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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 2, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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oaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. good morning, america. new this morning, tornadoes tearing across the middle of the country. >> i see it. >> twisters from kansas to michigan. winds over 100 miles an hour smashing cars and homes. tennis ball-size hail. this morning, incredible video revealing how to save your life if swept away by a flash flood. breaking overnight, over 30 teenagers escape under a fence at a juvenile detention center just outside a major city. many with violent records. the massive search for more than a dozen still on the loose at this hour. new details on that
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hollywood hack attack. the fbi now investigating. jennifer lawrence and kate upton, victims of what could be the biggest celebrity photo hack ever. locking down the security breach and protecting your photos at this hour. this just became the most famous dress in the world, angelina jolie's wedding gown revealed overnight worn at her top secret wedding. how her children added their own touch to hair veil and cake revealed as the real wedding planners. ♪ all together now and good morning, america. i know it's not official but i guess we can say summer is over. great to have everyone back. at the table. >> wonderful to have everybody back and what happened in key west stays in key west, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully.
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>> on commercial breaks. >> so many people back to work and school. we hope everyone enjoyed that last gasp of summer. >> very busy morning learning about a u.s. military attack on militants in somalia with group s and ties with al qaeda. severe storms over labor day weekend. two confirmed tornadoes and dangerous lightning and hail for millions of americans and ginger is tracking it all. >> summerlike storms. this from kansas. more than 60 severe storm reports throughout the last 24 hours still have some strong and flash flooding storms going on at this hour. eight reported tornadoes including this one. >> large tornado. >> reporter: lightning i illuminating that large tornado, one of eight reported twisters from the plains to michigan. hail pelting the landscape, some the size of tennis balls. >> then all of a sudden i heard
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a roar and it just -- trees started falling. >> reporter: in northern michigan two confirmed tornadoes cracking trees, smashing cars and homes. one of the tornadoes an ef-1 with winds up to 100 miles per hour. >> look at this. that's a tornado, bro. >> not a tornado but a waterspout. the skies soon after erupting with lightning and mammatus clouds and lightning striking feet from these storm chasers. watch it again. the bolt so close, fortunately both are recovering. that same front swallowing roads from missouri to michigan, flash floods a major threat today. yes, that same front has the history of producing severe storms so we want to pay attention, anyone from lexington, kentucky, up through western new york, you could see strong winds, large hail and definitely the potential for flash flooding. a bunch of watches and warnings.
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coming up in your nation's weather. >> thanks. now to that breaking news overnight, the u.s. military launching an operation against an al qaeda terror group in africa, the islamic militants behind the mall bombing in kenya that killed dozens last year and martha raddatz is reporting from washington, good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. according to officials this raid in somalia targeted senior operatives, reports from the region say it was carried out by drones but in the past, u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s have been a big part of these raids. last year in the same port area, the s.e.a.l.s conducted a late night raid reaching the shore by boat but came under unexpected gunfire and retreated for fears of civilian casualties but these al qaeda affiliated militants are a huge threat in africa and one of beyond so many threats the u.s. adealing with right now. >> one of those, the threat of a russian military escalation in ukraine. would that threat loom and with the president headed to take
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concrete action. >> it's expected a new nato rapid reaction force will be endorsed some 4,000 troops that could be deployed within 48 hours to serve as a detemperature to russia for those nato allies that are near the border. then there's the isis threat, the u.s. is hoping to build a coalition to fight the terrorist group in iraq and see what can be done to stop them in syria, as well. a lot on their plates. >> announcing new measures, thanks very much. >> as you said, a lot on their plate. now to that breakout at a juvenile detention center in tennessee. more than 30 escaping overnight. 17 still on the loose this morning. many of them have committed violent crimes and abc's new senior just first correspondent pierre thomas is in washington with the latest on that. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: this was a huge jail break 11:00 last night, 32 juveniles ages 14 to 17 escaped
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outside of nashville able to slip under the fence and they had been locked up for serious crimes including robbery and assault. overnight police caught half of them but 17 remain at large and temperature police are helping in a massive manhunt. >> how dangerous is this? >> all these young offenders had at least three felonies and some violent in the past. the sheer number is a concern. can you have unexpected encounters with local residents which could be quite dangerous, also you could have car thefts, car chases so important that police get them back in custody as soon as possible. >> hopefully that will happen soon. all right, pierre, thank you. now to amy who has the morning's other developing stories. good morning, amy. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a new fight in the skies. word overnight that yet another airline has been forced to make an emergency landing because of passengers fighting over a reclining seat. abc's david kerley has all the
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details. >> reporter: this is the third incident in a little more than a week where reclining seat disputes have led to a flight being diverted. this was from new york to palm beach which made a stop in jacksonville, florida. a woman knitting decided to recline her seat. a woman behind her was trying to sleep and she had her head on the tray table. according to passengers she started screaming and swearing. a flight attendant approached and try to calm the situation but one passenger said it got worse with the woman demanding the plane be put down now. the plane landed and the woman was removed. >> she was just going nuts. she was like i lost a dog, i lost two dogs in the last month and i want her off or i'm going to leave. i want to you stop the plane. >> reporter: now, the two other incidents involved a seat that reclined and one that didn't. a man used a pair of these to keep it from reclining. the woman threw a cup of water. that flight diverted and they were both taken off the plane. amy, in one of these cases federal charges have been filed.
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>> all right. david kerley, thank you so much. also, one other airline incident to report overnight. an american airlines flight to dallas was forced to return because of this huge crack this the windshield 0 minutes into the flight. thankfully no one was injured. and ow to the west coast where overnight a stubborn wildfire has been burning out of control. the fire in northern california has now doubled in size threatening nearly 700 hopes and scorching 100 square miles. hundreds have been forced to evacuate. the blaze only 15% contained. this is being called one of the largest cocaine busts ever. authorities have seized nearly eight tons of the drug in peru. it would have had ray treat value of $1 billion. if sold in the united states. new images this morning of iceland's most active volcano erupting shooting lava hundreds of feet into the air. air travel so far not being affected by this eruption which could last several weeks if not longer.
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look at those stunning images. all right, next time you think about texting while driving think about this woman from colorado. she admits she is lucky to be alive after slamming into a guardrail. the impact sent a pole crashing through her suv impaling her through her back and hip. we blurred the hospital photo but christina jahnz wants everyone to see how close she came to dying even though she was only driving 20 miles per hour and was using voice texting. fortunately that pole missed her vital organs. all right. how is this for an omen before this. check out this. a couple's baby giving a thumbs up. look how cute it is. being called the fonzie fetus after "the happy days" show. we expect the first words to be hey! they expect twins. i don't see the other one.
