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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, southern chill. people along the gulf coast now joining in bracing for the winter weather coming their way. dangerous conditions now responsible for a deadly pileup. justin bieber busted. from clean-cut and charming to troublemaker. the pop star is now facing serious charges that could get him kicked out of the country. wise guy roundup. accused mobsters under arrest in connection with the case made famous on the big screen. why the arrests now, more than 30 years later? and amazing grace. she may be small but this pint-sized girl packs a lot of passion in her singing. ♪ can you see
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happy friday, everyone. i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. >> i'm john muller. we'll begin with the dangerous cold now dipping into the deep south. people in atlanta, georgia, not used to seeing this kind of thing. a water fountain partially frozen over with temperatures near single digits. >> weather being blamed for this pileup in indiana. mary bruce has the details. >> reporter: it seems never ending. >> i'm losing my mind it's so cold. >> reporter: and the deep freeze is only getting deeper. 195 million americans locked into its frigid grip. at least 35 states from the midwest to the gulf experiencing temperatures below freezing. crews bracing for ice as far south as texas. >> nothing is enough here. i'm sorry. i need layers on my face. >> reporter: in indiana whitecaught conditions caused a massive pileup.
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big rigs and cars tangled. more than 40 vehicles smashed together. three people dead, more than 20 injured. >> the collision was boom. louder than a gunshot. i mean you heard it and it was -- this is crazy. >> i can't believe the way it looked. even i was in tears just looking at it. it's horrible. >> reporter: and the snow and ice isn't going anywhere any time soon. a close call in new york where snowplow plunged through the ice into this reservoir. negative 19 in fargo. chicago blasted with cold air so bone chilling it felt like 20 below zero. >> i'm looking forward to the summer. i'm not going to complain. >> reporter: it's closing schools in minnesota with windchills dipping 35 to 45 below. it's too cold to enjoy the snow left after this week's massive storm. this illinois ski resort looks like an abandoned ghost town actually closing for the day because of the cold. if you think this deep freeze is unprecedented well you're right. across the country more than
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1100 temperature records have broken just in this month. and it's not over yet. this cold is still expected to last all the way through next week. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> the supercold weather is going to continue for awhile. winter weather even in places that don't usually see it. >> abc meteorologist ginger zee says the cold air mass is staying over the eastern half of the country. >> we have freeze watches and windchill advisories along the gulf coast. morning temperatures in birmingham, alabama, 13. that's more than 20 degrees below average. corpus christi, 38 so the freeze is on the east side but add precipitation. already snowing in parts of louisiana and texas. houston under i winter storm warning. they haven't seen one of those in almost three years. and here it is, what to expect in the morning. some freezing rain, ice accumulating to up to a quarter inch. >> all right. ginger, certain commuters here in new york will be hoping the frigid air is the only problem
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this morning. that was not the case last night when a commuter problem forced most of the nation's second busiest railroad to grind to a halt. thousands of commuters in new york's grand central terminal on dozens of trains tuck in place for hours. plenty of questions and not a lot of answers. >> why is there no backup on something like this? >> i couldn't tell you right now. it's one of the things we'll be investigating and we'll look into this all night, i'm sure. >> the railroad says service is back to normal now. the outage was metro north's latest problem late last year one of its trains derailed killing four. we have breaking news from egypt. a series of blasts. a car bomb detonated outside police headquarters in cairo at dawn killing at least four people. it was followed by explosions at a metro station and at a police office near the pyramids. violence has been on the rise since mohammed morsi was ousted in july but the first blasts to
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strike at the heart of the city. now to justin bieber who could be facing months in jail following his first arrest waving to fans after he was released on bail picked up in miami beach accused of drag racing, drunk driving and resisting arrest. he was allegedly going twice the speed limit when he was pulled over in a yellow lamborghini. >> he made statements he had consumed alcohol and had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication. >> a dui vibz could get him up to six months in jail. ahead in "the pulse," experts weigh in on why these charges could lead to the canadian born singer's deportation. >> edward snowden is making it clear that he has no plans to return to the u.s. any time soon. during an online q and a he said coming back home from russia would be the best resolution but he does not believe he can get a fair trial. he said current law wouldn't allow him to argue he acted in
