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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 7, 2014 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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the bus driver lost control cut off buy another vehicle. swerved to avoid a crash. ended up there. she was taken to the hospital. two bus passengers had minor bumps and bruises. new tenants were supposed to move into that side of the duplex today but it is not habitable. >> more oregon residents told to flee their home overnight because of a wildfire. the new blaze is racing along, pushed by gusting wind. firefighters are working through the night to protect buildings. the steep slopes, dotted with timber and dry grass aren't helping. area residents have been told not to get ready to evacuate if necessary. >> close call for a woman in suburban portland, maine, struck by lightning looking at her bathroom mirror. the bolt came out of the light fixture sounding like a shotgun. she has blisters on her feet. she says she was worried the house would burn down. the house is fine. some lech troings were damaged a. >> two hurricanes churning towards hawaii, iselle did not weaken as expected.
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likely to make landfall as a hour cane. the first in hawaii in two decades. julio behind it trailing by 36 hours. people across the state are not taking any chances. they have been hitting the grocery strz ores to stock up. tourists have been trying to make it outen time. the governor declared an emergency to free up disaster funds. many schools are closed here this morning. >> here on the mainland as they say in hawaii. your thursday forecast. the heaviest rain will stretch from the upper plans to the gulf coast. extend into the ozarks. there will also be rain in the northern rocky. new england and florida. >> the mercury will reach only about 80 degrees along the west coast. it will be a scorcheren the southwest. and the low 80s around the great lakes, in the 90s in the south. and only in the mid 70s in new england. well now this morning's edition to the dumb criminal hall of fame. comes to us from dallas. a homeowner security camera caught a guy sneaking around in
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the backyard. see him on the right. pulls up his shirt over his head. something of a disguise we think. after a couple kicks there, and, at a back door he finally gets it open. sounding the alarm. the guy runs off, dallas police are asking anybody to help find him. >> oh, boy. unbelievable video out of a quiet new jersey neighborhood. a bear caught on camera walking only on his hind legs like a human. it walks right by a mailbox. crosses the street. the man who took the video says the bear's front paws were probably injured. forcing it to use its back legs. if you are wondering at home, some people do question the authenticity. he insists all of this is real. i'm not so sure. in central, wisconsin, not a bear. swarms of insects causing a nuisance. mayflies are swarming the waterways. ecologists say it is a good thing. swarms are a sign that wisconsin's polluted rivers are cleaner than they used to be. and in wassau, millions of
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mayflies are buzzing around right now. >> now, in the video, amazing video category we have another one for you. this one viewed nearly 200 times on line. it comes to us from a farm in russia. >> see the farmer emerging from his barn. his ducks all over the place. not for long. they get into formation. the guy starts barking orders. look at that. >> look at it, the ducks are marching together. they come together. then they swarm inside like an obedient army. yes, we know -- that when they come out, it's time to eat we thing. >> or took the parenting class we spoke about the last half-hour. where they just really are tough on the ducks. then they follow through. >> extreme farming. extreme duck farming training. >> reall rig >> new reality show. >> coming up help for parents. especially at this hour when your kid is sick. and you know you need help without going to the er. we have a solution to that problem. >> also ahead a plot from science fiction, now a fact.
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a space ship chasing after a comet and catching it. why scientists are so excited. >> later, all of the sneaky little tricks restaurants are pulling to tempt you into eating and spending more. it starts when you open the menu. you are watching "world news now." ♪ unfold your menu take a glance then you'll be our guest be our guest be our guest ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by charmin ultramega roll. that's why we switched to charmin ultra mega roll. it's charmin quality and long lasting. with more go's per roll, it pays to use charmin ultra mega roll. charmin ultra mega roll is 75% more absorbent so you can use less with every go. plus it even lasts longer than the leading thousand sheet brand. for us, mega roll equals mega value. cha-ching! we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra mega roll?
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♪ ♪ >> it sound like science fiction, spacecraft chasing after a comet. but for european space agency it's fact. >> yeah, a rocket ship on a multimillion dollar journey caught up with the comet making history in the heavens. here's abc's clayton sandell with the story. >> reporter: an epic space chase is over. after a ten-year journey nearly 4 billion miles. the first space craft in history to rendezvous with a comet. since 2004, the unmanned "rosetta" has been tracking through space look a cosmic pinball to catch a comet, 67-p, it's as hold as the solar system. >> 4.5 billion-year-old time capsule, hey, what were conditions like when the earth was just forming. that's huge. >> reporter: in november, rosetta will try another first, releasing a probe, file to
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harness to the surface for a close up exam. >> there is so much excitement about the mission. it is really this incredible detktive work that science is all about. >> reporter: scientists hope, rosetta and its lander unlock clues, that the comet long ago brought ingredient for life here. >> it could be the comet seeded the earth with building blocks for life. when you are studying a comet you are studying something ancient, gorgeous and had an impact on human culture and may have had an impact on the water and life on earth as well. >> reporter: a small craft traveling billions of miles into space to solve the mystery of life on earth. clayton sanld, abc news, denver. >> fascinating stuff. costs apparently $1 billion for the mission. the u.s. not chipping in on this one. this is the european space agency behind it. and -- >> i know about traveling through time. light speeds.
