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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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by a single missile by an aircraft system fired by russian separatists. >> a group of separatists can't shoot down military transport planes or fighter jets without sophisticated equipment and training, and that's coming from russia. >> president obama called for an immediate cease-fire to allow for an immediate investigation. the ukrainians called it an act of terror, releasing communicationsb by pro-russian commanders thinking they were targeting a ukrainian military plane. russian president, vladimir putin says any claims of his staff are "stupidity." >> a memorial grows outside the dutch embassy.
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189 of the passengers were from the netherlands including an indiana university student. she was going on vacation with her boyfriend. >> i'm just in disbelief and expecting her to pop up on facebook and tell everyone she's okay. >> also dead is quinn lucas schansman attending, business school in amsterdam. >> the u.s. has offered n.t.s.b. assistance in the investigation. kris van cleave, abc~7 news abc~7 news the victims on board that plane hailed from 12 different countries. most from the netherlands and then malaysia and australia. according to the numbers provided there were some children on the plane including three infants. >> a candlelight vigil will be held in the district as a show of support for those lost in the
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plane crash. a group has started their march to the malaysia embassy. >> this should be a very emotional evening. the dutch embassy is in a quiet neighborhood in northwest washington. certainly a a marked contrast to the plane crash. there is a small memorial, flowers, teddy bears, candles sitting in tribute to the people who died. also a letter of thanks from the ambassador of the netherlands thanking people for their notes of condolence and support. a group of ukrainian americans will be taking a memorial walk for the the 296 victims. they will be walking in silence from here to the malaysian embassy. that's a mile or so. we spoke to students here at the dutch embassy and say the crash has been devastating. >> i mean i think it's horrible.
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obviously there's been a lot of conflict in the ukraine as of late. and it's just such a tragedy that now this conflict is starting to affect beyond the borders of ukraine. >> i saw a family had lost two people in the first malaysia airlines crash in march and they lost two more family members in the one that went down yesterday. and that's terrible. from what i saw it looks like a lot of the airlines are going sight of ukraine and avoiding the area. so i don't understand why they decided to go right through a conflict zone. >> we expect this to be a very emotional evening. these are ukrainian americans who have been dealing with conflict, the war in their region and now this horrific plane crash. >> we also know that that 1 hundred -- 100 aids researchers were killed in the crash. we'll look on their impact on
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the fight against aids here in washington and around the world later tonight. >> we're following the developments in the middle east. israel fired tank shells and clashing with palestinian fighters on the ground. they say they're trying to stop hamas from firing rockets on israeli cities. house officials say that more than 250 people have been killed in the past ten days. president obama is encouraging israel to minimize civilian death as it defends itself. coming up at 6:00, rebecca cooper will have reaction from local students who loved one -- who have loved ones in the middle of the violence. >> breaking news from montgomery county. this is video of a crash involving a metro bus a few minutes ago. it's on southbound old georgetown road. montgomery county firefighters say four people were taken to hospitals. we don't know how seriously they were hurt. and we're also waiting for details about what led to the crash. we'll continue to follow this
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and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> cleanup is underway in temple lil a mini -- temple mills where a minivan crashed pinning a guard insecurity booth under it. hatzel vela is live on the scene including how the guard is doing tonight. >> the damage here is so bad that the management team here has decided to tear down this shed. what's amazing about this story is the man inside the security guard that folks around here know as "fish" is alive. >> what a sight. >> and heard a big old boom. >> this is what folks at carriage hill apartments in temple hill saw when they left their apartment. a tow truck pullpull in and -- pulling in. >> it stopped for a second and then took off and once it took off it ran into the booth. >> inside that booth was a security guard.
