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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that can be raised. >> still for many the idea of
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stealing for a church is just hurtful. >> it is sad they had to do this. jump over the fence to get money from a church. >> now the church owners say they will meet with their insurance company on monday. each one of these units weighed a couple hundred pounds. you imagine bad guys trying to hoist them over the chain fence there. .lso valued at about 10,000 the church is now considering buying surveillance video equipment. >> all right rich. thank you. we are now turning our focus to the western edges of this country. people in hawaii are cleaning up in the wake of tropical storm iselle but counting their blessings saying they dodged a bullet. before it was downgraded it was on track to be the first hurricane to hit the island in 22 years. more than 22,000 homes are in
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the dark right now and the clean up will be extensive. this morning. to all over the world. >> right behind iselle is hurricane julio churning in the pacific. now that storm is the stronger of the two and it is expected to skirt the islands to the north. taking a look at our focus here weather wise, cloudy but a warm day. as the week goes on we are looking ahead to cooler air and the chances of rain. we will send things over to eileen. >> looking outside the weather center right now i see a few peeks of sunshine. i will start off with the live super doppler. the heaviest rain right now a large cell over western charles county. pretty heavy rain there but no
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ightning associated. all throughout the prince william county area. the showers are beginning to diminish as we near sunset. it really hasn't been that hot today but with enough moisture we have seen a few of these showers pop up. partly to mostly cloudy. a range of overnight temperatures. we will see the showers and after sunset for tomorrow a shower is possible similar to that of today but more rain in the forecast. i will break that down in the extended forecast coming up in a little bit. >> all right. we are going to turn our focus to the growing crisis in iraq. air strikes authorized by the white house have begun. before he left for vacation president obama reiterated these strikes will go on for as long as needed. >> before the first family left washington for martha's vineyard for vacation -- >> because of the bar bearity and brutality -- >> president obama briefed the
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country on the air strikes in iraq. these pictures show u.s. bombs exploding on targets of the islamic terrorist group called isis including a convoy where some 150 american diplomats and american advisors are stationed. >> if they threaten our facilities or personnel we will take action to protect our people. we will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government. >> the scope of isis' successes have defied u.s. intelligence assessments and the president admitted the military effort is a long-term project. >> i don't think that we are go weeks. this problem in >> cargo planes are also in the skies dropping food and water to those that faced persecution by isis, trapped on a mountain and threatened with death. >> we feel confident that we can prevent isis from going up
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a mountain and slaughtering the people that are there. >> another worry, this dam supplying electricity to much of iraq. it is now fallen into the rebels' hands. if they were to open the locks floodwaters could surge to baghdad swamping even the u.s. embassy there. a lot of heavy baggage for the president to bring along on his summer vacation. >> coming up tonight on abc news at 11:00, the crisis in iraq hits close to home. a number of exiles in our area talking about the president's decision to put no timeline on the u.s. air strikes. what it means for the families that they left behind. just in from montgomery county, a restaurant owner received death threats and police say that it could be a hate crime. benny fisher hung an israeli flag on his restaurant along side an american flag. the first night it was up he
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got a call at 3:30 in the morning threatening his life if he didn't remove the israeli flag. police are trying to track down the caller. he or she could be charged with a hate crime. police are investigating whether a woman in silver spring was sexually assaulted. police responded 4:00 this afternoon. paramedics took a woman to the hospital. no word on her condition or possible injuries. a man died last night after officers found him shot in the middle of the d.c. street. t happened around 11:00 in northwest. officers were responding to a eport of gunshots. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police have not made any arrests. fairfax county welcoming new arrivals now. two newly trained search and rescue units landed.
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the dogs made their way from southern california. they finished a year of training and have been partner ed up with two firefighters. presidential a motorcade minus the president. the scene all for tv. the man fans lined up to see was nowhere to be found. and if you want to know how our economy is doing at a glance experts say look no further than roller coasters or blackjack tables. we will explain. and back to school, get extra star power. how john wall helped
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> here is something a lot of people in the district have been talking about this weekend. that presidential motorcade in
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d.c. that wasn't for the president. at least not for the real one. live now in northwest to explain what it was all about. >> what you see here is a staging area for the house of cards show all day long. they have been out here shooting scenes for a presidential motorcade. what better place to do it. can you imagine shooting this in front of the u.s. capitol? set occupy the national mall. our nationals' capitol couldn't be a better backdrop for a presidential motorcade. >> i like to call it awol. acting without lines. >> playing a secret service agent. dress the part complete with a pin. >> you can do one line. one line. thanks guys. >> he said the hours are long and sometimes the weather does not cooperate. like one time in the winter. >> 20 degrees below zero. we all froze to death. >> not today.
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that the is why tim and claudia came out from across the potomac in arlington. >> "house of cards" is shooting and we thought we would give it a look see. >> they thought they would get a glimpse of kevin spacy. are are we were addicted to it. >> he is so elegant but so evil. the combination is great. >> ficould have gotten a selfie with kevin spacy, that would have been cool. >> he tweeted he couldn't be out here. he is on vacation. the presidential limo, complete with flags. everything has to be just right. looks like they fooled chris, who is here visiting from london. >> i like it. i could have one of these to go to work in. >> not today, chris. the limo is the star of the show. what you see is some of the extras that will be shooting
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scenes. this one is a secret service member running with one of the main stars of the show. the stars are not here. filming will continue until 10:00 this evening. >> we are go to see all of those scenes when season 3 premieres next year. thanks. turns out disney and las vegas are signs of economic times. disney theme park revenue up 8% during the second quarter. that is an indicator that americans are taking more vacations. it is a similar story in vegas where casinos reported big earnings. casino revenue at mgm properties up 6% over the same period last year. up next on abc 7 news at 6:00 a washington wizards' star giving back to kids in a big way. believe it or not, this is john wall's second stop this weekend. looking outside the clouds stuck around for much of the day. so, how was the back half of
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your weekend looking?
