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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> a woman raped. the picture the police want you to see. i suspected -- a suspected serial armed robber in custody. are looking for. and a local high school athlete in the national spotlight. >> the biggest game of the year.
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the two best teams in the d.c. area. >> all the big exceeitement under the friday night lights. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. >> happening now in alexandria. an active investigation into a rape the victim was attacked on south reynolds street. police are looking for two men, one the suspect and the other a man who was in the area and who may have information on what happened. we are live in alexandria with more. what can you tell us? investigators need your help on this one. they have very little to go on. they have a new surveillance picture. we will show you that in a second that may help them. first, here is what we know so far. alexandria police tell us sunday night, a 43-year-old woman was attending a party at a bar in t south reynolds
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street. she tells police that a man she did not know raped her between 6:30 and 7:30. news of the attack is putting residents on edge. >> it is scary. you walk sometimes. many people have a dog. they are walking their dogs. it is dangerous. >> take a good look. investigators are trying to track down this man. police stress he is not a suspect, nor is he a person of interest. somebody who was seen on surveillance footage walking with that victim. they are hoping he might have information that could help them find her attacker. the victim was traumatized and does not have a lot of information. so, they are asking you if you know anything about the incident or if you know who the man is in that surveillance picture that you give alexander police a call. >> thank you.
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burglary and arson. both of those charges are filed tonight against a college professor. investigators say they believe departmentpitts, a chair at american university, deliberately set a fire at a d.c. office. the crimes do not end there. richard reeve is live in northwest washington. i hear you spoke with a student who shot video of one of the fires. >> hthat's right. that student was walking along near new mexico avenue. you look upon the street and he saw flames over there. he is one of, among many who are astonished that an au professor is accused of arson and burglary. smart phone video shows one of deliberately set fires along new mexico avenue near american university. >> saw a lot of flames out of the woods. >> the accused arsonist - au department chair david pitts. a chair7, also torched
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at this parking garage security booth and set newspapers on fire outside the starbucks. >> i was shocked, believe me. a professor to do this kind of thing. >> officers responding to a burglary call at this office building say pitts forced his way inside and ran through this parking garage where police ag t caugt him. a if a professor can light fire and rob a building so close to campus, this is someone who teaches. wasitts told police he trying to break into his psychiatrist office to get a prescription. but prosecutors believe he was trying to get drugs from this pharmacy. documents show that montgomery county please have pitts under surveillance. police are investigating him in connection with yet another burglary case. no one answered at pitt's northwest d.c. parkman. police searched there and found more than 5400 prescription pills. >> it is something you do not see every day i new mexico
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avenue. it is shocking. leave fromts is on the school. sources say he is being investigated in connection with a break-in at a mclean pharmacy. he is in jail tonight and faces a bond hearing on monday. >> thank you, rich. now, this just in. an arrest in connection with several armed robberies across the area. d.c. please tell us that curtis fog is responsible for robbers dating back to august 14. the most recent happening september 1. investigators released this surveillance video. during many of the robberies, there was an accomplice. if you recognize something and have more information, police want to talk with you immediately. developing news on a prince george's county. where the search for suspected killer now stretches from maryland to north carolina. wallace is wanted for a death of a three-year-old.s h murdered in landover.
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tonight, the fbi joined the search. investigators believe he could be in the d.c. area, but he also has connections to winston salem, north carolina. a reward for his arrest stands at $45,000. american infected with the ball arrived in the u.s. he contracted the disease at a liberian hospital while delivering babies. he is now receiving treatment at the nebraska metal center. he traveled to liberia one month ago, after learning that two colleagues were diagnosed with ebola. wife says he was well aware of the risks. >> he was so concerned with the children who were going to die from malaria without hospitalization. and the women who had no place to go to deliver their babies. >> unlike his two colleagues, sacre is not going to be treated without experimental drug
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because it turns out there are no doses left. doctors are looking at another experiment treatment. ends withummit agreements on fighting i still. countries agreed to join the u.s. and taking immediate action. the goals will include stopping foreign fighters from entering iraq and syria, cutting off funding, and strengthening iraq's military. dozens of wounded warriors leave tomorrow for a trip to london. 100 service members will be competing in the invictus cgame. they will be competing with competitors from 12 countries. wheelchairude basketball and sitting volleyball. warriors that have been wounded and injured, it is a their level to display ability to overcome their injuries. >> setting some great examples.