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folks in this neighborhood affectiontly call "fish." >> he was under the car going under this like everything's good. >> trapped inside but still able to give residents the thumbs up. rescue crews took him from under the van. he was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. >> some way the driver lot control of the vehicle and collided with the guard shell. >> investigators say they have detained a driver of that minivan because they suspect he may have been under the influence. of what, at this point they're not sure. reporting live in temple hill, hatzel vela, abc~7. >> now let's turn to the weather. we're hoping this beautiful stuff will last through the weekend. >> cross our fingers. meteorologist stephen meteorolot steve rudin is in the weather center. >> clouds are already to increase and with the clouds we'll see a chance for a few showers well west of d.c. as we
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move through the evening hours. let's look outside. this is our camera from washington lee high school in arlington looking toward clarendon. you can see the clouds beginning to funnel in and we will see mostly cloudy skies as we move through the later night hours. this is what we have in terms of our temperatures. it is now 79 at dulles, 84 at reagan national airport. a little cooler off to the west of us. we're talking middle to upper 70's. west virginia and petersburg. this is the latest for satellite and doppler radar. it is quiet and dry around the capitol beltway, but off to the west of us, well west of harrisonburg, a few showers beginning to pop, growing more confident the showers will not make it into the immediate metro area. for tonight temperatures fall to the 70's, eventually the 60s. >> an ohio woman charged in a crash that killed a a-year-old boy from arlington. 62-year-old christopher gregory
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has been charged with vehicular homicide, and failure to yield to pedestrians in a cross walk. police say the child and his family were crossing the street and had a walk signal going their way when gregory's car struck them, killing eli. a judge revoked his driving privileges and revoked her $2,500 bond. >> a staffer is in police custody after trying totrying tn into the capitol. ryan shucard is the press secretary for a pennsylvania republican. today he is instead behind bars. sam ford is live from the hill with what happened in this case.
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ryan sugared left in handcuffs. early he would arrive through this southeast entrance of the cannon office building and police discovered a gun. he was arrested. his boss, tom merino was out of town today. his chief of staff said that he forgot he had the firearm on him. he had been placed on leave without pay. he said he's disappointed by ryan's lack of judgment they should know better. >> absolutely. if he's carrying a weapon somewhere he's not supposed to be that's breaking the law. >> this comes two days after
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house republicans passed a measure that would strip d.c. of its gun laws. >> it's ironic that congress has one set of safety rules for their own workplaces where you can't bring guns or even a nail file into their offices but they want -- they want to change our laws. >> ryan shucard didn't get processed today. he'll have to wait until tomorrow. >> his supervisor says there's reason to believe this was anything but an accident. he says he's on leave indefinitely. he's charged with carrying a pistol without a license, a felony in d.c. sam ford, abc~7 news. >> coming up in a 7 on your side health alert. a new f.d.a. warning about a caffeine powder that can be deadly.
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>> we miss him terribly. he's gone, but we've never forgotten. >> a local mother's plea to find her son's killer 8 months after his murder. >> thousands of washington residents use these trails to bike, run and exercise, but unfortunately
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>> police in the district are looking for a person of interest in a cell phone armed robbery around 3:20 p.m. friday june 20 at a cell phone store in the 2300 block of benning road in northeast. surveillance video shows the man entering the store with the gun pointed at the clerk. >> we know that thousands of runners and cyclists and walkers use the many trails that the metro area offers. >> that's right. but what happens when a car finds its way onto one of those trails. believe it or not that's what happened on the w.n.o.d. trail in arlington. kimberly suitors is live to explain. >> the car came right up here narrowly missing those cyclists, walkers, even children. the path is wide enough for emergency and maintenance vehicles to get by, but also
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wide enough for the errant driver who has gone off track. >> they're used to the i-66 traffic over the shoulders, not a car driving on the path next to them. >> all of a sudden we see this black car driving up the bike path path we turn and say, stop this is not a road. >> there are warning signs and rubber barriers. if this were her route, she was on it, for half a mile. >> i was afraid a biker or runner would come in the other way going so fast it couldn't stuff. >> the shade of the i-66 overpass creates creates blind . >> i think i'm coming about about20 miles per hour. >> if you encountered a car what would happen. >> i had a very bad day. >> this video captured a car on the trail in vienna in 2013. it happens at least a half dozen
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times a year. >> would you think twice coming around that corner? >> absolutely. >> in the end the ladies guided the driver off the trail, down this narrow path past that gate. and a crowded playground. >> it was amazing that she had no idea that she was not even allowed in this space. >> the northern virginia regional park foundation does not track how often these mistakestakes. witnesses need to report them to police so they can plug the holes in the trail. she was driving with out of state tags. arlington county, kimberly suitors, abc~7 news. >> thank you. >> fedex is facing a federal indictment for enabling criminal activity. the do you want accused -- the indictment accuses them of shipping prescription drugs from illegal online pharmacies to addicts and drug dealers. prosecutors say the charges of a
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nine-year long investigation into two internet pharmacies. a conviction could mean more than $820 million in fines. >> 7 on your side with a health alert. the food and drug administration is warning consumers to avoid pure powders caffeine now being sold on the internet. an ohio teenage died in may after consuming it. even a teaspoon of this powder can kill you because it contains caffeine equal to 25 cups of coffeey health officials are reporting for the first time time skeetoes in the ukrainian are spreading a virus. doctors say it's rarely fatal. fever, severe joint pain and swelling and rash. more than 230 cases have been reported in americans this year. >> i think that's the scrabbal winning word of the day.
