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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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of the company to move cars for military members is notewhere it needs to be and finding those cars is now his top focus. all this week we have told you about these military families, hundreds of them complaining about their cars not being delivered weeks or months after they were required to show up. the company, international auto logistics just got this contract three months ago, and already big problems. and now captain aaron stanley says they are under the watchful eye of the military. leadership now making personal visits to i.a.l. headquarters and to processing centers where these cars are supposed to end up. stanley couldn't give us an exact count of how many cars are missing past that delivery date. we were told it was hundreds earlier. but he says i.a.l. is making progress. the proof, calls into the special call center set up to handle complaints. the first day they had 1800 and it was down to 500 earlier one
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day this week. still a long way to go. the company had to submit a detailed plan on how they will fix the issues. and now they say they hope to have everything worked out by the end of september. but the families, some of them are saying that they have absolutely had enough and are calling on the feds to revoke the contract. captain stanley says revocation is an option if they cannot perform. but he says the focus now is on giving the company a chance to see if it can deliver. >> if you have a tip for our abc7 news watchdog team, send an e-mail to >> some breaking news from district house, prince george's county police are at the scene of a death investigation in the 1500 block of addison road south. police have not released more information on the case. we have a crew headed to the scene and we'll bring you more information as it becomes
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available. >> skepticism, outrage, disappointment are some of the emotions expressed in ferguson, missouri after police release more information into the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. >> police say that darren wilson did not know that michael brown was a robbery suspect before the teen was shot to death. surveillance video of the robbery was released in which brown was caught stealing cigars. >> the police say they released this video because there were freedom of information requests for its release by the media. essentially standards protocol they were legally bound to. it is not sitting well with many in this town who say they don't trust police or the timing in all of this. [chanting] >> a different reason for the anger and unrest in ferguson tonight. this video released by police, they say, showing michael brown
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strong-arm rob a convenience store of $50 worth of cigars just before he was killed. but his family calls it character assassination. >> basically smoke and mirrors to try to divert the attention away from what really occurred. >> don't shoot. this is a universal call for i surrender and i can hear my cousin's voice as i stand here saying "don't shoot." >> the police chief revealed it was officer darren wilson who shot brown and says didn't know about the robbery when he confronted the teen. >> why did he stop michael brown? >> because they were walking down middle of the street blocking traffic. that was it. >> did you find evidence of the stolen merchandise on the body? >> yes. >> police say officer darren wilson is devastated by what happened, but that's done little to calm the anger that's been reignited by these images. >> i anticipate you may see
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other images or photographs or depictions that don't paint him in the most complimentary light. that is just a destruction about an -- distraction about an 18-year-old child. >> as a neighbor we have to make sure we don't burn down our own house. >> police plan to back off on the force during planned demonstrations. last night they say there were no arrested or injuries and they want to keep it that way. but the videos ask the image -- and the images accelerat
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>> they are looking to see if they are connected to three other cases of vandalism in the area. >> governor terry mcauliffe says the state faces a nearly $2.4 billion revenue shortfall over a three-year period. he says it's the result of cuts in the defense department and other federal spending as a result of last year's sequestration. he says he will work with his advisers to come up with a plan for budget cuts. >> coming up at 6:00, the irs could be face a new scandal, the mistake that potentially exposed taxpayers to fraud and identity theft.
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>> i'm steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. daytime high temperatures today in the lower 80's. we'll crank up the heat and humidity for the weekend. and a chance of
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>> it's that time of year again, little league fever is kicking in. >> and we have to tell you about one player who is a little bit sharper than some of the rest.
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>> telling someone they throw like a girl has new meaning thanks to monet davis. she did it again. she used her 70-mile an hour fastball to earn a complete game shutout and lead the dragons to victory in the first round of the little league world series. she jumped out to an early 3-0 lead after this deep run homer was crushed in the first inning. she struck out eight and allowed just two hits over six innings. >> it always feels good to have a couple runs on the board in the first inning. >> the lanky right-hander has been the talk of williamsport this week. just the 18th girl to ever play in the little league world series. >> when you watch it, it's like she don't let the boys intimidator. >> texas says they prepared for her heat by taking pitches from high schoolers, but they don't
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care that the pitching is coming from a girl. davis has taken all the attention in stride, joking around in interviews and dancing with her teammates through this espn promo video. her mom said she's proud how her daughter has handled the spotlight. >> and thought the media was going to get to her at one time, but it's all good. >> davidson honor student says she's used to being the only girl among the guys. >> i played basketball and soccer with the boys and then i just started coming on saturdays and we just started playing baseball and i started getting better each time. >> still ahead at 6:00, an update on an american doctor being treated for ebola. what he's saying about his recovery. >> and what beautiful weather. will it continue through the weekend. steve has the forecast coming up. >> the beat goes n for the washington nationals. also we'll talk about the redskins. they welcome in an old friend to
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town. what some of the players are saying about
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>> more than 600 public schools in virginia are in danger of losing full accreditation this year. it stems from poor scores an state reading and science exams. schools that receive a downgraded accreditation will have to undergo an academic review of their curriculum and instructional practices. if those schools do not meet full accreditation for four consecutive years they will have to undergo a complete performance overhaul. >> more problems uncovered in the irs. a report filed that the irs did not follow policy and failed to do background checks on some of the private contractors who handled private taxpayer information. and that, the inspector general says exposed more than 1 million taxpayers to an increased risk of fraud and identity theft. the report did not say i the contractors mis-- the
