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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  August 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute 7 broadcast the abc center, this is breaking news. >> egyptian state media outlets are reporting a cease-fire between hamas and israel. there are not many details available other than the cease-fire just started and 7-week gaza war, which has killed more than 2200 people. right now, prince william
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county police searching for the man who shot another man in the face outside a mcdonald's in woodbridge. dewayne williams and his bowyer accomplice, jamie ae wanted in connection with felony firearm. brianne carter spoke to neighbors. dewayne williams is wanted for allegedly shooting one man and then carjacking another. >> is very concerning. my wife was watching tv and said oh my god, that is what bridge. a 23-year-oldot man in the parking lot on dale boulevard. the victim, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, was at the restaurant to meet this woman, 31-year-old jamie bowyer. bowyer showed up with williams,
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who has been in trouble with the law before, opened fire. fled theand bowyer scene separately. authorities spotted williams later, but he fled on foot. then he reportedly carjacked another man. police say bowyer was not with williams at the time. >> people like that that are desperate do not think. the area searched where william was last spotted as well as actor says he frequents. >> i have confidence in the police, i am sure they are doing everything. it is a concern when you have somebody who is dangerous. couldice believe williams be armed and dangerous and are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of these individuals to please give them a call. in what bridge from brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> bob mcdonnell back on the stand for a second day of cross-examination in his corruption trial. he is continuing to testify
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about loans and stock purchases maureen, andife, her financial ties with former historic scientific ceo jonnie williams. we will have more tonight on abc seven news at 5:00. publicce george's county school students heading back to class. video from his chopper seven of students -- we have video from news chopper 7 of students arriving in laurel. security upgrades at many schools at a cost of nearly $10 million. jeanette reyes has details. >> it is that time of year for about one hundred 25 students in prince george's county, the first day of school seemed to get onto a smooth start in upper marlboro. >> i'm excited, it is my last first day of school. 2014-2015 school year has changes for students and teachers. instructors were
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welcomed, officials acknowledged replacethe new hires staff who retired or left for higher pay. >> everything from pedagogy to common core two procedures. >> increased security measures spent about $10 million on safety, including installation of cameras on buses to ensure drivers of they stop signs. -- obey stop signs. >> is a good change. >> students transitioning to middle or high school get a full day orientation. the district is making progress but it faces challenges. according to a recent report, 17% of students in prince george's county seriously considered attempting suicide. those numbers are much higher than surrounding areas. with our going to talk partners at the county social services and mental health department and the police department department about doing a suicide prevention training for parents.
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>> with school back in session, it is back to work for the district and students. what are you looking forward to? >> to graduating. >> reporting in prince george's county, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> some students had a nice day to head back to class. taking a look at the nation's capital, lots of sunshine. jacqui jeras is here with a look at our forecast. is a nice stretch. a good couple of days and beautiful conditions. a couple hiccups. at noon, we warmed up at reagan national. our dew point is at 60 degrees. even though the temperatures are getting warm, the humidity level is not too brittle yet. skies are nice and clear. a couple cumulus clouds developing. a cold front is across the nation's midsection with storms that are causing problems at chicago o'hare airport.