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the public's interest. the white house has rejected a new report by a government panel calling 9 spying program illegal and ineffective and contradicts president obama concluding the program has not made a difference in a single instance involved by threats to the u.s. even though the white house disagrees. it acknowledged the president had incorporated some of the panel's recommendations in its recent call for changes to the nsa. defense secretary chuck hagel has ordered two sweeping reviews of the people who rung the nation's nuclear the force has been rocked by scandals including drug use and exam cheating and top commanders have been involved in gambling and drinking episodes. the pentagon says the nuclear arsenal is safe and secure but there is a need to examine the health of the culture. the re-election campaign of new jersey governor chris christie and the leadership have a deadline looming. february 5th to tur over materials to federal prosecutors. those materials are subpoenaed yesterday. the scandal centers on traffic
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jams in ft. lee, new jersey, which seemed to have been created possibly as political payback. the foundation overseeing the september 11th museum is defending its admission charge. visitors will have to pay $24 when the museum opens this spring. families of 9/11 victims won't be charged but some relatives want it to be free for everyone. the foundation says it is necessary to cover $60 million a year in operational costs. all right. time now for the weather across the nation as we mentioned earlier. more than half of the country will see severe cold today. most of the midwest will also get light snow. on the west coast you can expect it to be hot and dry conditions increasing the chances of wildfires. the high temperature here in new york today will only be 18. atlanta and memphis will reach 33 and only 48 in albuquerque. it'll be warmer in anchorage today than in atlanta.
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how about that? warmer in anchorage, alaska, than atlanta, georgia. unlocking the new magic. wait until you see what oreo will soon be putting out. and la cosa nostra. arrests made in a decades old mob heist made famous by that classic film. a shootout leads a teenager hurt and cameras capture how it all went down.
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welcome back. the stock markets open at their
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lowest point in more than a month after selling across the board yesterday. the dow jones industrial average lost 176 points. so far this year the dow is off 379 or more than 2%. yesterday's selloff was because of worries about china. the housing bust may be over. home sales in december were only up slightly but overall last year saw the most activity in seven years. the medium price of a home was up 11.5% to just under $200,000. that is the highest average in eight years. the data breach at neiman-marcus what worse than initially believed. the company revealing more than a million credit cards may have been compromised. the malware used is believed to be the same that infiltrated target but their breach is peers to date back to last summer. well today marks the 30th birthday for apple's original mcintosh computer. on this day in 1984 a young
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steve jobs introduced it. little did anyone know what he pulled out of that bag would revolutionize computing and influence so many computers and gadgets that followed. all right, get ready for two new flavors of o rchreos, cooki dough and marshmallow crispies. >> the marren mallow might remind you of rice krispies but they won't call it that. >> west 66th street. attention, america, this morning. >> john and marci. send it right to us. when we come back, pope francis tells everyone what he really thinks about the digital world and gives his advice on how to use the internet. and the friendly neighborhood bear. wait till you see just how friendly and close he got.
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summit is bubbling, what's called spattering and the activity expected to increase. there have been about a dozen earthquakes around the volcano. it should rise over the next few days >> that's a beautiful picture. let's take a look at morning road conditions. watch for icy conditions on many roads in the eastern half of the country even as far south as texas. . if you're flying, airport delays are possible in houston, chicago, detroit and minneapolis. and from the cold now to a very cold case. the fbi has rounded up five suspected mobsters in a notorious airport robbery back in 1978. >> still one of the biggest heists in u.s. history and it was featured in a famous hollywood movie. pierre thomas has the story.
