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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 8, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking rite now. the second royal baby on the way. the sudden announcement from william and kate just hours ago. the new baby set to be fourth in line to the throne. kate suffering from extreme morning sickness again. we're live from london. a sudden wildfire traps hundreds inside yosemite national park. as monsoon rains from tropical storm norbert kre ate a flash flood emergency in the southwest. the mystery virus striking fast. sending more than 1,000 children to hospitals across the country. the illness putting kids under 5 at risk. what you need to know what night. ♪ the eye of the tiger and serena williams roaring to her third consecutive u.s.
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open title, proving she's one of the all-time greats. now the champ is here live this morning, and how about that offer from her opponent that centre court? >> you definitely owe drinks later. mm-hmm. we do say good morning, america. ye, she can afford those drinks, ye, after winning her sixth u.s. open title, 18th major. a lot of news breaking overnight. >> the e-mails hit our inbox around 5:45 a.m. eastern time. prince george will be a big brother. bob woodruff is outside buckingham palace. >> reporter: great news. we just learned this morning that kate is now less than 12 weeks pregnant. this announcement came early this morning as you said because kate did not feel well because
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she was sufferering from extreme morning sickness. she was do you at an ept this morning and couldn't attend. so she had to go public. william is still there in oxford. she's been treated at kensington palace. prince george, their adorable baby, number one, just celebrating his first birthday in july. this will mean that george and his sibling will be about the same age as william and harry's ved. about two years and two months apart. now the child, boy or girl, we don't know, is fourth in line for the throne. harry becomes fifth in line to the throne. kate was due to make her first solo trip to malta, without william, the palace will determine on a case by case basis if she'll be able to attend. great news out here. >> do you have your bags packed? >> i have already put in the --
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>> you were there for the first one. >> i'm happy to go back. lara? >> there's going to be a lot of prep work. we'll be there early. >> we'll have more this morning as well. now to the wildfire raging in yosemite national park. catching so many people offguard. helicopters evacuating hikers. ryan owens is there this morning and has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the fire is in a row moemote se of the park. the only way to fight this right now is from the air. it's also the only way to rescue people. one of america's treasures is burning this morning. and these hikers were so close to the fire, they had to be plucked to safety by helicopter. rescue crews saved about 100 hikers stranded near half dome, one of yosemite's iconic rock formations. >> you could see half dome, the dplams, the smoke.
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>> hopefully nobody has been hurt. >> reporter: the fire is in a remote part of the national park. it's burned 700 acres. we spoke to this rescued hiker. >> it was nerve racking because we didn't know what was going on. it was a very large fire. it was not safe to be walking back down through the trail. >> reporter: watching their loved ones saved from harm's way just in the nick of time may have been even tougher on the hikers' families. >> i don't know if they're dead or alive. i have to find out. >> reporter: this morning, he and his fee oiance are back together. what caused the blaze? investigates are not sure. they suspect a tiny fire sparked by lightning that happens been smoldering for a week may have picked up again. a little perspective. so far, this fire has burned 700 acres. yosemite national park is
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750,000 acres. no homes are in danger. neither are any people, except, of course, those hikers who are safe this morning. >> thank you, ryan. now to the health emergency. kids across the country hospitalized after contracting a scary lung virus that starts off as a cold but can turn deadly. >> reporter: this morning, just as the school season begins, a mysterious virus striking children by the hundreds is spreading across the country. from colorado -- >> i was scared. i remember thinking i was going to die. >> reporter: to missouri -- >> i was having trouble breathing. >> reporter: to ohio and beyond. >> we're really using up almost all our beds. that is unusual. >> reporter: take a look. at least 1,000 children in these ten states stricken with a res pra toir illness over the last three weeks. they suspect it's enterovirus
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68. soon, the symptoms turn much more dire, with children losing consciousness and having difficulty breathing. children under 5 are most susceptible. but many are at risk. like 13-year-old will. head star my lungs started sort of closing up. >> reporter: cornejo is now recovering at a denver hospital, where at least 900 children have been affected. >> to go from a cold to being probably minutes away from death, that's kind of scary. >> reporter: the virus now prompting warnings from doctors, some hospitals banning child visitors to prevent the spread further. >> we're seeing in the hospitals is the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: in kansas city, health officials observed a spike in mid august, right after school started. while doctors recommend you keep hands washed regularly, they say hand washing is something kids
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really don't do. officials calling this unprecedented. >> we're going to bring in abc's dr. richard besser, who has been talking to the director of the division of viral diseases. what are you hearing? >> this is not an unusual time. kids go back to school, share things, bring them home to their siblings. this is the time of year we tend to see enteroviruss. this one is rare. it's been a very dangerous infection. >> what should parents do? >> hand washing. parents have to supervise. if your child is sick, keep them home. covering coughs and sneezes. this virus causes wheezing. if you notice difficulty breathing, get help right way. those with asthma have goaten the most sick. >> you say it's going to spread? >> i have never seen a virus that respected a border. it is in ten states now. lit spread. they've been identifying it.
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if you're an adult with a breathing problem, you have to watch out, too. >> you'll be taking people's questions on twitter. >> that's right. right after thi this @doctorrichardbesser. the islamic militants have taken over parts of iraq and syria. president obama will lay out his plan to defeat them in washington on wednesday. jon karl joins us now. one thing is clear. this plan is not a quick fix. >> reporter: that's right. white house officials say this will take years. it is unlikely isis will be defeated before the president leaves office. he's seeking to reassure the plu public that he does have a strategy for ultimately defeating this group. he'll say that the u.s., with a growing list of coalition partners, is now on the offensive. what began as a mission to protect u.s. personnel and
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civilians is now pushing the group back. the one thing the president is not ready to do, not yet, is to order air strikes on syria. his top militaried a virz said if you're going to defeat this group, you have to hit them there. >> the president said he thinks he has all the power he needs from congress to take on isi sir s right now. does that hold if he wants to go into syria? >> reporter: the president will meet with the top congressional leaders tomorrow. a lot of consultation if washington. white house officials won't directly answer whether or not he would need a vote in congress before ordered air strikes in syria. >> okay, jon, thank you very much. now to the hollywood-style sendoff for joan rivers. so many stars turning out to pay tribute to the comedy legend. it was a memorial service tild with laughter and singing. daughter melissa addressing the guests outside the temple.