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contractors misused the information. >> the first wave of national guard troops has arrived along the texas-mexico border. they are part of the 1,000 troops called by governor rick perry last month. he said they were necessary to protect the border while they dealt with a surge of unaccompanied minors from central america. >> doctors without borders say it could take six months to get the ebola outbreak in west africa under control. today the world health organization said people are vastly underestimating this crisis. one of two american aide workers with ebola, however, says he is recovering in every way. dr. kent brantly says he looks forward to a family reunion in the near-term. >> new developments in iraq. prime minister haider al-abadi
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is vowing to fight terrorism and corruption. in a statement he says his government will be one of efficiency and integrity. on thursday, the prime minister nouri al-maliki announced he would step down. he has 30 days to form a coalition government. >> the european union is offering to take charge of border crossings into and out of gaza. this comes as talks between a long-term truce between israel and hamas continue. the blockade remains a key point of tension between the two sides. today was day 2 of a five-day cease-fire between israel and hamas. >> we have one more day of really nice weather and then the heat and humidity is back on sunday. >> you can have those. >> i'll try to keep it just for sunday. we have some changes on the way. showers and thunderstorms back in the seven-day outlook and lots of next week not looking very pretty. it's 81 at reagan national but the reason why it feels so
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great, the dew point levels only in the 40's. usually this time of year we're in the middle to upper 60's to around 70 and it feels really comfortable. a high of 82 at reagan national airport, 5 degrees below average for this date. 78 at 14th and k. northwest. their morning low down to 60 degrees. dew point levels in the 40's, the 50's. it's 76 in vienna. and a morning low of 52 and it was 53 this morning at congressional
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look at the cool temperatures. we're talking 68 in syracuse, boston at 67. the heat and humidity has suppressed to the south of us. high pressure keeps us cool and dry for the overnight hours. but the high pressure slowly moves off towards the east during the day tomorrow. winds return more out of the south and west that will help heat us up for the day on sunday and keep us warm as we move into next week. satellite and radar shows mainly clear skies, just a few clouds to the west of us. it will stay dry for the overnight and into the day tomorrow. this is the futurecast-moving through the day tomorrow -- moving through the day tomorrow, we're going to look for lots of sunshine, especially during the afternoon hours. highs will make it into the 80's and then upper 80's to near 90 degrees on sunday with a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. tonight, a few scattered clouds. 52-60 for an overnight low. 82-87 degrees tomorrow with
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mostly sunny skies. we'll keep a chance for showers and thunderstorms sunday afternoon into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. temperatures, though, below average for next week. only in the lower to middle 80's for daytime highs. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> plans to play baseball in washington, have you noticed? >> absolutely. and it's time to take a look. they'll be here for the next ten days. >> nationals have tightened their strongalhold in the national league east. they are playing some great baseball. last night's win in new york over the mets 4-1. the nationals have a 6-1 lead over the fading braves, who lost seven of their last ten. the nationals have a three game winning streak on top of their sweep of new york and on top of that they will start a ten-game homestand. up first, pittsburgh tonight.
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so matt williams is sweeping new york. a six-lead game, coming home? >> we've just got to keep playing. i'm proud of them coming back here and bouncing back from the braves series and now we have a chance to go home for a long home stand. we've seen in recent years it doesn't mean anything. so all it means is we have to work harder and michael brown and make sure we take care of our blames grapes and -- games and play well. >> the game is almost secondary to johnny manziel and his team that kyle is directing the offense for cleveland. how will the skins players react to seeing an old friend? well there's some mixed reactions. >> it's not that kind of relationship that we wouldn't talk. so i get a chance to see him and talk to him, i definitely will. >> he's put me into a position
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to be successful and his play calling and preparation gave me a chance. >> after going against jay in these mini camps and training camps and things like that i'm kind of oblivious to even what kyle used to run. >> certainly the sketchy fire over the country is the als bucket challenge and the redskins got involved today. >> i would like to challenge a legend near washington, joe gibbs. >> i would like to challenge jerry jones. >> roger starback. >> 1, 2, 3. >> all getting doused in the challenge. the challenge is about raising money to fight als or lou gehrig's disease. dan snyder pledged to donate $10,000. no word on anybody who has been challenged by the redskins. no word from jerry jones. >> to trevor may back on july
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24. three no hits in the game against durum. the game was halted because of rain. the game was finished this week, but mayes was called to logan. but guess what, he didn't allow a hit completing the no-no. so two halves in the game played 18 days apart and two pitchers combined for a no-hitter. the orioles have a 7.5 game league. >> which pitcher gets credit
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>> i think a lot of people are taking a long weekend and they started today. >> absolutely. take advantage of the evening. it will be beautiful out there. dry and sunny for the next couple hours. we'll see just a couple clouds tonight. temperatures in the middle 80's, up 90 -- 09 on sunday -- 90 on sunday. nothing has been normal. the rain and the cool temperatures. unbelievable. >> "abc world news" is coming up next. >> have a great night and a goo
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welcome to "world news." tonight breaking developments from st. louis after rising tensions and tear gas. what we have learned about the police officer. and you see see the new surveillance tape and the burst of outrage because of it. severe storms hitting right now the middle of the country next and heading east. the rescues the team pulled from the raging waters. the driver rescued two. an abc news exclusive. the awe mitch girls kidnapped and the hero, what he reveals right here. making a slash, michael strahan with the challenge. justin timberlake. tonight the ice storm


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