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chikingunya. >> i wouldn't want anything to do with it. >> fabulous weather. >> pat yourself on the back. >> normally we see this type of weather in september in washington. usually the most beautiful time of year. and here we are the middle of july. we're talking temperatures in the middle to lower 80's and lower humidity. >> and we don't have to use air conditioning. how long will it last? not very long. changes are on the way. the clouds are beginning to roll in and with the clouds we may see a if you showers west of d.c., but i'm confident it will stay dry around here tonight.a& 84 at reagan national egg. low -- reagan national reagan n. we have that sticky and uncomfortable feeling out there, but nothing like that today. burke, virginia, was at 84 after a morning low of 60. no rain to speak of and we'll
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keep it dry tomorrow. it's 87 at 14th and k. the reason why it's so hot, all the concrete and the heat we had during the day has nowhere to go and it sticks around for a bit longer. temperatures are a little cooler off to the west of us. 79 degrees in martinsburg and the same in winchester. 76 in petersburg. fredericksburg looking at 83 and southern maryland a couple degrees cooler. dew point temperatures in the 50's and lower 60's. we are going to look for a bump in humidity levels as we move through the weekend and sunday and monday it will feel like summertime should have around here. 66 degrees and rain in nashville. they're going to look for the rain to continue to the south and west of us as we move through the overnight hours. the good news this system right here should remainely south of us thanks to a area of high pressure. once that dome of high pressure moves off the coast, our winds
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change direction. that's going to heat us up next week and allow the humidity and of course the chance for thunderstorms. if you like daytime highs in the lower 90's just wait, it's coming. right now looking at partly-cloudy skies, clouds will continue to increase from the west for the overnight hours with mostly cloudy skies in the forecast. moving through the overnight and into the day tomorrow, this particular model wants to throw in a few extra showers. i think they'll be well to the west of d.c. sunday, once again mountain showers with temperatures in the lower 80's and then the real heat and humidity is back by next week, monday and tuesday. upper 80's and around 90 degrees for wednesday and thursday. winds will be out of the east at 3-8 miles per hour. tomorrow partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. more clouds than sun. 79-84 with winds out of the east at 5-10. and yes, the heat and humidity is back for next week.
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by tuesday, wednesday and thursday and even into friday, will be around 85-90 degrees with nighttime lows in the 70's. how it should be in washington in july. >> we've made ow pretty well -- out pretty well so far. >> it's been a nice break. >> we'll have it for you next week. >> coming up, 7 is on your side with important information for people with sunroofs in their car. >> there's a threat that they might explode. a man shot and killed in his home and the mother of the victim is upset with the detectives assigned in the case. >> here's a look at what's coming up on abc~7 prime time.