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>> all right. the heat and humidity is in place but possibly not for long. >> we are go to see a cool-down by early next week. let me get you started. with the humidity today we have seen a few showers pop up. we will show you most of the showers that are pretty stationary but produced a heavy downpour. nothing severe. no lightning. putting a little damper on some of you're outdoor plans. so for the most part i think that over the next hour we will start to see a lot of that rain wrapping up. 76 degrees the current
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emperature after a high of 83. temperatures have dropped into the upper 70's but we have seen rain. still cooler than our average. average this time of the year, 87. the bulk of the rain stayed well to the south over the carolinas. area of high pressure off shore. we have a light breeze. humidity, enough in the atmosphere to produce light showers and you will see the same conditions for the day tomorrow. overnight tonight i think most of those showers are wrapping up. lows ranging between 63-69. i also want to say in any of those areas that saw rain there may be patchy fog developing through the overnight hours. partly sunny and warm. a repeat of today. sunshine and more clouds. 81-86. we will see some of those showers popping up through the afternoon. on monday mostly cloudy.
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81. temperature is cooling off a bit. more widely scattered showers and storms. that will push this wet weather out of here. wednesday it tell turn breezy as the humidity drops. thursday and friday looks spectacular. look at those overnight temperatures around 60. that is just in the city. >> spectacular if it were september. >> really. >> falling temperatures. >> our whole summer has been off kilter. >> yeah. >> but it is ok. >> all right. here is another sign, believe it or not, that summer is almost over. students in the district go back to school two weeks from monday. wizards' guard, john wall and the boys and girls club teamed up to get them ready. today wall handed out back packs to 250 children inside were t-shirts, school supplies, autographed photo. wall hosted a similar event yesterday in his hometown of raleigh, north carolina. giving back to his adopted hometown and real hometown.
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>> exactly. we will see if they can repeat it. speaking of the popular kids, we will show you one kid who is very popular. he got quite a present. few more days in training camp in richmond, virginia. one name in another out. robert and jay continue to
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>> now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> from our glimmers of hope department jason hatcher passed his physical today after spending two months rehabbing from knee surgery after that big year he had with the cowboys. hatcher probably won't play until the third preseason game. this time ankle. here is robert and the redskins. what a pass to santana moss.
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there you go. there you go. i can keep it? that is something you can tell your friends at school. a few more days of practice before the redskins break camp. like every other team in the national football league this team is not even close to be ready for the regular season. >> there is not a phase of the game i saw that does not need work. we were far from perfect. we are always striving for perfection. i doubt we will reach perfect. nobody does. we are sure as hell going to try. as long as the guys know that every day is a workday and we have a long way to go before we get to houston as far as where we want to be progression wise, i think we are in good shape. >> one of the most talked about players in the nfl made his rookie debut. michael sam, the first openly gay player in the national football league. he will certainly have to earn a spot on the st. louis rams' roster. his night more than held
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own, stopping the saints gary robinson for no gain and puts pressure on the saints' quarterback. ryan griffin, made him throw it away. sam up the middle again. michael sam had one tackle, couple of quarterback pressures. solid start in his first game in the nfl. >> i can play in this league. that is the most important thing. i was kind of nervous. i got the nerves out today. it was a very good learning experience. and i can play in this league. >> all right. now to baseball. nationals have another primetime chance to open up more ground on second place atlanta. three and a half game lead is good. a five and a half game lead would be even better. certainly the most important series of the year so far. last night a scary moment for one of the nationals' rookies. strasburg was getting rocked. back to the wall, up and runs out of room. fortunately he was ok.
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it is a two-run homer for freddie freeman. the nats come back. 7-1 braves in the sixth. anthony rendon to left center and cuts the lead to 7-4. now 7-6 in the top of the ninth. danny espinoza with a chance to -- strikeout. orioles continue to pound the ball. bottom of the third against st. louis. nelson cruz will crush one to left center. that is his 30th home run. right now the orioles lead it 9-3. they are in the sixth inning. rory mcilroy has lost his lead at the pga championship, now in a four-way tie with rickie fowler, ryan palmer and jason day late in the third round. tiger woods is not playing because tiger woods did not make the cut yesterday. however they can still play an exciting golf tournament without him there. >> let's h
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>> showers moving through parts of the viewing area. >> you can see right now hrough prince william and even western charles county a few showers. they will continue to diminish in the next couple hours. tomorrow a repeat performance of today. partly sunny, warm and humid with a few isolated showers in the afternoon. only a 20% chance. monday and tuesday, cloudy. increasing likelihood of seeing more likely scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures still well below average. average this time of the year 87. wednesday turns breezy as the dryer air filters in. sunny, 80, low humidity. it is august. >> yeah. >> go figure.
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>> it is the spring that we did not have. thank you for
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welcome to "world news." tonight, the crisis in iraq. america's missile strikes on terror targets. the president today declaring the mission will not be over soon. air drops of humanitarian aid of stepped up. extreme weather. hawaii cleaning up after the first tropical storm, bracing for what the next one will bring. and in the south -- new storm warnings after lightning strikes injury eight people. game-changer. the blockbuster ruling of the college athletes. some of them could get big money if the school sells the rights to their face or name. and the fight of his life. the 9-year-old boy cooling off at a lake, when he noticed something under the water. >> i reached down to go grab it. i felt its jaw. i felt its teeth. >> the alligator attack. and one lucky child, tonight.


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