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all that stuff. >> devin light-year. 35,000 miles per hour. >> beam me up, scotty. wrong show. william shatner was tweeting with the comet team. >> are you doing "toy story 5." >> look for me there. i am in the attraction at walt disney world. come out in costume with my laser tag. >> little do "world news now" fans know that was his first job. >> prior. >> coming up the doctor's house call may be coming back. >> 21st century twist. you can't wait to make a doctor's appointment. there is an app for that. straight ahead.
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♪ doctor doctor >> most of us these days, i
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certainly can't remember when doctors made house calls. >> but these days with so many insurance company restrictions, and overloaded doctors' schedules it can take weeks. >> now a new app bringing a doctor right to your smart phone. making this our "favorite story of the day." here is abc's rebecca jarvis. >> could you show me how hard lily got hit? >> head bumped, you know. >> how are you snelg. >> fine. >> so is lily. >> reporter: like in this episode of "modern family" doctor's visits aren't always that pleasant. now the doctor is in 24/7, and you didn't have to leave home. thanks to a service, healthtap prime. you can have a 30 minute consultation any team over your device. using your smart phone camera, ask one of 62,000 doctors to diagnose an illness and write you a prescription even in the middle of the night. it was a lifesaver for work at
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home dad, trista o'brien. >> my son and daughter both had the flu last week. we are able to use it in the middle of the night and get an answer back right away. >> reporter: you don't necessarily have off to be sick to use the app. use the for prescriptions. diet plans, even medication reminders. what have you specifically treated through the application. >> very commonly we get questions and con sults about exercise, nutrition, weight loss. so, basically staying healthy. >> reporter: but there is a price. healthtap doesn't take insurance. they charge $99 a month. $10 extra per family member for their prime service. there are similar services, like, dr. on demand. and md live. which are cheaper, but only if you limit your calls to a few times a year. also, not all doctors agree that seeing a physician via video chat is the best way to be treated. >> one of the drawbacks we have to understand is who you are doing with it.
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it is really important to figure out a way to have the patient maintain their relationship with the primary care doctor. >> it hasn't stopped healthtap's committed users. >> as a parent, using health tap prime, has given us piece of mind. knowing we can contact a doctor 24/7. off awe rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> doctors that use this, make way below. 30% less. and the employees end up making 30% less using this app. big revolving door of people in and out. don't stick around. i don't know. want the doctor to see my kid. touch him. i don't know about a video chat. >> for the small stuff. an explosion of urgent clinics. minute clinics. people goingen for prescription for a cold or something. maybe spare you the trip to the doctor. so many people i know are using, what's called now dr. google. self-diagnosing. going to google. maybe this is a step up from that. you get some expertise. though it does cost you a little extra. >> i know people, everybody is
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doing dr. google. >> dr. google. coming up how restaurant owners are getting you to pay more for your food without you realizing it.
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♪ everything's okay because it's your birthday ♪ >> finally this half-hour, what restaurants will do to make a buck might surprise you. >> temptation for diners starts with the menu. every word and the prices could coerce you to spend more on your meal. here is abc's becky worley. >> reporter: there is going out for a meal. >> can i get fries with that? >> reporter: then there is dining out. thank you. remember the restaurant like any good business is out to maximize profits. it can start with the menu. meet greg rapp.
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>> i help teach restauranteurs to organize the men to, put it together and it is easy to make a choice. >> reporter: in other word a master mind of maximizing profits to menu engineering. today he is giving uh the inside scoop. first tip, pay attention to the descriptions. menu quiz. would you be more likely to order red beans and rice, or, grandma's cajun red beans and rice. >> of course we can't grandma's red beans and rice because it's got more to it. >> reporter: let's t talk abume prices. he says customers spent more at restaurants when the price was written out. rather than in numeral form. quiz number two. which would you more likely order? burger, $27. or burger, twenty-seven dollars. 27 for a burger? it's not just the dollars. cents matter too. >> when we do an 00 pricing it is a little stuffier. >> reporter: prices ending in 95
2:57 am
cents. >> it is friendlier. it's nicer to the customer. >> reporter: finally, menu quiz number three. which its the reasonably priced item? lobster and seafood platter for $70. or filet of sole for $35. the lobster is the decoy. >> the decoy item makes other items look more reasonable. >> reporter: bottom line when you see grandma's cajun red beans and rice for $27.95, placed underneath the lobster thermador listing, grandma may be a menu engineer. becomy worely, abc news, california. >> there is a secret you know when you open up the menu. they say the place on the men to to look is right here. the bottom left. bottom left of the menu where you want to look. >> didn't know that. you found out all these insider tips because you used to work at tgi fridays. look at all the bleng you hing
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this morning on "world news now" -- trouble in paradise. hawaii braces for a hurricane and a tropical storm. the warnings going up as vacationers head out. >> the airline stowaway. police say a gray haired lady slipped past security and boarded a plane without a ticket. >> i don't know how she could do that. unless she pretended she was a 5-year-old. >> it happened at the same airport where another stowaway flew in the wheel well. >> pushy parents, the latest breed of moms and dads going to extremes. >> life is not always easy. right? some times you win. and sometimes you lose. >> how much its too much when setting strict limits for the kids? it's thursday, august 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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good morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm devin dwyer. great to have you with us this morning. so much concern right now in hawaii about the two approaching storms. in fact, we just heard from someone, a former colleague there in hawaii who said there is really growing concern right now at the stores, the supplies are cleared out. people are starting to hunker down. >> it sounds pretty scary. this is really the height of hurricane season. right smack dab in the middle watching hawaii closely. >> that's right. the storm hasn't hit the big island there since 1950. a lot of concern. we begin with back to back hurricanes bearing down on hawaii sending tourists packing and shutting down schools. we said residents there are stocking up. >> iselle expected to make landfall tonight the first in more than two decades. devin mentioned. julio is not far behind. here's abc's ginger zee. >> reporter: our latest view from space two hurricanes swirling over the pacific ocean. their target paradise. >> hoping we can get most of our trip in.
