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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 11, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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contacted us at 7 a.m. and she went into custody at 2:30 based on the evidence they provided. the elderly claims victim was abuse 21 times in just five hours on the first night they filmed. at the allegedly yelled woman, taking her ankles, snapping her head back while putting in eyedrops, even slapping her across the face with a book. the video the police a also includes footage of freld threatening the victim saying that she would punch her in the mouth and break her legs. >> that's not her. no, no, no, it's not true. >> freland's family defending her as investigators look for other potential victims. she also worked at the center for development elite disabled adults in frederick, where the ceo said there was no indication anybody else has been harmed. the ceo of the care center says freland has been suspended
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without pay as the investigation continues. they anticipate she will be let go. the frederick county sheriff's office is looking for other potential victims and asked them to contact the police. as for the victims family, they do not to talk on camera, but they said the elderly woman is ok and being carefully watched. in from thejust navy yard shooting -- a new report obtained by "the washington post" reveals a key medication breakdown during the shooting rampage. aaron alexis killed 12 people inside the navy yard last september. we have with the new report reveals, scott? >> we're just going through 80-plus pages of the internal mpd.w bt by a lot of confusion documented. one big example is problems occurred when they were trying to get access to the closed-circuit tv cameras.
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that would have allowed them to direct officers on where to track down arrow in alexis. there was a lot of confusion. also talk about a possible second sucks back -- a second suspect could have been ruled out. the security officer at the control room where the cameras were directed to not contact the police about what may have seen. also in the search for the gun man, not all responding officers were the same radio channel. we have seen this in other incidents in the past. unfortunately it occurred again. and the base commander inside the facility was not in communication, not aware of the unified command center that was set up outside the navy yard. those who talk about responded, a lot of agencies, many officers were unfamiliar with the navy yard layout. while going to the building, they cannot find it and eventually just follow the flow
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of people who were trying to escape. some of this is very natural, but there are also recommendations from the report. it talks about ballistic shields which would allow the police to respond much faster because they can move quickly holding them up and still feel protected. also weaponry, no longer having ar-15 long rifles but instead wch may benefit them and narrow hallways and ofht confines, mazes cubicles. it also talked about updating the active training for the active shooter situation in office buildings. finally, it is interesting, some of these secure facilities you cannot bring a mobile phone into the building. at prevented them from relaying important information to the authorities. -- that prevented them from relaying important information to the authorities. there was talk about changing that policy because radios would not work because of the construction of the building.
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officers, 1000 on the same radio channel at one point, agencies work very well together. they think they did a good job overall, but a lot of recommendations. leon? >> thank you, scott. the revelations surrounding a so-called cable man criminal. he has burglarized at least two homes in the district, including a home belonging to the parents candidate murray all balser. jennifer donelan is in northeast with the warnings from the police. >> the imposter targeted the elderly and targeted north michigan park, where the laws are manicured. the majority of residents have lived here for 30, 40, 50-plus year including the parents of democrat mayopral nominee muriel bowser. at 9:00 a gentleman came to their house, said he was working
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for comcast and needed to reboot their tv's because the signal had been upgraded. is 75.8 years old, she they let the worker inside the house. he told them to turn on the computer in another room and that is when he stole their cell phones and whilallet. later, a 75-year-old woman was also victimized. remember, iby name, am the cable comcast guy. he got her to go downstairs to turn off power to the house so he could fix something. she said she was down there for a while and when she came out, she was gone. we spoke with muriel bowser about this and she is outraged when any citizen is targeted and victimized. >> they built that house and a around them, to have somebody come in and invade your home, there is no greater sense of violation than that.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 am an exclusive interview with the second victim, e 75-year-old woman. we will also hear more from muriel bowser, her reaction to the series of crimes in northeast. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> pellets turn to the weather. we got a break from the rain today, but will it stay that way through the weekd? steve rudin has a first look at the forecast. >> enjoyed the next couple days while you can. we have big changes on the way monday and tuesday with stronger storms. thinking about going to the delmarva beaches or have friends there? city, the beach beginning to fill out. the clouds will dissipate later tonight. looking at a really nice beach forecast for the day tomorrow. the temperature 80 degrees ocean bethany,oboth, dewey,
