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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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by a tree. >> three children and their parents taken too soon. >> you just hug your kids closer. after aht, the message family is gunned down. the so-called nutbag, the name-calling that god bob mcdonnell in trouble. add a redskins legend kicks his
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name into the name debate. >> no white man has said anything about this. >> the fallout tonight. > captioned by the national captioning institute breaking news from arlington tonight, where a gruesome situation is playing out. a man was crushed by a tree and has died. it happened near old dominion drive. >> the victim was tying the tree to a flatbed truck and it rolled off. tom roussey is here with more. >> just a sad, sad situation. according to the police, crews were working on this home for a while. just before 6:00 tonight, they were at this flatbed truck, trying to load large sections of a tree onto the back of it.
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one blog they had trouble securing. the driver of the flatbed truck got out to try to secure it. that is when it fell on him. >> i don't know what to say. just shocked. >> richard is a coworker of the man who was killed. >> just a good, hard-working man. victim was ae family man with kids, recently employed by their company based from culpeper. the man and other subcontractors were renovating this home just before 6:00 when they were loading large sections of a tree onto a flatbed truck victim was driving, but had trouble securing this log. vehicleriver exited the and was attempting to secure it with a strap when one of the sections rolled off and crushed him. >> the police and osha investigators were on the scene much of the night. >> it's a tragic accident, nothing suspicious at this time. >> securing logs is something
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that mitchell said he has done a hundred times, and he has never seen anything remotely like this before. >> definitely be careful from now on. saw this happen. >> arlington county police told us they are in the process of notifying the victim's family. at this hour, they have not released his name. tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> ok, tom, thank you. candles were lit in culpeper county in honor of four lives lost, a mother, shawna washington, and her three children ages 4, 6, and 13 were found dead sunday at their home. the police believe they were killed by the family patriarch, clarence washington. roz plater spoke with family and friends of the washington family and is live in culpeper. roz? >> some of the folks who came to the vigil did not know the washingtons, and this is a community of families and children. they are upset about the loss of
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the three innocent girls. a neighbor say they never saw it coming. broken, hundreds came together in song and prayer and tears. >> i got kids. i got six. i don't know, it's just -- it's hard. >> sunday night come after the family did not show up for church, shawna washington's mother stopped by the home and medium thinkable discovery, all five family members shot and killed, including the three daughters. >> you just feel like life is more precious. you just hug your kids closer. >> culpeper investigators believe it was a murder/suicide. clarence washington killed himself after shooting his wife and children. >> i came out to pay my respects for the family and to show that they meant a lot to a lot of people. and overe heard over
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that from the outside the family seemed happy. often at community events, hard-working parents, the daughter's popular at school. some say this tragedy -- time we are not disconnected, but doing our own thing. it's important to get into each other's lives and become a community. there were offers of free counseling and support for families who may need them. community groups are raising money for the funerals of washington and her daughters. the funerals will be held at culpeper baptist church on august 15. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> maureen mcdonald's former chief of staff took the stand and had a lot of status -- and had a lot to say about her former boss, maureen mcdonnell, most of it unflattering, calling her "a nutbag."
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she testified after years of the job she left. she said -- during a break this afternoon, governor bob mcdonnell said to the woman, it's good to see you. judge was not happy with that and said it is unacceptable behavior and made it clear that could not happen again. >> turning to the weather, part of the area is having pop-up showers. what can we expect for the morning commute? steve rudin has the first look at the forecast. >> it looks a lot better for the day tomorrow, showers right now, even limited, will break apart the next couple hours. the skies will clear and the cooler, drier air will funnel in from the north and west. the satellite radar, showers from earlier this afternoon, this evening, the temperatures colder to the west. martinsburg, 66 gaithersburg,
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lower 70's quantico and fredericksburg. overnight, any limited showers will come to an end. gradual clearing, nighttime lows in the 60's. the rest of the week ended the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. developing news in the ebola outbreak. the president of liberia has declared a state of emergency. the world health organization may declare an international public health emergency. more than 900 people have died since the start of the outbreak in west africa. doctors say that the two americans were flown back to the u.s. are responding well to an experimental drug. time, sergeantt bowe bergdahl talks about his disappearance from his post in afghanistan. and his capture by the taliban and. the new york times reports that are good all responded to every question -- that bowe bergdahl responded to the questions.