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>> the other one is doing a peace sign. >> that was great, thank you. amy. notorious bank robber who appears to have struck again. the ak-47 bandit expected of using that weapon in a string of brazen robberies across the northwest. may now have resurfaced in nebraska. abc's cecilia vega is tracking the case. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. authorities across the west have been trying to catch this man for more than two years. they say he is extremely dangerous. he's already shot a police officer and with that gun he carries they fear he will shoot again. this morning, a massive manhunt is on for this man known as the ak-47 bandit. police saying he is armed, dangerous and at it again. >> we are confident that somebody in the public knows this suspect and can help us solve this case. >> reporter: wanted for five bank robberies in four states striking this time in nebraska ordering employees to empty out the vault and making off with a duffel bag full of cash and just
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like each heist before, he's carrying that high-powered assault weapon complete with a round drum magazine. >> not only does he have a serious weapon but he has a lot of ammo. >> reporter: and now investigators suspect the man seen wearing a sheriff's vest during some of his holdups may, in fact, have been one of their own. >> tactics suggest he may have some military or law enforcement experience. >> reporter: this spree started two years ago in chino, california. allegedly cowing 911 to create a diverse before robbing the bank. >> 911 emergency, what are you reporting. >> i have a bomb, this is not a drill. you hear me? >> reporter: during his escape opening fire on a policeman seriously wounding him. >> he fires four shots at the car. >> reporter: after the heist in california the fbi said he hit banks in idaho, washington, and finally nebraska, sometimes even stopping to count the loot. always wearing a mask to hide his face always carrying that
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gun. >> we're going to do whatever we can do to hunt this guy down. >> reporter: authorities are asking for the public's help and warn not to approach him. they say he is that dangerous. call the police if you see him. there is a $100,000 reward in this case. now to a rescue on the high seas. five people on a sinking boat off the coast of san diego desperately radioing for help. abc's brandi hitt has more on the dramatic distress call. >> mayday, mayday, we have lost all power. we have a hole. we have two holes in the boat. >> reporter: listen to this distress call one pleading for help as the boat he and four others are aboard is rapidly filling with water. >> grab our signal. we are going down. >> reporter: the 30-foot boot 17 miles way from the san diego shore losing power saturday. the pump system unable to
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operate. water weighing the vessel down and the boat leaning precariously to one side. >> no power and holes in the boat. >> reporter: i didn't know if there was a giant hole or a pinhole in the boat but there was a problem. >> reporter: the men on a deep sea fishing expedition able to radio for help firing an emergency flare in the air. >> we couldn't find anything because the bucket wouldn't fit so dunking water bottles in. >> reporter: a good samaritan rushing to their rescue. >> 45-footer. >> reporter: the coast guard moments behind using pumps to remove the water before towing it to safety. >> on the way back we were full of energy, full of zeal for saving lives. >> i won't forget these people. >> roger that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> i'm sure he sure won't forget them any time soon. the latest on joan rivers fighting for her life after suffering a heart attack five days ago during a medical
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procedure. this morning reports that doctors are beginning the next phase of her treatment and mara schiavocampo is outside the hospital with more. good morning, mara. >> reporter: george, good morning. rivers' family says she continues resting comfortably and now new word of a possible medical development today. >> can we talk? >> reporter: this morning, joan rivers known for making so many laugh remains in serious condition. she's been unconscious at new york's mt. sinai hospital for nearly five days now and though the hospital is not commenting, this morning, "entertainment tonight" reports doctors started the process of gradually waking the 81-year-old out of the medically induced coma. rivers hospitalized after going into cardiac arrest at this manhattan endoscopy clinic but one doctor who is not treating rivers says easing the sedation may not necessarily improve her
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condition. >> once the medication is stopped, then the doctors typically will see if the patient wakes up and responds to voice or to touch or to pain or perhaps the patient may remain in a coma. >> is she supposed to poof out like that or did nicki minaj try it on before her. >> reporter: this morning rivers' famous friends continue to express their support. barry manilow tweeting "oh, joanie, this isn't funny. please wake up. i promise i'll be your piano player for free again loving you and praying for @joanrivers. she was seen in these pictures entertaining crowds in new york city. just one of many appearances she has planned over the next few months. the doctors say rivers will teed to be closely monitored. >> doctors will need to be very careful in watching for problems
7:16 am
that would lead to a dard yak arrest a second time. >> reporter: now reportedly doctors will be better able to assess rivers' condition once that medical sedation is lifted. now, as far as her show on e! is concerned the network hasn't said whether or not they have plans to tape new episodes of "fashion police" for now? hope that turns out okay. switching gear, what a story you have. >> calling all couch potatoes. if you are watching your waistline you may want to be aware of what you're watching in general. a new study showing how your favorite shows and movies could cause you to reach for the snack bowl. >> how do you know what you're doing? >> i don't. >> reporter: they are the flicks that keep us on the edge of our seats and hanging on to every move. but could action-packed thri thrillers also be waistline killers? >> talk to the hand. >> reporter: a new study from cornell university finding that compared to lower-paced movies
7:17 am
fast-paced flips may lead to more snacking. randomly assigning 100 stunt so watch "the island" as opposed to "charlie rose" on public television. >> one after another they keep going to the darkness and don't return. >> reporter: those participants were given generous amounts of cookies, candies, grapes and it turns out the students who watched "the island" ate 140 more calories than the students who watched "charlie rose." that's 65% more calories. >> even watching an action film without sound still led people to eat 47% more calories compared to the talk show. >> reporter: the theory, the viewers tend to be more distracted by fast-paced flicks leading to more mindless eating. >> thanks for the advice. >> hey, we're here for you. there are other studies that show cooking programs attract
7:18 am
more unhealthy eating than nature shows and in general watching any sort of good tv increases the appetite. a little food for thought. so if you're snacking right now, we understand. >> thank you. >> these ideas, it's incredible. >> i found the cooking one to be so -- i would be reaching -- i would think i'd be reaching -- in just the option. is the weather action-packed? >> yi, grab those bowls. >> heat and humidity. >> everybody goes back to school and new york city could see our hottest temperature yet this summer today. we could to 92 right over the top. we get to 91 earlier in july but as you know most of us have a relatively cool summer overall in the northeast, parts of the great lakes. here's where the rest of the heat is stuck. everyone getting back to their regular routine. you'll need a little air-conditioning to keep you cooled off. heat index could reach close 100 and tropical storm dolly stays 150 miles south of brownsville.
7:19 am
muggy start to the day as students and teachers get back into the swing of things. on our weatherbug camera we have a warm 75 degrees, the sun is going to he does up to about 94 this afternoon. by 1 p.m.., 92 there is a threat for storms
7:20 am
after 5:00. we will see a bit less so the tropical storm in mexico, the severe storms in the center, you are right actionwise. did you get your calories in? >> eating popcorn. >> she has the entire time. our girl. coming up on "gma," the latest on the hollywood hack attack. the fbi part of the escalating investigation and the scramble right now to secure your photos online. a bizarre twist in a high-profile murder case. a shocking recording from two detectives working the case. could the suspect now walk free? plus, "gma investigates" how to save your own life if you suddenly lose control of your car in a flash flood. we have brand-new life-saving tips from our reporter. a lioness about to be released from her cage. wait till you see what happens next.