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the outer banks of north carolina middle 80's with a chance of a shower. sunday we crank up the heat and humidity as the atmosphere becomes more unstable. closer to home, skies clearing a little bit. a bright moon later today. the temperature still on the warm side, but cooler than we have seen over the past couple days. holding in the 80's right now. fall into the upper 60's, 70 degrees. we will talk about the potential severe weather outbreak early next week in just a few minutes. >> thank you, steve. meanwhile, a call for answers from the family of an alexandria woman a week after she was murdered in her home. the police say they have no idea who is responsible for killing the woman. jeff goldberg is an alexandria with the family's plea. >> alexandria police telling us today that in the past seven days, two detectives have been
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working practically nonstop on this case, calling this an active, fluid investigation. family and friends of the victim are grieving during this difficult time and remain filled with many questions. it is tradition in ethiopian culture to mourn the death of a loved one for as long as a month. the pain of losing this woman will last much longer than that. >> i'm mad, upset. i'm sad. >> this is her nephew in the last person to see her on the night of july 3. on july 4, the 43-year-old woman, divorced with no children, living with close family members, was found dead in her room at their apartment. the authorities say she was strangled. there were no signs of a break-in or struggle. >> we're just trying to figure out what's going on. we need some answers. >> there's not a lot of new information. sayhe alexandria police
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detectives are working several leads, but are asking the public to come forward with any new details. what she hasow done the past six months, who she has been with, who she may have spoken to. >> according to family, the woman, a native of ed up a, spent practically all of her time in church, working at the café in falls church, or at home in alexandria. we want to know what happened. this is her sister. she now feels incomplete. >> she was full of life. >> family members say she had many friends, no known enemies, and nothing in her life seemed out of the ordinary. the police call this a difficult, complex situation. at the moment, no motives or suspects. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> d.c. police are looking for
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two men wanted in connection with a burglary at northeast early in the morning on to rhode island avenue. by theas captured building security camera. if you recognize either of these men, contact d.c. police immediately. >> shifting gears, what everybody is talking about today -- i cannot wait to talk to you about this -- i know leon has been wanting to talk about this, lebron james will be going home to cleveland after leaving, of course, for miami four years ago. >> scorching the europe behind him as he left to go to miami. his time, a big difference. announcementcial on a special "sports illustrated" article. horace holmes has the story. >> it will be a heroes walk him when he arrives back in ohio. some people close to lebron james say this is a movie began seriously considering at the
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beginning of this past nba season. there were strong family considerations and his love for northeast ohio. once he made up his mind, there was no big televised announcement but a message to "sports illustrated." "i'm coming home," the simple statement that sent the sports world into a frenzy. lebron james will be returning to the cavaliers four years after spurting his hometown team for the miami heat. >> at this time i will join the miami heat. >> unlike the now infamous decision broadcast in 2010, james opted for the low-key announcement, releasing the news and a first-person story at "i did not realize four years ago what i do now. i'm ready to accept the challenge. i'm coming he." while the announcement may have been low key, the reaction has not been. fans have been celebrating in cleveland all day long.
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some gathered outside of his ohio home. the akron, ohio, native spent seven years in the nba with cleveland. his decision to leave left his hometown feeling betrayed. perhaps nobody more than the cavaliers owner who authored an open letter all in james a coward for choosing miami. "i have met with dan face to face, man-to-man, we have talked it out. everybody makes mistakes. who am i to hold a grudge?" at least for today, everything seems forgiven. we will have more on lebron james' decision to move back to cleveland and how this affects other free agents like carmelo anthony. everybody has been hanging out to see what lebron would do. this is an amazing move. how do you feel? >> i am just hoping against hope that my 300-pound brother is not jumping around without his shirt on. >> thank you.