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mara schiavocampo has all the details. >> reporter: bag pipes in the street playing "new york new york." ♪ crowds of adoring fans. a star-studded guest list. the kind of showbiz affair joan rivers said she wanted. >> they closed off fifth avenue. you know how happy she would have been? >> reporter: some of the biggest names in entertainment inside. including kathy griffin, sarah jessica parker and whoopi goldberg. the program showed a choir sing big spernd. later, a nod to rivers' love of broadway. six-time tony winner audra mcdonald performing "smile." and hugh jackman performing, "quiet, there's a lady on the stage" as he did here. ♪ quiet please, there's a lady on stage ♪
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>> reporter: and, of course, for the woman ho famously asked, can we talk, words of remembrance. howard stern delivering the eulogy, calling rivers a crazy aunt at a bar mitzvah who fought the stereo type that women couldn't be funny. daughter melissa calling her mother an inspiration. >> she would love that the message from today is go out and laugh. >> reporter: saturday, a much more intimate farewell. melissa kissing her mother's flower-draped casket outside the funeral home. but for the star's final sendoff doctor. >> it was irreverent. offcolor. just like joan's humor. >> reporter: more smiles than sadness. just like rivers' humor, at times the service got a little bit racy. the rabbi reportedly seen jokingly burying his head in his hands. it ended with standing ovation. >> and her good friend, deborah
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norville who spoke at the service will join news the next half hour. let's get the other stories from amy. we begin with another nba owner embroiled in a racial controversy. this time, it's atlanta hawks owner bruce levenson, reporting himself to the league. he wrote, quote, i want some white cheerleaders. i want the music to be familiar to a 40-year-old white guy. levenson was an outspoken critic of donald sterling. to avoid further damage, he's selling his brooes sbrooes in the hawks. investigator trying to figure out what caused the fire that killed four children found in a bedroom. two adults in krill call condition. in kentucky, a car struck a gas main, setting off an explosion that tore apart this hotel. the u.s. military is joining the fight against ebola in
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africa, providing equipment to health workers. president obama says confronting the virus is a national security priority. an experimental vaccine is being tested on humans after protecting monkeys for ten months. general electric is selling its appliance unito electrolux. the price? $3.3 billion. olive guard season trying a new idea to boost business. it's selling what it calls a never-ending pasta pass. for $1,000, you can get unlimited pasta for seven weeks. only 1,000 passes will be sold. good news for everyone on those high-carb diets. finally, how many beers can you carry at once? this german waiter managed to carry 27 one-liter beer mugs. he does not have a fray. i don't know how he's doing it.
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but he's doing it. he makes it all the way. and perhaps, we have another video here that might be even more impressive. these guys in texas carried almost four times that much. a 99-pack of beer there. of course, it's conveniently packaged. i don't know how convenient that is. it didn't fit in the car. it stuck out both windows. they got it home. ♪ 99 bottles of beer on the whatever ♪ thank you, amy. an abc news exclusive interview with wendy davis. the texas democratic gubernatorial candidate. she's revealing personal details of her life. after making national headlines last year. she wore those pink running shoes for her 13-hour speech to stop a restrictive abortion bill in her home state. >> that moment is a culmination of my life story. i was shaped through a series of
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struggles. i was shaped through a series of tremendous triumphs. that led me to believe in myself enough to stand there that day. by filibustering. >> reporter: now, wendy davis, a mother of two is running for governor of texas. while the race is heating up, it's mer new book, a memoir, titled "forgetting to be afraid" that has so many people talking. she reveals her decision to terminate two pregnancies in the 199 0s. she described the first pregnancy in 1994. you were in your first trimester. >> it had implanted in one of my fallopian tubes. it is not a pregnancy that can be sustain. so we had to end that pregnancy through the removal of one of my fa lope jan tubes. it was a very, very sad time in our lives. >> and texas law means that that has to be termed an abortion.
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>> that's how texas law character iizes it. for me, it was a tremendous loss of a much-wanted pregnancy. i'm ready. >> reporter: with the election less than two months away, davis is not shying away from tough issues. both personal and political. why are you sharing so much right now. so personal? >> i wanted to share a book about my life. how i came to be who i am. i wanted people to feel like they're not alone. that's one piece of my story. but there are many other pieces as well. >> and we'll share more of that later in the morning, where she discusses a second pregnancy she terminated and something her mother contemplated doing to herself and her children. >> a lot of news before the election. >> we asked her about the timing of releasing a book like this so close to the election. >> okay. lara, good news? so happy to share this with you all. big royal breaking news. here's the scene.
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live outside buckingham palace. this, just hours after william and kate announced they're, in fact, expecting their second child. forced to share the news before kate reaches the 12-week mark due to intense morning sickness. this morning, it's official. 14-month-old prince george is going to be a big brother. clarence house announcing they're delighted with the news, but the duchess is being treated for severe morning sickness again. the condition landed her in the hospital during her first pregnancy. it requires extra hydration, medication, and nutrients. the new baby will be the fourth in line to the throne, bumping harry to fifth. the royal couple saying they were hoping for a big family. >> it's very important to me. and i hope we'll be able to have a happy family ourselves. >> obviously, we want a family.
