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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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bay, but this was heavy. there is impressive record-breaking rainfall totals, over six inches at bwi-marshall, about 3.5 inches in upper marlboro, maryland. we still have flash flood warnings in effect until 8:40 five this evening. howard anne arundel, prince george's, and another line of thunderstorms later on this evening. this is over the next seven days, what to expect, coming up. >> thank you, steve. thathe most common thing was damaged in our area today, automobiles, parked at long-term lots at bwi marshall airport, and we have a look at the damage. vehicleshan several were flooded out, dozens. can you imagine coming home from your vacation or business trip and seeing this mess? heap in mind, the water has gone
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down about two. it was up almost to the hoods on these cars. we were watching their windows go up and down and the lights go on and off because their electronics were messed up. in the bwi satellite lots of a has given rain travelers a horrible welcome home surprise. it is up to six inches of rain. more than the drained can handle. seen it this way before. >> that is what a lot of people are saying across the region. laurel has been especially hard-hit. a motorist drove into what she surely thought was shallow water, and the fire department helped her to land. some cannot find any dry land. >> it is pretty serious. water was up to my knees.
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>> at the flooded train lot, the city called in a tow truck to move cars to higher ground, while their owners were caught by surprise along with everyone. i have not seen this since i have been here, and i have been here a long time. we are ready for sunshine, i assure you. been one days only of rain, but everybody is looking forward to some sunshine. -- tow see a tow drop truck driver is here. this is like what they were doing in laurel. what we have heard so many times today, nobody has seen anything like this in recent memory. i combine your all the time. i never see this area underwater. brad bell, abc seven news. >> thank you. the abc 7 web team is keeping track of all of the area road
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closures, and you can find that list and track any storms in the area right now on a montgomery county teenager at the center of a controversial arrest speaks with abc 7. that video was captured by an it showstographer, and the officer putting his hands around the teenager's neck. hisy, the 16-year-old and mother spoke publicly with us about the incident for the first time. >> aside from my son refusing to give his name, there really wasn't any other reason for him to manage or to handle him in the way that he did. >> police say the officer was responding to a report of people smoking marijuana in the area. he says he did nothing wrong. >> a judge has replaced a juror
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in the corruption trial of former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. they gave no explanation about replacing the juror with an alternate. they are accused of receiving gifts in exchange for promoting a company. >> at least one person is dead after an iraqi military helicopter crash. the helicopter was part of a relief mission similar to the one caught on this video yesterday. and they are evacuating refugees. news of the crash comes as the u.s. steps up its role in the conflict. scott thuman is tracking it all live for us in our newsroom tonight. scott? it looked initially like this may have been the case of loading too many people on board, and as a result, the chopper crashed, landing upside down, injuring some and killing the iraqi pilot. this is further illustrating the need to bring this crisis to a halt.
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video speaks volumes. thousands of iraqis crossed a bridge tuesday into what they hope is a safer territory, and fearing from -- and fearing isil. there is help. in addition to this international airdrop, this one by british sources, including food, water, and power sources to charge cell phones, but this is from above only. >> there will be no reintroduction of american combat forces into iraq. >> another knocked out artillery, according to the pentagon, and each time, they showed charred remains. delivering weaponry to the northern kurds, who are easily outgunned. areur american forces helping get that equipment there.
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has been dangerous and dramatic. swarms of refugees clamor for a coveted spot aboard any helicopter dropping supplies, and limits mean most are turned away. meanwhile, progress on the political front, nerdy al-maliki stepped down after clamoring for a place, telling the military to protect the city, not him. it is needed. at least nine people dead, dozens wounded in separate car bomb attacks today in baghdad. >> we are learning that the pentagon is considering sending in more military advisors with already 250 on the ground, looking at strategies for on the ground and directing iraqi forces. >> all right, scott. nudity are coming into our newsroom from the district showing a violent robbery. this is southeast washington. ulysse a man in a mask and eight could put a gun to the chest of
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a store clerk and demanding money -- you will see a man doing that. information should contact metropolitan police immediately. american missionaries quarantined after returning to the u.s. from west africa, and steps being taken as the disease has a grim outcome. >> plus, a ruling. >> and robin williams and his long
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>> the national portrait late -- portrait gallery is paying its own tribute to robin williams. the 1979 photograph captures williams on his rise to fame. suicide of of the robin williams came to a shot for those who knew him due to his ability to make people laugh, but the oscar winner battled depression for years. >> a psychiatrist specializes in helping performers. >> this psychiatrist has, just ,ike us, celebrities struggling
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and they are hiding behind their unique talents. studying the psyche of entertainers, and a dancer actors, she found that dancers, and musicians have different characteristics, and each deals with life and people differently. in the case of robin williams or other actors, it is about identity, how they come across to others. >> their expression and their ability to play roles that are different from how they actually view themselves is a very important part of their life. >> she described williams as a genius who may have used humor to hide his inner demons, and it does not matter that millions and loved him, she says. when facing depression, people often have a distorted view of their life. >> it makes it difficult for them to appreciate what other people see in themselves, the recognition from others.