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>> good tuesday morning. is that an: 26. known as terrible traffic tuesday, let's see if it lives up to its name. how is it going? >> problems on macarthur boulevard inbound, still blocked between falls road and break yard road. that, you will have to take another route between fall and break yard. on thea west bound, inner loop of the beltway we will find that a slow trek. the accident there is clearing very clearly. moving southbound on georgia avenue, that is what you are looking at there, terrible traffic tuesday. how is the weather looking for
7:28 am
our wonderful wet day? >> there will be some showers later. for the roads this morning there is no rain. look at the sunshine behind us road rising up from the top camera. 90 to 95 later this afternoon. futurecast shows that by 5:00 we could have some storms. keep in iowa those. we will see still hot conditions for the rest of the work week. >> parents might want to pack the rain coat or umbrella for the hundreds of thousands of students in virginia headed back to school today. class is back in session in arlington county, alexandria, fairfax, loudoun, and prince williams cos.. -- andoah king of george, and west moreland counties. good luck to all of those students and staff headed back today.
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♪ tell me why ♪ ain't nothing but a heartbreak ♪ ♪ tell me why there they are, big announcement this morning, big alliance. our hashtag already trending high coast to coast, "gma" nick & knight. nick carter and jordan knight of new kids on the block and their new album just out and they will be performing live here this morning and you knew it the minute you came in. lots of young women lined up outside very early this morning. >> yeah. >> for "gma" nick & knight. hol
7:31 am
hacking attack. so many stars including jennifer lawrence and kate upton victims of the crime. the desperate scramble underway right now to prevent it from happening again. "gma investigates" what you should do if you're trapped in a flash flood. your car submerged. you have seconds to lee yak. there's matt gutman. he went through it and he's got life-saving tips that could really, really help. all right, then we are getting our first look at angelina jolie's stunning wedding gown. her kids helping create the veil and the cake all the ways they helped planned a top secret wedding. what i agreat idea. they kept et a secret. >> they did. >> love that the children were apparently the wedding planners. sweet. we'll have detail as head. we begin with the latest on that massive hollywood hacking crime. provocative protos of such big stars as julia louis-dreyfus and kate upton and posted online.
7:32 am
the fbi is investigating and abc's rebecca jarvis has that story for us. >> reporter: from jennifer lawrence to kate uptown this morning the fbi says it's actively investigating what could be the largest hack of racy celebrity photos in history. more than 100 star leis allegedly targeted by a user called himself blunt mastermind who posted them to the website 4chan. this is a frag plant violation of privacy. the authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of jennifer lawrence." a representative for upton confirming the authenticity of the pictures and prompting legal action. others including arianna grand da, victoria justice calling their pictures fakes. either way the alleged hack is raising major security concerns and not just for celebrities. it appears at least some of the material came from some sort of cloud, that is servers which store all of our data from our
7:33 am
e-mails to our pictures. if you use services like dropbox, google, apple or facebook, your data is in the cloud. even if you have deleted photos from your phone oftentimes they've already been uploaded to the cloud. >> if you don't have a picture you don't want anybody to see ever you shouldn't take it to begin with. >> it's not clear how the celebrity photos were leaked but apple says it is investigating whether any of its systems were compromised. we take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report. so how can you protect your own photos and information on the internet? use unique and separate passwords for all your accounts. and able two-step verification on all apps. first user name and password and random randomly generated private code via text message and accept software updates that arm your smartphone with protection.
7:34 am
sources telling me they believe this hack was not into apple's icloud which has some of the strongest safety protections but no another cloud storage provided offering offering this warping to anyone trying to search for those online, hackers are already exploiting the issue and they are posting fake links that claim to take you right to the pics but instead they are taking you straight to a virus you download on to your computer or phone. >> not wasting any time with that. we bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams. oftentime when this happens there is no prosecution. will it be different this time? if no question that the law is behind the technology on this. but there are a whole host of potential crimes here. you've got -- talking about the ability of identity theft, wiretapping, unauthorized access to a computer. remember 2012 there was a case where someone had improperly and illegally accessed the e-mails
7:35 am
of scarlett johansson and christina aguilera serving ten years so this is serious stuff when it comes to the law. >> how about those celebrities who have said these are fake. they're not real. >> that takes them out of the criminal and civil realm. there will be some who say i want to sue, et cetera, anyone saying it's not me is immediately going to be saying in effect i'm not going to be part of this case because as far as i'm concerned these aren't pictures of me. >> you said the hackers are in deep trouble here. how about the websites that post these photos. >> look, there's -- there are protections in the law that protect websites from information that individuals post on them. but the individuals who are now -- there are some individuals who are going out and reposting some of these photos, they're getting in trouble from places like twitter and et cetera and could certainly theoretically be sued at a later time but i don't think that's likely but the
7:36 am
focus on the person who committed this offense. >> dan, thank you. >> thank you, guys. an unusual story about a murder suspect facing a big gamble. he has the chance to balk free without facing trial if he can prove his innocence by passing a lie detector test. it could backfire. >> reporter: gustavo dubond facing life in prison in the high-profile murder case of a prominent florida businessman and facing a high haf stakes challenge from prosecutors. agreed to take a polygraph, pass and walk free. but fail it and have it used against him at trial. he is accused of the brutal 2007 killing of francisco cuevas, a father of four. he was charged with kidnapping and first degree murder last year after police say he confessed. he has pleaded not guilty but in this shocking recording two detectives working the case caught on tape telling their
7:37 am
supervisor they think dubond is innocent. >> seriously, seriously, serious doubts dubon had anything to do with it. >> reporter: one detective failed to remove his microphone after reviewing an unrelated suspect in another case and it was released to the attorney for dubon. they say he gave a false confession. >> he doesn't know where the body is. we don't know anything about the body. >> what you hear in that is an intelligent debate between two officers and their sergeant. >> reporter: greg rossman still moving forward with the trial but offering the polygraph as a possible get out of jail free pass. >> if, in fact, the defendant passes the polygraph as to their involvement in the crime we drop the case. >> reporter: according to the american polygraph association proponents say they're accurate around 90% of the time while critics would argue that's closer to 70%.
7:38 am
the next hearing in the case set for thursday and dubon still undecided whether he will take the polygraph. for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> wow. he has a big decision ahead. boy, ginger, that picture straight out of "wizard of oz" land. >> mammatus clouds is what they're called. they almost look like a painting. i know, it does make sense. but the other storms you can see in the back, austin after the storm pats but can be before so kind of just around storms is when you see them. let's check in the west, though, we have not talked about them. 82, los angeles, 75, san diego. staying pretty dry and warm as we go into the end of the week. monsoon moisture should start to be on the increase, seattle that a warm and muggy 75 degrees, in virginia the kids are getting back this morning with clear
7:39 am
skies now, progressing throughout the day, 89 by 11 t >> all that weather brought to you by target. mammat mammatus, the word of the day. >> and the way you say it too. ginger, thank you. coming up carbs versus fat, the major new study revealing what you should really drop from your diet if you want to drop lbs and get healthy. the brand-new code they want you to know this morning. ♪ ♪
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♪ back now at 7:42 with a "gma investigates" and an incredible new experiment this morning revealing what to do if you're caught in a flash flood or fast-rising water. abc's matt gutman bravely got behind the wheel to test out a new way to escape a submerged car. >> reporter: imagine you're behind the wheel of a car speeding around a corner one moment then losing control crashing into a lake the next. you're engineered to react with a single emotion. terror. let's take a step back. this wasn't an accident. in fact, it's all precisely planned under the guidance of the indiana state police and doctor gordon geesebreck the guru of a new theory of escaping a submerged car alive. >> what i'm trying to do is create the stop, drop and roll
7:44 am
for the 21st century. seat belts, window, children, out. >> reporter: on average 300 americans die a year in submerged cars and i'm about to find out why. as we prepare to crash the car into the water, he walks me through the new method so we can all escape live. >> have the seat off off so you can move and two, you have to have an exit so you have somewhere to move to, not the door. >> you need to plan -- >> there are three safety divers in the wear, one in the car equipped with air tanks should we get into real trouble. >> all right. it's go time. i round the cones and hit the ramp at 15 miles an hour. i unclick my seat belt. roll down the window get my pretend baby and flop out of the window into the water. >> sorry, kid. >> reporter: one key life "saved by the bell" ing tip. >> do not touch your cell phone.
