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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> the crisis overseas hits home. ricans talk about what it means for the families they left behind. and a local church left field in the heat. her missionaries are sweating what comes next. are sweatingrs
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what comes next. and, the man everyone came to see was nowhere to be found. news at 11:00 starts right now. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast centers, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> new developments in the crisis in iraq. the u.s. military has carried out for more airstrikes using jets and drones to hammer militants. officials say it believes -- it appears a strike succeeded in destroying armored vehicles firing on civilians in northern iraq. this is the third round of airstrikes against isil since they were authorized. the growing crisis is hitting home. a number of iraq hes who -- iraqis who left their country now live in our area. for them, the response to the situation is very personal. robert lyles is live in southwest washington with their
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side of the story. >> from inside a small restaurant in alexandria, iraqi-americans have been following all the details thousands of miles away. they watched the president's press conference today, so they are hoping tonight the oval office and congress will do more than airstrikes. >> i'm not going to give a particular timetable. >> president obama told the world u.s. airstrikes will continue as long as u.s. personnel and religious minorities are at risk. it is news he has been waiting to hear. >> it was a very good idea from the president to do the airstrike, but was a late act from them because we believe isis is like a virus inside the body. it has contaminated. >> through an arabic translator, the co-owner of sin that restaurant -- sindbad restaurant says his restaurant has been
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holding desperate conversations by iraqi expatriates how islam state, also known as isis, has spread its brand of islam. >> where they are coming from, who was behind them? >> it comes with a heaping side of fear for those left in iraq. >> i have a lot of fear for my family. my brother, my sister. >> genocide is what they call it. diners sayese iraqi they never thought -- they pray for more than airstrikes from the u.s. he is even prepared to take -- put down his carving knife and fight. >> to protect iraq. the president went on to say the u.s. cannot intervene in
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every world crisis, but in this case the u.s. cannot look away. in that casens say there is no shame in u.s. troops going back to iraq. >> we moved to another crisis the president is dealing with, international calls for a cease-fire in the middle east. britain, germany, and france issued a joint declaration urging israel and hamas to stop firing rockets across each other's borders. but so far, no word on any movement toward making that happen. medical crews in gaza data through the rubble of a mosque and retrieved bodies. the mosque was leveled by an israeli airstrike. the crisis overseas has triggered an investigation in montgomery county. benny fisher says he received death threats after hanging an israeli flag outside his restaurant.
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police are now going through his phone records. the suspect could be charged with a hate crime. police in prince george's county had to cut a man from his car after a bad wreck in bowie. earlier tonight along route 50 and 301. a man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries also right now in prince george's county, a man fights for his life after being hit by a car. police tell us the man was trying to cross university boulevard at new hampshire avenue at 6:00 this evening. this was in langley park. the driver of the vehicle remained on the scene. police are not sure whether the man was in the crosswalk at the time. d.c. police are investigating why a driver crashed into the side of a building in southeast. this is near marlboro pike. you see the lincoln town car ended up almost entirely inside the building. no word on the driver's condition. new developments on breaking
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news we brought to you at 6:00. turns out there were no injuries following a three alarm fire at fort belvoir. the fire was in a commercial building late today. investigators have not said how the fire started or the extent of damages. a live look outside right now. there are some clouds and a few spotty showers throughout the day. let's go to the weather center. >> it is still just a few isolated showers. we start with live doppler to show you where they are, moving through fairfax, kind of right along the river here. ,ust to the south of lorton around the woodbridge area. but overall things are looking pretty quiet elsewhere, with mostly cloudy skies across the region. temperatures have fallen into lower 70's, now 68 in frederick. overnight tonight, partly to mostly cloudy skies. .3 to 69 the range
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some areas that's our rain earlier, maybe some patchy fog developing, but overall tomorrow is kind of a repeat of today. a few stray showers possible, but highly isolated. more rain coming monday and tuesday of next week in advance of our next cold front. i share that with you, coming up in a few minutes. >> i know you have been following the tropical systems on the west coast, or at least in the pacific. things are slowly returning to normal tonight in hawaii. tourists are getting back to their vacations after tropical storm iselle soaked the island but did not have a lasting impact. thousands of people on the big island have spent more than 24 hours without electricity, however. right eye and iselle -- right behind iselle, hurricane julio is still churning. it is stronger, but it is expected to skirt the islands to the north early tomorrow.
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following a story in prince george's county, where a church has fallen victim to copper thieves, leaving parishioners feeling the heat. richard reeve is live in hyattsville to tell us all about it. >> what a tough week for this church. trashedbecause vandals the air-conditioning system in the pursuit of copper. night. hot august at shiloh house of god in hyattsville-- >> it is hot. fans,d bottled water and handheld and electric. the only relief from a 90-degree indoor temperature. >> to me, it is disgusting. this is summertime. we have over -- old people, children. >> look behind the church and you will see why.
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between last saturday and tuesday, someone vandalized the church's giant a.c. units. >> they jumped over the fence and took the unit out of the building pretty methodically. >> they opened the housings and stole four condenser units like this, filled with copper tubing. >> they took the copper parts and sold it. >> now joining hundreds of homes and businesses and utilities nationwide hit by copper thieves. metal theft, 95% of the copper, is now a $1 billion business. >> the furniture -- >> copper is now worth about two dollars a pound. it is on a hot streak among thieves, even from a church. >> it is sad that they had to do this. to sell copper to get money from a church. --this is a cemetery in sabbatarian church, meeting on
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saturdays. they hope to meet with insurance on sunday -- monday and possibly get some surveillance cameras. >> police in washington state arrested a teenager in the death of a six-year-old girl. the 17-year-old was taken into custody this afternoon in a seattle suburb were both of them lived. he is accused of raping and killing janice wright. investigators collected dna cheek swabs from dozens of people after wright disappeared one week ago. a somber ceremony in st. mary's county, honoring a man who tried to save his friend. lost his lifealey in 2011 when his friend was towning and he jumped in rescue him.
