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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 22, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin this new with the latest headlines coming out of the middle east. >> delta airlines just now announced they are canceling all flights to israel indefinitely, obviously siding reports of rockets near the tel aviv airport. a flight from new york was headed there when the decision was made. it turned around and flew to paris instead. the u.n. secretary-general said that he hopes and believes that the talks will end fighting in the near future. >> meanwhile, the death toll is climbing. at least 585 palestinians and 29 israelis have been killed during the conflict. one israeli soldier is missing this noon.
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turning now to the latest on the malaysia plane that was shot down, rather, president obama just visited the dutch embassy to sign the condolence book for the victims. rebelswhile, pro-russian have given international investigators access to the crash site, finally, along with the bodies of the victims. karen travers has the latest. >> the remains of most of the victims are one step poster to home. journey, a train carrying bodies arrived today in a government controlled city in eastern ukraine. the dutch prime minister said they hope to have the first bodies in the netherlands on wednesday. he cautioned that identification of some of the vick am's could take weeks, or even months. ukraine agreed to send all of the remains to the netherlands for identification and forensic investigation. at the crash site, international investigators continue to comb
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through the wreckage. scenec news team on the found that large areas are still unguarded with debris out any of -- out in the open for anyone to walk through or sift through. a spokesperson confirmed that the plane's wreckage has been .ignificantly altered major pieces of the front of the plane appear to have been cut away. yesterday they even saw people using power tools to cut into the wreckage. the rebels claim they had to move big pieces of debris to get to the bodies. these developments have raised significant concerns among world leaders. after the crime comes the cover-up. what we have seen is evidence tampering on an industrial scale . obviously, that has to stop. >> today britain announced that at the request of the dutch government, british air investigators will take the lead in the analysis of the black ox is. karen travers, abc news,
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washington. abcs sure to stay with seven and the for complete coverage of the investigation of the shooting down of malaysia airlines flight devon teen. new at noon, d.c. police need the public's help identifying the man in this surveillance video. it is in reference to the beating death and armed robbery of shop owner james oh. this happened on coloradeno avue in northwe. investigators say a man entered the store two hours before the incident. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> howard university has a new president. the board of trustees unanimously voted to approve him as their 17th president. dr. frederick served as the interim president since last october and is considered a respected scholar, surgeon, researcher, and administrator, he is also a three-time howard graduate.
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asked the president choice to head the troubled veterans affairs department goes before congress today. they are holding a confirmation hearing for robert mcdonald. ofonald is the former head proctor and gamble. he also attended west point and served in the army. he is expected to be easily replacing eric shinseki, who reside amidst controversy over delayed medical care for veterans. >> right now the new york city police department is trying to figure out who took two american flags off the brooklyn bridge and replace them with white flags. the discovery was made at 9:00 this morning. you can see them in this picture right above the bridge. the nypd says that at this point they don't know who swapped the flags or when it happened. >> taking a live look outside, the humidity is back and there is a chance that some of us could see showers or storms. brian van de graaff is here with our first look at the forecast. >> in the weather center we have
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a look at the sky up there, showers and thunderstorms are a possibility that will be isolated as we go to the afternoon. clouds out there, wind easterly out of the south, the air is pretty moist out there. a heat index closer to 88 degrees in the city. gaithersburg, the dew points are high, that is when things really start to feel pretty moist out there. here is the snapshot from space. clouds out there, but breaks in the clouds as well, similar to today, mainly to the west of town, more the exception than the rule. if you are traveling to the northeast, same problem down to the nation's midsection. out west as well, showers and storms, mid 70's in seattle. more coming up after this.
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back to you. >> now we want to turn to the fight over health care in america. a federal appeals court delivered a blow to the president's affordable care act. the panel ruled that the law as written only allows insurance subsidies in states that set up their own exchanges. it could mean premium increases for more than half of the 8 million low income and middle income americans who have purchased taxpayer subsidized insurance. >> turning now to a developing story out of prince george's county, where police are still investigating a homicide. >> officers responded to a call for an assault, finding the med dead -- the man dead. i have got no words. >> and emotional and distraught terry right came to this active crime scene, desperate for answers and with a message for police. >> officer, find whoever killed my cousin. find him. >> his cousin was murdered here
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earlier this morning, only a block from the u.s. census bureau. cousin, i killed my hope they find the one who is responsible for this heinous crime, ok? >> those who knew him tell us that a ms. jones was hanging out with friends near the looker store when he confronted the young girl and the argument ensued. this friend tells us that he was with him this morning. >> i saw the first two guys fighting. the girl and for other guys. >> the young woman reportedly became angered, left, and returned with a group of men that truly be the victim and stabbed him multiple times in the chest and neck. >> he was a people person. everything about him, he was very lovable. >> the merchants are finally being allowed back into the is mrs.. they have essentially lost an entire day of work. even though several roads remained closed.
