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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  July 26, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> we do have some storms in the area. >> some light rain showers, nothing really severe.
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i don't suspect any severe weather overnight. there will be another round of showers that will probably greet your early tomorrow morning. we will see a break in the action by late morning about 10 :00 or 11:00. we will keep that threat for strong to severe storms in the forecast to about midnight and like fallng more through the middle of the week. >> will have more on the four cats and a lot more. stay with us everybody.
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>> live from the abc7 broadcast news,, this is abc7 saturday news extra. >> we start this half-hour with the crisis in the middle east. israel authorized an extension of the cease-fire of the cease-fire in gaza. dan toffler has latest.
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disappearing, followed by two loud explosions. hamas, sent rockets into israel. the rockets coming at the end of a 12 hour humanitarian cease-fire. hostilities got people into the streets. it was safe to venture out and get food and money. just look at the lines extending all the way down the street to use the atm. it was also clean up time. damage that would take years to repair. the rubble is full of bodies. 85 were pulled out of this neighborhood alone. the injured taken by ambulance to egypt for treatment. on the israeli side, during the lull in fighting, volunteers delivered supplies to the israeli defense forces. we brought in shirts and
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underwear and some books. and days of fighting have taken their toll. over 1000 gaza residents killed. more than 6000 wounded. israel has lost 42 soldiers and three civilians. several hundred demonstrators gathered in tel aviv. >> we are protesting against military -- in gaza. >> the confrontation now entering its 20th day. abc news, new york. >> easy police hope a newly released video will help find a man who killed adc store owner on july 4. james earl was beaten and later died after two men robbed a store on colorado avenue in northwest. what elsehas more on detectives uncovered. >> investigators are asking for your help identifying this
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person from a surveillance video before 76-year-old james earl -- james o was beaten and robbed. police say two masked robbers stormed in and beat the couple. later died from his injuries. >> he was somebody that was dearly loved by everybody. >> they're not congressman i suspect a person of interest, but they believe that person may have information that can help revive more clues in their investigations. >> we believe the shirt is pretty distinctive is being worn by the person in the video. we are hopeful that somebody will recognize him. >> hopefully, releasing this video will generate new leads in a case that has left this community reeling. >> i have no words.
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>> diane cho, abc seven news. >> randy taylor was sentenced this week to two life sentences for the murder and abduction of the virginia teenager. murphy was last seen in august in 2013 in virginia. her car was found, but her body was never recovered. investigators found one of her hairs at taylor's home. he was convicted this past may. covering metro, starting today, the silver line is now carrying passengers. where will commuters park in tysons corner? mall officials say they won't be welcome there. we have details on how the mall plans to keep metro riders out. >> there are those who think commuter parking and the silver line will work out just fine. >> i'm an optimist. >> many more are bracing. the -- the 40 stations have
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no garages. many of the thousands of new commuters looking for parking will instead find signs everywhere telling them commuter vehicles are not welcome. park andk they should get them all. tysons corner is making it clear that spaces are for shoppers, not metro riders. >> if an individual is in violation of our parking policy - that leaves tammy davis with one question. >> how do you differentiate between commuters and shoppers? >> it is unfortunate that parking was not part of the plan. >> answers that planners want to long-terms more urban and less vehicle centric like it
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is today. a lot of commuters and cars will see open spaces and take their chances. >> people are going to get sneaky. >> abc7 news. >> a new speed limit is now being enforced. it has been reduced from 30 between hour to 25 guilford and berwyn road's. police want drivers to slow down and pay attention to pedestrians walking along and crossing the roadway over there. coming up, find out how maryland's gun control debate is now costing the state manufacturing jobs. thus, a new idea brewing at starbucks that could help you get your coffee quicker. >> a few showers popping up on live super doppler.
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on gunsaw cracking down is costing the state more than 150 jobs. isetta announce that it moving its operations into tennessee. bmj barbecue has been here for decades. customers are sad to see the manufacturing jobs go. >> it is a shame. >> he says in a small town, losing 160 jobs is a big load to the economy. willher note the numbers
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be like, but it is going to take a big hit. i'm not looking forward to it, not at all. it is a sad day. >> beretta will no longer make guns here because of gun control. bill would've the banned beretta for making its guns. although theil b final version allowed beretta to remain, the company says the possibility that such restrictions might be reinstated in the future leaves us for a word about the wisdom of maintaining a firearm manufacturing factory in the state. blame themsay i really. when the product they're making can't even really be sold in the state for beasley. >> i have mixed feelings on the gun-control laws, but i'm sad to see the jobs go. >> governor martin o'malley's office said, we're disappointed in the decision, but the commonsense gun safety law we passed is keeping schools, communities and law enforcement personnel safe. >> tom roussey, abc7 news.