3:02 am
no plan b just quite yet. we are working on that. >> reporter: people streaming into the airports. airlines changing flights for free so folks can get out before iselle gets in. >> it will be safer to go home so that we wouldn't get stuck. >> this is due to hurricane iselle, and hurricane julio. >> carts full. shelves empty. hawaiians taking the forecast seriously. hurricane iselle targeting the big island first, likely hitting thursday night into friday. hurricane julio, almost tailing her. also weakening and turning north away from the islands. so how often does this turn into this? only two hurricanes have made landfall in hawaii since 1949. dot in 1959. and iniki in 1992. both making landfall in kauai, the westernmost island. hurricane iselle and hurricane julio are approaching from the east. before this one unnamed tropical storm in 1958 made landfall along the similar type of line.
3:03 am
i've would look to tell people, warning is imminent. in effect for the big island. tropical storm warning and watch to the west. anyone within the colored islands has to be on alert. some of the rainfall could top 5 to 7 inches some places locally, 12. you could see mudslides and wind gusts up to 70. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> ginger will have much more on the storms on "good morning america." the cdc is intensifying its response to the ebola outbreak moving to level one activation. its highest response level. level researched for the most serious public health emergencies and comes as the death toll in africa reached nearly 1,000 people. the cdc said heightened alert will boost staff and resources to the crisis which president obama says can be brought under control. >> this is not an airborne disease. this is one that can be controlled and contained very effectively if we use the right
3:04 am
protocols. >> a state of emergency declared in liberia this morning. where nearly 300 people have died from ebola. experts say the crisis is being made worse because many people are keeping their sick relatives at home. instead of bringing them to isolation centers. meanwhile here in new york city, a man who showed possible ebola symptoms has tested negative for the virus. he had been kept in isolation at the hospital as a precaution. >> army investigators have more question tuesday for sergeant bowe bergdahl. the army is looking into it. his attorney isn't saying what bergdahl was asked for what he answered. >> he is anxious personally to move on to the next chapter. he would look to go to college. mostly, it is, let's get on with this. let's, you know, bring these matters to a prompt and hopefully satisfactory
3:05 am
conclusion. >> he says bergdahl has a fascinating story to tell. there is no evidence whether bergdahl has seen or spoke in to his family. >> in south africa, the murder trial of oscar pistorius, the double amputee olympian is in its final faye phase. closing arguments under way with each side getting a final chance to present their cases to the judge. pistorius admits he shot and killed his girlfriend in february of last year. but ator to though is whether it was intentional or a tragic error. could be a month before the judge hands down a final verdict. >> philadelphia police are looking for a me tiff for the murder of a jogger. constance murray had gone f her nightly jog monday in the city park. her husband became concerned when she didn't return. her body found the next morning. the medical examiner says the mother of two was strangled but found no signs of sexual assault. >> he did not see much of a sign of a struggle. there was some minor bruising on her. but not even enough to say it was blunt force trauma.
3:06 am
>> police also say murray was born without her right arm below the elbow which may have made her more vulnerable to attack. her cell phone and set of headphones, the only possession she's had with her, are missing. >> a woman who took a southwest airlines flight from san jose to los angeles without a tekt has been ordered to serve two years probation. marilyn hartman pleaded no contest in an l.a. courtroom. she acknowledged her actions were "wrong and stupid." the incident is now raising concerns about airport security. here is abc's jim avila. >> reporter: this sweet looking old lady, tsa official says he just wands to hug and buy a plane ticket. and prosecutors deskrebd cribed severely mentally ill. some how managed to embarrass the tsa twice this year. by sneaking past a document checker. this time at san jose international airport. and making her way on board a southwest airlines plane to los angeles all without a boarding pass. >> i don't know how she could do that. unless she pretended she was a
3:07 am
5-year-old. >> reporter: here's how airport officials say she did it. hartman tried to get past three sep rad document checker, finally succeeding by stepping behind a stanchion, when the employee was checking a family's multiple boarding passions. she went through the full body scanner and waited in the terminal for three hours before going to the southwest gate where she allegedly used the same technique of sneaking behind a family to board the plane. finally discovered in los angeles, when flight attendants noticed their passenger count didn't match the manifest. >> i want to make it very clear that public safety was not compromised in this situation. >> reporter: it is the same airport that suffered a very different security breach. the boy who climbed the perimeter fence and stowed away in the wheel well to hawaii. the tsa says this type of breach is extremely rare. in march, hartman bent beneath a tsa rope line and boarded a
3:08 am
plane for hawaii. when asked by police why she did it. shesome plea said, "i had nowhere else to go." jim avila, abc news, washington. >> washington, d.c. residents will vote in november on whether to legalize marijuana in the nation's capital. the district's board of elections approved the ballot initiative yesterday after activists gathered 27,000 signatures. the stage is set for a possible fight with congress. some lawmakers are seeking to block it. topping our health headlines this morning. you would think beating cancer would be reason enough to quit smoking you. would be wrong. a study fiend one out of ten cancer survivors admit to having a smoke in the past month. that's despite knowing that smoking interferes with treatment and increase the chance of cancer coming back. >> the pope this morning is warning young people about the dangers of too much screen time. pope francis says chatting on the internet or smart phone or watching tv soap operas may distract from what is really important in life.