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the investigation is looking at whether he should face prosecution or disciplinary actions. >> new information about the attack in afghanistan that killed a major general. major general harold greene lived in falls church, virginia. 15 others were injured in the attack. the gunmen joined the afghan army two years ago. there are reports there was a dispute of some kind. is theeneral greenee highest u.s. officer killed in combat since the vietnam war. >> from northwest washington, a club closed 96 hours after a stabbing has lost its liquor license. late saturday night, actor and one glover was stabbed during a fight at café asia. cathy lanier criticized club security, saying it interfered with the police and the crime scene after the attack. tonight, the alcohol beverage
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control board voted to suspend ther liquor license if owner chooses to reopen after closure.ur >> horace holmes has more on the comments made by kicker mark moseley. >> the comments have been raising eyebrows, but mostly he stands by the redskins name and is working hard to defend it. >> to everyone that said anything to me has been a white man or a black man, no red man. >> former kicker mark moseley is one of the most revered players to ever suit up on a football field in washington. he came on news channel 8 to explain why he accepted daniel snyder's invitation to defend the redskins name. >> we as alumni feel it is important to have the redskins continue to be called the
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redskins, and we wanted to mature and mr. snyder wanted to make sure that nobody gets hurt. mark moseley and other former players travel to reservations across the country for snyder's new foundation to improve conditions in the native american community. mark moseley said they asked more than a thousand people if the redskins name was offensive. alex parker asked how he would respond to a viewer who wrote that she was a native american and was offended by the redskins name. >> she needs to prove to me that she is indian, first of all. >> keith olbermann said he would talk about it on his show and called mark moseley the man who makes dan snyder look good. the snydery said foundation is making a big difference in the native american communities and he will defend the redskins name. >> the more we talk about it, the more the controversy continues. >> thank you, horace.
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>> still to come, big changes for students this fall. >> one school district plans to use social media surveillance to end bullying. >> a cheaper way to get around.
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>> some good news tonight for fans, a cease-and-desist order lifted by the state of virginia. the state reached an agreement with the company. andhis comes as both uber lift have a money saving option, but not everybody is on board. stephen tschida has the reaction. stephen, what is this about? >> when you see an uber vehicle and two or three passengers in
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the vehicle, in the near future, those passengers may not know each other. they may be uber pooling. uber vehicles blended into traffic, what customers say that app sets ride via the the service apart. >> i use it five times a week. todrivers use their own cars give passengers the ride. now it is launching uber pool, connecting customers with other people going the same route. car pulling for the cheapest yet. tos driver expects uber pool keep him busy. >> if somebody is asking to go to the airport, if they share, i think it is cheaper. >> what is the reaction from uber passengers? >> it would be awkward to be in
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the car with strangers. >> i would not use a group uber. >> while the jury appears to be out, uber and similar car dovices such as lift appeared to be diminishing the desire of some people for a car of their own. >> it's cheaper to just use uber and not worry about parking or anything like that. it's a lot easier. >> uber pooling or lift lining is expected to climb about 60% of the fair. we expect this new service in the metro area in the near future. stephen china, -- stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> 7 on your side with a consumer alert and good news from amazon. it is expanding same day delivery service to six cities including dcu and baltimore. if you order something before noon, you could have it on your doorstep by that evening.
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and you don't have to be a prime member to get that benefit. >> starting this fall, students in washington county will have extra eyes on their social media accounts. the district will scan for tee that itand phrases deems harmful or threatening to a school or student. the company hired social sentinel, which can the monitor made by anyone that are public. the surveillance will catch or prevent bullying. >> let's see what steve rudin has been surveilling with the sky. >> we have a cold front moving through. usually we have the stronger cold front moving through with strong thunderstorms. the thing like that with this system. the skies are beginning to clear. >> great. >> here we go, the skies for the most part right now are partly cloudy. tomorrow morning, beautiful sunrise. 79 degrees at reagan national.