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the club's members approved the sale of the property and adjoining parking lot to the city for $5 million. the old dominion boat club has been located on king street since the 1920's. the city of alexandria wanted to make changes because the boat blocks public access to the waterfront. straight ahead, here on saturday --s extra, continuing prepare for big changes in the forecast.
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>> travelers at reagan national airport don't have it. -- don't have to trouble for. ben's chili bowl celebrated the opening of its new restaurant with a performance by the chuck brown band. it is located in terminal b reich of for the security checkpoint. this is the second ben's chili bowl in northern virginia. a lot of people stopped by to see the excitement there. a new app could signal the end of long lines at starbucks according to people magazine. starbucks is developing a smart phone app that will allow customers to pre-order beverages to a of time, then head local store to pick it up. the app is still in its testing phase.
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there's no word on when it might debut, but no worry, starbucks is still going to mess up your name on your cup. >> oh, man. it always is kind of fun to see. >> lousaka but the weather. by this time tomorrow we would've seen storms? >> there may even be tomorrow some strong storms. right now at reagan national it is still pretty warm. there are a few scattered sprinkles earlier. 80 degrees now the airport. the two temperatures -- the dew point is a 70 degrees. doppler we go. a lot of the showers we are tracking earlier have dissipated . another round of showers moving in from the northwest. from the ohio and northern ohio river of the icon why should say. we're sitting at 60 degrees in cumberland. dew point temperatures in the
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60's and low 70's. a lot of moisture to work with. we'll be tracking another band of showers. this is the first band in here comes the next one through pennsylvania. also back to ohio. this will continue pushing towards the southeast. cloudy skies and the overnight hours and a few scattered showers. nothing severe. the severe weather threat will arrive tomorrow. tomorrow morning when you're waking up there will be clouds and even a few light sprinkles. the main cold front trapped up in the upper midwest. this will be slowly making its way towards us, but ahead of the storm system, a lot of heat and humidity. the upper-level dynamics are there to support the development of these strong to severe storms. the slight risk stretches all the way from boston back through new york, pennsylvania and down into nashville. you see your near pittsburgh in charleston west virginia is where there is an even higher elevated risk for storms.
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tomorrows that develop could contain large hail, damaging winds and even an isolated tornado. lingeringcast shows showers early tomorrow. that will push off towards the morning and early afternoon the sun will start to shine. it would destabilize the atmosphere. any of the storm cells have the potential for becoming severe. we'll keep you posted. not only on tv, but also online at overnight tonight, temperatures will be rather mild. 68-74. strong storms likely tomorrow. to be after 3:00 or 4:00. turning breezy and less humid for the day on monday. about 85. it the real cool, comfortable air moves in next week. .uesday wednesday thursday it will be really pleasant. july -- heading
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into august, temperatures will be below average. >> those are temperatures in the city. in the outlying areas it might be a lot cooler than that. arch campbell
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>> a new woody allen movie hits theaters. also hitting the big screen, a new action flicks starring scarlett johansson. here's arch campbell with his
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review. >> last summer, woody allen released blue jasmine, one of the most important movies of the year. this summer to releases a light comedy called magic in the moonlight. >> my mental impressions are cloudy. >>: first place a magician who wants to unmask the spiritual in emma stone. it is set in the french riviera in the 1920's. this goes for old-school comedy romance. heavy, but great fun and worth three stars with a pg-13. magic in the moonlight. scarlett johansson gets in the wrong side of a drug cartel in lucy. stuff inw some awful her abdomen and it starts leaking and turns her into a
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superhuman mind controlling information seeking killing machine. no thanks, lucy. one star. need yourse you dwayne johnson fix, he returns as hercules. .ere's a weekend movie guide four stars for boyhood. almost four for planet of the apes. for life itself, 3.5 stars for begin again and chef, and woody allen's new movie gets three stars. magic in the moonlight. also, three stars for 20 to jump street. almost three for transformers and jersey boys. the purge and lucy and sex tape, not so hot. have a nice weekend, everybody. i'm arch campbell, abc7 entertainment. >> the first trailer for the highly anticipated 50 shades of grey was released on thursday.
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fans of the book had hit the internet with the sneak peak of the racing movie. -- of the racy movie. it was more of a task than romantic. isn't it always? shades of gray hits theaters on november 13 just in time for valentine's day. how soon can we book our tickets for that? stores fans. lookingwars fans are for -- fans can donate for a chance to appear in the movie. star wars episode seven will hit theaters in december 2015. forbes list of hollywood's highest-paid actors was released. robert downey junior made $75
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million 13 june of 2013 and this past june. dwayne the rock johnson came in with $52 million in second place. out thecooper rounds top three, bringing in $46 million just for looking pretty. to see were your favorite actor falls on the list, go to uva is offering a summer english course called game of thrones that explores both the hbo series and the books upon which it is based. the class discusses such aspects as honor and violence and gender roles and who is better,
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