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>> a local mother is begging for the public's help to solve her son's murder. >> last november three gunmen broke into an aspen hill halfway house. once inside the treeo shot and killed 34 -- the trio shot and killed 34-year-old alex bowie. >> the family here says detectives are giving them the run around, and not returning phone calls and e-mails. it's been eight months since the
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homicide and to date no one has been arrested. >> they just took everything from him. his future. >> cay bowie admits her son alex had fallen on hard times. alcohol was his fice, but she -- vice but she says he had been sober 8 months, when they barged into his home only to shoot and kill him. >> and always thought my son would bury me. >> alex spent the last two summers working as a lifeguard watching over swimmers at the pool. a picnic table with laminated photos of the jovial 34-year-old sits in a shaded corner. there's no denying the investigation started strong. >> that was bad. >> this 23 year old witnessed the crime and helped police sketch a composite of one suspect. >> i believe the case is dead.
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-- i believe the case has been put on hold. i've been given some very, very sad excuses for why this has not moved forward. >> for now the mourning mother pleads for the killers to own up to the crime. >> our family is lost without alex. i don't know how anyone could have done such a horrible thing. >> now bowie believes these gunmen intended to rob her son. he had been recently saving money for a new car. she feels her son alex fought back and that's when the gun went off. we contacted police who tell us the case is still open but there are no new updates. live from the montgomery county mobile newsroom in wheaten, i'm kevin lewis, abc~7 news. >> still ahead here this evening. wildfires move closer to homes and businesses in the pacific northwest. tonight why concerns there are growing. >> why children from every state of the union and the district had a special dinner at the
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white house today. >> the impact of the lives lost from yesterday's malaysia airlines disaster. i'm suzanne
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if i was like this, all day. all day. switch from the bottom to the top and see why millions of satisfied customers have made fios #1. get a verizon fios triple play online for just $79 .99 a month and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement. plus as a bonus from verizon wireless, get a free lg g tablet or up to $200 off any tablet. hurry, this offer ends soon! that's satisfaction. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.9746 tty/v >> you're watching abc~ 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> we continue to follow the investigation into malaysia airlines flight 17 which was shot down over eastern ukraine. >> president obama's provided some updates during an afternoon
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news conference. he said at least one american, quinn schansman was one of the people woo died. the -- who died. the president called for an immediate cease-fire in ukraine so an international investigation can take place. >> as many as 100 aids researchers were on that downed malaysian plane. they were in route to a conference in australia that will go on without them. but as suzanne kennedy tells us the loss of so many people dedicated to finding a cure for aids will be felt around the globe. >> when malaysia airlines flight 17 went down some of the preeminent aids researchers in the world were lost with it. it's believed as many as 100 people committed to finding a cure were on board the boeing 777. >> these are men and women who have dedicated their own lives to saving lives of others and they were taken from us in a senseless act of violence.
5:31 pm
>> a dutch citizen was a pioneer field in aids research. he was once the president of the organization that puts on the conference he was en route to. >> here at the whitman walker health clinic here in washington there's a sense of sadness but not defeat. >> the work that has been done will continue to be done. everyone at that conference, i can tell you is more committed to finding a cure and endingk aids epidemic. >> he's been living for hiv for more than two decades and says the impact of this loss of life is significant. >> yes, this is personal to me, but it's more than personal. it affects my generation, but all the generations to come until we come up with a cure as far as i'm concerned. we still have 45,000 americans infected every year. >> the impact of these lives lost may truly never be known. their knowledge and their desire to end the aids epidemic are two immeasurable assets to finding a
5:32 pm
cure for this did you see. -- for this disease. >> coverage of the downed plane continues on world news. david tells us how they're covering the story. >> great to see you. a busy friday night, a special edition of world news coming up. we'll show you what's now been discovered in the field in the scene of the jet crash. the american on board. you'll hear the intercepted phone calls. was this the group behind it. can you hear the moment they realize they shoot down a passenger jet by mistake. >> a mosquito scare with a new virus. >> what happened 45 years ago, who were you. our person of the week. >> the shooting of malaysia airlines flight 17 could mean costly travel changes for global airlines. aviation experts say that airlines might have to be more vigilant about avoiding dangerous air space and that would cause them to burn more
5:33 pm
