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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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capital. house >> breaking news capitol hill. house republicans revive their bill on the border crisis. >> the bill is passed. >> why it may be too late. consequences with the matter main break. is your car an easy target for hackers? what makes certain vehicles
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especially vulnerable, next. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> just in from the district tonight. a late night vote on capitol hill. house republicans veviveed their bill on the border crisis. the proposal includes tough provisions that could threaten the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants working in this country illegally but the senate has already gone for the august recess. the big question tonight is what happens next. >> just minutes ago, the house passed part two of that immigration bill. it would shut down a program that president obama put into place two years ago to halt deportations and grant work permits. all of this is largely symbolic. the move comes as the houseworks into extra innings late into the night on its first day of
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vacation to pass this bill along party lines, but senators have already headed home and there is little chance they would come back to vote on it. the funding measure includes national guard patrol on the border to stem migrant children crossing into the country illegally. it contains tough provisions to deport hundreds of thousands of immigrants, some without a hearing. president obama accused republicans of posturing saying they know the bill won't pass the senate. he is vowing to act alone if need be. he said the government is running out of money to deal with the crisis. >> that means while they are out on vacation, i'm going to have to make some tough choices to meet the challenge. with or without congress. >> sounds like he is talking about an executive order. he said he needs to do something because congress is doing nothing but as you recall, those
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executive orders are an issue that has prompted house republicans to try to sue the president. tonight on the immigration bill, it seems like we're back where we started. >> thank you. we have this just in from prince george's county, more than 24 hours after a water main break turned a road into a river, water service is restored to people who live in the area. but at this moment, that road is still closed. rich rich, what is the latest on when that road is going to reopen? >> it is still unknown at this point. they are still working hard at this site. that is the gaming hole where that water main break is. the good news is it has been fixed. the bad news is the street is still closed. this has a lot of folks talking about our aging infrastructure. rhode island avenue, still shut down. >> it is a mess. >> it is a construction zone with crews working into the night. >> it was old and it failed and it broke. >> the good news -- water
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flushed from area hydrants is a signal that water main is fixed . >> last night we didn't have any water. >> a kitchen faucet with water coming out is music to his ears. >> we might to v to pay a little so we can keep things that we take for granted, like water. >> they repaired a storm drain and they are trying to learn why the 73-year-old main ruptured. >> we'll look at the history of breaks that we have had on this pipe and look at whether it is something that needs to be replaced. >> the road closed means fewer commerce for business owners. >> i'm thinking of closing tomorrow because i had a difficult time getting here myself. there are infrastructure is all very old and hasn't been maintained well enough. >> they are replacing 55 miles, of an aging 5500 water main
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network a year. it costs $1.4 million a mile. it is not cheap. >> it is a critical problem for development and utilities. >> so all of this repair work will cost about $100,000. 6 million gallons of water lost. some families had no water for about 12 hours. now they have to fill in the gaming hole and then they have to try to pave the -- gaping hole and then try to pave the street. >> water issues of another kind. we're on storm watch tonight because there is a possibility of rain all weekend. is it going to be a wash-out? let's find out. are we looking at a washed out weekend here? >> no, we are not a wash-out. tonight i think a good bit of rain moving in but tonight it will be cloudy with a slight chance of showers. but not a wash-out. the heaviest rain just to the south of fredericksburg. all of that drifting towards the
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north. even in the city starting to see a little bit of light rain. pretty much just rainy through the overnight hours. we show the heavier bands of rain through richmond, all of this moving towards the east. temperatures moving into the 60's and 70's. we'll stay there through through the overnight hours. i'll take you through the time overing this weather front. my full forecast is coming up in just a little bit. >> word from president obama that the u.s. is taking the deadly ebola outbreak seriously. the first of two americans fighting that disease will arrive in atlanta saturday. medical teams from west africa are overwhelmed with patients. so far more than 700 people have died. we report on a frantic effort to stop the spread of the outbreak. >> the worst ebola outbreak in
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history is said to be spreading faster than efforts to contain it. doctors wowed borders calling the efforts out of control. they are meeting with presidents of the impacted countries today. if the situation continues to deteriorate, the crisis can be catastrophic. >> experts with the c.d.c. working with officials in begini, sierra leone and lie leeria. >> -- liberia. >> have you been to west africa? have you been in africa? have you been traveling anywhere near that region? >> this hospital in sthrant preparing to treat the first ebola patients ever in the u.s. kent brantly and nancy writebol, both gravely sick with the virus will be flown in on a special
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jet with an air-tight isolation tent like this. the hospital has a special contained area for people with infectious diseases. >> we have the environment and expert's to safely care for these patients. >> meanwhile another american who was treating ebola patients is back home in tennessee quarantined in his home as a precaution. >> i'm feeling well now. i have no fever or symptoms of illness since my return. >> the director of the c.d.c. says he is confident ebola will not spread here in the u.s. >> the ebola appears to be coming closer to our home because this weekend hundreds of african dignitaries will arrive in washington for the five-day long u.s.-after khalidders summit. -- leaders summit.