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the temperatures will fall into the 60's later tonight. the high, 85, morning low of 70. the average for the state is 88. in record is 106, set back 1918. nothing like that anytime soon. of 79.antown, high about .1 inches of rain early, 12:y in the morning, about 30 this morning. a lot of rain across the district into alexandria, 75 the current temperature, 83 the high. 69 vienna right now. warning low of 63. cooler, drier air moving in from the north and west at 69 martinsburg, dulles 71. if you are looking for the cool air, caribou, maine, 56 to greece. we are looking for a cooler, drier air tomorrow. daytimeiddle 80's
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highs. overall, not so bad. why pleasant, the cold front moves out. the high pressure settles in. the area of high pressure will bring sunshine during the day tomorrow and into friday. doppler radar, just a few very isolated showers. most of them have fizzled out. the cold front moving through. skies clear. the temperatures remain slightly below average not only tomorrow and friday but into the upcoming weekend. a better chance of showers saturday and sunday. beach plants, only a 30% risk. clearing,s end, 60-68, the wind at 5-10. tomorrow, sunshine, lower humidity. 87 the wind out of the north and west. showers over the weekend, but only about a 25%, 30% chance. the showers and the forecast
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monday through wednesday, daytime highs eventually creeping towards the middle 80's. overall, this is not been the average summer in washington, but we will take it. >> awesome. >> on most a perfect forecast. i said that yesterday, too. >> and that's good. thank you. >> a lot going on in sports. tiger woods says his back feels great. the redskins get ready to start their preseason.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the nationals rebounded nicely, thank you, after in bara singh lost last night to the new york mets. -- after an embarrassing loss
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last night to the new york mets. adam laroche, two run home run tonight. 3-0 washington. nats break open the close game in the sixth inning. danny espinosa, say goodbye to that baseball, 6-0 nationals. the two teams will finish up that 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. the orioles tonight could not figure out the blue jays pitching. swing, that is all the blue jays would need. that was a rocket to the moon, to run home run. the orioles could only muster one hit tonight, the birds lose 5-1. the redskins tomorrow night take on new england. the new england patriots at fedex field. used to it, i have to say it all day tomorrow. jackson turned his ankle in
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practice and is questionable for the game. will not play because of a sore hamstring. jay gruden, what can we expect tomorrow against the pats? >> we're just trying to put them in a situation where they can line up and succeed. the biggest thing is when the lights come on, how you perform when the pressure is on. people are watching. it will be a great atmosphere, i'm sure. >> in baltimore, the ravens are putting their final preparations on the harbaugh bowl. what's that game on abc 7, coverage at 7 p.m. tiger woods says he will tee off tomorrow and play in the pga championship in valhalla. he had the blood of the bridgestone tournament sunday. there was discussion about whether he would play in this year's final major. he played a practice round earlier today and said he felt
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fine, so there you go. >> i'm all right. the greatest. it's only wednesday. to play well. that's the only thing i can control. i will buy there and try to win this event. >> tiger is holding steady in his pursuit of jack nicholson -- jack nicklaus' record. nicklaus says he think that rory lroy could catches record. tiger is listening. >> the district is at the top of a forbes pol >> a top aide calls the former
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first lady of virginia, marie make donald, a nut bag. virginia livesay c synthesis to order against uber. and the forecast for the week. -- virginia lifts a cease-and-desist order against uber. district --med it named the district america's coolest city. diversity, age,
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population growth, and other items. seattle, washington, came in andnd, volatile by austin houston in texas. for those of you keeping track of new york city, they came in 11th. bethesda, maryland, came in 19th. >> since we are so cool in the
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city, we need a cool forecast. >> tomorrow looks great, middle 80's. we keep it going friday. about a 25%, 30% chance of showers through the weekend. monday,tinues through tuesday, and wednesday. summer in washington does not get much better than this. >> have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" [ cheers and applause ] tonight -- chloë grace moretz -- ufc champion jon "bones" jones -- and music from the mighty mighty bosstones with cleto and the cletones. and now, let's face it, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, very nice. i'm jimmy kimmel, the host of this show. thank you for watching.


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