3:09 am
the pope addressing 50,000 german young people. he later posed for selfies with some of the kids. how about that? we checked. we think the pope is practicing what he teaches. he only tweet eed 375 times in o years. compared to justin bieber, 27,000 times. reining it in. i have a message for the pope this morning. evening, morning. your highness, i want to say i know you have a large flock, online, 4 million. justin tweets every hour. you haven't tweeted in two days. i think you need to up the game, a little, online. i'm sorry. >> message to the pope. sign of the cross to top it off. >> i hope i didn't owe find him or god. and tweets by god is less, we'll have to check on line and get back to you. >> no comment. >> moving on to a light moment, courtesy of some of the world's most how profile women. >> right. happened in washington. first lady michelle obama, and
3:10 am
her predecessor, laura bush, dr. joe biden, several first ladies of african nations doing their thing on the dance floor, to the music, version of happy, performed by a gospel group from chicago. >> admittedly wasn't the most energetic dancing the first lady ever engaged in. but dancing nonetheless. they have moves. i am so impressed. who was the better dancer of all the first ladies? >> i don't know. michelle obama, let's move, baby. got it right in front there. i have to say there is something strangely captivating about our political leaders. >> who dance. >> just something. >> yeah. >> avenue time. >> maybe do dancing with the stars comes to capitol hill. >> the first lady edition. >> could do that. only three of them alive now. >> four. >> or four. >> could be enough for a cast. >> my money on nancy reagan. coming up, cute compelling game of peekaboo going viral in the "the mix." >> incredible pictures. the subway passenger got stuck
3:11 am
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>> well, rush hour commuter in australia wasn't stuck in the moment. but rather stuck between the commuter train and the platform. >> well the man fell into the gap jamming his leg into a space inches wide. moments before the train was street to take off. but what happened next is truly amazing. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it starts as a typical morning tableau, commuters, filing into a plane before 9:00 a.m. but right there, a man somehow gets his foot stuck. his left leg slipping into the several inch wide gap between the train and the platform. the train is about to pull out. but the last passenger be hoon the guy who got stuck calls for help. >> and the train just didn't go. then some one yelled out saying a guy's leg was caught in the door. >> worried commuters gather around to help. the first tactic getting everybody inside the train to jump to the other side of the car hoping to sway it away from
3:16 am
the platform. but that doesn't work. at which point they realize, there is only one solution here. elbow grease. >> and push. >> 50 passengers line up along side the train and push. everybody together. >> men, women, children, push the train back to help some one in a bit of trouble. and could really have been at risk of serious injury. >> reporter: and ten minutes later. >> well done, thank you! >> reporter: rescue accomplished. >> that was a good result. everyone putting together and got him out. >> reporter: the rescued man walks away and even catches the next train. perhaps more mindful now of the age old maxim, watch the gap. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> remind me of my time living in london. everywhere on the underground system there you would hear the warning, mind the gap. almost annoying. say it on the train. on the platform. wore it on t-shirts. apparently they didn't have the warning in, in australia. >> okay. now americans know what that means. mind the gap. coming up being called the age of the pushy parent.
3:17 am
well-meaning parents hoping to give their kids a leg up. constantly raising the bar. these days are we pushing our kids too much. >> ahead in the next half-hour could they be the houses of the future? well would you live in a steel container that's been to choen achoen -- to china and back? you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
♪ parents just don't understand ♪ >> you did watch the fresh prince of bel-air. >> parents just don't understand. i say it. parents don't understand. today, perhaps more than ever. >> today's jen ration of parents seem to be obsessed with raising the bar and pushing their kids. is it really too much? we are up all "nightline" with abc's rebecca jarvis. >> faster!