7:18 am
so, um, we'll have to start thinking about that. >> reporter: as for big brother george, it was almost a year ago that the world watched happily as he was presented for the first time. in the past year, we have watched baby george make major milestones. from his royal christening to his first royal trip down under, where he had his first official public engagement. a royal crawl about. the age difference between william and harry is about two years. roughly the same difference that prince george and his new sibling will have as well. >> they'll go through mile stoens in life at a similar time. they'll be able to be each other's closest confidant and biggest ally. >> let's go to ginger with the weather. the remnants of norbert is the headline this morning. i'll talk about why i'm here in a couple of moments for for now, the local forecast in 30 seconds right after the select cities bought to you by the university
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of phoenix. >> good morning, washington. a cloudy start in d.c.. temperatures are 70 degrees. we have the tracking rain showers generally to the south near highway 50, continuing to creep into our area. heavier showers are expected within the next hour. the hour by hour forecast has periods of rain today. 78 by one. 79 by 3:00.
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>> hey, guys. there's a reason i'm here on top of a building in chicago. i have a new shirt, extreme zeeee. you'll find out more later. >> oh, ye, we will. still to come, the scary situation at the university of florida, several students attacked, including one last night. a terrifying mountain lion attack on a popular hiking trail. a little boy. his family saved the day. overcharge nlg the checkout line. you may be paying more than you think. stay with us.
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>> good morning. it is 7:26 7:26 on this monday. we are headed right over to jack taylor to see how this commute is shaping up. >> all in all not too bad. some sun glare, but other than that we are doing pretty well
7:27 am
right now. coming up from the prince williams parkway, two lanes are getting by to the wet -- to the left. mount vernon, near wellington road, accident activity just cleared out. 270 southbound. coming in from frederick down through germantown and during the lane divide, after the lights on montana avenue we have a building fire to the left lane getting by. the traffic trackers are headed to the scene to check it out for you. the forecast sounds dutiful. >> it is not bad. we are watching for some rain to the south of d.c.. it has all been very light. keep an eye on what is happening down here in page county. this is as heavy as it gets, umbrella worthy, but the windshield wipers will be going and tracking. be aware of that as it moves
7:28 am
into the metro one hour from now. temperatures right now, looking for a high in the mid to upper 70's with occasional showers. >> thank you. in the meantime, an american university professor charged with arson is expected in court today. chairman of the policy department at au, apparently he set several fires along mexico avenue. he was arrested thursday at the shopping mall where he set a fire in the parking garage. good morning. have a great day.
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♪ ♪ got nothing in my brain that's what people say ♪ ♪ that's what people say mm-hmm ♪ shaking it off, shaking it up in boston. part of our big event leading up to the "dancing with the stars" premier next monday. those are the andy murray pro dancers teaching everyone how to do it there. looks like a lovely morning in boston. one lucky winner with a trip to the new premier of the season in los angeles. we have a frightening mountain lion attack on a little boy in the bay area. the 6-year-old dragged into the bushes. how his family helped save him. "gma" investigates how much you pay at the checkout line. we go undercover to show you how
7:31 am
some stores may be charging you more than you think. and big news from george clooney about his wedding. the superstar revealing where and when he'll be tieing the knot. >> that is later. we begin this half hour with a scare at the university of florida. the campus on edge after a student was attacked again last night. the fourth woman to be assaulted in just over two weeks. police have released video of a possible suspect. the school is stepping up security. gio benitez is here with more. >> reporter: police are on the campus looking for the attacker. one attacked just last night. tackled, but she got away. now the massive campus is on edge. this morning, the university of florida campus is on high alert. police desperately searching for this man, caught on camera. a suspect in a scary series of alleged attacks on four young female students, just within the
7:32 am
past two weeks. the latest one overnight. police say the assaults dpan around 9:30 p.m. on august 0th. a 21-year-old woman told police she was beaten and almost raped by an unknown man on campus. hours late, another attack. this time, the victim was dragged into the woods before witnesses were able to chase the man away. then, early friday morning, a third you woman was approached by an unidentified man here, just outside the school library. >> a individual came up from behind her, grabbed her. they had a brief conversation. at which point she then literally punched him in the face and the suspect then left on foot. >> reporter: just last night, a fourth victim. tackled from behind near the library parking lot. she managed to fight him off. police say the four victims all describe the man as white, in his late 20s or early 30s, 6'4", or 6'5", weighing about 250
7:33 am
pounds. students wondering if they can defend themselves. zli think i could. if i was put in a situation, i would be scared. >> reporter: now police are adding more patrols, saying they won't stop until they find that mysterious man seen on surveillance video. and also this morning, the university of florida is offering self-defense training for students and providing nighttime escorts. the search for a suspect is on right now. in full gear. because such a scary situation. >> absolutely. hopefully, the video will help them. now the to the terrifying attack in the bay area. a mountain lion dragging a 6-year-old boy into the bushes before the quick thinkening of his family scared the cat away. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: a mountain lion attacking a small boy the way it would a group of deer, targeting the easiest prey. a 6-year-old boy, snatched from the jaws of death as he hiked with parents and family friends
7:34 am
at this open space preserve. a mountain lion i merged out of the bush. his quick-thinking father fanldly friend came to his rescue. as tense rngs stunned onlookers watched in fear. >> both of the fathers of the two families lunged at the lion, shouting aggressively as the attack was occurring. and managed to scare the lion off. >> the man came down out of the trail carrying his son. it looked like he had a laceration on the back of his neck. he was bleeding heavily. >> reporter: jose salazar knows what this man is going through. in 2008, his son was attacked. >> you had teeth marx in my hair. like to here. >> reporter: mountain lion sightings have been on the rise, in southern california, where they have been captured on surveillance video attacking
7:35 am
family pets. residents around cupertino are very concerned. >> that's really frightening. my husband has gone running on these trails with my sons. >> reporter: as for the 6-year-old boy, he's in the hospital but expected to recover fully. it's rare for a mountain lion the attack with so many people in the vicinity. authorities have organized a massive hunt to find the lion. if found, they're going to try to find out what led this animal to act in this way. let's get the weather now. ginger in chicago this morning. >> it's a beautiful morning here, george. it really is. just brilliant. a little chilly. it feels a little fall-like a different story when we talk about what is happening in the southwest and houston over the weekend. too much rain too fast. you're seeing the pictures there. just over half inch. this morning, reports from some of the areas like phoenix. roads are closed. that monsoon moisture.