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harry created the games. the games start next wednesday. andy, another day of heat humidity but there is some big relief on the way this weekend. abc 7 meteorologist eileen here. >> it is going to be hot and sticky for one more day before those big-time changes come on sunday. now 78. muggy degrees. 82 at reagan national. 79 in gaithersburg. but, we're going to have one more hot day before big changes sunday. that is because of this front. currently over the great lakes, stretching back through northwest ohio and into indiana and illinois. showersnt will bring and storms to our area tomorrow afternoon and evening. but tomorrow it is going to be hot and humid again. highs into the lower 90's. strong storms likely late in the day but much drier and cooler by sunday. more details coming up in a little bit.
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>> the friday night lights tonight were hotter than ever in clifton. twonumber on and number ranked high school teams in the country battled it out. the real energy was in clifton were hundred watch the game. how was it? >> leon, hundreds exactly right. the game just ended. and the turnout was more ny local -- more than a game. everyone here tonight knew that this was playing out on national television. so, the players and their fans pulled out all the stops. it was lights, camera -- >> this is the biggest game of the year. >> and kickoff! >> gonzaga is number one! >> awesome. >> in fact, parents took off work, and pitched grills.
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the wildcats had something to prove. >> they had a great season last year. >> against the gonzaga eagles of d.c. local domination. >> you cdaan win this? >> absolutely because my son is on the team. to upset every effort the number one seed. aside, the rivalry -- boom cameras making of the first time of fairfax county team has played before a national television audience. >> with a reputation and the pride of gonzaga, espn is in the right place. >> one against two in a public
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versus private. they never get to play each other. >> the face-off is much more. privatepublic versus rivalry, was a private school that ultimately won. gaonzaga 31, 14. -- 31-14. >> thanks, robert. stay with us. we have new information about a pilot who lost communication with air traffic control and then crashed into the waters off an eyelid. why investigators believe that they are close to finding the plane next. in the wake of hackers
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off the coast of jamaica, an active investigation into a plane a lost communication with air traffic control and crashed into the waters of the caribbean. investigators spotted an oil slick in the area.
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at this hour, they have not yet recovered the plane. a small plane s unconscious in the cockpit crashing into the caribbean sea. aroundall plane took off 8:45 this morning from rochester heading towards naples, florida. more than an hour into the flight, a problem. >> down to 1-8-0. pilot going silent, no longer responding to radio calls. are scrambledts and they get close, spotting the pilot slumped over at the controls. >> i can see him. chest rising and falling. the first time that we could see he was breathing >> the windows ice over, signs the plane has lost pressure. >> as the plane crosses over
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cuba, the fighter pilots are forced to peel off. the plane crashing 14 miles of jamaica. on board, larry glazer, a real altate beltre and his -- re estate developer and his wife jane. is thet happens, this second time this week that a pilot lost consciousness and crashed. toldis case, the pilot their traffic controllers he did not want to declare an emergency. experts say that in parent judgment is a symptom of hypoxia. u.s. officials say the pilots were told by iran that their flight plan was out of date and they need to go back to afghanistan. the plane ended up landing in iran, because it did not have enough fuel for the return trip. the administration calls the situation "a bureaucratic issue
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." the plane took off and landed in the united arab emirates. espn reports that sales of redskins merchandise is tanking. through august, sales were down 43%. it's not exactly clear why sales dropped, but there's speculation that it is time for the name debate. espn points out that the team had a 3-13 record last season. 7 is on your side with a consumer alert. apple plans to unveil new security features in the wake of the release of nude photos osf celebritie. the company will use e-mail to alert you if someone tries to change a password. so, here's hoping it works.