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>> reporter: the lufthansa heist 1978, jfk international airport. more than 6 million in cash and jewelry stolen. >> police at kennedy airport are searching for at least five gunmen. >> reporter: the story behind the movie "goodfellas." >> these are the guys that jimmy put together for what turned out to be the biggest heist in american history. >> reporter: decades later some of the real-life suspected good fellas were roused out of their beds. among them convince asaro and reputed top lieutenant in the bonanno family. he came into fbi focus after agents searched the home of jimmy "the gent" burke. he was portrayed by robert de niro in "goodfellas." police were led to his home. >> never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut. >> reporter: forget about that. it appears somebody's talking. pierre thomas, abc news, washington.
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all right, new video this morning showing a teen getting caught in the cross fire at a market in memphis. he was standing in line when the guys behind him draw their guns and open fire. in addition to hitting the teen, the bullets also broke a window and became lodged in a wall. the men who shot at each other are still at large. the teen was treated at a hospital. this sounds like something out of "pacifics of the caribbean," a shipload of rats may be headed to britain. the abandoned cruise ship was built for trips to the arctic but a tow line broke as it was headed to a scrap yard. now it's adrift in the atlantic. been there ever since. coast guard officials are worried it may come ashore. all right, pope francis who apparently likes the internet, he marked the church's world communication day yesterday calling the net, a gift from god. >> he also said it offers immense possibilities for solidarity but francis didn't have all good things to say
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about it. he noted that the speed of the internet "exceeds our capacity for reflection and judgment." >> a lot of truth in that. >> yeah. there was a surprise outside their windows yesterday for some southern california homeowners. take a look at this. a black bear took a tour of the pasadena neighborhood, even spending some time on the front porch. look at that. >> oh, my gosh. it's so close. >> wow. >> snacking on plants in the neighborhood. he chomped on a fence but otherwise i guess behaved himself. one resident says the bear is a pretty regular visit and seems to be a, quote, good guy. >> they didn't seem scared in the least. >> yeah. i don't care how regular a bear is. you have a bit more of a reaction than that. my goodness. >> ho hum, see you later. for those needing a football fix, the nfl's pro-bowl is sunday night. >> the league's best who aren't playing in the super bowl are in honolulu for the game. for a check of last night's nba highlights here's our man at espn.
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good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" studio here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. let's get started in the nba. lebron james says the heat have chemistry problems playing without wade out for a fourth straight game. james carrying much of the load himself. puts the heat up eight, the heat up 11 second quarter. the finish and the foul put the heat up 13. no stopping him, no stopping him in transition, 27 points and 13 rebounds and chris bosh made sure that the big 2 was enough to get the win. bosh with 31. heat win it 109-102. portland and the nuggets and blazers. lillard, oh, yeah, let's take another look at that so you can fully appreciate it. blazers still down 8, though. third quarter, blazers down 11. robin lopez to lamarcus aldridge and the blazers down nine. get it to aldrin, a good
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strategy, 44 points, 1 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks for aldridge. blazers go on to win it, 110-105. they snap a two-game losing streak. that's it from here. have a great friday. now back to you. >> all right, thanks. a teen from oklahoma may be part of an espn story sometime down the road. especially if he keeps this up and that is why this is our "play of the day." >> pretty awesome. check out high school senior braden smith. he's bench pressing 515 pounds. in fact, he bench pressed it three times. smith is one of the nation's top football recruits. he will make a decision on where he'll play in college early next month. the kid is in high school. oh, yeah, maybe 100 pounds. how about that? you know, i remember in the '70s there was a guy on the cowboys, randy white, one of the first nfl guys who could ever bench
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press 500 pounds. this guy is in high school. >> 515, impressive. up next "the pulse," jaleno talks about the beef between him, conan and nbc. >> amazing grace, the inspiring toddler with a special musical gift. ♪ something, set it free" probably wasn't talking about dollars. pretty much everybody wants to keep those. ♪ most car insurance companies know this -- because they keep yelling about it. only they don't say how they're saving those dollars. ♪ but esurance was born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. when they save, you save. so you can keep your dollars. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. so you can keep your dollars. ♪ ♪ bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolateads. to anything - everything. with new hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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♪ ♪ love me say that you love me all right, time to check "the pulse," stories you will be talking about today. and, of course, beginning with justin bieber. >> the police arrested the pop star accusing him of drag racing and dui. of course, one of the things immediately discussed following his arrest, can the canadian-born singer be deported? experts are saying it's possible because of the drug charge. >> wow. all right, so what's next for the biebs? he grew up in the spotlight going from an ambitious young singer who a 19-year-old who can't seem to stay out of trouble. his team is urging him to enter rehab. >> meantime, "the dallas star" wasted no time poking fun at him a maple leafs fan. they described his mug shot during last night's game against the toronto maple leafs. >> and he smiled for it, by the way. jay ellen degeneres is gly it was like to be removed from the show the first time.