7:36 am
we'll talk more about that later. look at the chilly air. it's comfortable in chicago. it will get downright cool going into the next couple of days. look at the overnight lows. the morn starts in the 40s for minneapolis at the start of the weekend the. we >> good morning. cloudy skies. a few showers right now. chances are it will be east of interstate 95 the >> all that weather is brought to you by macy's. and i've got to show you something. this is why i'm here. it requires a helmet. come on with me. this is a new segment we're doing called "extreme zee." i'm going up and over the side here. we're researching and celebrating something long that has to do with lung health,
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respiratory health. i'll be going over the edge. taking the skyline plunge. >> i'm about to go over the edge zplp they want me to say that looks so cool. i think it looks terrifying. >> the whole lung thing is about screaming, very loud. >> it's for a great cause. >> it is. >> we love you, ginger. coming up, "gma" investigates, overcharging on the checkout line. what you need to look out for to make sure you're not paying too much. and putting sunglasses to the test. which ones really protect your eyes. and we'll talk about serena williams. celebrating an historic win at the u.s. open. and the promise her opponent made to her. ♪ i found a happy place
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a little after 7:41. we're back with "gma" invest dpats supermarket scanners. you figure the price is right. that's not always the case. mara schiavocampo spoke with victims of overcharging. >> reporter: supermarket scanners. the cost of food may be eating up your budget. >> jst last year, we did over 1300 investigations of supermarkets. over half the time, we found violations. >> reporter: "gma" investigates followed an undercover inspector from the department of consumer
7:42 am
affairs in new york on two separate days. >> where would i find the smuker's jam? >> reporter: during unannounced grocery store visits. the inspector choosing items at random. at the check out, he identified himself. >> i actually work for the city. >> reporter: of the fife stores we visited, four received violations. at one store, this olive oil -- >> a ten-cent overcharge. >> reporter: someone might say it's just ten cents. sit a big deal? >> it is. that's happening week in and week out. >> reporter: a common violation, charging for the container at the deli counter. which is supposed to be free. for this coleslaw, the overcharge of $12 sents. >> you're going to pay $2.99 per pound. that's for the product only. >> reporter: another common violation. charging tax on items that should be tax-exempt.
7:43 am
in new york, pain medication, most food, fruit juices and unsweetened drinks. >> if it's not sweetened or carbonated, you can't charge tax on that. >> reporter: authorities are cracking down across the country. in june, whole foods agreed to pay $800,000 in fines and penalties in california after state investigators found the chain charged more than the advertised price on my items. whole foods told abc news it takes our obligations to our customers very seriously. we will continue to refine and implement additional processes to minimize such error going forward. several other national chance have paid similar fines or settlements in recent years. in cases brought by state authorities involving overcharges. back undercover at another store, four violations. adding a whopping $13.08 to the
7:44 am
$114 bill. an increase of more than 10%. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> we should say one store undercharged for two items. sometimes things are just mistakes. >> that happens. and coming up, the latest on the big announcement from london. william and kate just revealing prince george will be a big brother. and then, we're celebrating joan rivers. her good friend, deborah norville spoke at the touching memorial service. she's with us live to talk about it. and serena williams making her case as one of the best ever, joining chris evert and martina navratilova with 18 major titles in her career. ♪
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7:48, we want to get to serena williams. she was going join us live but she's been a bit delayed. she is one of the all-time greats.
7:49 am
she won her third straight u.s. open sunday, her 18th grand slam tit title. that puts her in elite company. for the third year if a row, serena williams proving she is the best in the world. >> for the sixth time. she's the u.s. open champion. >> reporter: the top-seeded s w sets on sunday. >> boy, the return. >> reporter: both women with a dazzling display of power and endurance. >> 26 shots exchanged. >> reporter: williams, simply spectacular. >> perhaps the best to ever play the game. >> reporter: williams tied with martina navratilova and chris evert with 18 major win each. >> null 18. >> reporter: sunday's win, a triumphant ending to a strange year. >> something not right.
7:50 am
>> reporter: then, falling out early from two other tournaments. >> i had no expectations coming into this u.s. open. my goal was to just win some matches. >> reporter: wozniacki overcoming her share of adversity as well. her friend, serena, reportedly helped her recover from a very public breakup with golf champ rory mcilroy. >> you're an unbelievable friend. you definitely owe drinks later. >> they really are great friends. >> i love that. everyone after battle royale. >> i just tweeted the picture when serena was here in 1999 after the first u.s. open title. who could have imagined she would win 17 more, a total of 18 at this point. 18 and counting. >> congratulations. more good news. wedding news from george clooney. the superstar revealing where and when he's tying the knot. and then, kristen wiig and
7:51 am
bill hader. >> this is so cool. go to the desk. i'm take a picture. >> i got you, good. >> you do the weather. >> you look professional behind the camera. let's text the kids. >> go to to watch more great stuff from "gma." some things are worth holding on to. make virtual real. with canon pixma printers and the pixma cloud app, which allows you to print anything, from anywhere to anywhere. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month.