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nded ofboth men ednd drowning. the dedication took place at his firehouse. fairfax county is welcoming new search and rescue k-9 units. the dogs just finished one year of training in southern california, and have been partnered up with firefighters. coming up, a made-for-tv motorcade draws big crowds, but "house of cards" fans missed out on maybe the biggest attraction. we will explain. >> and if the supermoon wasn't cool enough, wait until you hear what happens tomorrow night. another look at your forecast.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 -- on your side. >> a motorcade is nothing new in d.c., but one near the national mall today was a little different. a crew was shooting scenes for the upcoming season of "house of card."
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street closures were in effect for most of the day. .eople stopped to watch >> "house of cards" is shooting, so we thought we would come down and look. >> they were hoping to catch a glimpse of the stars -- they were out of luck. ightn spacey and robin wr were not in town. netflix has not announced when season three will premiere. we will not see any presidential motorcade in d.c. for a while. president obama and the first family left this morning for martha's vineyard.less than one hour after arriving, he was on the golf course. the will return before vacation of two weeks. martha's vacationed in vineyard every year they have been in office except in 2012. up late tomorrow
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night, you are in for a really cool show. >> that's right. it will be the supermoon, and also the perseid meteor shower. this video was taken last night. the full moon occurs tomorrow. it is called a supermoon because the moon is that lunar 40%gee, meaning it appears bigger and 30% brighter. more about to hear the meteor shower, i have a blog on back here on the ground, looking at quiet conditions. lapse show you a time from earlier today. we had a few showers that moved through earlier. very hit or miss today. some spots saw heavy downpours. look at manassas, va. 72 degrees now.
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with all the rain, there may be some fog developing overnight. in d.c., few sprinkles, but that was about it. temperatures are in the upper 60's to lower 70's. it's muggy. the dew point temperature in manassas, 72 degrees, very steamy. fog could develop overnight. we still have cloud cover out there, but maybe tomorrow night we will see some breaks and then rather cloudy monday and tuesday, but still it right -0- a bright moon and the meteor shower through the middle of the work week. ,outheasterly breeze offshore giving us a lift for showers to develop. tomorrow will be similar. the futurecast starting tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.
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sunshine through the early morning hours. midday, clouds beginning to build and a few pop up showers, but on the futurecast, hard to pick up because it will be highly isolated. just keep an eye. live super doppler so you can keep abreast of that tomorrow. more widely scattered showers and some storms as the cold front fights through. 63 to 69 overnight tonight. tomorrow, low to mid 80's and a 20% chance of a shower where you are. but showers become more numerous, especially on tuesday with the advancing cold front. behind the cold front again, we enjoyed another middle and end of the workweek with sunshine, low humidity and slightly below average temperatures. >> it has been a very nice summer. >> it has been great. we needed that, after the winter that we had. has released its
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annual list of the most memorable sports cities. atlanta tops the list -- miserable, not memorable. [laughter] atlanta tops the list. its teams have won just one title since the 1960's. phoenix's -- phoenix is second. years mostst miserable city, did not make the list after the seahawks won the super bowl. >> cool also voided the list? else avoided-who a list? >> because of our major team, the kastles? [laughter] i knew you figured that out. >> the caps put us over the top. i was being sarcastic. et's talk about the pga championship, shall we?
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the big names of golf. a little adventure. the results, ahead.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the nationals finally started after a three and a half hour rain delay in atlanta. right now, no score in the second inning. national start the night with a 3.5-game lead over the braves. the orioles have the biggest lead of any first-place team and -- in baseball. nelson cruz, number 32 him. orioles now have a six-game lead on the yankees and blue jays. the redskins have a few more days in richmond and then go back to the day-to-day reality of practice. feeling good about the first preseason game. deshawn jackson had an ankle issue, missing practice.
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throwing this to santana moss. there you go. for me? yesterday, theff redskins went back to work knowing the win was nice, but there is a long way to go. >> there's not a phase of the game -- we were far from perfect. we always strive for perfection, but we will sure as hell try. as long as they know every day is a workday, and we have a long way to go before we go to houston, we will be in a good shape. >> jason hatcher is finally on the field. he left the cowboys & with the redskins, but spent the last two months rehabbing from knee surgery. today he was cleared for practice, but still not 100%. me, seeng the pads on
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how i respond to that. they're trying to progress me along to next week. i see how i feel, how respond. >> look who it is, johnny football. ziel,y manziel, money man first preseason game as a cleveland brown. to former redskins anthony and strong. yards.pes the tackle, 16 63 yards. browns still lost 13-12. when you are i play golf and you lose a ball, you just kind of throw it down, but if you're in the pga championship it is different. he hit over some water and the deep rough. they paddle up -- i found the
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ball, play it from there. player would have taken 10 shots to get out of there. he got it out and pared the hole. one shot back. bernd wiesberger, 170 yards back 170 yards to a couple inches. one shot back behind the leader, ringneck or right. -- rory mcilroy. a1-shot lead going into the final round. --. united up right now, losing in the second half. i was in cleveland watching some games. every place you go,, nothing but manziel shirts. a hot seller. >> and this is the weekend
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lebron made his grand return. >> in akron. so cleveland is the up-and-coming city. -- how heican icon rang in t >> happy 70th birthday to smokey
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the bear. the beloved public service icon
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on the state capitol building in sacramento. he was dreamt up by the u.s. forest service and the ad council. his first public service poster came out august 9, 1944. his famous slogan, "only you can prevent forest fires,"
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