3:19 am
>> reporter: making 5-year-old austin compete in an obstacle course is nothing out of the ordinary for marisa silver and jeff eisenberg, using it to teach him the importance of winning and being a good sport. >> life is not always easy. sometimes you win. and sometimes you lose. >> okay. >> so if you cry, you're a baby. do you want to be called a baby? >> no. >> this style of parenting, pushing your child to succeed. is now out in the open more than ever. from the infamous "dance moms." >> you need to work, jesse. okay. this wasn't handed to you. >> reporter: to bravo's new show "extreme guide to parenting." on the show, marisa and jeff are not shy when it comes to their parenting. but are they pushing too hard. how would you describe your parenting style? >> we want our kids to be the best they can be. we want them to give 100% to everything. and i teach him every day to make it count.
3:20 am
to be a kind person. push yourself to the limits. i've don't think there is anything wrong with that. >> how many extracurricular activities is austin competing in? >> karate, swimming, tennis, golf, reading class, basketball, and soccer starts in the fall. and then camp full time. so seven. i don't think that's a lot. >> reporter: dr. jennifer ashton, our own abc news, senior medical contributor. by day she gives advice. >> even losing a small amount of body weight can drop your blood pressure. at home. >> my motto is set the bar high and then raise it from there. >> reporter: just watch dr. jen in action as we skype with her 14-year-old daughter chloe at hockey camp. >> remember, you know this is an important week because you are getting ready to go to canada. >> thanks, coach. thanks, coach. >> reporter: she says it is all part of raising happy, successful children. >> i push them hard in their process whatever that is.
3:21 am
whether it is home work. whether it is a school project. i don't really care that much what the product is, as long as they put in the most effort that humanly can. >> reporter: but she has a warning for parents. >> i definitely think that you can push a kid too far and too hard. and i think when you do that, what you risk is sending a message to your child, you're not good enough. you need to keep getting better. >> go! >> reporter: back to little austin. >> come back here. >> reporter: if other parents look at your example and they say, "wow, they're pushing pretty hard." what do you say to that? >> i don't think we are pushing hard. if he were to tell me, mom. i don't want to do this. i would stop. >> rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> "extreme guide to parenting" premieres tonight on bravo. reena, what is your motto as a parent? do you make your kids wash their
3:22 am
diapers or their cribs? >> never too young to vacuum. i am trying to determine if i am a tiger mom or not. that's not wear on your carpet,
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allergy symptoms for 24 hours. save up to nine dollars on mucinex allergy. now it is time for the mix. so there is this incredible story about this adorable little toddler. i love this. who brings me time to a new level. take a look. if you can't tell, she is playing peek-a-boo with herself. sees her reflection there in the window. and she just becomes her own best friend. saying peekaboo. this was put up since august 4th. got half a million views. captioned my daughter made a friend sort of. >> dig her pink socks. looking for a christmas gift. go for a mirror, mom. go for a mirror. easy enough for her.
3:26 am
so cute. moving on now. this could take the cake for inspiring story of the day. a young baseball player from north carolina, dawson bats, got a name for baseball. 12 years old. only has one arm. right arm. born without his left arm. he has some serious power and he can pitch. look at this. this is at a baseball tournament over the weekend. and he, takes the ball there. and takes first base. this guy, dawson says he wants to go to nc state and eventually wants to play for the red sox. >> what a great story. we are cheering you on, buddy. >> way to go, dawson. >> i love that story. well daddy and daughters have a very special connection. it's pretty cool when you on youtube at 10 years old can come up with your own rap song for your dad. take a listen. ♪ ♪ that's called kicking it with my daddy. it's got 12,000 views.
3:27 am
and she just talks about her dad. it is an original rap song for her dad. she is pretty talented. >> she's get. go her. that's awesome. 10 years old. >> 10 years old. >> finally, got to wrap up with a modern day message in a bottle. pretty cool new app just out. called fling. the new app will send a text video or photo that you compose to 50 random people. so you put it in the app. it send it to 50 people. no idea who they are. the other person opens it up. if they like your message or whatever randomly comes to them. they can respond. no personal information is put out unless you give it whuchlt knows where the conversation will go. would you do it? >> kind of like it. like a modern day message in the bottle for your iphone. i look it. >> just don't put anything too scandalous in those picture. never know where it willened up in the bottle. >> thanks for the advisory notice. i will not do that now. coming up. more news from abc. stick with us.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," ebola emergency. new details about the americans infected. the cdc takes aggressive new action against the vicious virus. >> miracle survivor, the teen who survived a lightning strike, but his friend did not. he is talking about his ordeal and his life-or-death situation. >> home sweet home. steel shipping containers that crossed oceans transformed into housing here at home. the innovative idea, who loves it and who does not. it's the "world news now" special report. >> moving out, newlyweds kim kardashian and kanye west leaving her family's estate. find out where they're headed and how much they're paying for a home of their own. that's in "the skinny" on this thursday, august 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
>> good morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm devin dwyer. really excited to share with you this story we have tonight on the shipping containers. the big apartment complex going up in d.c. we go inside the containers and what it is like to live in six tons of chinese steel. pretty crazy. >> would you do it? >> i would not do it. >> okay. >> nope. so we'll let you decide to what would you do. >> looking forward to that one. we'll kick it off with the latest on the ebola crisis which has now claimed nearly 1,000 lives. the cdc raised its response alert to the highest level. that frees up hundreds of employees and signals the agency sees the health emergency as a potentially long and serious one. >> the president of liberia this morning declaring a state of emergency. he says some civil liberties may be suspended. and the patient being treated here in a new york city hospital has tested negative for the virus. abc's marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: ebola patient nancy writebol in her first full day of intensive treatment at emory university hospital in atlanta.