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7:56 am
>> 7:50 six. good morning. let's get right over to jack wto pp >> we are getting a thumbs up on the commute this morning. on south dakota avenue the crash is cleared from the roadway. we are still trying to get past the southbound bw parkway. at the southbound interchange there is an accident blocking the left lane. authorities are there. the beltway is slow. in virginia, 95 northbound the good news is the broken down
7:57 am
tractor-trailer has finally cleared towards the prince william parkway. 95 has not been bad. heaviest traffic is fredericksburg headed north. the forecast sounds pretty good? >> it is good. temperature wise it is good. we have rain showers in fredericksburg right now. highway 50, we have some more green beginning to pop up here. someone more moderate showers -- some more moderate showers often on throughout the day today. clear skies to the north and west heaping you in the 50's. mid to upper 70's today with rain up and on. >> thank you so much. a prince george's county bus driver charged with reckless endangerment has a plea hearing today. arturo harris says that he stop for a bathroom break back in april. the bus rolled and hit an eight-year-old boy.
7:58 am
the child suffered minor injuries. we have a full report coming up in just a few minutes. thank you for watching. we will see you back here at
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. on monday. we have the latest on the breaking royal baby news. will and kate expecting their second child. we're live in oxford, where prince william is speaking this morning. plus, can cheap sunglasses protect you just as well as expensive ones? we're putting the season's hottest shades to the test. and celebrating joan rivers. the spectacular memorial commemorating the star if style. so many touching tributes, including her friend, deborah norville, who joins us live. ♪ i think i want to marry you ♪ and george clooney spilling secrets overnight. where he and his fiance are about to tie the knot. and kristen wiig, bill hader and ashley judd here live, as we
8:01 am
say -- >> all: good morning, america. and here they are, pulling up to the marketplace. there's cam mathison. aly raisman, you remember her from "dancing with the stars" from the olympics as well. they have that mirror ball trophy. they're ready to go. quite a crowd there all morning. taking lessons from the arthur murray dancers. all part of our shake it up, "dancing with the stars" tours. the mirror ball is going coast to coast right now. one l winner. going to be able to go live to "dancing with the stars" next week. >> too bad cameron is so shy. so reserved. that cam mathison. so many people, up bright and early. trying to dance their way into winning tickets to next mond's premier of "dancing with the stars." he's having a great time with the crowd, shaking it off and
8:02 am
ready to dance their hearts out. then to chicago, where ginger is live, getting extreme this morning. she's 27 stories up. >> oh. >> she's started. >> oh, my gosh. ginger. >> she's at a hotel. about to rappel down the side of the building. >> look at the smile. >> she'll answer questions on twitter. >> don't tweet while rappelling. >> dangling over the side. >> twr. >> that's a real mile. smile. >> good morning to you, george. we begin with the wildfire spreading out of control inside yosemite national park. it broke out sunday near the popular half dome peak. the fast-moving flames forcing campers to evacuate and trapping some hikers on top of the trails. helicopters have rescued 100 hikers so far. new details about the
8:03 am
president's plan to confront isis. the plan is expected to have free fa three faces. air strikes in iraq will be the first. the u.s.-led multinational effort could take three years to complete. the president will address the nation wednesday night to further explain that plan. new video of the historic floods across pakistan. more than 300 people have died so far. in one region alone, 2500 villages are partially or completely underwater. a big boost for cancer research with the help of dozens of celebrities and generous donors around the world. the show was broadcast live and commercial free by more than 30 networks including abc. major study shows your waistline is the key to living
8:04 am
longer. if your waist is no bigger than half your height, you can live longer. ek seeding that ratio can reduce your life expectancy by up to 20 years. and timely, look at this wild scene in oregon. police chasing a woman who they say stole a boat and then took off on a joyride. the chase running for two miles until she was just going too fast. the engine overheated. she swam for shore. pu she wasn't fast enough. she was arrested a short time later. she made a swim for it? shocking. shocking. that she wasn't able to elude police. >> really? >> put another chapter in the book. >> a criminal's worst enemy, amy robach. more on the breaking royal news. dr. generjen ashton is here to with us. and victoria murphy son the
8:05 am
phone traveling with william. what do we know? >> good morning. very exciting news today. the news that we have been waiting for and hoping for for some weeks now. i'm in oxford this morning, where william and kate were both due to be to open a new oxford university building. however, kate had to pull out of the event's the last minute. william will be here on his own. she's pulled out because she's suffering from severe morning sickness. the same as she had when she was pregnant can george. she's very ill and very sad she's not able to be here today. >> she's not even 12 week pregnant yet. how far along do we believe she is? when do you think they would have announced this had she been age to go to oxford this morning? >> she's less than 12 weeks pregnant. we understand she's about the same stage she was hen her egg from preg nancy with george was
8:06 am
announ announced. around six to eight weeks. they're very cautiously excited. it's not something they wanted to do. i mean, they had to announce it because she was due to attend today and she couldn't be here. and they knew there would be huge questions asked. speculation about why she wasn't here. from their point of view, it was easier to get the information out there in the same time as they did last time. however, if they had had it their way, if they had been able to wait until the 12-week mark, we probably wouldn't hear about this until five, six weeks to go. >> thank you, victoria. let's talk to jen ashton. explain this hyperemsis gravida. >> it's like morning sickness like a hurricane is a little bit of rain. it's off the end of the spectrum. i want us to be medically accurate here. women know this is not you're a little queasy. you shut everything down.