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arehts and arrival delays averaging about two hours to three hours if you are leaving from here. the rest of the country is dealing with heat. upper 80's across the region. a warm one. if you think today is warm with a high around 88, wait until tomorrow. a nice little warm-up is coming up from the belfort furniture weather center in another few minutes. jacqui, thank you. now to the latest out of ferguson. the fbi says another potential witness has come forward possible clues into michael brown's death. a man who lives near the scene of the shooting claims to have recorded audio of gunshots at by aime brown was killed police officer. in the alleged reporting, shots can be heard followed by a positive and another quick series of shots. >> a grand jury has started to examine the evidence behind the shooting that left the unarmed teenager dead. >> jurors meet behind closed
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doors and are not allowed to talk about what happened. it could be months before we get a decision. 12 members, nine white entry african-american citizens from the community make up the grand county,st. louis missouri. to indict officer darren wilson, urors must reach the same conclusion -- that wilson knowingly cause of death. they can apply a low standard, as the law professor notes. >> all they need is a preponderance of evidence to file charges. containsg the evidence more truths than accuracy. >> we have to look at the evidence, the shell casings, this will establish why. >> the other part of the case is officer wilson's innocence, 9
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jurors would have to agree and return what is known as a no true bill, meaning there is no reason to believe a crime was committed. >> whether a police officer honestly believes that he needed , deadly forcently cominge to prevent death to him or some other person. once agrand jury meets week and the expectation is it will need weeks or months to reach a decision. that is ok with michael brown's father. >> i do not want to rush judgment. their timet to take so there will be no mistakes and get it done right. >> how much justice can we expect from a grand jury? attorney prosecuting who decides which charges will be considered, what evidence will be presented, who testifies, and instructs jurors on applicable law.
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>> the prosecutor can get whatever he or she wants. >> that makes for perfect cover for a prosecuting attorney. especially when confronted with a racially charged case, he can blame a grand jury for the final decision. be sure to join us for a special town hall on america's on inon to what is going ferguson. "your voice, your future" is tonight at 7:00 on news channel a. we will stream it live on look take you to a live from charlotte, north carolina. president obama has just started ofaddress to thousands veterans at the american legion national convention. his speech comes as a new report finds no proof that delays in care led to deaths at a veterans hospital in phoenix. allegations that 40 patients died led to reforms and the resignation of secretary eric shineski.-- eric
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>> egypt and the united arab emirates securely carried out airstrikes against islamist militia. u.s. officials say they were not told of the strikes, which failed to stop militias from seizing control of the tripoli airport. even as militants in syria release an american citizen, the unrest continues to grow. >> president obama authorized reconnaissance flights over syria as officials consider action against isil. a first stepe towards the possibility of direct u.s. military action against isis in syria. this morning, reports that president obama has authorized surveillance flights over syria. and that those flights have begun. u.s. officials have said they need more information before they can launch airstrikes against the militant islamic group isis, the terrorist
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organization that has been gaining ground in iraq and syria week executedt american journalist james foley. u.s. and british authorities are scrambling to track down foley's executioner, focusing on a young, london-based rapper who has joined isis. his most recent social media poster shows a severed head. saying beheading is the only cure. >> it is an extreme and manipulated version of islam that says i do not belong to any nation. >> fear is growing about the threat to other american hostages held by isis. one family is speaking up about their daughter, who was working at a hospital in syria when she was kidnapped. isis says they will release her exchangese to -- in for the release of a pakistani
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dr.. doctor's family is pleading for the young american's life. >> they were traumatized by the thought that someone else could be harmed. a $6.6 is demanding million ransom for the american hospital worker's release. abc news, washington. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon. >> the mother bear comes running towards me. >> a virginia man lives to tell a traumatic story of a bear attack. what he did to save his life. >> aftershocks rattled northern california. how the earthquake is impacting the state's wine industry. 66thbig night from the annual primetime emmys. >> jacqui is back with a
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a this just coming in, rockville teenager that has died in a plane crash. this happened in ohio near the cuyahoga county airport. 18-year-old abraham was on the plane with three other students from case western university. we are working to gather details i will have more tonight on abc at 5:00. a virginia man admits he is lucky to be alive after a bear attack. >> it happened in the george washington national forest in west virginia. >> a bear attack. he's bleeding profusely. >> steve kirchbaum was walking his dog when the pair spotted
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two bear cubs. the mother came into view. not me to my side and the ground. i am my back and she is biting my legs. i am kicking like this. >> that does not seem like any fun. escaped by hitting the barrier with a rock. he walked nearly a mile to his car and drove to a fruit stand, where the owner called 911. agents believe the bear is doing fine as well. napa, california experience the largest aftershock since sunday's magnitude 6 earthquake. a tremor measuring 3.9 shook the area before dawn. no reports of additional damage as cleanup continues. the impact on the wine industry is still not known. >> when he opened the cellar door, it felt devastating.