fuel and make flights longer. >> our coverage of the malaysia airlines shootdown continues. we'll go back to the d.c. embassies where a march is expected to be underway at 6:00 tonight and then world news picks up the coverage here at 6:30. >> blazing conditions and drought are fueling several wildfires throughout the region and making it difficult to fight them. as suzanne. >> a state of emergency declared in washington. as multiple wildfires rage out of control. >> even last night i mean it's way worse now, but last night it really looked like the cauldron of hell. you could see flames everywhere you looked. >> temperatures in the triple digits along with gusty winds are working against firefighters trying to put out the flames. those fierce winds also helping to spread the fires which have already blackened hundreds of square miles in the north and central parts of washington state. damaging dozens of homes and
5:34 pm
businesses. >> it is so timber dry. everything is just -- you walk in the yard and the grass crackles. >> it was like a mass exodus down here. >> officials say lightning sparked the largest cluster of fires called the carleton complex. that blaze has already destroyed about 100 homes and forced a hospital to be evacuated. even a emergency shelter run by the red cross was forced to relocated. >> the fire that just came down over the hill. and it's probably going to wipe out all these houses here. >> several businesses have been closed and several place said in the scenic -- places in the scenic valley are in danger. there's another fire growing ten miles and spitting ash over the town of leavenworth. >> it hurts the eyes and the throat. we have an orange sun again. it's terrible. >> washington state hasn't seen
5:35 pm
such hot temperatures in years and the gusty winds spreading the fires are not expected to calm down until later this weekend. >> let's get a check of the traffic situation here on this friday evening. bob immler standing by in the w.t.o.p. traffic center. a typical friday? >> not too bad for a friday afternoon. things have improved since the tree that was down on the george washington parkway was cleared. but on the inner loop up to 270 and then on 66 headed towards centerville, out to falls church east, and then on i-95 south it's heavy volume. as people are traveling on this friday northbound traffic has been slower than normal coming towards springfield and on the outer loop due to woodrow wilson bridges. things are generally in shape on 270. that's typical for montgomery
5:36 pm
village. 66 westbound away from us on the right side of the screen, that's what it looks like. for those going to the seashore, not a bad drive getting to the bay bridge tools. have a great evening. >> right back at you. >> coming up on abc~ 7 news at t 5:00, see what had hundreds of people lining up in waldorf. some got in line at 11:00 in the morning -- at 1:00 in the morning. >> how art turned into a winning combination for today's working women. >> what happens hours after a white house party crasher said he was running for
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>> she's breaking barriers and she's been doing it for decades. >> this bright, colorful painting shows kristen wolf's signature style. >> i've never met a color i didn't love. >> and these are just a few of the dozens of homes wolf has
5:40 pm
built around d.c. >> you have to love building art. >> it's turned into a winning combination. her artwork sells for thousands of dollars in galleries over the region. like this one, believe it or not she calls a self-portrait because she says she's a work horse. and her homes are sought after all over d.c. but it wasn't always that way. >> when i would leave and i could hear the husband saying there's no way we're hiring a woman to do our house. >> but wolf has renovated or built at least 60 homes. wolf grew up in greece and shortly after moving to the u.s. would sell her paintings on the national mall and renovate old, run down houses. >> i had the ability to let one part of that braid feed off the other and create these homes and
5:41 pm
paintings. and one does inspire the other one. >> she says her best pick-me-up is to drive by all the homes she built. >> i'm on the front porch and i see bicycles. and i drive around, and by the time i finish my tour i feel so proud and so happy. >> her next art show in d.c. is coming up in september. alison starling, abc~7 news. >> very impressive. >> very talented. >> absolutely. all right. coming up next here on abc~ 7 news at 5:00. a special white house dinner for some young chefs. hear what food president obama says drives him crazy. >> if you're driving down the road and your sunroof shatters. what if it's not a rock to blame. i'm
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>> it turns out that exploding sunroofs are more of a problem than people realize. >> keith is a d.c. area transplant missing the perks of
5:45 pm
home. >> i'm a florida sun baby. i love the son. >> she can get her daily rays here thanks to her sunroof, but a may shower ruined her drive. it wasn't a may shower, it was glass. >> it sounded like a gunshot. she says it spontaneously exploded as she sat at a stop sign in the district. shattering the glass. >> we knew we didn't hit anything, we knew nothing had hit us. it's so random. >> but it happens more than you think. we dug through records from the n.t.s.b. and found hundreds of complaints of exploding sunroofs. various makes and models of people saying they had unexpectedly been showered by glass. some even hurt. >> it's not supposed to happen. i didn't think it could. >> when it does, everybody wants to know the cause. >> experts say there's no definitive way to figure out why
5:46 pm
your sunroof shattered. but they say you can tell an awful lot by the way the glass shatters. >> if it's a flat glass with edges curved up, that indicates something internally caused the glass to break. >> pete daily has seen plenty of defects in 20 years of the sunroof repair business. he says techs at his shop fix blown out sunroof on a regular basis. many from customers who claim explosions. >> it doesn't matter what make or model, they all have these problems. in the past couple years they have recalled audi cars because of sunroof glass that can fall 7 >> kate's sunroof was original equipment but has since been fixed and she's back catching rays behind the wheel.
