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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  March 28, 2014 12:00pm-12:19pm EDT

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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. todayiser back at it hoping for answers and what they fear is now a recovery search for relisha ride. this afternoon they are back out combing kenilworth parkside stop yesterday search turned up nothing. our john gonzalez is live on the scene. john, what can you tell us? captioned by the national captioning institute the rain hasia, not stopped federal and local authorities from once again spreading out across this very large park in northeast a d.c. you can see where they have mobilized and parked their vehicles. just value to the open space, they are once again focusing on that area. they were over there yesterday. they found a black bag there yesterday and they are now on foot coming through a large area along the fence line.
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it is day two of the search here .t kenilworth parkside a search that has extended to atlanta, georgia, where kahlil tatum has ties. police think he spent about two years -- two days at this park. it is a massive 700 acre park. d.c. fire crews have joined the search was a mcgovern county police has been assisting with a company and a trust picking up bags of trash that they have found in the what's hoping to find any clues here. police say that tatum was last seen with eight-year-old relisha rudd on march 1, and that is the same day he purchased industrial sized trash bags. he pulled her out of school by posing as her doctor. b 51-year-old who is a janitor at the homeless shelter where the little eight-year-old girl was staying with her family -- he is now on the fbi's wanted
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list. there have been other connections with him, and this neighborhood here in northeast ec, also kenilworth avenue. residents telling us he grew up here in this neighborhood, and a few days ago, police recovered a white truck that may have been driven by tatum recently, so that has brought them out to this park yet again today. the search continues. the police chief calling this a recovery operation. she is expected to address the media at 1:00 this afternoon with an update. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> all right, john, thank you. this profited a discussion about safety procedures at the shelter where the girl lived with her family. this morning, members of d.c. council committee of human services had a public roundtable . the councilmember say it is important to review existing procedures at the d.c. general family shelters to ensure all residents, especially children, are safe. >> we have a special responsibility to ensure that we
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are doing all we can so that they will live healthy and they will grow up healthy and responsible. >> the d.c. general family shelter houses nearly 300 families, including more than 500 children. he sure to stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage for the search for relisha ride. we will post instant updates on our website,, as soon as we get them. now to developing stories, the latest audio discovered in the mudslide in washington state was that of a four-month-old girl. the official death toll at 17 but that is expected to rise dramatically today. you are taking a live look at arlington, washington. they said they will have an updated death toll later on today. akiko fujita is there and has more from the scene. >> amid all the twisted debris, layers of muck, there is no shortage of hope here. >> we are still in the rescue mode here as far as i'm concerned.
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>> but nearly a week into this disaster, the pain is starting to settle in. >> they are hurting. they are recovering their friends. they're recovering people that they know. community upknit there. >> 90 people are still missing here. friends, brothers, sisters, and parents all believed to be buried under this mixture of mud and collapsed homes. the families waiting anxiously for them to come home. >> this is not a nice situation that begins and ends wraps up in package. >> he is posting the names and faces of the missing hoping to convert this community. >> i am glad that we can -- even way, bring some comfort. >> everybody is trying to work together to do the best they can. >> casey is pitching in by bringing parts from his auto shop such as chainsaws and power
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to movet crews use the earth. he says everybody in this community is affected by the disaster. >> you start to realize that was a customer of ours. >> more than 200 search crews are out today. cadaver dogs, helicopters all covering every inch of this disaster zone. expected to pose a big challenge in crews say they know they have a lot more hurdles ahead. news,fujita, abc arlington, washington. >> taking a live look out here in the nation's capital right now, it is warmer, but it is so jury out there. let's get straight to the neurologist eileen whelan. did promise springlike temperatures, but that brought springlike storms. >> at least it is not snow and that is what i have been hearing from a lot of people. the unfortunate thing is the cloudy, damp, and showery weather will not last.
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live super doppler picking up pockets of rain through stafford into charles county, even into prince george's as well. also more showers heading north on 270 and 95. keep the umbrella and rain gear with you. all we get along pretty breezily as well. reagan temperature at national 54 with a southerly an hour. 17 miles 61 degrees in lexington park. went out of the south at 20 miles an hour in dulles, so it is going to be rainy. not only for the day today but i think heavier rain tomorrow. we do have the potential for maybe even a little flash flooding. i will detail that for you coming up from the belfort furniture weather center in just a little bit, autria. >> thank you. prince george's county police hope the composite schedule help them find a man who was raped -- who raped 895-year-old woman. sketchnt hours with a artist. she said this image is an
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accurate representation of the man who raped her. a reward of up to $25,000 is offered for information leading to his arrest was that are hungry because of a two alarm apartment fire. smoke and flames damaged a department and dozens of other units had to have their utilities shut off. the government county reporter kevin lewis visited the area and has the story. thisavy smoke spilled from apartment thursday evening. >> i just seen firetrucks coming down here, you know. i was like oh, my, where is it? >> faulty wiring believed to be the cause kept much of the blaze a challenge for nearly 100 firefighters. >> it took about 30, 35 minutes to get it all opened up and put the fire out. >> this morning, restoration aftermath,s the damage estimated at $1 million. >> no electricity is in my complex.