8:07 am
typically, this resolves by about mid pregnancy. in some severe case, it can last the entire nine months. >> as yogi would say, deja vu all over again. is it more difficult the tekd time around? >> in obstetrics, your past history is very important. we say everything pregnancy is different. ob history tends to get worse and worse with every pregnancy. >> ali's was much worse the second time around. it was less scary because she knew what was coming. you'll answer questions on twitter as well. we're going to the "social square." >> we want to get to the "gma morning menu." first up, george clooney is revealing major wedding details. then putting sunglasses to the pest. from cheap to expensive, which ones protect your eyes and keep you safe? right now, to cameron
8:08 am
mathis mathison. you're about to pick three people to compete for a chance to go to "dancing with the stars." take it away, buddy. >> all right. that's exactly what we're doing. i'm here, obvious, with aly raisman who is spinning it. are you guys ready? stop the spin. the three finalists have a chance. i got three tickets. don't let them spill. three numbers right here, everybody. 357. 362. the last one, 373. come on up here. right now. we'll see who is going to l.a., "dancing with the stars" premier. >> all right, guys. we have so much more including that coming up on "gma." live in times square. and boston. so don't go anywhere. good morning. hello.
8:09 am
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8:14 am
it's 8:13. it's time for "pop new." wedding news. actor george clooney spilling the beans about his upcoming nuptials last night. the couple atnd attended a charity event. he revealed where and when they'll tie the knot. he said, i met my bride to be here in italy, whom i will be marrying in venice in a few weeks. amal looking stunning in black satin. and i dare say she'll also look stunning in white. i'm surprised their not doing it at his beautiful estate to control the situation. but venice, could there be a more beautiful place? >> i'm happy to do research. >> you're volling tiering for venice and london today. you're a real trooper.
8:15 am
>> we heart you. >> i was too. maybe he's just so happy he forgot. >> he's smitten. i hope you like this. this is a daughter who may want to eat her words. she made a bet with her dad if he could sink an epic basketball trick shot, he would never have to pay for another thing for her again. roll it. >> oh! >> no way. >> watch. >> no, not that one. >> just watch. just watch. >> no! no! >> did you see it? [ laughter ] >> no, not that one! >> he is giddy. i wish they -- >> he could not do that a second time. but he only had to do it once. >> i wish that i could show you the whole thing. he says in the beginning, not
8:16 am
even a dollar. she go, nep, if cow can make this shot. >> it bounced off behind and then, did he -- i wonder if he intended to do it that way. >> no, i just think he feels like he won the daddy lottery. >> he promised to pay for everything any way. close to 2 million views right now. finally, i dare you not to smile at this video. this is juggy, the puppy. apparently, he likes to go on the swings. if you look closely, even juggy can't help smiling. as his daddy -- >> he doesn't look that happy yet. >> he doesn't. i swear there's -- there it is! oh, boy. the video gods and me are not getting along this morning. however, it has close to 50,000 views. i see smile, smile, smile, ye. we did it. >> you were working hard. working hard. >> i'm going to take a nap.
8:17 am
>> thanks, lara. we're going back to chicago. ginger has the weather from the side of the building in chicago. >> i wanted to make sure to get up in the atmosphere to study it today. we're starting this whole "extreme zee" thing. i wanted to come to a city when there wasn't a disaster. let's take a couple of steps. we're just going over the edge. we're celebrating respiratory health, copd, asthma, they've raised money over the last fine years by helping people beat their fears. i want to look at the forecast. a big one in the southeast. a low pressure system there sliding up the east coast. check out those number. some of them, two to three inches. a lot of rainfall to be talking about. i love >> good morning, washington.
8:18 am
spotty showers have tracking to the south. map, that is going to be heavier rain as it moves through culpeper. on and off showers throughout the day, skies will be clear, but 70's with loud's in d.c.. highs in the mid to upper 70's and thewarmer in the midd >> so, i've made it one story of 27 yet to go. yeah, it doesn't look bad. this is kind of the craziest thing i have done yet, robin. >> oh, and more to come. spl please, don't go anywhere. spl she is -- that's our ginger zee, with all the zs. oh, my goodness. she's going to be fine. now to joan rivers' star-studded memorial on sunday here if new york city. so many celebrities coming out. her friends, to celebrate the comedy legend. we're delighted to welcome one
8:19 am
of joan's dearest friends, deborah norville, you know her as the anchor of "inside edition" who gave a special eulogy. she would have been pleased? >> she would have loved it. it was classic joan. there were funny moments. there were poignant moments. there was the new york city gay men's chorus singing. the police bagpipe band. in between, you had audra mcdonald and hugh jackman. when the service was over, we came out. you see all these famous people that were there. >> who were her friends. >> it was invitation only. there were 1,000 people inside the temple. when you came out of the temple there were as far as you could see, up and down fifth avenue, her friends. her fans. people wishing her well. and celebrating her life. and, there were smiles. and it's an unhappy thing to say good-bye. by boy, people celebrated her life. >> you did with your words.
8:20 am
what did you want to convey? >> the depth of my friendship. joan and i were friends for close to 25 years. the kind of woman people didn't know. they knew the woman who said outrageous, jaw-dropping things on television and on station. the woman i knew was hilariously funny. an incredible practical joker. she was kind to the core and there through thick and thin. >> people were there, of course, to say good-bye. but to embrace melissa. how is she? >> she's amazing. she's incredibly strong. she's so much like her mother. wicked funny. she got up there and read a letter she had written to her mother a few months ago. it was hilarious. she's been incredible. i wanted to salute melissa in my remarks. i believe friends are the family you choose. and joan chose me as her friend. which means i'm melissa's family. i wanted melissa to know her mom's friends are her friends.