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you can see all the police activity still here. scanners have been brought in to continue collecting evidence as detectives take pictures and talk to a number of witnesses. >> we are working multiple crime scenes at this time. >> john gonzalez, abc seven news. >> is william county police are searching for the man accused of sexually assaulting two children . the girls were attacked on july 13. the suspect was living in the basement of a home would bridge -- of a home. after that incident he left the house and has not been heard from since. >> police say that a rockville sonle kept their twin adult locked up under deplorable conditions. court documents indicate that they kept their sons locked in the basement of their home in a room smelling of urine, with no furniture or light. they are now charged with abuse and false imprisonment.
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>> in the meantime a trial is underway right now for a d.c. police officer charged with trying to kill his of wife. >> samson lawrence became enraged that his wife could not help him hang a flatscreen tv. >> jury selection is underway right now for the former d.c. police officer facing some serious charges, among them attempted murder. the victim here is his wife. the details of the case are fairly disturbing. according to officials, last november he attacked his wife with a metal lamp post. it started when he was attempting to hang a projection television isn't -- in his home. he allegedly got angry with her when she told him she could not find the screws to hang it. at that point he grabbed a can of lysol and began spraying his wife in the face every time she said something. she tried to call 911, but he would not let her make a phone call. when she attempted to leave, he pushed her to the floor and hit her over the head with the lamp post.
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eventually she did manage to get away, but not without some the cuts to her head. opening arguments are expected to begin shortly after jury selection is finished. we do have a reporter following the story throughout the day. make sure that you tune in for the very latest at 5:00. >> turning now to the growing immigration crisis, rick perry is expected to order 1000 national guard troops to the u.s. southern border by next month. the republican governor is calling the plan operations strong safety. if he follows through, texas will have to pick up the cost, about $12 million per month. he has been an outspoken proponent of securing the border . >> back here at home, d.c. delegate elliot norton -- eleanor norton wants to know why d.c. residents continue to have
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problems using their d.c. drivers licenses at airports. some tsa agents have even in rejected them, if you remember, as invalid. new hampshire recently clarified state law after a store clerk if used to sell out all to someone with a d.c. license. >> the push for d.c. to become a state has some big-name support this noon. president obama has come out in support of d.c. statehood. he was there at the event at the walker jones school. >> i am for it. >> i could not be more related by the president's full throated, unequivocal endorsement of statehood. delegate holmes norton has been fighting for d.c. statehood for decades. she represents the district of columbia in congress, but does not get the vote. statehood would change that plus give the district to u.s. senators. >> coming up, a consumer alert about a goodwill data breach. >> plus, what's in a name? we have details on a new study.
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>> find out where one man came into contact with bedbugs. it was not a bed. >> taking a
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>> seven is on your side with a consumer alert. goodwill is investigating a potential security breach. officials from the rockville-based company say that that role authorities alerted them on friday about that possible breach. if confirmed, goodwill would be one of the six major changes -- chains to acknowledge that their system was compromised. >> a new study out on the impact
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of racist mascots. >> reportedly hurting the self esteem of native american and alaska native youth. we have a closer look. >> as the debate over the team name of the washington redskins rages on, a new call for change. a report was released this morning about the negative impact that a native mascot can have on people, particularly youth. racist mascot names in schools with professional teams can create an unwelcome and hostile learning environment. they see the native american mascot and their self-esteem goes down. their belief in their ability to achieve goes down. >> i native american teenager in california, he plays for all at his high school but dreads the day every year when the school plays the redskins every year. he says it is not just their name, but the game time routine that is offensive, not just to
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him but to other native americans. >> native youth, but they give non-native students a false sense of representation. >> the report released today makes several recommendations to make changes when it comes to school mascots across the country. meanwhile, the redskins team owner, dan snyder, says he has no plans to change the hometown football team name. northwest, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> now to a health alert. a man says he was bitten by inbugs in a movie theater norfolk, virginia. he said that when he left he noticed bites on his arms and legs. he went back into the theater to check out the spot, where he noticed the bugs. he said he had a hard time convincing the manager, so he had to catch one to prove his case. >> when you get bedbugs? you should be closed or the day, fumigate, do what you got to do.