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office gave up her unit. >> when i came to get my stuff to start moving, they told me i was not able to because my used byt was being some people who have been displaced. >> montgomery county firefighters will come to the manor apartments going door-to-door checking the sectors and passing along fire safety advice to prevent another blaze. in aspen hill, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. newsming up here on abc 7 at noon, we have an update for the missing malaysian airlines flight 370. and caught on camera, a brazen theft. what metro officials are saying about this incident. >> and taken you back outside this noon. goodbye, cold but hello, rain. eileen is back with a full
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>> checking the news around the world now. president obama arrived in saudi arabia this morning after wrapping up a four-day trip to europe. video of the president leaving italy. he is meeting with king abdullah . king abdullah's main concern is iran's nuclear program. president obama and king abdullah are expected to discuss syria and egypt. we are following new developments this noon in a search for malaysian airlines flight 370. new data is showing the plane was flying much faster than originally thought and crews are now shipping the search area about 700 miles northeast to a new part of the indian ocean closer to the coast of australia. devin dwyer has the latest. >> the search for wreckage from
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place re-70 has changed course again. >> this is the area in which the aircraft is likely to have crashed into the ocean. >> investigators today unveiled search mat they say new analysis shows the plane was moving faster and bernie feel more quickly than previously thought meeting the plane did not go as far, crashing into the water closer to australia. >> this is the normal business of search and rescue operations. new information comes to light, we take you to a different place. >> search planes redirected to the area today immediately spotted objects in the water. five different planes photographed multiple objects of various colors. still, nothing can be confirmed until ships pick those pieces up. >> we are in a real danger of that pane or battery running out and never finding the wreckage and never finding out the mystery of flight 370. >> some families of the 239 victims reacted to the shifting search with discuss, walking out
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of a briefing by malaysian officials. old always repeat the information, these are all lie growing situation as investigators plea for patience. officials say the new search area has generally more favorable weather conditions. that will make it more easier for recovery crews and for the satellites, which need clear skies to see any possible debris on the ocean surface. devin dwyer, abc news, new york. >> there is an unexpected developer today in the oscar pistorius murder trial. immediately after court convened, the judge sent everyone home and postponed the trial until april 7. court officials say one of the legal >> words helping the judge with the case is sick. pistorius was expected to take the stand to testify. the story is that he actually shot his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, because he thought she was an intruder. prosecutors say he did on purpose. if it years so that's of bicycles and electronic devices
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2013.rom 2012 to this is surveillance video of a cell phone theft in action nearly one week ago. look at that girl! metro police did arrest the suspect. our news partners at wtop report that snap theft, and with smartphones jumped 30% and bicycle theft jumped 25%. metro police encouraged writers to be more aware of their surroundings and if they ride a bicycle, get a free u lock. --e than six many people more than 6 million people have signed up for the affordable care act. it puts the obama administration ahead of its revised goal. the emerald the deadline is march 31, but a two-week extension will be for those who show they had trouble signing up. parts of missouri and iowa could be in for a second day of severe weather. more than half a dozen tornadoes were reported in the area. the storm also brought hail and
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high winds, damaging several homes. and flipping vehicles downing power lines. fortunately amid all of this, no injuries were reported. a little closer to home, the cherry blossom kite festival has been postponed because of the rain forecasted for tomorrow. it will not take place sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on the national mall. this is video of last year's event. the annual festival brings out professional players who compete in stunt flying competition as well as the amateurs who like to get out and fly a kite. >> my gosh. it was great weather last year. >> last year was picture-perfect. >> i wish i could say the same here. i guess they made the decision after looking more into the forecast. unfortunately i think sunday, too, is still going to be on the wet side. it is going to be windy, too. >> which will be good for kite flying. >> which will be good, but just something to keep in mind. nonetheless, still a fun event.
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this weekend does look to be on the wet side started off with a showery day here. this morning, we had a few little glimmers of sunshine on the horizon that they put our time lapse into motion from arlington high school. washington-lee high school in arlington. we will continue to see showers through the rest of the day. 49 degrees in frederick, germantown, in leesburg, 51 degrees right now in alexandria. on the right-hand side of your screen, you can see rain all totals and so far they have been relatively minimal. northwest high school, 1400s of -- wech and just about will give shower chances in the forecast but the heavier rain will arrive tomorrow. we are watching a potential for some severe weather this afternoon that continues to move into the deep south, but an area of low pressure will actually arrive along this boundary and bring us more substantial rain tomorrow. the severe right may hamper some of your travel problems today
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into the deep south but as far as the mid-atlantic and northeast go, delays possible with reduced visibility us, but the midsection of the country looking pretty good. kansas city today 50 degrees with sunshine. and is that boundary, on off rain showers possible throughout the day. we get a break overnight, but by tomorrow, this area of low pressure further develops and i think it's ashley afternoon time, pockets of heavy rain. think especially afternoon time, pockets of heavy rain. residual precipitation, colder air may be bringing some snow showers to the mountains but for the most of the metro area, just a chilly rain for sunday. flooding may be a bit of an issue. i want to show you that. just some moderate rain showers throughout the rest of the day today, possibly getting to about .4 inches of rain. i tomorrow, really notice how everything starts to fill in. 1.5 inch forecast saturday by 7:00 p.m., about one inch in d.c., and the higher amount, the


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