3:32 am
wheeled in on a stretcher after a 5,000-mile flight from liberia. abc news getting an exclusive look inside the plane that separately brought her and her colleague dr. kent brantly here. you can see a health care worker in a protective suit working in the pod especially designed to keep the disease from spreading. before nancy writebol boarded the planes, the pilot says she showed signs of getting stronger. >> she appeared to walk very slowly with assistance. >> reporter: some say there is a chance she and brantly are alive because of an experimental drug. the biotech firm behind it says they use tobacco plants to produce a mix of proteins they believe fights the disease. doctors here not commenting on that but saying both patients do still have a long road ahead. it would be too soon to know if they're out of the woods potentially? >> exactly. so every patient can potentially respond differently to the ebola virus infection. so i think it is fair to say -- some days somebody could look better and some days they may
3:33 am
not look as well. >> reporter: which is why they were brought here. hospitals and resources in west africa are strained. world health organization says there have ben more than 100 new case there is just this week. >> this is not an airborne disease. this is one that can be controlled and contained very effectively if we use the right protocols. >> reporter: here doctors say they're able to fully focus on the two patients' symptoms. we know both families are here and they're optimistic. marci gonzalez, abc news, atlanta. >> people across hawaii are bracing for the worst as two hurricanes make a beeline for the state. residents were scrambling to stock up before the first hurricane to make landfall in more than 20 years. with julio traveling right behind it. tourists have flocked to the airport where airlines are changing flights for free. >> we thought it would probably be safer to go home. so that we wouldn't get stuck. no way to know how serious it would be.
3:34 am
even if it is just a tropical storm that would keep us inside. >> the governor announced an emergency proclamation for the entire state to activate disaster funds. and many schools are closed ahead of the storms. >> let's get the latest on the hawaii storm warnings now, major storm system slamming millions of people across the middle of the country. >> that's right. >> meteorologist jim dickey tracking it all from accuweather. jim, good morning to you. >> good morning, reena, devin. a frontal boundary stretches all the way from the east coast back on into the midwest. in the midwest. heavy thunderstorms continue through the early morning hours. flooding will be a major issue here. for the storms continuing through the day into the northeast. cooler air has moved in. much more comfortable out there. we hold on to storms into new england. meanwhile, hawaii bracing for impact here with two hurricanes headed their way. first, iselle moves in late thursday night, local time. bringing gusty winds. torrential rainfall. reena, devin, back to you. >> thanks so much, jim. >> here is a look at the rest of today's weather. beside the heavy rain jim mentioned in the plains. mississippi valley and ohio valley, look for showers and
3:35 am
thunderstorms in the northwest. >> phoenix and dallas will reach triple digits today. mild temperatures along the west coast. low 80s around the great lakes. and in the 90s in the south. >> well we are hearing for the first time from a teen given up for dead after a lightning strike. zachary latawiec stands, walks, breathes even talks through his voice, voice is a little raspy. the 14-year-old and two friends were at the beach two weeks ago when they were struck by lightning. for a while though everyone thought zach would die or at least have brain damage. >> i'm fine with it. i was just surprised that i got struck. >> he had the heartbeat, but he was not breathing. and the heartbeat was not effective to keep his different organs alive. >> zach's girlfriend only spent a day in the hospital. but the other friend died. it was a week before zach opened his eyes. a day before he spoke. he admits it is a miracle. we are glad that he is back.
3:36 am
>> it actually happened in ft. myers, florida. florida, i'm from tampa, kidded -- considered the lightning capital of the world. florida gets a lot of lightning strikes. 20 people injured this year alone. the voice, his voice is a little raspy he was intubated, a tube put in. they expect him to make a full recovery. >> six people died this year. six people died in florida this year. 18 deaths so far in the country. very dangerous. >> word this morning the mideast cease-fire has been extended. an israeli official telling abc news, israel agreed to add 48 hours to the three-day truce. as people across gaza get a look at what's left of their neighborhoods. talks are still getting under way in cairo. egyptian mediators plan to shuttle between israel and palestinian delegations to come up with a more lasting agreement. >> bank of america agreed to pay $17 billion to settle charges it sold bad mortgages. the deal if approved would be the largest single settlement in u.s. history. payout expected to include hundreds of millions to help
3:37 am
homeowners struggling with their mortgages. >> now, former member of the new york giants getting plenty of attention this morning. david wilson was the giants' first round draft choice two years ago. he suffered a serious neck injury last october. had spinal fusion surgery in january. and was cleared to play. but the hit last week caused numbness. doctors told him he should step away from the game. wilson got emotional at a news conference yesterday, saying he was crying tears of joy. >> don't for a second think that i am pitying myself or sad. because i got to live my dream. and -- i will set another dream. and be great at that. >> wilson is 23 years old. he didn't say what his immediate plan for the future is. but he might consider coaching or broadcasting. >> well, tiger woods says the back injury that forced him out of the tournament last sunday is fine. he will start the pga championship today.
