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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we showed people a survey that stacked fios uagainst comcast. what's it like paying for internet rated 6 out of 7 in customer satisfaction? t good, it's not the best. no, it's not f. look at it this way, you're kind of on top. if i was like this, all day. switch from the bottom to the top and see why millions of satisfied customers have made fios #1. sign up for a verizon fios triple play online with a 2-year agreement and get an amazing $400 back plus a free lg g tablet or up to $200 off any tablet from verizon wireless. but hurry, don't wait - this great offer ends august 10th. live from the broadcast center, this is the news at 11:00. >> really bad. >> we hear from marion barry about what led to a crash that sent him to the hospital and an actress was stabbed in a local
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my club and sent a message to his fans about his condition. in the next few days, plan to leave early because there is an event that is shutting down roads. we begin on the stormwatch. showers and storms tonight. this is video from arlington and you can see the storms in the sky there. over montgomery county, the firefighters say lightning struck a building in rockville. was injured in that one. let's see what happens. >> the storms roll closer and some of these were severe. these are run-of-the-mill storms and there is lots of lightning. in a short amount of time, the andms put down 1.5 inches that is over the last 20 minutes.
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inuarter of an inch washington, d.c. over 15 minutes. we are showing you quadrants of washington getting the storms. the storms are going along and you can see the last 15 minutes with the general thunderstorms. there is intensification over the bridge to the east. you can expect heavy rain and lightning. as for the severity of the storms, we do not expect any more severe weather. the temperatures have dropped down and the humidity is high. the general forecast is forecast and more summer weather. from that.ten away we will tell you how hot it will be over how long in a few minutes. in prince george's county to remember those who died in west africa. was leading the
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sierra leone response to the outbreak when he became infected and died. tom is live in the newsroom with how he is being remembered. >> the family members say that he fought tirelessly against the outbreak in sierra leone and, two weeks ago, he came down with the disease. he ended up being quarantines for 10 days and passed away on tuesday. leonny are born in sierra and gathered to remember him. this is one of the four siblings who live in the u.s. and three with an prince george's county. he has been declared a national hero and is credited with saving more than 100 lies. the family said that he canceled a presentation in harvard in june.
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>> he said, it is so hectic here and ebola is taking over. >> he worked 12 hours a day seven days a week and all he thought about was helping people. taken 700break has lies and no country has been hit harder than sierra leone. and no country has been hit harder than sierra leone. was said to be improving after arriving at the atlanta hospital. nowfellow missionary is scheduled to be flown there from west africa on tuesday. >> some people are lucky and some are not. thehe family says that officials try to fly him to germany for treatment. >> waiting for him to stabilize to transport. that never happened. >> the family received word from
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sierra leone that, in his final hours, the doctor said he had no regrets. the family is setting up a foundation in his name to fight and other- ebola diseases in west africa. >> thank you. marion barry made his first public appearance tonight is the crash sent into the hospital. he suffers from diabetes and he said that his luck sugar was getting low last night. he pulled over his car to eat some candy. he drove off a few minutes later and that is when he went the wrong way. [indiscernible] up the wrong way on pennsylvania avenue and struck another vehicle. hurt and he said that his blood sugar is back to normal. the police gave him three tickets.
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andailed to have insurance had an unregistered vehicle. died:00, a teenager has after a drug overdose at a concert. the name of the 17-year-old has not been released and the police teen was taken to the hospital after a block party. he is the second person to die from a suspected drug overdose at the concert. a 20-year-old died on friday in the police do not believe the men knew each other. 20 others were taken to the hospital because of using molly. the next few days will be horrible for traffic. a big summit kicks off tomorrow and motorcades and road closures along with that. we have a look at that. >> take a look at this street
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between 14th and 15th. blockades and emergency lights. tons of uniformed and plainclothes police officers. this is leading up to the summit and that means the morning commute is going to be a crawl. >> transplants from equatorial guinea. therere elated that nation's president was invited by this president to sit and talk. >> it is very important. >> it is historic in nature. >> the investor helped orchestrate the arrival of dignitaries. >> it is an arduous task for a whole lot of people. >> is expected to get worse on monday.
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gridlock is expected through the middle of the week. surrounding the white house and state department. these cabbies to depend on the tourists are feeling the squeeze. of drivingng warned around downtown through late wednesday, where some of the heaviest street closures and restrictions will be in place. the office of personnel management recommends that oreral workers tele-work compensatory time off to alleviate the expected congestion. -- >> it is going to be a mess and we have a complete list of the closures on our website. a local actor who was stabbed at a nightclub in northwest washington, d.c. he is known for his role on "the wire."
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he said he was supporting a band and was involved in an altercation. he was stabbed. he was released from the hospital. his post reads -- about one hour after the people werewo injured in a separate stabbing and the police have not released information on the arrest. in the meantime, the police need your help to find a man who attacked a woman at a community pool. the 20-year-old victim says that she was working on friday when a man approached her and began talking to her. he pulled out a weapon and sexually assaulted her.
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in virginia, testimony resumes in the corruption trial of bobby macdonald and his wife. mcdonnell and his wife. last week, jonnie williams testified about what he gave the couple. we will have live coverage tomorrow and throughout the day. new developments in the crisis in the middle east ahead. . who is offering a cease-fire and how is the other side responding? we will tell you why the water is not safe.