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there were at least 500 barrels, over. than my head, all >> initial estimates for $1perty damage put it at billion. more than 100 people were hurt. it was the largest earthquake to hit the bay area in 20 years. airlines plane made an unscheduled landing because of a $22 gadget. it is the knee defender, it prevents the seat in front of you from brookline. it prevents the seat in front of you from reclining. the pilot landed in chicago and security removed both passengers. the knee defender is legal but most airlines, including united, ban its ues. -- its use. for aricans preparing
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final getaway. nearly 35 million of us will hit day weekend.labor gas prices are the lowest in four years. three dollars $.43, that is about $.11 less than this time last year. >> that is what we like to hear. town? leave >> is going to be feeling like the last hurrah of summer. we have a couple spikes in the temperature department. i know you are feeling a little warm right now. what were you doing at 6:32 this morning? that is the sunrise, isn't that beautiful? in the last week, we have lost about 17 minutes of daylight. those days are getting shorter and shorter. how pretty is that sun rising? not a cloud in the sky, a couple of them out there right now. more sunshine than anything. the first day back to school for kids and teachers in prince
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george's county, a little wrapup of our weatherbug network. searching for prince george's county, temperatures in the lower 80's. elementary school at 81 degrees. when kids are getting off the bus, it will be warm. we need sunscreen. 85 at reagan national airport, dew point is at 60. it is warmt muggy, but not oppressive when the air feels heavy. 81 in frederick. cooler in luray, 75. in annapolis, 79 degrees. temperatures are getting warmer up and down the east coast. inold front could -- 61 minneapolis and 72 in chicago where the cold front is coming through. st. louis up to 93 degrees. frontr ahead of the cold will warm up and take its time getting here. it will stay to our west for
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today and we will have another nice calm one. keeping our eye on the tropics, a cluster of thunderstorms in the gulf of mexico. there is a small chance this could become a tropical system over the next couple days. more than anything else it will be bringing heavy rain to the gulf coast. keeping our eye, this should actually say hurricane. is a category one hurricane, staying off the shore. k of recurrence is high for mid-atlantic beaches. looking good throughout the day. upper 80's. when you wake up tomorrow morning, humidity is higher and the temperatures are little warmer compared to this morning. passes through tomorrow. for the most part, it will be a dry front, futurecast is trying to squeeze out a brief shower. 90 degrees tomorrow, a brief cooldown for the end of the week. labor day weekend, two shots to
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hit 90 this week. wednesday and sunday. , but ae thunderstorms one in three chance that it will happen in your backyard. i would not be changing barbecue plans. >> good, because i have one. invitations?our >> i will bring potato salad. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon, big news for burger king. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon, big news for burger king.
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denturthan real teeth.erent they're about ten times softer and have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. is on your side with a
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consumer alert. burger king and coffee and doughnut chain tim hortons are merging. the new combined company headquarters will be based in canada. the company says burger king operations will remain headquartered in miami. they think the chain in canada -- basing the change in canada allows for lower taxes. it will become the country's third-largest restaurant. a big night for television's stars at the emmys. >> the winner is -- "modern family. nonows a prize, -- surprise, "modern family" won its fifth emmy for outstanding comedy. " took homeg bad outstanding comedy for bryan
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cranston. i will do itact, until my last breath. >> bryan cranston had another moment with "veep's " julia louis dreyfus. kiss.was a ten-second that's a long time. >>
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>> if you want to take lunch
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outside -- >> why not? it is a little warm. take a spot in the shade. 85 right now, 88 in d.c., mid-80's in the suburbs. getting hot tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us midday.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hey! what's up? what up, dog? what's up? what's up? what's up? >> yes! yes! yes, sir. >> hello. how are you? >> good. welcome, baby. come on up. >> thank you. >> yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. all this week, we're helping to raise money for children's miracle network hospitals. [cheers and applause] they provide support to 170 children's hospitals across


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