3:38 am
woods played nine practice holes yesterday. then told reporters, the back injury was not related to the pain that required surgery in march. asked if he expected to win the tournament, woods simply answers, "yes." he won the last pga championship. that was played on the same course 14 years ago. >> and now from the lighter side of sports. here's some evidence that one nba player has plenty of time on his hands this off-season. that player -- jeremy lin of the lakers. >> he posted this video of him dunking on unsuspecting victim including one sleeping. one probably staged though. >> lin's mother. seems completely caught off-guard by the surprise when he slams one home in her kitchen. lin is calling this "fan appreciation week." asking followers to post similar dunking videos. if you do you could win a signed pair of his shoes. how about that? >> i like that. >> the element of surprise. you know what i am saying? how about a dunk? >> ooh! >> that was pretty good. >> that was pretty good from our analyst. >> that's right. >> our analyst, mr. jack sheehan.
3:39 am
ladies and gentlemen. we can enter this into the contest. jeremy lin would be proud. >> upload that to youtube. coming up in the "the skinny," hollywood's best dressed, actors, actresses. what they all have in common. >> hurry up, we're hungry. putting fast food drive-through windows to the test. one big chain makes some big promises. you're watching "world news now." ♪ mcdonald's mcdonald's kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut ♪ ♪ mcdonald's mcdonald's kentucky fried chicken ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by vicks zzzquil. deserve a good night's sleep. thankfully, there's zzzquil. it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. ♪ because sleep is a beautiful thing™. ♪ zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid from the makers of nyquil®.
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♪ know you're not alone ♪ because i'm going to make this place your home ♪ >> well this morning we are hearing about making a very different kind of place your home. >> that's right -- it's not a house of bricks, wood, or concrete block, but a house of steel. not just any kind of steel, recycled shipping containers, coming soon to a neighborhood near you. imagine if 84 tons of chinese steel moved in next to your house. this is going to be an apartment building? >> yeah, this is going to be an apartment building. >> wow, man. hey, doc, did you hear what they're putting up, shipping containers. >> reporter: that's right shipping containers that once carried everything from bananas to ipads across oceans now making waves in an historic part of the nation's capital. lowering down the 18th. final shipping container. six tons of steel will become somebody's apartment. there will be 24 bedrooms filling four floors. each its own rental unit.
3:44 am
use your imagination to see floor to ceiling windows, natural wood interiors and common room for dining and relaxing. before they're complete, the building is fully leased and people clamoring for the chance to move in next. this thing really stands out here on the block. next to these historic d.c. homes. >> intentionally so. and i think that is a wonderful observation. it is not an eyesore. that is in the eye of the beholder. of course. so here you have the 19th century. and the 20th century and the 21st century greeting each other as new neighbors. >> reporter: some neighbors are less than thrilled. critics around the world panned container building as ugly. >> as long as it looks okay, i will be okay with it. >> reporter: it can also be expensive to make livable with giant cranes, welding to open windows, cleaning toxic paint that lines the insides and of course the smells. >> one of the containers we went in smelled like garlic. because they had been shipping garlic granules in it. so it varies. you know, some things you don't want to know what they shipped in it.
3:45 am
>> reporter: still there is something strangely appealing about living in a box. >> four containers, two stacked on each other. >> reporter: from the stylish near san antonio to the homey in tulsa. eye catching curb appeal. the vanderlins of north carolina building theirs with the help of donations online. a crowd sourced home. 3-year-old soleil waving in her new living room. >> i think it is a more modern look people are craving and looking for. people want to see something different. they'll stick around forever. >> reporter: they're sturdy and plentiful. tens of thousands of these shipping containers are piled up in ports all over the nation waiting to be plucked up and transformed into the home of your dreams. ♪ because i'm going to make this place your home ♪ >> now each of the containers costs $2,000 used. there is real debate about how much cheaper it is to build with them because you have to do all that work to move them in and modify them. >> the smell of garlic in one of the shipping containers. couldn't get over that. the paint. how much would it cost to rent
3:46 am
one in d.c.? >> these guys won't actually tell us how much the monthly rent is. only that it is reasonable for the area. but it does seem to be the bigger selling point here, reena, the concept. each floor a unit. group unit. six bed rooms. each with their own bathroom. young professionals, two 30-something guys, developing the area, can live like family together. >> like your freshman year again. i always wanted to relive. >> little nostalgia in a can. >> i would do it. do it for a week maybe. >> not for me. >> not even a week. wouldn't do it with me for a week? >> the smell of garlic? >> are you in, floor director nole? nole is in. >> build a group home here. >> looking for three more people to join us. >> moving to d.c. tweet us. okay. >> well, when we come back, a big moving day in the future for kim kardashian and kanye west. we'll check out their new digs. >> instagramming, barbra streisand style. that's coming of in "the
3:47 am
skinny." stay with us.
3:48 am
skinny so skinny ♪ >> welcome back. skinny time. new digs for the couple we affectionately call kim-ye. >> kim kardashian and kanye west purchased a $20 million estate in hidden hills, california.