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they do not feel it themselves. and so full of life and all the movies, you would not expect something like that. >> heartbreaking for many of us, but a learning experience for many dealing with depression, that they go and get help. >> it is amazing how much can be done for people with depression, and i think that is a tragedy. >> you may remember a couple of years ago, williams underwent heart surgery. maypsychiatrist said that have aggravated his condition and made him more aware of his mortality. >> thank you, and we will continue to look back at the life of robin williams with our coverage as a continues on, and you can learn more on why the uso is comparing robin williams to comedy legend bob hope. >> next at 6:00, the steps being
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taken to assure three american missionaries did not bring the ebola virus into the u.s. >> answer potentially powerful storms heading this way. >> and those storms are affecting the nationals and orioles games tonight.
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steve rudin, and i will step out of the way, and you can see this is for southwestern moran county, northeastern page county, shenandoah county, so six: 12, and doppler radar indicated the potential, the potential for a severe thunderstorm hittable of producing a tornado over central shenandoah county west of strasburg. will be impacted will be saint david's church, this is and once again, a severe thunderstorm warning for eastern shenandoah county, southwestern warned county, and
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northwestern page county. this is not indicated on our doppler radar, but this is capable of producing a tornado. nothing confirmed on the ground. under us, there is a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45 this morning. thatll show you about severe thunderstorm warning and where it is located. this moves off to the east, and this area right here near compton, that is the area where we have that tornado warning. once again, just doppler radar. i will keep you updated here. a live look outside, closer to at some are looking pretty ominous looking sky. the heaviest of showers have now moved off towards the northeast, but we have more severe weather that is on the way later this evening.
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77 degrees at reagan national airport, the wind at the miles per hour out of the north-northeast, and 1.6 inches on the board, a morning low of 73 degrees. a lot going on in terms of the flash flood warnings and watches, and the area shaded in red, these indicate flash flood warnings, and includes prince george's and calvert county, parts of northern anne arundel county today seeing upwards of four to 10 inches of rain, a record-breaking rain day at bwi marshall with six inches of rain. 2.5 four in annandale, 76 in and in the, district, 3.64 inches earlier today, and we will be adding more to it later on this evening. temperatures are cool, 73 in dallas, 77 in winchester, and looking at satellite radar, we have a cold front that will likely trigger a round of
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showers, stronger thunderstorms later on this evening. parts of thethe shenandoah valley until six: 45, and all of the heavy rain is moving off. this is the next cell that we are watching, moving off to the east, and this is capable of producing a tornado, and that is why we have the tornado warning. here is the futurecast that promises better weather ahead, especially as we move into the daytime hours tomorrow. the sky will begin to clear, and we will see temperatures between 80, 85, and a nice day on thursday, and friday looks even better with lower humidity levels. we will go back to our doppler radar in just a moment. tonight, 65 been a 72, wind out of the south at about five to 10 miles per hour. then for the day tomorrow, becoming partly cloudy, 80 been 85 degrees with a daytime high in the 80's, and a huge
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improvement tomorrow, drive, beautiful on thursday and friday. going back to our abc 7 live doppler radar, i just want to show you and give you an update on the tornado warning. in and western war northeastern page county until 6:40 five, and what is important to note is we will not see any rotation in this, at least not right now. we will keep you updated on abc 7. >> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> i can't imagine they have got too much work for them. >> good news for them is that they are all done. the washington redskins said goodbye, check out of their hotels, and headed home today. training camp 2014 is in the books, three weeks of up close and personal contact with jay
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gruden and staff, and now they start setting their sights on the rest of the preseason and the regular-season opener. happy aboutpretty how things went. >> i think it went pretty smooth. i think everybody is on the same page as far as what we are talking about, what we are doing on the field. sore is no agenda, i think, hopefully we will be consistent throughout the season, not just in training camp. >> they keep talking about hidden agendas. i am not quite sure what that is about. and griffin says he is absorbing the system and learning and growing. the drills, just to get used to it. you have to play the ball. particular, and you have got to get rid of the ball so you can move on to the
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next play, and i may not have done that, but today, i feel better. just moving onto the next play, so those are things to learn. >> the nationals against new york, but it does not look like the weather is going to cooperate. we will keep you posted on that. and still trying to find out what happened to a third baseman who went down, and that was right during the orioles game with the yankees. , and thena grounder he went down. they x-rayed than me, and the preliminary diagnosis was a sprain, and he got an mri this afternoon. no word yet on the results. and a player of the day in the majors. going against the cardinals, losing two. and then showing off in the field. watch this catch with a line shot in the fifth. he stretches out and makes the
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catch. and he had to smile himself. the miami marlins, 6-5. and redskins fans with withdrawal. he is coming back. grossman will be coming to fedex field monday night with his new team, the cleveland browns to take on the skins. that is right. the browns signed him today, uniting him with the offense of coordinator. >> i don't know.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> what is the latest, steve? >> we do not see any rotation, but the national weather service has gone ahead and issued this for northern rock in him. also shenandoah, and this is on till six: 45, and this is moving off towards the east at about 40 miles per hour, and will of producing what could be some spin, but right now, it does not look like a whole lot. front, rapidly improving conditions. we will see temperatures that will warm into the middle 80's. >> we will see you here. "world news
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welcome to abc news. breaking tonight, what we've now learned about the final hours of robin williams's life. the family has lost a husband, a father, tonight remembering your favorite moments and the moment we found today, robin williams, christopher reeve, and the promise they made to each other. breaking now, the deadly flood emergency, the major cities we're watching tonight, cars carried out on bulldozers, passengers swimming to safety. ginger zee is right here. developing now near st. louis, will the police chief reveal that officer after an unarmed teenager is shot. what he's decided after more tear gas in the streets. special delivery, the triple


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