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>> heavy rains are slow and the government says that 360 are dead after an earthquake. hundreds are injured and thousands are left homeless. sending food,is water, and other supplies to the region. in the middle east, hamas
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rejected a call for a cease-fire tomorrow. israel pulled out troops from gaza, claiming success in destroying terrorist tunnels. people at alled 10 united nations shelter. the u.s. and the u.n. denounce the strike. israel says that they targeted the fighters and not the shelter. food and water safe to drink. water results are expected in the next few hours. a million people have relied on bottled water. they have not lifted the drinking ban. >> i want to make sure that i would be comfortable with my family, my daughters, my wife drinking the water. we can say to the people that we feel good about it and we can
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move forward. >> late last week, water at a treatment plant tested positive algae blooms. weatherrn back to the situation on our front and we had a storm moved through. it is making its way through the district. >> we had some more heat and we see a miniature feature. >> the storms have redeveloped on there. we see them in prince george's county and over in old town. you can see a cluster of storms and it moves back. we are talking about the low outflow boundary.
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that is the rain there and the cold air spilling out. and that is night going to be around old town near prince george's county. the hefty us to rain is not severe. rain is not severe. even back in virginia and the great falls and plains areas, that is the storm negativities -- activities. they held together the heat and humidity. temperatures are back to the mid-80's. the big picture forecast is not a big or active one. you have the systems out of here. been away from the weather for a better part of the season. hitting average or just above in the next couple of days.
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it will feel even hotter than that when you factor that and. the heat and humidity and not much in the way of storms. is about warm weather coming in. we could see why the-scattered storms going east and we will discuss that in a bit. it may feel like 92. it is hot and the temperatures topped the 90 degree mark. to the end ofs the week to get storm chances. it 11:00 update shows that may become a hurricane earlier than anticipated. that storm remains off of the coast. the eastern shore beaches have something. thunderstorms are run-of-the-mill. tomorrow and we have been lucky to get cold
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fronts. humidityin relief with and do it again. a weak system. it could be as early as friday or saturday that we see this. it centers on when the storms arrive. >> we will keep a close eye on it. you have to know that if tiger ut of a tournament times, iss won eight not good. -- it is not good. >> his outing ended early today. there is no doubt how the nationals are doing.
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>> and now, the sports desk. brought to you by toyota dealers. >> the nationals have been
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winning and the braves have been losing. natsis a good sign for the . strasburg bounces back and went seven innings with 10 strikeouts and giving up three hits. grady sizemore is going to not make the catch. the nationals win 4-0. the orioles got one run and that is all they needed. nick markakis leads off. win.gave baltimore the 1-0 they hold first place. it is too dramatic to say that --er woods' g golf future golf future is on hold.
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he hurt his back again. he was off on the edge of the bunker. back and started having spasms. he grimaced and was in trouble. , he he got back to the car could barely get out of his shoes. inwill think about playing the championship next week and that is certainly in doubt. here is a guy who played well, rory mcelroy. he is on the 11th hole. and takesst garcia the outright lead. the redskins are going to start keeping score this week, playing the same team twice in three days. the redskins have gone through a couple of weeks competing and working against each other.
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play asday, they will preseason game against the patriots and tom brady. it is another chance and a controlled -- in a controlled situation. >> another team. [indiscernible] tom brady, sissy would he is doing. he is [indiscernible] >> we are, as well. the preseason game is thursday night at fedex field. they are trying to turn the team around and are in the hunt to win the division title. looking for a third straight win and a chance to move close to kansas city. they were in the dark uniforms
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, my bad, getting the only goal of the match. in the open tennis tournament in washington, he has match point. a nice backhand. he wins in style and gets the city open title. in the wnba, the mystics against chicago. donne had 16 points. 76, 60 -- 76-65 was the final. on thernhardt junior is outside and kevin hart it is on the inside. dick is on the inside. he sweeps.
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the first score of the nfl preseason. the new york giants beat the buffalo bills tonight in the hall of fame game. a close score. >> i am sure it will not be the last loss for the buffalo bills. it is all uphill from here. >> turning 53 years old. learning how you can send him a
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>> obama celebrates his birthday tomorrow. the white house did not release his birth they plan. he played golf and there is a link on his facebook and twitter account. of the threee one birthday cards to send to the commander-in-chief. he will be busy with the u.s.-africa
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>> looking over the shoulder and it seems like there is a line of storms. >> there is a line of storms. see the heaviest clusters in the individual storms with the outflow down here. that is the term.
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it is a weak cold front and you see it. behind that, a cluster of storms. they are not severe. they could still have hefty rain amounts. we have friday and saturday and hot and humid. a great cold front brings up nice weather going into thursday and friday. >> the overnight lows are at 68 degrees. not that at all. all right. stay with us. there is more ahead on washington weekly.
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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is washington weekly. a row andd night in half a million people are unable to do the simple thing of turning on the faucet and having
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a cup of water. these are the problems in the fourth-largest city of ohio. cheers greet the arrival of new water supplies in the city with toxic water. emergency was to clear, 400,000 residents have been served notice to stop drinking water, do not shower, and do not let pets come near tapwater. err on the side of caution. algae turned of the water intake into a toxic slush. it triggers vomiting and numbness. toledo is weathering the toxic storm. >> it is severe toxicity.


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