3:49 am
>> sounds nice. >> you know the area well, minutes from her mother's home. sources say they want to move to a place that's theirs. and as is. >> quite the place. reportedly almost 16,000 square feet with two pools, a vineyard, vineyard. once described as "insanely massive entertainment pavilion." >> i believe it. look at that. >> huge master bedroom. who knows what will be going on there? >> hmm. >> you get what i'm saying. >> i'd look a tour. it's no shipping container. >> not a shipping container. by any stretch. she was living with her mom all this time. and now she has digs. >> moving up. khloe kardashian, a new place nearby, bought justin bieber's mansion for just $7 million. >> the bieber is back in l.a. after partying in spain. seems his pr team may be trying to polish his image. take a look at this. few hours ago, posted a snapshot of a facetime session with the
3:50 am
inspirational teen shot by the taliban for going to school. bieber said he can't wait to meet her in person. >> that's sweet. >> may have to do more than that to rehab his reputation. >> wonder what they talked about? huh. >> yeah, what do you talk about. i have issues with the taliban. i have issues with selena gomez. >> paparazzi or selena gomez. >> most fashionable people, on the planet, "vanity fair" announced its latest international best dressed list. >> a lot of fresh faces, come as no surprise. among those making the cult on -- cut on the women's side, lupita nyongo, cate blanchett. and the stylish men, idris elba, neil patrick harris. totally well dressed guys. >> awesome. >> well, barbra streisand, speaking of well dressed who once sued to protect her privacy joined instagram. babs posted her first photo, hello,
3:51 am
instagram, isn't my samantha just precious? well, samantha being that cute white dog. looks perfectly groomed. >> oh, my gosh, every hair in place. streisand at 72 looks good. don't you think? black and white suit. black heels. she gushed about the dog, calling her, "the daughter she never had." >> all right. >> i wish my photos on instagram looked as good. >> weird al having a great summer and the year may be getting better. >> that's right. people say the song parody master should be the headliner at this year's super bowl halftime show. they have signed a petition on line that suggests weird al could be joined in some show of some of the acts. that would be fun. >> the number of signatures doubled last evening, though the man who started the petition admits he was drunk when he wrote it. ♪ it may seem crazy >> okay. so he takes it back. >> he takes it back. i think weird al is on a roll. >> talk about super bowl spectacular. that would be awesome to have
3:52 am
him up there with pharell, who else has he parodied? >> little humor. little humor. >> super bowl cheerleaders in there. it would be a good show. >> co-produce. there. a good show. >> co-produce. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts,
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allergy symptoms for 24 hours. save up to nine dollars on mucinex allergy. ♪ mcdonald's mcdonald's kentucky fried chicken ♪ mcdonald's mcdonald's kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut ♪ >> there is fast food and fast, fast food. >> after customers grumbled about waiting too long mcdonald's rolling out a promotion from some of its restaurants, from window to highway in 60 seconds. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> probably the most frustrating trip i have ever taken. >> reporter: video after video of people on youtube complaining their fast food just isn't fast enough.
3:56 am
>> this is taking way too long. >> reporter: now some mcdonald's in south florida serving up a fast food fantasy. your drive through food in 60 seconds or you get a free sandwich. our producer putting it to the test. >> are you guys doing the 60-second guarantee? placing the order, paying and the clock starts ticking. you are doing well. you have a way to go though. you better hurry. >> reporter: 41 seconds later lunch is in hand. they did it. in new jersey, headed out with fast food aficionados, phil and stacy for a quick bite. >> how important is time, speed? >> speed is of the essence. we have to get back to the office. and we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: and the facts are working against them. a recent study says that drive-through times are actually getting slower. mcdonald's clocking in its slowest speed in 15 years. averaging more than three minutes. the problem. giant menus with load of
3:57 am
options. so how do you keep it fast? keep it simple. no special requests. >> that was under a minute. >> i am shocked. >> nobody order anything special. >> i did not see that coming. >> reporter: kid this, today, 70% of fast food orders are coming from the drive-through. which means the lines inside could be shorter. we tried it. a happy meal while on the run. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> here is the question i have -- if they're trying to speed up the process does this mean they make a bunch of food and let it sit there under the heat lamp so it can quickly be doled out. >> only during the month of september. week days. 12:00 to 1:00. must have found out. i know the -- >> fussy drive-through customer. let me tell you. >> your's dif -- your's difficult. a great thumbs up. >> there you go. >> 60 seconds or less. i always keep my end of the bargain. >> fast in the fast food, baby. >> no special orders. >> chicken nuggets. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. s now," informing
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making news in america this morning, double trouble. people in hawaii bracing for back-to-back hurricanes. vacationers fleeing as residents prepare. plus, new details on timing and track. ebola fears. the cdc now at its highest alert because of the deadly virus. we're live with new reaction from the president about the growing concern. frj serial stowaway. she gets on board with no boarding pass. what she's saying this morning. amazing discovery inside a library's old tattered book. writings from a 19th century president. well, good thursday morning. hawaii is preparing for a rare weather situatio


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