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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 1, 2014 4:00am-4:16am EDT

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making news in america this morning, another recall for general motors as the company prepares to face the music over fatal crashes. plus, new reaction from ctims' families after a tearful meeting with the ceo.
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cockpit confusion. another discrepancy in the investigation into fligh370. this time it involves the last words from one of the pis. why are we just learning what was really said? man overboard. a sailor falling into the rough ocean far from land, a dramatic rescue caught on camera after his mates wouldn't give up searching. gold glove. the best baseball catch of the year comes from a ball girl who likely saved a fan from certain injury. good tuesday morning. the e ceo of general motors' tr to washington started off with an emotional meeting. >> mary barra broke down in tes after coming face to face with family members who lost loved ones in ashes. those recalls involve 6
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million vehicles and will be involved in the congressional hearings beginning today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the title is the gm ignition switch recall. why did it take so long? today, gm's ceo is expected to tell lawmakers that she still doesn't have an answer. today general motors ceo will face tough questions from congress about the automakers' faulty ignition switches linked to 13 deaths and why it took more than ten years to reveal the problem. in prepared testimony mary barra will say today she is deeply sorry, repeating her promise to conduct a thorough and un impimd investigation and that today's gm will do the right thing. starting with an apology to the victims' families. >> said she was sorry to all of us and then we all got a chance to talk to her and tell her about our children that died. >> reporter: last night randy and 20 other family members spent two hourwith barra on the eve of her congressional
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testimony. but at today's hearing these family memrs say they don't want more apologies. they want answers. >> i'd like to to gm just come forthright and say, okay, we're going to own this. this is our problem. this was our mistak we're going to own it. we are going to take care of it. >> reporter: they announced a new rod of recalls this time over concerns that the power steering could fail on some models dating back to 2004. that's 1.3 million more cars. on t2.6 million already recalled for the faulty ignition switches. >> there's still people out there driving this vehicle who should not be driving it. >> reporter: now, gm is still investigating if these new power steering problems have caused any accidents or injuries. but so far, gm says no deaths due to this most recent defect have been reported. john and diana back to. >> you kristin fisher liv in washington for us this morning, thank you. this morning everyone in america is supposed to have
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health insurance. the deadline arrived at midnight. the final enrollment day saw record traffic on the website though out of service for several hours. long lines also snaked around many local sign-up centers. those who started politics will get more time to finish and the white house say they may have reached their original goal of 7 million and coverage begins may 1st. a jetblue flight bound for ft. lauderdale was back on the ground 15 minutes after taking off, six people were treated and reportedly injured while evacuating. in the indian ocean this morning, planes are once again crisscrossing the sea looking for the missing passenger jet. in just a few days now the batties on the plane's black boxes will run out silencing their locator signals. abc's nikki perth, australia, with the last on the mystery of flight 370. >> repter: ten planes and nine ships are looking for debris fr days 24.
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as search teams continue to scour the southern indian ocean, we learned the final word spoken from the cockpit. malaysian sport ministry says it was "good night malaysia 370." they're still trying to determine who it belonged to. this signoff is routine and provides no new clues in the mystery of flight 370. now in week four of the search there is greater you aurgency td the black boxes. today australian ocean shield is on route carrying these navy devices for listening and look under the water. >> the search area is very large. it's vast and clearly an area that the lack of which we aven' >> reporter: but so far the eyes in the sky have not spotted any debris from the plane, just fishing tackle and floating
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trash. despite no luck yet, the crew here remains focused on one mission, finding any answers and hopefully some closure for the families of the 2 39d passeng39 on board. asiana is pointing its finger to boeing for its crash in san francisco. in documents just released by federal investigators, the carrier acknowledged pilot error played a role. but it also blamed boeing saying the 777 had major design flaws and failed to maintain enough speed. boeing says it's the pilot's job to monitor speed. and quite a scare for nearly 200 passengers aboard a klm flight from amsterdam. lightning struck it just as it approached the airport in birmingham, england. a man on the ground captured the moment with her phone, passengers say it sounded like the engine had blown up. the pilot waited until they landed smoothly before announcing that they had been hit by lightning. workers have found several more bodies at the site of the devastating mudslide in washington state.
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the death tollow stands at 24 thoughnly 18 of them have been officially identified. but there's been another decline in the number of missing now down to 22 and the governor asked for federal aid to offset losses to individuals now totaling $10 million. a note on the war in afghanistan for the first time in more than seven years a full calendar month has passed without an american service member being killed in combat. it's only the third time that's happened. two coalition soldiers died there last month but their deaths are considered noncombat casualties. there are new reports this morning the u.s. may release convicted israeli spy to jump-start the faltering mideast peace talks. john kerry met in jerusalem with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is considering releasing jonathan pollard serving a life ntence since 87. he was convicted of pasng secr possly the sovieunion while working for the u.s. navy d now it' april but the snow just kee on coming
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a springtime snowsrmtonhe upper midwest shut down schools and governnt office,anceled flhts and closed major highways in the dakotas and parts of minnesota and csing c. some areas got as much as 20 inches of snow. >> man, oh, man. or today's for. more know forhe upper great lakes. a band of strong stormsill exte froda am swing into thehio vley and most of the west coasts rain except for washington. temperatures will beild from t northeast i the south c bd in the upper midwest. mildlong the west coast and hot spots to tell you about. dallas, 83 and mii, a nice warm 81. >>oy, that sousnd good. still ahd, a real estate recorde will te you inside a $100 million home. pluscaught on camera. gh drama in the hi seas. sailoroes ovboard but his mates wouldn't give up on hi at caused aan to go off in t fast food lane.
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welcome back. stocks will start today's session on a hh note after the ogged triple digit gains sterday gaining 134 points to lose at ,457. investors were apparently optistic after fed chair janet yellen saithey still have room in theentral bank to hel economy. anysts poi out, howeve that most of it came from end of quarterin wwressing from money managers. also on the rise, gas prices. new repo from t energy department shows gasoline climbed 3 cents over the past week to a national average now at 58 a galn for regular unleaded. california oncagain tas the
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top honors f most expensive gas,though, at $4 a gallon. and sa sales a losing their zz i america. consumptioof carbonated soft drinks fell l year,oth regular and diet. that's nrly doublehe decline from the year before. it comes as energy drinkand flavor weds are gaining new ground. e costf getting married s hit a record high. lastear couplespentn o average just under $30,000. not counting the honeymoon according to brides and grooms are gting morenique experiences for guests. largestome in calirnia, the flur de lys, 15 bathroom. >> a cool $102 million. that istill well below the r which was set last 117 mlion for a mansion inorthern california. >> wow. >>hat do you think?
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