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>> folks who are coming and have even a marginal risk of being exposed in some fashion, we're making sure to do screening and then as they leave the country and do additional screening when they are here. we feel confident the procedures we put in places are appropriate. >> the president is warning of heavy traffic during that summit. now to the cry sniss the middle east. tonight house approved $225 million in funding for israel's missile defense system known as the iron dome. president obama could sign that bill as early as tomorrow. in the meantime, israeli soldiers are going deeper into gaza looking for one of their own. a 20-year-old soldier was dragged into a tunnel in an ambush that killed two other soldiers. >> it is very clear that the israelis are going to try to do the destruction of tunnels.
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the israelis have been clear about that publicly. i don't think it should have been any surprise. are >> the attack ended a cease-fire less than two hours after it began. hamas denies kidnapping the oldier and breaking the truce. patsy burton died after being dragged by a bus. her husband spoke and said he and the couple's four children are grieving but acknowledged that the driver of the bus is grieving as well. >> i tried to comfort her. i don't believe she -- i don't know the driver. nonanything about the investigation but i have no anger against her whatsoever. >> what heart. burton says he plans to pray for the driver and hopes to meet her one day. charges have not been filed
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against driver. >> a man who has recovered from serious injuries following a bus accident. it happened outside the wheaton metro station. the 25-year-old was trying to catch a bus when he fell and the bus ran over his legs. incidents like this have a reason why it is better to wait rather than risk getting hurt. >> wait for next bus. wait for the next train. don't try to catch it or approach it while it is moving. it is safer to wait for the next vehicle to come pick you up. >> doctors may need to amputate that man's left leg. no word tonight on his condition. testimony including text messages from bob and maureen mcdonnell. is your car a sitting target? why certain vehicles are specially attractive to hackers.
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>> the man at the center of the allegations against bob and maureen mcdonnell took the stand again on the fifth day of the corruption trial against the former first family of virginia. the defense attempted to show that jonnie williams is not a reliable witness. they showed more than 1,200 text messages sent between him and maureen. we certainly saw on the screen and the jury saw it went beyond a business relationship. >> a key witness expected to take the stand on monday, maureen's former chief of staff.
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>> the hardwood court is going to have to be replaced. a giant water main burst sending millions of gallons of water across l.a. some that parked on lower levels, their cars are still underwater tonight. >> more car rs are using computer-like technology on the road and it is making them vulnerable to hackers. the 2014 jeep cherokee is ranked as the most hackable car on the road. the prius also made the list. built in apps make them more vulnerable. least hackable are the 2014 dodge viper and 2014 audi. >> we have a review of
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"guardians of the galaxy." > here we are. an asassan and a maniac. >> misfits rise to the occasion in "guardians of the galaxy" to save the universe from a really bad guy. that basic plot surrounds unexpected comedy, a great sound track and most of all, great fun. 3 1/2 out of four. "guardians of the galaxy," every ummer needs a movie like this. also opening, "get on up." a thrilling biography of james brown and his music. oth best bets along with "boyhood" and "snow piercer." >> how about weather? it is going to be good weather to go outside to go o to a
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movie. >> if you don't have plans yet, make them indoors but if you have them outdoors, i'm still optimistic. it is 50/50. i'll get to more specifics in a minute. take a look at this awesome picture that jen johnson sent from the national harbor. spectacular colors in the sky. a little bit of fringe my vantage point in arlington. it was a gorgeous evening, especially west of town where we saw a few breaks in the cloud deck. anyway temperatures out there are generally in the 60's and 70's. most of the heaviest rain over the virginia tide water and most showers starting to creep into the district. i just stepped out to look outside the window of the belfort furniture weather center. temperatures are a little bit cooler. 65 in leonardtown, maryland.