7:45 am
if you touch it you're probably going to die. where your car is floating when you can open the windows before the water gets up above the side windows. >> reporter: another tip, keep a sharp object or a window punching toll like this in your car. for decades experts taught us the only way to survive was letting the car fill with water before opening the door and switching out. >> that's the method that gets you killed. >> reporter: don't wait for the water to come in the car. >> unless you want that to be your final resting place. >> reporter: now it's time to do it again. this simulating real-life problems. this jeep will shove our car into the pond. suddenly that jeep is pushing us much faster this time. well over 20 miles an hour. going over the ramp and down the bank, all of us shocked at the force it hits the water. this time the water isn't trickling in, it's flooding in and i'm about to make it worse. >> try the door now. see if you can open it.
7:46 am
we're all surprised when somehow i can. more water flooding in, the window is now stuck so i shatter it with that pumper but in a helter-skelter to escape the car i forget something. really important. >> the child? >> i shimmy out as the water engulfs the car. watch ow quickly this car goes under. but the safety diver is still inside. seconds later they pop out. if he hadn't been drained it's possible they would have drowned. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, indianapolis. >> that was an incredible, incredible piece. >> such helpful information. >> and those window punchers, they're about $10. every car should have one. >> you need to have that. every second counts. >> wow. >> great job, matt. coming up all sizes are not created equal. how you can find the perfect pair of jeans. we're going to put your favorite
7:47 am
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♪ so excited we are so excited. you have no doubt heard of a big bear hug. gio benitez is in the social wi scare with a different hug. >> check it out.
7:51 am
the video has more than 2 million hits and growing. let's take you to africa right now to meet a lioness named serga. in that case she acts more like a puppy. watch. oh, she just -- once this man opens up that gate. watch what happens. just lunges at him. but it's not an attack. it's a big cat hug. it turns out that lioness has a lot of affection for that man because he raised her from birth as one of the co-founders of a wildlife project in bought swan in proving that sometimes human and beast can owe exist. >> ah. >> don't try that at home, please. tory johnson coming up. ♪ not about the money coming up, "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard for these dees and cash back. ♪
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the fire phone, the only smartphone that includes a full year of prime. >> good morning. it is 7:56 this morning. let's get started the look at your traffic. can we get an eye on the roads? >> this morning we did have reports that the boulevard was
7:57 am
closed. and we had callers on the scene that had reopened in the brickyard. southbound 270, you will have problems there. over one hour to get down to the lane divide right now. a crash in the right lane, lanes are open. how is it looking out there for the weather? sticky, with, humidity it feels like 80 degrees. sunshine now, but later this afternoon by 5 p.m. thunderstorms will start to roll through. to 95.ay, 90 that is the air temperature. with humidity it will feel degrees. 100 tomorrow, a bit less humidity, staying hot for the rest of the
7:58 am
week, a powerful cold front sliding through. sunday, temperatures are in the lower 80's and upper 70's, returning by next week. tcchris brown has arrived at superior court and is expected to plead guilty. the r&b singer is accused of punching a man outside the w hotel. our sister station will have a full report on his court appearance in just a few minutes. another live up a coming at 8:27. for now, back to new york.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's tuesday, 8:00 a.m. and brand-new details on brad and angelina's top secret wedding. the drop dead gorgeous dress revealed and from the cake to the vows how the kids planned it all. ♪ story of my life the big battle between low fat and low carb. what really helps you lose weight and stay healthy. ♪ perfect fit or is it? cracking the code to finding the best jean size for you. our investigation. ♪ let it go and the secrets behind
8:01 am
megahit "frozen" how "let it go" changed the entire story and had everyone calling for a rewrite. ♪ all that and an epic boy band reunion, nick carter and jordan knight here as we say -- >> good morning, america! >> there they are right now, two of the biggest boy band stars of all time. nick carter of the backstreet boys, jordan knight from new kids on the block. they are together now called nick & knight, a brand-new album and they'll perform live in just a bit. >> and they are men. they are boys no more. when a matchup. >> i know. exactly. >> we'll hear from them in our last half hour. the nfl season kicks off this week so tory is here with an incredibl "deals & steals" for football fans. over 50% off must haves for any fanatic, all i have to say is
8:02 am
who dat. who da national -- >> i was going to say, we are. we have a huge live event coming up this week on "gma." we're revealing the brand-new cast on "dancing with the stars." it's that time again. we can't wait to find out who will be on the new season and all the stars will be here thursday. you'll see them right here. >> always a lot of fun. >> big morning. that is coming up. right now news from amy. good morning, everyone. and we begin with president obama heading to europe today to focus on the escalating crisis with russia. the president is showing solidarity with eastern european allies after troubling developments. russian president vladimir putin has been quoted as saying, he could take over all of ukraine in two weeks if he wanted to. an aide says it was taken out of context but ukraine has already warned of a great war that could cost tens of thousands of of lives unless russian troops leave the country and nato is preparing a troop of 4,000 to
8:03 am
deploy to the region if needed. the u.s. launched new air strikes in africa sergeatargeti shabaab. the group linked to al qaeda that claimed responsibility for the bombing of an upscale shopping mall in kenya last year that killed 67 people. the air strikes reportedly targeted the group's leader, the pentagon has yet to confirm whether he was killed. more severe weather is on tap today after labor day storms pummeled the midwest. eight tornadoes were reported from michigan to kansas, two of them confirmed with winds topping 100 miles per hour. hail the size of tennis balls pelted homes and cars near wichita. and downpours slammed detroit dumping 2 inches of rain in just one hour. ginger's forecast is coming up. well, the city of detroit's widely watched bankruptcy case moves to federal court with worker benefit and penguinss all at stake. city lawyers will argue that plans to trim about $7 billion in debt should be approved. those plans include hundreds of
8:04 am
millions of dollars in donations, meant to soften cuts to city workers benefit and penguins plans. we've long known breast-feeding does a baby good but finding out about more benefits much researchers say breast fed babies have lower obesity rates and healthier diets by the time they turn 6 and found the longer a mother breast-feed, the lower the child's risk of throat, sinus and ear infections. this is going to be pun-tastic. a wild goose chase has ruffled feathers in one new york neighborhood. a beloved goose has been swiped off its front porch. the bird isn't real, an 80-pound concrete statue but this has been a neighborhood icon for years passed down from the owner's mom and always dressed for the holidays, parties and other special occasions. hopefully police will take another gander at the case and catch the thief. you were warned. back over to you.