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>> fingers crossed. >> fingers crossed for some cooler weather this weekend? >> by sunday. heat and humidity tomorrow. and the chance for some strong storms. overnight tonight, we might see some patchy fog. we concede a little bit from our camera this morning in damascus. -- we can see it a little bit from our camera. to the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sun. the heat was the main story. it topped out at 91 at the elementary school. the current temperature, 81 degrees. 77 in leesburg. our highs today, well, in the 90's. 93 degrees at reagan national. everyone in the upper in 80's. so, it is really warm and also very muggy. dew point temperatures in the lower 70's. you just walk outside and you
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can feel it. it feels like a steam bath, but it is going to set the stage for strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow. the cold front stretching through the midwest. it is going to greet us by tomorrow afternoon. out ahead high heat of the front. behind the front, cooler and drier air. and that will be into our region on sunday. tomorrow morning, waking up dry. afterr, to the afternoon, 3:00, we will keep a close eye on the writer. we might begin to see a few stores begin to -- storms begin to pop. andce this line of showers storms projected around 9:00. but a lot of people out and about on the weekend, and tomorrow, be mindful. that youar thunder, had endorsed. we will be updating you on our facebook page and also on
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storms, patchy fog again possible. by tomorrow, the first half day dry. hot and sticky. upper 80's. storms to the late afternoon and evening. look at that drastic drop and temperatures. 10 degrees cooler sunday. the humidity lower. a low coastal system may bring us a few clouds and may be as prickle on tuesday. but otherwise, temperatures in the upper 70's. it will feel like september. >> that is more like it. go figure. what's up, man? >> superman has is kryptonite. the washington nationals have the philadelphia phillies. it happened again to washington tonight. and the eyes of the nation were watching the d.c. area's two best football teams square off. friday night lights. we w
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the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. team that, t4ehhe gives the nationals fit. giving them fits right now. the phillies will be leaving town sunday night. first-inning, smiles on the faces of 40,000 at nats park. the nats got up to a 7-2 lead. come into the ninth inning. things fell apart. revere stppeepped to the plate. they are in extra innings in the phillies have taken the lead. the score is 8-7. scratching their heads. so am i. can you believe this? the orioles and the rays went toe to toe. bases loaded. basehit.
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rays win 3-0. one last dress rehearsal for the redskins today and they're off to houston for their sunday date. they were paying close attention to their play int the red zone. their first-team offense did not score one touchdown this preseason. jay gruden knows at that now they are playing for real, that has to change. >> still in the process of seeing the throws and sometimes he is pulling them. but it's a process good you have to progress -- practice theesse throws. the quarterback has to know the receiver is going to be here. for these plays to work.the areas are very tight. local high school football in the national spotlight today. the two best teams in our area. number one centreville welcoming gonzaga. the two top 20 teams nationally on espn. huge game for corbin.
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200 yards rushing. the eagles beat centreville 31-14. our play of the day came in fenway park. foul ball. this young man. lines up with the ball. look what he does with it? he gives it to the young lady behind him. that is so sweet. a later gave the girl bracelet. and a diamond ring. staying with baseball. ron washington resigned as manager of the texas rangers on friday. the team announced that earlier in the day. that's sports. teared up. >> i'm very impressed. >> that's what you say. all right. your odds of winning the lottery are pretty bad. your odds of finding one of these guys.
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slimmer than that. how about two?
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>> we told you about a rare find. a blue lobster. there is a crustacean that is more rare. an albino. two of them were found off the coast of maine. he named his ronald after
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president reagan. the odds of catching a single 100no lobster are one in million. >> what? >> both of these will escape the butter and cocktail sauce. they are going to an aquarium. final
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theood stuff right around corner. >> yes. tomorrow, 91. there will be storms. there is a storm front approaching. some could contain some heavy downpours and damaging wind gusts. behind this cold front, noticeably cooler. less humid. in fact, monday and tuesday, highs only in the upper 70's. >> still scratching your head with
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" [ cheers and applause ] tonight -- terry bradshaw. the trailer park boys. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from the kooks. with cleto and the cletones. and now, once and for all, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello. thank you. thanks for coming. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming to our studio here in hollywood. [ cheers and applause ] i'm glad you're in a good mood. we have a lot of nonsense in store for you tonigh


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