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>> the theater manager paid for him and his daughter to buy new clothes at walmart. see if thelled to problem had been taken care of, but he could not get an answer. >> a huge wildfire that is only 2% contained, but things are improving. cooler temperatures and reduced wind are continuing to help the firefighters battle that blaze. fire is being blamed for one death this noon. a man suffered what officials believed was a heart attack while fighting the fire near his home. >> those firefighters could use some of the rain that fell across other parts of the country, for sure. more than three inches fell in just three hours and north carolina. north dakota, giving way to evening storms. farther west, hail fell in reno, nevada, as the city experienced its first tornado warning in six
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years. >> look at all that flooding. hawaii, two, flooded out this morning. us.othing for >> a little bit muggy out there this morning. the sun kind of comes back and forth, mid to upper 80's over the last couple of days. over towards front royal, most of us are fairly calm. across the area and as we look showuring the day, we will you the time lapse of the camera we have over and clark county, where they actually had quite a bit of sunshine this morning. ground fog, sunshine, we have been watching the clouds come days. for the last few clouds and breaks mixing in there from time to time. when you factor in the mightiness, it feels like 84. 86 feels like 91. at the canvas school it is 85 right now, but it feels closer
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to 90 degrees when you factor in all the mightiness. i think we are hitting those mid to upper 80's. a bit more on the way with sunshine out there, but we do continue to watch the dew points , the numbers getting into the upper 60's, low 70's, you can kind of feel it and where the air. clouds across the area, breaks off to the west, as well as the south, east, and northern neck with a fair amount of fat in its head. a few groups on the radar, maybe a spotty showers during the afternoon and off to the west. something to definitely keep an eye on with a better chance for more organized action tomorrow. tomorrow we get a cold front from the midwest crossing over, the latest indication is that that will be coming through tomorrow and thursday. start to transition into a drier, more comfortable pattern. a tropical depression, 35 mile
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-- 35 miles per hour, moving to andwest, 1300 miles east southeast of puerto rico, continuing that westerly track, but all indications are that it is quite unorganized and should dissipate by the time we get to the lesser antilles. as we head to the afternoon, mid to upper 80's for highs. better chances on storms thursday and friday as we had to the upcoming weekend. saturday and sunday show a lot of promise and it should be a pretty nice outdoor weekend. >> great. we will take it. thank you. george turnsince one today. >> fin
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>> a very happy birthday to the third in line in britain, little prince george, the future king isns one today and he already walking. the duke and duchess of cambridge released these official photos taken earlier this month at the butterfly exhibit of the national history museum of london. the family will celebrate with a private tea party. it will take place at kensington palace. questions are swirling -- will he have any future siblings? >> almost a sibling to him at the moment. >> his first earth day is already being marked with a sterling silver coin that people can purchase. >> he is obviously taking after prince harry with that little ginger top.
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lord, watch out. all right, star wars fans are rejoicing this noon, new video was released from the set of the upcoming film, featuring director jj abrams. the clip includes an x wing fighter and the droid. the video is part of the force for change campaign that benefits unicef. fans can donate for a chance to appear in the movie. it will hit theaters in december of 2015. >> that is a long time from now.
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>> muggy, sticky, humid? >> bad air. >> hey. [laughter] we have a couple of storms this afternoon, we will keep an eye on them. getting hot and sticky for the next couple of days, the best chances for showers and storms carry into thursday morning but then move out of here with humidity dropping back on thursday and into friday, starting the weekend pretty dry. doug hill will have a fresh look at the forecast coming up at 5:00. a little bit of heat, then a little bit of a break. >> rain to wash it out. thanks, brian. >> thank you for joining us. >> we will see you
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hey! what's up, baby? what's up? what's happening? what's up? hello. >> hi. >> how are you? >> excellent. >> good. [cheers and applause] yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. our rst contestant is here today hoping for a big slice of the pie. and i'm not talking about money though. i'm talking about actual pie. you'll see what i mean in a minute. from rutherford, new jersey, show some love for margaret welch. what's up, margaret? how are you? i'm awesome. i'm so happy to be here. >> happy to have you. now, you got to tell me-- you have a real love of pie. >> i do. i want to eat pie in all 50 states. it's a goal of mine.


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