5:47 pm
>> i use it like nothing happened. it might happen again, but i don't live it fear. lightning can't strike twice. >> joce sterman, abc~7 news. >> national transportation safety officials have been looking into the reports of exploding sunroofs. in may they upgraded an investigation of complaints about the problem tied to kia sorrentos, but there's been no recalls of that car. to check out the other sunroofs, you can go to >> how about this? a real tweet for dozens -- treat for dozens of young chefs who gathered at the white house for the third annual kids' state dinner. they were the winners of a national recipe contest of part of michelle obama's let's move initiative. one of the winners spoke today about sitting at the same table as mrs. obama. >> she was very fun to talk
5:48 pm
with. she gave us permission to eat with our fingers. [ laughter ] except she said that president obama was not allowed to use his fingers. [ laughter ] i thought that was funny. [ laughter ] >> she runs a tight ship. president obama also attended this year's kids dinner and he told the children there he loses his mind when he sees a bowl of chips and guacamole. >> who knew that was on the menu for the president. >> apparently the rock and roll hall of fame thinks some of beyonce's outfits are irreplaceable. they announced they will display of -- some of her clothing. it will include the black leotard from her single ladies' video as well as her super bowl performance. >> too bad they can't display them with her in them. >> i guess she can't keep that
5:49 pm
figure by eating guacamole. >> all right. let's check and see what's coming up tonight on abc~ 7 news at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead for us. >> hi, gordon. >> tonight at 6:00, new evidence ukrainian leaders say that proves russia played a role in the military strike that brought down malaysia airlines flight 17. >> as israel launches its ground assault of gaza israelis in this area share their stories. big changes coming up from metro. what riders should expect is ahead on abc~ 7 news at 5:00. >> we don't want to see big changes coming to us weather-wise. >> everything is perfect the way it is. >> it is pretty nice out there, and a lot of folks getting ready to head out to the delmarva beaches. we'll take you out with our live camera. this is ocean city maryland. lots of sunshine. you can see some people wrapping it up for the day.
5:50 pm
but tomorrow we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures around 78 for ocean city. ruhopeth and bethany at 80 and the outer banks of north carolina and a chance for pop up showers late sunday. partly cloudy tonight and warm temperature range. mid-70's and lower 80's with winds out of the we say. 79 at dulles. 84 at reagan national. satellite and radar shows the clouds rolling in from the west. a few showers across west west virginia but that will have little impact on the immediate metro. temperatures will fall tonight into the 60's. as we move into tomorrow, this model wants to throw in a couple extra showers close to d.c. but i think they'll be concentrated well to the west of us. partly cloudy, comfortable for tonight. temperatures 66-68 degrees. lower 80's saturday and sunday. may see a few showers but limited less than 30% out to the
5:51 pm
west in the mountains. the next chance of storms won't come until tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week. overall a pretty nice evening ahead. >> we'll take it. thank you, steve. checking in here with a look at sports. weather almost that good at the british open. >> usually it's raining and misty and our guys are blaming everything on all the weather. but anytime tiger is playing, the story isn't who is winning but how far back he is off the lead. in the british open he's far far far back. almost back to coming home. phil mickelson with a birdie finished the 2-under. another great round for the leader roy mcllroy. 7 birdies including this one on 17. he's at 12-under for the tournament. tiger has not been aiming the right way. terrible tee shot on one. we've been there and done that.