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i want to hear about the other players later, what they are going to do. coming up -- the fbi looking for a man they say robbed two silver spring banks. it's what he threatened to do during the heist that has the authorities on high alert. >> i he this beautiful baby girl. >> a baby boom in july. why the d c area >> the police are sending out a
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warning for anybody who uses the atm's in fairfax county. >> the police have pictures of these men placing skimmers on a number of atm's. >> take a close look at what thieves are using to steal your money. assist the skimming device placed on several atm's in fairfax county. not a new crime, but the police have clear pictures of a man -- of the men they say are installing them. the last incident took lace at the suntrust bank. the police say thieves have been added since june 6. he hit another suntrust bank on richmond highway, and another on rolling road. >> i had no idea. >>nd of stuff is out
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there. it is why he carries his wallet. he says it keeps them from swiping his credit card info. peopleve heard of walking by and stealing stuff. >> one of the police even had -- one of the people even had a pizza box to carry the devices. this guy seems flustered as he places something on the maine. >> since the dawn of mankind, and they will continue to do it. you have to be careful. >> the police are hoping these pictures will track them down and end this crime spree. >> suntrust has notified customers whose cars were compromised. even if you have not been notified, you are asked to check your bank statements for any abnormalities. virginia beach, national weather service confirms a tornado touchdown in the city of oceanfront thursday. there was a path of distraction
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for several blocks. a mile from the oceanont, a church steeple was knocked off the roof. six people were hurt, many from flying debris. >> the beachfront has chairs that are blown over, guard stands. we have insulation wrapped around our balcony. ditches andsays drainage pipes they cleared last week in preparation for hurricane arthur help prevent flooding in low-lying areas. being prepared made a difference. >> it was not as bad here, but it was bumpy. >> we had severe thunderstorm warnings, flash flooding. a thing like that this evening. i have concerns early next week monday and tuesday with stronger storms. punch, 36 pack a million people could be affected by the storms. it will be big and powerful monday and tuesday. outside right now, it looks
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absolutely fantastic. a couple clouds, nothing to worry about. the beach looking pretty nice, although a few extra clouds later tonight. once again, nothing to worry about. patchy fog later this evening into the early morning. at reagan national airport, the dew point level very comfortable, lower 60's. a wind out of the east at five, we pick that up a little and change the direction tomorrow. that is what will add the humidity and boost temperatures a little bit. 82 at the weatherbug headquarters in germantown, maryland, no rain to speak of in the past 18 hours. 86 was the high at george washington university. also the current temperature. per hour.t 4, 5 miles the final stop come alexandria, 90.le 80's, high approached the temperature still warm, but wouldn't tolerate them. uls, 86 martinsburg.
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in terms of the dew point level, we are looking at lower, middle 60's. we will raise that to about 70, 72 towards the end of the weekend. cooler, drier air to the north. nothing heading our way as we move through the early part of next week. we will warm up into the middle 90's monday. in a strong cold front will approach from the west. showers,rigger the thunderstorms, and the potential of flash flooding late monday into tuesday. the high-pressure trying to build and for the time being. we stay on the dry side of things overnight. shower,ave a pop-up maybe an isolated thunderstorm west of the district tomrow, but less than a 20% chance. increasing chances sunday. by monday, tuesday, not so great. the satellite radar, it is dry and it will remain dry overnight. futurecast as we move through the day saturday, if you added clouds, but lots of sunshine.
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middle to upper 80's. a few showers may develop across western maryland, the panhandle of west virginia. increasing chances sunday, highs approaching 90 degrees. along with the hotter temperature, increased humidity. the cold front off to the north and west will impact the weather monday and tuesday of next week. gusty wind, the potential of flash flooding. scattered clouds, patchy fog to the west of d.c., 65 to 73 the overnight low. to 89 degrees saturday, the wind out of the south at 5-10. the extended outlook, look at the high monday, 94 degrees, a little cooler tuesday. chance of stronger storms moving through. the coolest will be wednesday and thursday. considering the highs for this date, 89 degrees, the temperature about 10 degrees cooler. we will take it.
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a nice july break. >> a nice weekend. >> just ahead -- >> i think it's wrong and the legal. >> a photographer who says he is not getting paid by a newspaper for his work. he called 7 on your side. emotional reunion as a local police officer goes back to his station for the first time since being seriously hurt on the job. first year as a look at what is coming up in prime time >> it was a special homecoming
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today for a prince george's county police officer. >> he we seriously injured during a practice mastering a traffic stop in may. he made his first visit to police headquarters today. john gonzalez shares his story of determination. >> i remember hearing the vehicle strike the back of my vehicle. >> this visit almost didn't happen after a violent crash. >> the scar was pretty cool the first couple days. now it's like, ok, i'm over it. the prince george's county police officer walked into the police headquarters hundreds of times, but today it was emotional. >> i remember waking up
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underneath the vehicle. i remember waking up. >> the 26-year-old was nearly killed on may 22. he and two other officers were at a routine traffic stop when the driver of a minivan lost control, swerved, and crashed into wall three police cruisers. two officers jumped out of the way, what the other officer was struck and trapped under the van for several minutes. >> the last thing i remember, i had third degree burns to my leg and arm. i had a collapsed lung. officers with them on the call lifted the vehicle off their injured colleagues. >> were talking to him, just going to keep him calm until the paramedics got there. war veteran has been with the department for about a year and a half. he is expected to make a full recovery. doctors say that his knees and ribs need a little more time,
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but he says he is ready to come back. back great to be welcoming -- it's great to be welcoming him back. >> a happy reunion. still to come -- the new request from amazon that signals how serious it is about using drones for delivery. disguise robber whose is so good, the police are asking for your help.