8:05 am
>> i think she snuck five in there. >> way to go. >> can i just say, amy, i'm so proud of you. >> i learn from the best, lara. >> thanks. now to a new study that takes on one of the biggest diet debates, is it more important to cut carbs or fat if you want to lose weight and stay healthy. jen ashton here with what the researchers found. >> back away from the bagel. that is the one -- sorry. this is actually an interesting study. they compared a group of people followed them for a year. those on a low-carb diet got 30% of their calories from carbs over the day. low fat got about 30% of their calories from fat. at the end of the year indianapolis 500 not just about what we saw on the outside the low carb lost more, they lost eight pounds more but on the inside their risk factors for heart disease all improved significantly compared to the low fat. >> not even close. >> you're not surprised by this at all. >> i am not surprised at awe, you guys. i have been promoting this for
8:06 am
years. it was in my second book which i talked about with you here. and the fact of the matter is you can actually eat more than you think. you have a lot more energy, you don't get the activation of those brain centers where we see surges after eating carbs and it's a very healthy way to eat. in moderation. >> so, jen, give us a picture. a typical day, what does the look like. >> bacon and eggs actually for breakfast. not seven days a week but the majority of the day. for lunch a salad with grilled chicken not loaded with dressing then for dinner, fish, vegetables, plenty of fruit, lots of coffee. >> oh, lots of coffee. >> carbs fill you. satisfy you. >> temporarily but we burn right through them and what doesn't get used for fuel gets stored as fat. >> is onettier than the other? >> i think low carbs metabol metabolically -- >> cupcake -- >> bake away from the bagel, pancakes and walk away from the waffles. >> well done, jen.
8:07 am
>> it's been nice. >> we don't like hearing it but we need to. >> i'm going to go do -- right now let's do a little "gma morning menu." first up in "pop news" how angelina and brad's kids helped plan every detail of their top secret wedding and we'll show you that stunning dress. plus what you need to know to find the right side jeans for you and why sole of your favorite brands, they don't add up. tory johnson is here getting near your computer. incredible "deals & steals." these are must haves for all the football fans in your life. kickoff of the new season, we're bringing it to you live here on "gma" in times square. hey, guys. hey, guys. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium. new nexium 24 hour, now available without a prescription. ♪ ♪
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8:12 am
apply online or at a bank of america near you. ♪ ♪ smell like i sound just in time for apple picking season. this is an enterprising dad. isn't this genius. peel a lot of fruit in a short amount of time. is that a knife he has with him. >> it's a peeler. >> it's a peeler. that is incredible. that's all he needs. >> he's good at that. >> kidding eating their apples. thousands are watching on youtube and trending big overnight about to cross a million clicks. look at all -- how many apple pies you could make. >> i wonder how you decide you're going to do that. >> i don't know but it is close to apple picking season, right? weather. >> no rush though. no rush. >> okay. let's rush right into "pop news." shall we. your first look inside brad and
8:13 am
angelina's wedding. "people" magazine has jolie on their cover looking beyond beautiful inner atelier versace gown and photos from the intimate affair on "hello!" magazine. the kids very involved in planning every detail. maddox and pax walked mom down the aisle, the flower girls were zahara and vivienne and all the kids have al shabaab a hand in designing her gown and veil with images drawn by the kids. we love this idea. it's so personal. get this. pax was the cake maker. yes. 10-year-old pax baked the cake and something borrowed was taken care of when brad pitt forgot to pack a tie he got a loner from one of his sons. >> that's cute. >> really, really wonderful. congratulations again. next summer's box office is looking pretty good people. the sequel to that little diddy
8:14 am
called "magic mike" has started production. steven soderbergh tweeted this with the caption "it's on." soderbergh has since retired, he directed it then he he requitir. he's back and wanted to be a part of it in some way and really why wouldn't you, steven? "magic mike xxi" is the title. shannon tatum is back as mike lane who is a stripper and now we know it can be revealed that the plot line revolvers around his road trip to a stripper convention. >> what do you mean plot line? >> that is deep. robin. you have no idea what -- >> dialogue. all about the dialogue. >> my bad? and the convention. >> yes. >> and the convention. and finally how much would you pay for a piece of 33-year-old cake? how much? >> nothing. >> well, amy, what if i told you it was from princess diana's
8:15 am
wedding to prince charles? >> still nothing. >> would you pay -- no, okay. not so much. someone paid $1400. the slice was just sold online in its original white and silver presentation box. i believe we call those doggie bags here in this country. it also came with a card that read "with best wishes from the royal highnesses prince and princess of wales." this may strike you as odd. maybe this will answer your follow-up. it seems like an odd purchase but the auction house spokesperson said there is a huge community of dedicated royal cake collectors out there and some of you bought cake from as far back as 1840. now go ahead. >> how do they keep it? >> they freeze it, george and why do they keep it? that's the keep question that i will be pondering on my road trip to the stripper convention. >> wasn't there a "seinfeld" episode about this? remember when -- >> yes, yes. >> there always is. >> one about everything. >> that's true.
8:16 am
that's what "pop news" and what people are talking about. >> "heat index" coming up. ginger with the weather. >> so my new friends out here were telling me they're from massachusetts. and they're part of team erin and aaron. we will be seeing times square all lit up and sill great and celebrating part of the weather forecast and that includes what we can see here. a picture from just outside hollywood beach, florida. that is a waterspout. very thin and you can see that rotating over the ocean fortunately stayed out there. look for a high surf advisory outside brownsville thanks to that tropical storm going into mexico and some scattered storms >> the southwesterly flow the ginger was just talking about is going to be pumping heat and humidity for us today. 76 right now, have -- headed to scatteredfax, a few clouds, 89 degrees by 11:00. 94 is the high.
8:17 am
scattered thunderstorms possible, a little bit less humid. 90 degrees for the remainder of could everyone help me wish this young lady -- your name. >> diane. >> a happy retime. you got this part off your bucket list. all right. "gma," done. let ee get in to everybody else. >> happy retire. diane. first up in "heat index" trending big on "the new york times" website and just in time for all those young adults heading off to college an op-ed asking if that degree is really preparing students for the real world? the author citing a recent poll from the online job site after college saying that 83% of graduating college seniors said they didn't have a job lined up as of the spring and suggesting that colleges create a course in career training and make it a mandatory requirement for graduation. they said there's a diskept between the -- in the school
8:18 am
about career options and letting them know how to go about to apply that degree to get a job. >> great idea. >> to give kids a way to also job interviews, all the things you have to have. skis you have to have. >> i like that idea but a debate whether college should be exploring yourself or tracking you into a -- >> why do you have to choose? have one class freshman year -- >> exploring is great until you have bills to pay. >> and exploring whether or not what you think you want to do is really what's suited for you. >> yeah. >> but it's also -- i learned how to --%. >> very practical. >> my new -- supply learned how to balance a checkbook in college. there was some wonderful life lessons -- >> did you have money to balance? >> not much so that made it a little bit easier. >> i learned -- >> you guys are on fire. >> welcome back, robin. >> okay, next up in the "heat index," this is a big one. what's more important if you have that afternoon slump, coffee or a nap?