4:24 am
leno tells "60 minutes" he was completely blind of sided. >> he says he was devastated to be portrayed as the bad guy when the experiment failed and he was asked to rejoin the show. jimmy fallon takes over as the host on february 17th. finally, the toddler who is getting plenty of love thanks to a performance going viral online. >> it's awesome. she is 3-year-old grace ann rogers and check it out. ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's and the home of the brave ♪ >> she is a cutie pie. >> oh, my gosh, the personality and just shines right through. what a precious little girl. >> if that doesn't put a smile on your face, i don't know what will. what a cutie pie. >> uh-huh. >> remember the lyrics to the
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checking our top stories, interstate 94 eastbound near the indiana/michigan border remains closed after a pileup involving dozens of vehicles. at least three people were killed. >> the former virginia governor and first lady being arraigned in richmond today. they we they accepted gifts from a company expecting favorable treatment. a blast rocked cairo beginning with a car bomb outside headquarters. it comes on the eve of the third anniversary of the arab spring. and looking at today's weather, it'll be cold in more than half the country with winter weather even in southern texas. west coast is going to have perfect weather. all right, finally the late night comics had one obvious story they had a little fun with. that would be justin bieber in trouble with the la >> here now are your "friday
4:28 am
funnies." >> police observed justin driving this low-key yellow lamborghini. i don't know how they noticed him. a lot got video of this. he was reportedly driving 60 in a 30-mile-an-hour zone. >> which is surprising when you hear the only race car he had been in before that was his bed. >> bieber told police he had consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana and had taken some prescription medication. or as toronto mayor rob ford calls that, a light snack. >> photographers were on hand outside the police station. look at how humiliating that is. they made him wear a garbage bag around his -- oh, those are his own shorts? >> those are real mug shots. that's a scary looking guy. this last guy. can we show -- this is justin's actual mug shot. there it is right there. >> this is the side view. i think between the first and second picture they took his juice box away or something.
4:29 am
>> police report described him as 5'9" and 140 pounds. or as his cell mate put it, just right. >> got up on the car, as he waved to his adoring fans as if he were at a movie premiere. >> what does that remind me of? yes, that's exactly what that reminds me of. when michael jackson was in court so that's a good sign. >> shirtless. cocky, pants half off. based on my predictions this is what he will look like in 2018 just a few short years from now. >> i saw that. one of the station's interviewed vanilla ice with some advice for justin bieber. >> no kidding. >> yeah, very interesting. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> all right, stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday, everybody.
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a pedestrian was hit by a driver who kept going. after another hit and run killed a student at the university of maryland. governoria's former heads to court. bob mcdonnell is set to be charged with corruption. >> a deep freeze heading to a mess -- leads to a mess on the roadways. i am autria godfrey. , anne arundeld county schools are on a two-hour delay this morning. st. mary's county schools are closed it. fairfax county schools on a two-hour delay. >> loudoun county schls


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