8:21 am
we're there for her. she gave us the gift of being able to be with joan. when we knew that the skroen we loved was not coming back, melissa allowed a few of us to come and hold her hand and tell some stories and say good-bye. >> the hospital when she was this a coma. >> before she passed. >> didn't you make a channel to people there. >> ye, i did. joan lived for laughter. i said to everybody in the temple, i said, let's keep joan laughing. let's make the joan rivers challenge, #joanriverschallenge. do something, say something. put your dog in the swing. throw it up on facebook. with joan rivers challenge. let's keep people laughing. >> she said you you would get through anything laughing. >> with a smile. >> george? >> i love that challenge. we're going the move to the "heat index" now. putting your sunglasses to the test. can you get the same protection for your eyes as a fraction of
8:22 am
the price? becky worley investigates. >> reporter: designer shades. they promise to block 100% of uv rays. but do cheaper sunghaszs give you less protection? >> it will age your eye faster. >> referee: dr. dennis fong, the professor at the urt of berkeley school of opt tom try says unlight can cause a lot of problems. to see if cheaper sunglasses can protect? see, protected -- i buy sunglasses from mauls, street vendors, main stream fashion stores. all claim to bok 100% of uv ray. but do they? omg so cute. most cost about $10. none more than $20. i buy coach, raybans and smith. each other 100 bucks. $183. to assess true uv protection,
8:23 am
dr. fong uses special equipment. first he tests the high-end glasses. okay, ray-ban. >> 100% uv protection. >> reporter: all the expensive glasses off it. but now, these are from a mall kiosk. they cost about $20. >> you're getting 100% uv protection. >> reporter: drugstore. >> 100%. >> reporter: h&m. >> 100% again. >> reporter: kids glasses from a street surrender. >> 100%. >> reporter: wow. 11 pairs of discount glasses. they all had the same amount of uv protection as the expensive brands. 100%. but dr. fong explains that expensive glasses often have more durable frames, higher end design, a more comfortable fit and the nice case. rocking the cheap glasses from now on. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news,
8:24 am
berkeley, california. >> i know the difference. i lose the expensive ones more easily. >> never fals. >> that is so true. it's great information. thank you, becky. it's time for "gma's" epic shake it and dance. cam mathison is getting ready to pick one lucky winner to go to the premier on monday. cam, you ready for the danceoff? >> we are all ready. we have our three finalists here. this is ariel, melissa, and liz, all if boston. and aly raisman will be jijing these guys. are you ready? vying for this. take your positions, everybody. all right. let's cue the music! ♪ >> whoo! >> whoo! ♪ got nothing in my brain
8:25 am
♪ that's what people say ♪ that's what people say mm-hmm ♪ ♪ i go on too many dates ♪ but i can't make 'em stay at least that's what people say ♪ ♪ that's what people say mm-hmm ♪ >> whoo! yeah! >> good job. >> you brought it. i love it. >> high fives. you're amazing. >> a tough decision. i love the personality, the technique. what do you think? >> you're all amazing. i have to say liz. you guys are all awesome. >> liz, look out. how do you feel? awesome. you're going to l.a.
8:26 am
>> i'm psyched. oh, my god! >> liz, we're so excited for you. shaking it off. >> wow. >> the dance party continue there is in boston. thank you so much, cam. we don't want you to miss "dancing with the stars." the premier next monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central. we want to know which "dancing with the stars" couple are you rooting for? tell us with the #gmadancing. coming up, big stars with us here in times square. bill hader, kristen wiig, and ashley judd. live. don't go anywhere. maybe dance a little.
8:27 am
>> good morning. 8:27 right now. 30 minutes ago we checked in with jack and he said the commute was not so bad for a monday. >> it's getting tougher at this oink. canal road, mistiming the key bridge. the accident at the baltimore-washington parkway had been in the left lane and caused big delays on the southbound parkway. isffic headed towards it kind of behind the tree. still, coming in from gainesville towards the 29 interchange, heavy towards the beltway with all travel lanes open. things look pretty good for
8:28 am
today? >> the further north and west that you live the better the weather will be. but grab the umbrella, we have moderate to heavy showers pushing in. getting heavier in page county. north and west making its way into fairfax county and montgomery and even into d.c. as well. temperatures to the north and west are mild. here it will not make it out of the 70's. >> jackie, thank you. we have learned that police plan to and from -- release more information today about the murders of two children, allegedly by their mother. jail afteris now in admitting to suffocating and killing her children early on sunday morning. with first-degree and second-degree murder, as well as assault. we will see you back here for one last local news update.
8:29 am
hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] there it is. just moments ago. liz winning our shake it dance mirrorball tour danceoff in boston. she's won a trip to l.a. to be part of next monday's big "dancing with the stars" premier. i don't know who is happier, liz or cam. >> it's better in slow motion. >> it's one of those ultimate, i'll have what she's having moment there is. cam is getting into the car. he's leaving boston. he's got the trophy. next stop on the epic shake it and dance mirror ball trophy tour. let's see. it's chicago. that's where he's headed next. safe travels, cameron. >> chicago, the place to be this morning. that's where our fearless ginger zee is. rappelling down the side of a building. because of course she would be.
8:31 am
why not? she started 27 stories up. she's working her way down and answering twitter questions along the way, because she has nothing else to do. elizabeth wants to know, somewhat the sensation like right now? i'm going translate. she says it's insanely scary. >> yet it doesn't stop her from speaking with her hands, 27 stories up. don't let go! >> two hands on the rope. two hands on the rope. >> she's probably thinking, i do this and you can't get the audio to work? >> we'll get back to her in a little bit. how is this for a trio right now. bill hader, kristen wiig, ashley judd. i think they're all there. >> we got to. >> there's ashley. we'll talk to them in just a little bit. right now, more of our exclusive interview with texas state senator wendy davis.