8:19 am
well, there's a new study that says that coffee nap may be the right way to do it of it's not scientifically completely c conclusive but the idea you have your cup of coffee before take ago i 20-minute nap. it takes 20 minutes for the caffeine to get into your system. a 20-minute nap is the ideal length so if you go for 20 minutes the coffee and nap kick in. >> i might do some research this afternoon on that. that soups -- >> so counterterinu tiff. i love the idea and thaw wake up more alert and ready to go. two of my favorite things. >> coffee is waking you up. >> how that works, amy. >> i'll let you know tomorrow. >> all of you at home what mawas up up more, 52% a nap, 48% said coffee. also in our "heat index" robin williams' daughter sell da is making a return to twitter after deleting her account from her devices in august after the death of her dad, zelda became a
8:20 am
victim of online bullying following her father's death and sharing a powerful message with her followers back online quoting her dad's "mrs "mrs. doubtfire" co-star harvey fierstein who said "never be bullied into silence. never allow yourself to be made a victim. accept no one's definition of your life, define yourself." >> perfect. >> words to live by. >> i'm glad she feels like she can get back out there and i think everybody needs to just give her a break. >> so very important. all right. next up, everybody. on the "heat index," finding the perfect pair of jeans. we all know it's tough. and eight-in-one brand isn't the same as a size eight in another brand. it does eight things? a size eight in one brand may not be the same in another brarndz.
8:21 am
becky worleworley, what did you. >> when i find those eight-in-one jeans you'll be the first to get them. if you ever ordered online, you know how it is. you go et them in your side and when they arrive sometimes they fit. sometimes they don't. well why is that? that's the question we set out to ansz. ♪ 12 inches is a foot. 16 oupszs is a pound. so all size jeans should have the same measurements, right? hmm. we ordered seven pairs of boot cut jeans all different brands. >> i normally wear a size. >> size 8. >> we asked two teach attorneys try them on. >> these are super high waisted. >> oh, yeah, i'm not buying these. >> of the seven brands each stever said only three fit them the way they expected. for clair it was gap. j. crew and express. for very lario, grab, j. crew and joe's and american eagle was the furthest from a good fight. >> i sit down and there's this.
8:22 am
>> reporter: we asked 9 instructors at san francisco's academy of art university school of fashion to measure all the pants. >> all these size 8s were exactly the same size. >> not exactly. not even close. >> reporter: they found the waist measurements rank from 31 inches all the way up to 35 inches. >> probably wouldn't buy these. >> reporter: since some sat higher or lower. >> too short in the back. >> reporter: this is somewhat an issue of style, the hip measurement were just as wide ranking. >> not too much give. american eagle the biggest at under 40 inches and joe's were the narrowest at 36. so four inches of difference in the hips. >> that's quite a difference. >> reporter: the leg circumference from a sizable span, two inches difference between the joe's and levi's. is this range abnormal? is there a stand forward for sizing. >> as far as i can see there is no standard. there's standards within a brand that conform form to what a customer wants. >> reporter: levi's responded saying trial is a critical
8:23 am
component of finding the perfect fit. joe's explained the measurement in leg opening is small story offer a sexier take on the traditional bootcut." until we come up with virtual try-ons only way to find a good fit is one leg at a time. american -- we are and i have to start this by saying american eagle declined to comment for this story but our conversation is really why would they do this? four inches of difference between these two size, it's a measuring employ. once you know what size you are in a specific brand you have one brand you love? >> i do. i like ag. >> and then what's your fave? >> i like gap and i also like joe's jeans. >> once you're locked in, you're locked in for life because you know what size you are. it's all marketing, girls. >> really. that is fascinating. thank you very much, beck. love that. and robin, you're outside. >> going to the bowl. are you ready for some football?
8:24 am
we are so is tory jofrns who has gathered great "deals & steals" for our football fans. go to our website, on yahoo! for everything you need to get the bargains. i took a peek sneak at the first one. i'm so excited. all i can say is who dat. >> we did this just for you from the nfl photo store. i think we combine this and sending you to the super bowl. you can do the same thing. either canvas or framed. big, big assortment. every single team to choose from. the mes are beautiful as you can see in person. normally starting at $100 slashed by 55%. really starting at $45. a piece of art. >> you made me very happy. we take on the falcons this weekend, go, saints. >> and now -- and next, the a big assortment of accessories made from the same material footballs are for desk accessory, luggage tag, your sunglasses, normally starting at
8:25 am
$13 all slash also by 60% so 6.50. >> you're going to like this one too. >> you're going to like this. a "good morning america" favorite all made in merge. i pulled the saints right here, baby. every single nfl team either 2k3w0e8dtone, silvertone, your choice from their whole collection normally $32, slashed in half, 16 bucks. >> there you go. >> next, these are also fun depending on your beverage of choice during the ball game. so these are from a company called host. cooling mind and wine glasses so you put this in the freezer for two hours and then your beverage stays cold for hours and hours without diluting it with lots of ice. normally for the pair start ago the $25 these are slashed in half, 12.50 for a pair. >> your beverage of choice. >> our beverage of choice. >> as always -- >> and as alwa, this is from a company called sportula.
8:26 am
i didn't know if i would have you or strahan so prepared for both. this company is fabulous. they make both the tongs as well as the spatula or they call it the sportula. nfl teams and collegiate team, as well. entire website part of this deal starting at $25 slashed in half, $12.50. i mean are you going to the super bowl or what? >> oh, my goodness. i'm so happy. football season is upon us. thank you, tory. thanks to all of these companies for providing these great deals. head to on yahoo! to get the codes and links for these bargains. join one of the biggest boy bands of all time, nick carter and jordan knight. come on back. "good morning america's" "deals & steals" is brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back.
8:27 am
♪ morning. it is 8:27 on this tuesday. usually referred to as terrible traffic tuesday. let's get right over to jim to see just how bad it is on this first day back. >> we will take you on a magic carpet ride on the beltway. we have got a roll of red this morning in the roadway. out to get that out of the way very soon.
8:28 am
beltway, 95 inhe aorgia avenue, it is just mess right now, over one hour to get from frederick to the and -- to the lane divide. a problem on 66, slow traffic there. how is that weather shaping up? hot and humid. 74 degrees, virginia, clark county, look at the sunshine. at three miles per hour, brees year later today, 94 is a hive. it we'll feel like 100 degrees with humidity. 4:00, 5:00, thunderstorms moving through that may impact your evening commute. for the rest of the week with a big-time cooldown by the end of the weekend. >> thank you. today marks the 69th anniversary
8:29 am
of the j day, the day that japan effectively surrendered, ending world war ii. services begin this morning at the world war ii memorial. petersen, a former u.s. marine officer, will serve as master of ceremonies. thank you for watching. one more news update is coming up.