5:52 pm
you're in the rough, and then in the rough again. double bogey this hole. triple bogeyed 17 and then needed this birdie to make the cut. 5 over today. makes the cut at 2 over. 14 shots off the lead. >> gives me a chance. i watched some pretty far back. luckily i got two rounds to go and hopefully i can do something like the player who made up ten in one day. hopefully i can play good over the weekend and give me a shot at getting back at sunday. >> give me a chance? got to make up 14 shots in two days. >> the nationals begin the second half of the season and start all alone in first place, a purse -- a percentage point ahead of the braves. nats finish strong coming off the series over the phillies and that becomes a two-team race.
5:53 pm
the mets are seven games back. twoases in the series -- aces in the series at nats park. they begin at 7:00 at nats park with the brewers. >> he's 6'10" in the far court. 5'7". this is good sportsmanship. there you go. hey, man. i love you man, thanks. i got myself on t.v. that way. a little too tall there. >> that's a nice touch. need a booster seat just to shake hands. >> coming up next they lined up for hours for a chance to get free dental care. >> who is offering the free
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5:56 pm
>> hundreds of people lined up outside a waldorf gymnasium today, but there wasn't an
5:57 pm
athletic event going inside. they stood outside for hours for a chance to have free dental work done. >> i got a cavity filled. >> two fillings. >> i need a couple teeth pulled. >> just a few reasons why charles county residents started filling this line at 1:00 a.m. it's wrapped around today to north point high in waldorf. this can only be described as the largest dental office in maryland. it's actually the school's gymnasium, but it's been taken over by 100 dentists, 20 hygienists and tons of volunteers. >> we've been able to help so many. >> the mission of mercy holds two of these each year. this is a free adult dental clinic for the next todays. >> a lot -- two days. >> a lot of people have a lot of need. the last surgeon had taken out seven teeth. >> the services include
5:58 pm
cleanings, fillings, extractions and even root canals. this mission started in virginia 15 years and ago and has quickly spread. the goal is to see some 1600 patients over the next two days. >> a lot more organized than i thought it was going to be. >> we're able to give them that smile back and they're so appreciative. >> the next one will be at the university of maryland. so many have come through the doors, the underserved, uninsured and people who have lost their jobs. the veterans were also welcomed. >> these people are struggling so it's our chance to help them out. >> john gonzalez, abc~7 news. >> keep your eye out for a lot of smiles this weekend in waldorf. that's it now for abc~ 7 news at 5:00, but the news tones right now on abc~ 7 news at 6:00. >> live from the abc~7 broadcast center, this is abc~7 news at 6:00. on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute
5:59 pm
>> the deaths are a outrage of unspeakable proportions. no one can deny the truth that is revealed in the awful images that we all have seen. >> first at 6:00, mourning and anger as the obama obama administration begins to build a case against russian separatists and possibly the criminal itself for bringing down malaysia airlines flight 17. we've learned that 2 of the 198 people killed had ties to the united states. >> quinn had dual citizen greta kreuz live with what we know about the investigation going on. >> maureen, i can tell you about 30 european officials along with emergency workers and coal miners are at the crash site trying to recover bodies and evidence. they say the remoteness and the rebels may be compromising what is also a crime scene.
6:00 pm
be- officials have begun sifting through the wreckage of malaysia airlines flight 17. a grim reminder that 298 people were killed. there's concern the rebels who control the site are hampering their efforts. >> we were only given a very small area to actually monitor. and we were greeted almost with hosility. >> evidence suggests the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile. >> this was a global tragedy. dz√° information. >> at the u.n. security council meeting today, the ambassador suggesting the rebels had to have help from the russians. >> it's unlikely they could operate the system without assistance from knowledgeable personnel. ukraine says they have evidence, intercepted phone calls, this one discussing moving a missile over the border


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