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rain in indian head. everyone in the southern sections of the viewing area see about a quarter of an inch of rain. temperatures dropping into the upper 60's in dulles, manassas. a lot of moisture. our dew point temperatures pretty high. this easterly breeze is going to keep us in a moisture-laden atmosphere through the rest of the weekend. we have a cold front just off to a east. more of a stationary front drawing in a lot moisture. moist air moving into the area in the overnight hours. this is going to be our latest widely scattered band of showers. dryer off to the west. tomorrow we're going to get a little bit of a break in the action. check out our futurecast showing rain bands over southeastern
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sections of maryland. tomorrow by 9:00 in the morning, cloudy conditions and maybe just sprinkles. i'm certainly feeling little bit more optimistic if you have outdoor plans, i don't think you necessarily need to cancel them yet because it is not going to be a washout. with the clouds, kind of on the muggy side. sunday a few chances for isolated showers. temperatures on the rise next week. upper 80's with chances for showers and storms. i think overall, the weekend looking ok. not a washout. >> that looks a lot better than what you were looking at. >> i haven't seen the video. >> you don't want to see video. it is frightening. like joe theismann back in the 1980's. injury to one of the rising stars in the nba. it happened during a scrimmage. how it happened and how
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>> and now toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> seems like there are certain teams that the nationals have a heck of a time beating and the philadelphia phillies seem to be one of those teams right now. trying to bounce back after last night's laws. phillies and nationals. down 1-0. laroche scores. that ties the game at 1-1. to the sixth. marlon byrd up. ballgame, folks. nats lose it 2-1. the orioles welcome in the mariners. tied at 1-1. bottom of the sixth. j.j. hardy at the plate. sends that one up the middle. machado scores. orioles hold it. they win 2-1. redskins getting ready for a big come of days as they start week two of training camp.
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the intensity went up a notch in practice. then the new england patriots come in for a series of practices and they have a scrimmage on monday. not only are the fans excited. so are the players. >> i'm excited. our families come down. we get the day off sunday. you get to come out here and people who have been wanting to know about jackson and griffin get as to for themselves. it is a chance to come out. a lot of people cheering and screaming, i hope. >> in las vegas tonight it was an ugly injury. as ugly an injury as you'll ever see in sports. so bad we're not going to show you the entire play. it happened as the united states played for world cup of basketball. paul george's leg comes down on the base of the goal support. the leg just snapped. emergency crews came in and put
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him in a cast and took him to the hospital. the injury so deeply disturbed the other players that coach k got on the mic and just ended the scrimmage. george a star player for the indiana pacers was conscious and talking as he left the court. it was bad. tiger woods, who is back on the golf course trying to resurrect his game today. the second round turnover bridgestone international. he had three birdies but also had four bogeys. that is one of them. three strokes behind the leader, justin rose. donald young had a good day and beat kevin anderson to move on to the city open sem final. >> i have a sports related story. how much is owning a piece of history worth to you? the story behind these gloves. they
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>> the husband of a woman hit and killed in upper marlboro said he will pray for the driver that hit her. that is our top story. and it is day five of the eileen's corruption forecast.
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it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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>> all right. get off the fence. inside and outside is this weekend? >> stay inside because if you go outside and it starts raining, it is going to be all my fault. don't worry, we'll have updates throughout the weekend and also on rain moving in tonight. i think it is just cloudy tomorrow. just a slight chance for some showers. >> thank you for joining us. have a
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! [ cheers and applause ] tonight -- john stamos, comedian todd glass, and music from ok go. with cleto and the cletones. and now, ready or not. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. thank you very much. hi. hi, everybody. thank you for coming to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ]


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