8:30 am
♪ i know you've thinking you're better off leaving but you'll never going to find another me ♪ ♪ whoa ho ho you're going feel so stupid when you realize what you did no one could make you feel like me no one else is going make you go ♪ ♪ whoo-hoo it'll never be >> nick carter and jordan knight performing "one more time" off "nick & knight" after yearing of
8:31 am
making music with new kids on the block and backstreet boys. >> they have fans. they've got moves. yes. hey, also coming up, "duck dynasty's" phil robertson unfiltered. with a brand-new book out speaking out on family, religion and stetting the record straigh on those comments that got him into trouble. robin. >> well, all right there, lara. thank you. let's get a big welcome to our colleague and dear friend david muir. he officially -- yes. hey. there was no applause sign, david. that was from the heart. i he takes over as the anchor of "world news tonight." beginning of a new and exciting ear r you know how we feel about you. i've known you and i've known of your passion and your devotion. this is something that you've thought about as a small child. >> yeah, you and i have talked about how important family is especially when you're a small child growing up.
8:32 am
i was the 12-year-old with a dream and wrote to the local newscaster and waited for that letter to come back and finally did. he said, you know, there's always room for the right person, it could be you. and a week or two later i'm in the tv station carrying the tripods and the scripts and for years on my summer breaks they would let me come in and measure how much i had grown from summer to summer on the newsroom wall with a bright red face but now i look back and so grateful to everyone who gave me a shot. >> you are the right person for being in that chair. you know that and it's not just about being in the chair. you're going to get out. that's what you are known for and you're going to continue to do that. >> i think the viewers at home who watch our reporting would say what happened to this guy if i wasn't still out in the field doing these stories and we're just back from the syrian border because there are so many children who have left syria with their families from middle class family, their parents were theechers, lawyers and now they're living in lebanon and the children are the ones who actually support the entire family. i want everyone to get their
8:33 am
firsthand look at this. >> let's do it. >> reporter: there is no school bus waiting, instead a truck of the children soon spilling over. and we board the truck with them. we're not going to school. we're headed to the fields. she points out the way. this way? >> this way. >> this way? >> reporter: the children, their tiny hands holding on many from middle class families in syria, now they are the ones who support their families. you're going to work on the potatoes. potatoes. yes. >> you never stop to think about that. >> the children supporting their families and they hire only the children because the adults would have to pay more and learn in the field even the little boys make more than the little girls and say the boys are stronger. >> oh, come on. >> we are shining a spotlight on this tonight and hopefully the world will remember there are children right now, you know, hundreds of thousands of them working, instead of going to school sflul's be all around the world and right here at home made in america. >> made in america. that's right. had say series and this is really the power of where i think the opening news is headed. viewers can now reach out and
8:34 am
say when are you coming to our hometown. we discovered the one thing that will save jobs in america and be out there this week. spotlighting another company, another family determined to make it here. a family business from new england and they said we had offers to go to china, mexico and they stayed here and now there's a resurgence and creating jobs and we'll show you what it is. >> always look forward to those reports. i hope you'll still make time for us on this little bitty show called "good morning america." please make time for us. you know how happy we are for you and just all the best. all the very best. >> everyone at home should know, robin, you have been cheering me on every step of the way. >> amen brother. "world news tonight with david muir." you can see it tonight and every night right here an abc. now to ginger with a final check of the weather. >> you know i'll be right there, david, with you, every night, as i am. i wanted to say hello and good morning. you wanted to say hi to family where? >> california and kansas city. >> so good morning from her and hello and then one more. you said to me, i didn't
8:35 am
understand the sign. we love the what -- >> the matter babies. >> then she said what's the matter, baby. oh. i get it. >> nothing's the matter with me, baby. what's the matter with you. >> nothing is the matter with me. it is drying out in some parts of missouri. had more than 5 inches of rain. look at powell, missouri and severe storm forecast will be the issue, baby from lexington, kentucky, up through western new york, look for strong >> hot and humid today. high temperatures climb into the lower and middle >> all that weather brought to you by listerine. i wasn't going to miss you with this and don't worry, happy birthday. thank you. now to phil robertson, the man behind the "duck dynasty" clan is out with a new book
8:36 am
"unphiltered" that covered a lot of business, the controversy over the anti-gay comments that got him suspended from "duck dynasty." we sat down with him to talk about it. >> reporter: he's the outspoken patriarch of one of america's most famous families. millions welcome him into their homes every week on "duck dynasty." phil robertson is also 68 years old and not about to change who he is or what he says. >> wow. >> i mean look at our culture, dude. you can look in any direction and go woe. >> reporter: his comments have gotten him into trouble but robertson isn't backing down in his aptly named book "unphiltered." >> people will read it and decide for themselves but people need to get in their head, dude. i don't hate anybody. >> reporter: he says the book is partially to clarify comments that got him into hot water. the comments were published in "gq" magazine earlier cowing homosexual behavior a sin. >> the only place i know of that i could have gone to answer that
8:37 am
question would be a bible. the dictionary wouldn't have explained it and an encyclopedia would have explained whether it was a sin or not so i went to the only source i had to answer this question. >> reporter: would you consider yourself a homophobe? >> i'm as much of a homophobe as jesus was. people who participate in homosexual behavior need to know i love them. >> reporter: long before the beard he was a clean-cut college quarterback who gave up football when it interfered with duck hunting season. he says he was an alcoholic, a wom womanizer, until he found jesus at the age of 28. that conversion changed his life strengthened his marriage to miss kay and turned his hobby of making duck calls into a multimillion dollar business. >> i'm a highly educated man, maybe a sharker to some, i have a masters degree. i'm no dumbo. >> reporter: his comments about growing up in pre-civil rights
8:38 am
arkansas rubbed some the wrong way and told "gq" i never with my eyes saw the mistreatment of any black person not once." you say that but they couldn't go to the same school. they couldn't use the same water fountain. >> there is one race, one race on this planet. it's called the human race. we're all the same. to me there is absolutely nothing that as color to do with it. >> reporter: there's a lot more in the book much of it religion. a lot said it's the gospel according to you. >> well, it's the gospel according to the scriptures. i didn't dream it up. >> reporter: robertson also dedicates a chapter to money. i guess having money in the bank gives you a little piece of mind but it really hasn't changed our lifestyle much. another chapter tackles what robertson calls america's addiction to social media.
8:39 am
>> i don't have a cell phone. i never turned on a computer in my life. so whatever america is saying or not saying about me true or untrue, what they need to understand is i'm not hearing it. >> reporter: like we said, don't expect phil robertson to change. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, west monroe, louisiana. >> "unphiltered" available now. coming up inside the "frozen" phenomenon. how the song "let it go"
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ let it go disney's megahit "frozen" may not have become the top grossing film without "let it go quote. the triple platinum hit inspired tributes and our sing---long. but even before that "let it go" changed the fate of "frozen." ♪ let it go >> reporter: the song has become a global phenomenon and inspired a generation of tiny budding singers. ♪ let it go let it go >> reporter: to unleash their inner elsa.