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captioned by the national captig onininstitute a brazen bank robber is making some alarming threats in montgomery county. >> the fbi released video of the man who has held up two capital one bank's in silver spring in the past month. in both cases, the robber told tellers he would blow up the bank if he did not -- if they do not fill his bag with cash. >> kevin lewis has more on the newly released video. >> he moves fast. within 60 seconds, he was in and out of the banks. during that time, the robber essentially told tellers, "give me all your money," and by the way, "this bank is about to blow up." he wore shorts and sneakers and
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walked with a swagger, demanding money, only to leave behind a device on the teller's counter that he claims will explode before the police arrive. >> at scary. >> -- that is scary. >why would somebody do that? >> on june 10, the robber hit this capital one branch on columbia pike in silver spring. last wednesday, he struck capital one again, this time at a location on university boulevard west near montgomery blair high school. >> wow. very surprising. >> this capital one customer feels that explosives are far worse than firearms. >> a-bomb will harm a lot more people than somebody with a gun. the fbi describes him as an african american male with a light complexion come between 5'10" and 6'1", weighing about 160 pounds. in the first case he wore a blue baseball hat and black ski mask. in the second heist, a more sunglasses,stume --
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a bandanna, plus a fake nose and black beard. to get a couple thousand dollars or whatever, life is not worth that much. >> investigator say that both items left kind were not tom's, but they are concerned he could get more positive and aggressive along the way. the fbi has posted a $5,000 re-ward. in silver spring, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. of maryland is now investigating the deaths of a homeled child at a group in anne arundel county. regulators were the process of closing down the false or care facility when the 10-year-old died last week. no word on the cause of death. the state said recent inspections of the home run by inc., found inadequate staffing.
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the children have been relocated. is charged with one count of abuse of a vulnerable adult and 22 cases of second-degree assault. the daughter suspected something was wrong and used a hidden camera to catch freland in the act. >> d.c. police did not have access to live video during last year shooting at the navy yard. according to an after action report, a security guard locked himself in a room with his purity feed. the police chief said access to the feed may have prevented the gun man from wounding one officer, but probably would not have saved lives. >> lebron james is going home. cleveland fans could not be happier. is four-time nba m.v.p. returning to the cavaliers after four years in miami. lebron says he wants to bring a championship to his native ohio. >> it was unusual discovery at a georgetown elementary school.
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take a look at these bones that were found by a construction crew while again at high addison elementary. the police were called to the scene. they investigated and determined they were not human. the bones are apparently antiques. construction at the school resumed. >> antiques? >> antique bones. let's check on the traffic situation with bob endler in the wtop traffic center. >> plenty of volume 166 heading toward centreville, all lanes open into falls church as well. eastbound side con inner loop andof tysons, bethesda silver spring, running heavy and slow through college park with lanes open. 95 south over the occoquan, south of dale city through stafford, to travel this saturday, generally heavy volume. he had a crash on route 60 in maryland. this is on the right shoulder, locking -- still quite slow.
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this is about a mile before 197. if you'reg to badly heading towards the seashore for the 395 south from the pentagon towards landmark, volume delays, all travel lanes open. have a great weekend. >> bob, you have a good one, too. 7 on your side with a consumer alert for chrysler owners. the automaker is recalling 651, n theeep and dodge suv's i u.s. we're light on the sun visor's cancer -- can short-circuit, causing a fire. in other consumer news, amazon is moving forward with the idea to use drones to make some deliveries. it is now asking the faa for permission to expand its drone testing. the company wants to do outdoor
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testing near its seattle headquarters instead of on government testing sites. amazon wants to use drones delivery and have it operational by 2015. >> george clooney is rejecting the "daily mail's" apology. he said, "the daily mail has an apologyolicy -- for insinuating religious tensions where there are none. so either they were lying or they are lying now." it detailedow his future mother-in-law disapproves of how his -- of how his future mother-in-law disapproves of his new engagement because of religious reasons. >> nine months ago, a lot of people had extra time on their hands. now we are having a baby boom. absolutely, you can imagine. it has been seven decades this a medal mixup, and
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virginia veteran finally got his silver star. 6:00, arlington's proposed streetcar line gets a financial boost.
