon the wind will diminish and it will level things off a little
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bit. tohave got a lot to get between now and then. the best news i can tell you is that snow for the most part is done. -- can see a little bit of stretching up toward the westminster area is a light band . it will continue to push on out of the area. snowfall report. you got it and who didn't? westminster, maryland 5.5 inches. the inches at dulles airport, that ties the record for the day yesterday. 1.9 at reagan national. within the ranges we are expecting but the problem now is even thoughw come it is done will be blowing all over the place. look at these guys. this is white knuckles on the road even without the snow on the road. 41 miles per hour in d.c.. hourstown at 32 miles per and look at that in perericksburg at 33 miles
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hour. wind chill, that will be the cold factor for you throughout the day. like in annapolis it is a little warmer by the day. feeling like 11 degrees. that will be the rule throughout the day. the temperature not quite as important. we will have quite a bit of cloudiness this morning. clearing skies throughout the day and once we'd peak bus to noon hour those winds will start to diminish and we will feel just a little bit that her. chance at rain and yes, even a little bit of snow potentially in the forecast that get the latest on a current conditions. are things there? >> good morning, we are in chevy chase, maryland. it is cold and currently 17 degrees. the snow has stopped following but it is really the wind that
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has started to pick up and the biggest thing now is all up the snow from the trees is blowing everywhere. that may reduce visibility on your drive and let me show you. the side streets are still pretty slick. the main roads by me, this is connecticut avenue and manor road. connecticut avenue pretty much ok. but again, i emphasize the side streets. i was traveling from wisconsin avenue down jones berks road. it was essentially just covered in snow. a little bit slick. i did a four-wheel-drive. it is a heavier view. vehicle. a lot of people are slipping on the roads. if you can, stay indoors. that the crews are working so hard treat the road and plowed him before you get out. it is so cold out here. let's get the very latest on the roads now with amanda meadows. >> it is very cold. you get lots of props for being out in that weather come eileen.
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we are experiencing several different incidents and accidents on the roadways. as eileen was saying, secondary zone issue. talkingnd jackie were about that in a weather report as wind gusts pick up that snow off the trees and your visibility really does get hampered through your morning drive. that definitely happened to me. covered.ays completely that is pretty much the tarp -- par 4 the court. of those primary roads are still covered as well. interstates are doing pretty good. some of the -- you should use extreme caution. you want them to thread the neil there. they have left shoulder activity. we picked up a tree down. that is completely atop all of those eastbound lanes near waterside. that is blocking the north section of the city.
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the right lane is close near route 100. autry and jummy. a utility worker was killed who is out just trying to help other workers. >> a key deadline today is a suit cream court deals with a ruling on obamacare. onis 4:14 and 21 degrees your friday morning. we
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>> we will have a live look at the roads. >> heading towards western area, i?
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of the elements comforting things as the wind. the snow blowing off of trees onto the roadway is creating some harder driving conditions for us as well. so far on the road not bad. aong route seven it was different story. more snow covering the roadway and a little more slick on the overpasses as we saw. the truck in front of a spinning tires just trying to get started from the stop light. it really is worse is you get into the neighborhoods on secondary roads. checking out in arlington and alexandria, certain areas have a lot of snow cover on the roads as well. you continue to follow it here throughout the morning. back to you guys inside. >> the roads are still pretty slick. >> the roads in front of our .jla studios
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>> anything that hasn't been treated, absolutely, will be slick. you have to get through all the side streets and that becomes a problem. you will have to have that volume starts to pick up during the day. a cherry what is happening to this hour. we have a couple of light snow showers still continuing. you are mainly seeing that in the montgomery county and prince george's county you have a little fine line there. but things are starting to dry out already across much of northern virginia and also throughout parts of west virginia as well. you some updated totals here. it is midnight their services to preliminary. -- chantilly about two inches. vienna virginia at around two inches as well. the bulk of the storm is to our north at this time.
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across the jersey shore through long island and up through boston. they still have a couple of hours to go. if you're traveling and think you're going to travel into this part of the country today not recommended or it at least not this morning. boston has artie had 13.5 inches of snow out of this. if you think about that combined with the wind, we really got a easy overall with the storm. we certainly do have our own complications. arctic air isat filling in all across midwest through the great lakes, through the mid-atlantic and northeast now. 25 degrees in d.c. but the buck stops here. falling temperatures for the rest of the day. our windchill factors feels like eight. you have 30-60 minutes to get frostbite. cover the kids up if you think they're going outside and play in the snow today. hour but we have been getting some gusts, around 40 and that closed the snow right around the same places that got cleared off.