8:43 am
♪ i don't care what -- >> reporter: but elsa didn't start out as the misunderstood character? they made her blue and spiky hair and just your quintessential evil queen. >> she had a coat made out of living weasels. all the weasels would crawl up her and make this living fur coat. >> reporter: once upon a time elsa was the villain until fate stepped in and the form of songwriters. >> we were still writing a villain song. and we started getting into the head space of what you'd feel like if you were that isolated. >> limit her contact with people and keep her powers hidden from everyone. >> we knew in this moment she'd go through a transformation from repressed to letting her powers out and sort of trying to get away from society and be who she really was.
8:44 am
♪ >> and once we started kind of writing from that -- from the reality of that, we found that we had something to say. >> so -- >> we got this hook. >> kristin got the hook "let it go." >> because she had to let go of everything she knew and it was this moment of exhilaration when she could finally let go of all she had been holding inside. ♪ couldn't keep it in heaven snows i've tried ♪ >> and the song wrote itself very quickly. it was a day and a half. ♪ well now they know let it go let it go ♪ >> and we sent the demo out and everyone went, oh, my gosh much that's great. shoot, we have to rewrite the whole thing. >> i don't think they said shoot actually. it was a little more four-letter than that. >> i went, oh, god. i have to rewrite the entire movie again.
8:45 am
>> reporter: the song changed the entire plot and movie history was made. ♪ the cold never bothered me anyway ♪ >> so glad they made those changes. and you can catch the story of "frozen" tonight at:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. and, hey, we want to know how many types have you seen it? how many types have you seen -- >> 12 times. >> i figured. >> 12 times 12. >> tweet us using #socialsquare. coming up megaboy band stars nick carter and jordan knight are performing livement don't go
8:46 am
8:47 am
it is a match that is made in boy band heaven. nick carter of the backstreet boys. [ cheers and applause ] jordan knight of new kids on the block. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! coming together to form a
8:48 am
dynamic duo with a brand-new album. they're going to perform the lead single off "nick & knight." you got to love that "nick & knight" but first you got a chance to chat. great to have you here. you've been so fun all morning long. you guys with your respective bands toured together and that's when you decided maybe this was something that's going to work. >> i thought so. i mean we performed a lot on stage together and we seemed to have a chemistry really and we both love doing music outside of the group and we just thought it had be a good idea. we first were talking about doing a tour and he doing solo music and i would do solo music and said it might be a treat for the fans and twist to do a whole album together. >> and seemed like you guys were always in that tour would always be synced up together in they did pair us up together. maybe i'm the blond version of him. i don't know. tell us what we can expect with the new music. >> we're proud of the album. you know, listening to it, i
8:49 am
mean, it's fresh, you know, it's -- we can dance to it. you know, we think the fans are going to love it. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, it's great songs. great song, great music. >> yeah. you go out on tour beginning in a couple of weeks. >> yes. >> we're hearing online people want to know, people want to know, are we going to see some special guests with you perhaps any of this? >> we always like -- we always like surprises when we -- when we tour, and you can get tickets at >> hashtag. >> but always like to do new fresh things and special guests would be one of them, of course. you know, that's why we're doing -- we don't like to do just the old hits but we love doing new music and doing new things for the fan. >> you're staying busy because you have that little vh-1 show. [ applause ] >> you know about that?
8:50 am
>> nick carter, tell us about it. >> a show on vh-1 that comes out on the 10th. september 10th and it's my life with my wife now and how difficult it is to be in a relationship with someone of like me. >> oh. >> yeah. reel quick. you went to a wedding over the weekend. >> oh, yeah. oh. >> someone wanted to know how was the wedding. >> the wedding was absolutely buft in a quaint town outside chicago. they are a match made in heaven. i'm so happy for them. >> donnie wahlberg. >> yeah, it was great to be here. >> jenny mccarthy and donnie wahlberg got married over the weekend. the new kids on the block were the groomsmen. i thought that was so special for donny to ask us to do that and so -- >> yeah. >> you know, good luck and god bless -- >> that's nice. thank you, jordan. thank you, nick. you know what's special right now, ready to hear a little
8:51 am
"nick & knight"? "one more time." the lead single off their brand-new album out today. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ do you remember laying on the floor so drunk you felt we never laughed like that before ♪ ♪ or the time we broke up when you were having doubts ♪ ♪ we tried to talk to it out but started making out ♪ ♪ snow know that you've been thinking you're better off leaving but you're never going to find another me whoa ho ho ♪ ♪ you're gonna feel so stupid when you realize what you did no one could make you feel like me ♪ ♪ no one else is gonna make you go whoo-hoo it'll never be this good ♪
8:52 am
♪ whoo-hoo whoo-hoo no one else could love you like whoo-hoo whoo-hoo ♪ ♪ it'll never be this good whoo-hoo whoo-hoo so let me get it one more time ♪ ♪ don't you remember just how i made you feel the night you came home crying cause you crashed your car again ♪ ♪ now you're talking about just friends but you'd be lying to yourself if you thought someone else can take my play ♪ ♪ i know that you've been thinking you're better off leaving but you'll never going to find another me ♪ ♪ whoa ho ho you're gonna feel so stupid when you realize what you did no one could make you feel like me ♪ ♪ no one else is gonna make you go whoo-hoo it'll never be this good whoo-hoo whoo-hoo ♪ ♪ no one else could love you like whoo-hoo whoo-hoo ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ it'll never be this good whoo-h whoo-hoo whoo-hoo so let me get it one more time ♪ ♪ whoa oh oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh so let me get it one more time ♪ ♪ one more time let me get one more let me get it one more time tonight ♪ ♪ one more time let me get it one more time let me get it one more time tonight ♪ ♪ no one else is gonna make you go whoo-hoo whoo-hoo it'll never be this good ♪ whoo-hoo whoo-hoo no one else could love you like whoo-hoo whoo-hoo ♪ ♪ ♪ it'll never be this good whoo-hoo whoo-hoo so let me get it one more time ♪ ♪ whoa oh oh whoa oh oh ♪ whoa oh oh so let me get it
8:54 am
one more time time ♪ whoa oh oh whoa oh oh
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by weight watchers because it works. >> nick and jordan, we were just serenaded by that audience. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
>> on the parkway before staten road, on car blocking the lane with traffic off to the left. 95 on georgia avenue is what you can expect on the top side of the beltway. 270, still very heavy and slow to get from frederick. here,o the traffic screen 50 and 80 is looking heavy right now. how about the weather?
8:58 am
>> it is going to be pretty nice. but it is going to be hot. and itlready 80 degrees is 8:57. it feels like 84. highs climbing into the 90's lunchtime hour. with humidity it is going to feel like the triple digits. keep an eye on the sky. late this afternoon and evening there is a threat for storms that could contain damaging wind gusts and heavy rain. a little bit cooler by next week. >> thank you. happening today and the commonwealth, deliberations begin in the corruption trial of bob mcdonald and his wife, maureen. 100 $65,000 inng gifts and loans from jonnie williams. an exchange they lovingly promoted his products. if convicted they could face decades in prison. thanks for watching. we will see you back here for "abc 7 news at noon."
8:59 am
"live with kelly and michael" is .
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announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the series "homeland," mandy patinkin. and abc "world news tonight" anchor david muir. plus, we've got something new to grin about. "live's" time to smile travel trivia. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan!


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