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>> some federal workers apparently kept working during the government shutdown last year. haveactly nine months passed since the work stoppage, and suddenly local maternity wards are unusually crowded. stephen tschida has the latest. they have had more babies at sibley hospital than any other city hospital. in the past few days, they have in busier than usual, and they are attributing that to the government shutdown. >> yeah. >> sarah expected to deliver her baby monday. the doctors plan to induce labor. minutes before45 i was supposed to be there and said they had no room.
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>> when they got to the hospital the next day, they concluded they are part of a baby boom. well, all the husbands and dads were busy at the same time. >> that time, nine months ago, in the midst of the federal government shutdown. >> my husband was off the first two weeks of october. that is definitely when she was conceived. >> as of july 10 last year, we had 92 births. a sheer, 119. they the maternity ward, came to conclusions about what caused this abundance of a beast. >> -- this abundance of babies. uncertainty created and anxiety for millions of federal workers, including this family. but for them, it also led to something very special. >> we had no idea it was going to happen. we ended up wi this beautiful baby girl. those two weeks were good for us. >> they are expecting another
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,aby boom in a couple months about nine months to be exact after the worst of last winter, when somebody people were snowbound. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> a precious baby, really was. coming up next -- a serious story about this college student who knows tragedy. she is using a creative way to pay for her college education. >> i'm kris van cleave. he did the work, but says a local newspaper never paid him.
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>> yet another result from the watchdog of the montgomery county spending practices. they will spend the next six months analyzing every public agency, including public schools come looking for a misuse of tax dollars. they said that recent media
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reports about question double oversight at the board of education prompted review of other government offices. last month the maryland state prosecutor launch a criminal investigation. the probe could take months to complete. >> a photographer says he is owed thousands of dollars for work that he did for a local newspaper. >> when he cannot get his money, he turned to 7 on your side for help. here is what kris van cleave found out. beenr decades, built has -- bill has been snapping photographs. nearly 20 years, he worked as a freelance photographer, his work often appearing on the front page. socialtical events, events, sports. you name it, i've done it with "the current." >> but the checks stopped coming. >> i felt like i was begging to get my money. that's not appropriate. washeck stubs show that he paid in january. after a "washington post"
5:47 pm
columnist wrote about his plight, another check can, but he says he is still owed $5800 for work dating back to st july. >> i was not getting paid on time, and now i am not kidding. at all. "the koran"sher of said that he would be paid what he is owed, but refused to say when. he stopped working for the current and is still waiting to be paid. >> it is a lot of money that represents a lot of work i did. i take pride in the work i do. it's a shame. >> one of his old photos is on the front page of "the northwest current." the publisher told me by phone he put a check in the mail that would cover "a good hunk of what he is owed." kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> strangers opening up their wallets to help a vanderbilt university students stay in school. is her name.y
5:48 pm
she had trouble paying tuition after her mother committed suicide and her father lost his job. for financial aid was canceled and she turned to social media for help and people donated $41,000 after reading her story >> i cannot be more grateful and proud to be part of the vanderbilt community. i'm ready to go to school and graduate and pay it forward. that is my goal. said that some money came from vanderbilt alumni and others whose lives were touched by suicide. >> three months after being hit by a car, a hawk is back in the wild. it was released at turkey run park in mclean. the raptor conservancy of virginia to treat it the bird after it was found on the gw parkway in april.