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that'll be a problem at least through noon. 21 at dulles, 18 in winchester, 16 in hagerstown, the field factor for most of the part is in the single digits, a couple of teens and that's where we stay to the better part of the day. our futurecast showing you the windchill, by 9:00 this morning even some areas below zero. that is a concern. we have windchill advisory in effect. single digits and low double digits here, even in 3:00 this afternoon. as you head into this evening, still about the same. very little changes until we had in tomorrow. look at how we recover finally into the afternoon for saturday. we will start to see better weather. high pressure will build an behind the system this afternoon. skies will cool out. we will get some sunshine this afternoon and it will look good, but it will still feel cold. temperatures this afternoon in the upper teens to the upper 20s.
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the winds will be much lighter tonight. upper single digits into the middle teens. for tomorrow, mostly sunny. we would get into the 30s and a few of us above freezing, but we will freeze back up on saturday night. keep that in mind. temperatures later in the weekend should be reaching around 40 degrees and we will likely see some rain showers on sunday. overnight sunday early monday maybe a little bit that are temperatures plummet again. this is our second blast of cold air and i do think the one we will get for the early to middle part of next week will be even colder. we could be seeing some records book in terms of overnight lows monday night into tuesday morning. let's get the latest on the roads this morning. wtop. meadows is withwto a bright -- a be
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right lane covered as well as the exit at that intersection. a left-hand turn lane is covered as well. try to stick with the middle-of- the-road way if you can. if you're on a roadway with multiple lanes, no lanes middle lane state clearest because those that use the most. is going to get waterside. -- use powder inbound lane completely blocked along massachusetts avenue. they just cleared that earlier accident river road or you're good to go on the beltway. on cwting reports parkway. when restrictions are in effect along the bay bridge. empty tractor-trailers, a car top trailer. be prepared for those restrictions and the prepared to use caution. autria nd it back over a
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and jummy. the man was preparing to deice streets. there's no word on what caused the rock out to come down. the man was moving the salt with a backhoe when he became trapped. >> is not just us waking up to snow conditions as morning. a lot of us got off pretty easy compared to the rest of the states in the northeast. nasty storm bearing down bonemorning bringing chilling subzero temperatures and significant snowfall. in place forings some areas, including southern massachusetts. as much as two feet of snow is expected very >> 18-24 inches. it is still 18-44 inches of shoveling. >> a storm impacting 22 states
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and 100 million people started yesterday in the midwest. >> this is bad. country,ts across the another day of cancellations and delays. >> i had no idea when we got here. this new you're starting off with some frustration and a lot of bitterly cold cleanup. i woke up in the got to wonder to see what it looks like. >> you may have to wait a while, snow and strong winds unwilling to let up until this afternoon. marcy gonzalez, abc news in cohasset, massachusetts. >> all the snow they got creating such a problem, even folks in our area that everyone
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was wanting to travel to the northeast today. >> a lot of people so a lot of time for the holidays and the new year. the skid to john gonzalez who is live at reagan national airport this morning for more on airport delays. john, they still try to clear snow off the tarmac? >> they really are. is going to take some time. as your travel gets busy this morning, so other cruise this morning at ground level. reagan national around 22 degrees. we have seen a lot of deicing of lanes and also beyond the planes a lot of the orange lights, those are trucks that are working feverishly trying to clear this tarmac which still has a lot of snow and ice this morning. of course inside, a lot of folks experiencing some major delays and cancellations among the three local airports. we can tell you at last check 54 flights were trying to leave have been canceled this morning. 23 of them here at reagan, 70 a local arrival flights have also been grounded and again the majority of them here at reagan, 35 at last check, not to mention
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dozens and dozens of flights had been canceled around the country, especially in the northeast which is getting pummeled with heavy winds and snow and ice. we can tell you nearly 10,000 flights have faced with the delays in the past 24 hours. most of those cancellations at chicago o'hare where hundreds of passengers have been stranded overnight at a boston logan airport. all the flights there have been stopped until at least noon today. here at reagan, not only dealing with flight delays and cancellations, but if you're going to drive to reagan this morning, take it very easy because the roads and overpasses surrounding the airport are pretty icy this morning. i can see from behind my photographer, there are a lot of trucks on the rams trying to clear the ice and snow. if you are coming here make sure you give yourself enough time and take it very easy. reporting live at reagan national airport this morning, john gonzalez, abc seven news.
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>> good advice john. 4:20 seven now, some maryland lawmakers in montgomery county will announce support for raising the state's minimum wage. state senator raskin will hold a news conference this morning in kensington to raise maryland's minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2016. right now maryland's minimum $7.25 per hour. sotomayor are temporarily block the obama administration from requiring in order of catholic nuns in colorado to comply. government lawyers have until today to respond as case is the affordable care act itself violates the rights of companies and their owners. it wakinge home where up dealing with the year's first snowfall. >> we will show you what will be
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facing if you do have to venture out this morning. you're going to want to paxman should time and your patience if you have to hit the roads anytime soon. jackie come eileen and amanda are all up next with anything you need to know before you head out into the snow this morning. for:


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