5:49 pm
after being treated for a concussion, the hawk was placed in a large flight cage to regain its strength for flying and hunting. >>w minutes away from abc 7 news at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has the look ahead. gray saysyor vincent the district's -- sends the district's entire budget back to the council. also, homeland security secretary j thompson gets a firsthand look at the front lines of the crisis on the border. and we also have surveillance video of the individual that police say as a burglar who conned his way into two d.c. homes, one of them belonging to the parents of d.c. councilmember muriel bowser. >> here is a question -- would you dress up like a cal for free food? plenty of people did, all part cow appreciation
5:50 pm
day. people who dressed up like a cow received free meals. those who had spotted accessories got a free entrée. >> so you had to commit. >> the promotion goes until closing tonight. yearly one million people took part in the event last year. -- nearly one million people to art in the event last year. >> when it comes to chicken nuggets, that is way overrated. >> let's get another check of the weather. hoping that it is quieter tonight. >> it is absolutely nice. a good deal of sunshine the remaining daylight hours. scattered clouds later tonight. outside, the newest camera part of the weatherbug network, fr the torpedo factory in old town alexandria, looking at the wilson bridge. just a few clouds, but nothing that will produce rain. outdoor activities, go for it. upper 70's, middle 80's, partly
5:51 pm
cloudy skies. the wind out of the south and east at five to 10 miles an hour. 86 martinsburg, fredericksburg 87. the satellite radar, quiet overnight, dry overnight. however, a chance of pop-up showers late tomorrow afternoon. i really don't think it will amount to a whole lot. the best chances will be well west of d.c. as we move through overnight into the day tomorrow, a few showers. the temperatures make it into the 80's. 90 sunday.close to scattered class tonight, patchy fog west of d.c. lower 70's. the rest of the weekend, the temperature 90 sunday, then the strong storms late monday into tuesday. high of 90 to 95 degrees. there you have it, a nice start to the weekend. not such a great start early next week. >> ok, steve, thank you. >> nba news.
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>> maybe now the dominoes will begin to fall. was fourelieve it years ago that cavalier fans were burning lebron james jerseys in the streets of ohio. today he announced he is going home and cleveland is welcoming him back with open arms. his first seven years in cleveland, spent four years in miami, a couple championships, and now he begins a new era in his hometown. there was no big televised announcement comes just a simple letter written to "sports illustrated" explaining his decision. he said, "i always believed i would return to cleveland and finish my career there. i just didn't know when. the more time passed, the more it felt right. this is what makes me happy." life is too short, have to be happy. how are they reacting in northeast ohio? this forgiven, there is jubilation and celebrating in the street.
5:53 pm
fans gathered outside of his acrid home. -- fans gathered outside of his akron home. meantime, in miami, some bitterness. one of them climbed up with a can of spray paint. goodbye, miami. going home. lebron's homecoming is one of the biggest stories in sports. -- locally, sunday there will be a world cup final. germany against argentina. a soccer heavyweight contest. you can catch it right here on abc 7 sunday at 3 p.m., shameless plug. what can we expect? tim brant sat down with a soccer analyst and the head soccer coach of the university of maryland. >> this could easily go into extra time. one of those guys is going to
5:54 pm
come through in this game. potentially it could be one of the younger players who will come through in a magical moment. it could be a hatter, a free kick a mistake. that is what makes this so beautiful. we don't know what is going to happen. that is what makes it fun to watch. >> all rig.
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>> now a remarkable story of patients and just rewards of a world war ii veteran. to receiveupposed the silver star for his actions in world war ii, but it was given to the wrong soldier. >> today, all of that was made right, and scott thuman was there. >> i'm just pleased it was able to happen before i expire. i'm 95 years old now. >> a healthy sense of humor and a hearty handshake are not all
5:58 pm
that he can still claim at 95. include the patience. after leading other soldiers during a fierce fight in world war ii, how lasting enmity forces in france, -- enemy forces, the army or did this over star but to the wrong soldier. >> he never talked about it. it was something he cap to himself. friende years ago, a saul the silver star had been returned. the recipient gave it back. story told the army his and one day a letter that the metal would be his. what did you think when the letter came? >> it took a second blank. -- they took a second blink. later, with his wife of almost that same time and do. two sons, he got his
5:59 pm
>> bureaucracy mess ups are nothing new, but the fact is got rectified and he got the recognition he deserves a something special. a comforting is way to come to the end of life, really. i think it's wonderful. >> how do you celebrate something like that? he started with his daily routine of 40 situps. after the ceremony come he said maybe some gardening at his falls church home and will end the day watching reruns of "gunsmoke." he really likes "gunsmoke." scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> 40 situps? congratulations. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the news continues now on abc 7 news at 6:00. captioned by the
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national captioning institute >> first that 6:00, an exclusive, one of the victims of a burglar who struck two northeast washington holmes speaks about her ordeal. one of the homes was the parents of d.c. councilmember muriel bowser. pern each case, the thief tended to be a cable repair man to get access to the house. a the thief pretended to be cable repair man to get access to the house. jennifer donelan has the story. >> we have new video justin from metropolitan police. this is new video of the imposter who targeted at least two homes in north michigan park. >> we started a journey on the doorsteps. >> the parents of city


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