8:32 am
she made headlines last year by speaking for 13 con tech sif hours in those running shoes. she's trailing greg abbott in the polls. she has a brand-new memoir, called "forgetting to be afraid." in which she reveals painful details about her personal life. when people hear the name wendy davis, they think about you and your pink running shoes. >> members, i'm rising on the floor today -- >> on the floor of the texas senate for hours. >> for me it was very important to give voice to the women and men that i stood for that day. and of course, i couldn't help but reflect upon my own journey. >> reporter: a journey wendy davis, a mother of two daughters, shares with the public with her new memoir. in it, davis reveals for the first time she made the decision to terminate two pregnancies in the 199 0s.
8:33 am
the first in 1994 after tests showed the fetus was developing outside the uterus, making it unviable. >> for me, it was a tremendous loss of a much-wanted pregnancy. >> reporter: two years later, davis and her then second husband, jeff davis, were pregnant again with a daughter they had already named. but during a routine exam, the doctor detected a problem. >> our baby had a severe brain abnormality. if she did survive to term, she likely would not survive delivery. if she did survive delivery, she likely would be in a vegetative state. we knew that the most loving thing that we could do for our daughter was to say good-bye. and, like so many other families, across this country, we made that difficult decision with as much love for our daughter as can be imagined. her name was tate elyse davis. and we loved her as we love our
8:34 am
living daughters, drew, and amber. and she forms, of course, a very important part of my life. >> can you understand that there will be some that will say, they would have taken a different route? >> this was how my family confronted this tragic experience. i respect so much that people make their own decisions. that decision is the one that is right for them. >> reporter: a harvard law school graduate, davis was raised by a single mother who left school after the ninth grade. davis said her mother struggled. in her memoir, she recounts a dark day. >> my mother was in her 20s. she had three children, ages about 5 to 1. and she experienced tremendous depression after i was born. my parents separated not long after i was born. my father remarried.
8:35 am
and my mother was left in a strange place, she was alone. she almost took her life and ours. she put us into the back of the car. she couldn't imagine leaving the world and leaving us behind. she had intended to start the car in the garage. and an angel came into our lives that day. a neighbor who had never come to our home before rang the bell. and he sat in the living room. he held my mother's hand. he talked to her for quite a long time. and by the time he left, she was through it. and she came and collected us from the car. and put one foot in front of the other. and, pushed on. for all of us. and did a beautiful job of it. >> reporter: davis credits her mother's life experience for giving her strength to persevere when she faced her own
8:36 am
challenges of being a single working mother. you know that there will be criticism as to the timing. when the book comes out, it will be less than 60 days from the election. people will question the timing. are you trying to pull at the heart strings of the voters that you're trying to win votes? with sympathy? >> i wanted to share a book about my life. how i came to be who i am. i wanted people to feel like they're not alone. the struggle of being a single mom. the struggle after my parents divorced. and that i came through it. through my faith in god. i came through it because of my education. and i wanted to be very honest in my story. and not leave pieces aside. i wanted people to understand. >> and there is nothing left aside in "forgetting to be afraid." it's available tomorrow.
8:37 am
speaking of forgetting to be afraid. ginger, oh, you're -- you're about to touchdown. you're almost there. almost there, ginger. >> last couple of steps. last couple steps. i made it. i made it. >> way to go. >> so we've got all of these wonderful people here celebrating with us. hello. i love that. they got the extreme zee. it's for clean air, as it says. we're here doing that skyline plunge and i made it back on solid ground. randy will help me get out of my gear here in a couple of minutes. it gets tight when you hang up there for awhile. 278 feet, we did it. we had the chopper above us. this is absolutely the best way to kick off extreme zee. and it's for a great cause. respiratory health administration. anyone with copd, asthma or lung cancer in their family, they know raising money for great cause is important. let's check the flash flooding in the southwest this morning. the remnants of norbert and the
8:38 am
low pressure system is all it is now. nothing left but for a lot of moisture. some places will see some three to four inches. morning, washington. cloudy skies right now, 70 degrees in d.c. with scattered rain showers. highway 50 at this hour, off and on throughout the day it will >> so all -- all that weather is brought to you by target. and i did it. i did it. made it here. into the city of chicago. what a perfect morning. blue skies. a beautiful city to enjoy. a wonderful cause. i'm proud. this is pretty exciting. thank you all for showing up. robin and george? >> you have every right to be proud. we're proud of you, too. she's going to be going all across the country doing extreme things like that.
8:39 am
glad she's back on the ground safe and sound. coming up, they're so far away. bill hader, kristen wiig. they're live to tell us about their brand-new movie. they're live to tell us about their brand-new movie. >> you followed us. she's having the time of her life. english boy in her study group. so how could i tell her i'm worried about my job and that it could mean a semester or two back home? then i get her text...dean's list. and right there i made a promise... to talk to suntrust, to understand my options, and to find a way. we shine when we make it work, one semester at a time. how can we help you shine? suntrust.
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[ cheers and applause ] ! kristen wiig and bill hader have teamed up for a new movie.
8:42 am
they play twins who reunite after being estranged for ten years. they can help each other heal by confronting the pain and finding the laughter once again. >> oh. give that to me. give to it me. spit. spit in there. >> sorry. i thought it was broken. >> oh my -- milo, stop! my god. >> you better have that thing fixed. you need to take the edge off. >> yeah, right. no. >> everybody's doing it. [ cheers and applause ] >> some great scenes in the film. we ant want to welcome bill and kristin to "gma"." scenes like this, so funny. but heart-wrenching. is that something that appealed to you to sort of stretch in that way together? >> yeah, i mean, the script had
8:43 am
kind of everything. i love comedies with a little bit of dram pa. and you know, i just thought it was well written. wanted to work with bill. and it was a great experience. >> yeah, yeah, no, we were -- it was definitely something new that i had always wanted to try. drama and -- i was attached to the movie for a couple of years, it's an independent movie. it took awhile to get the financing and stuff. then we got kristen on board. it was awesome. >> you play siblings. given how many years on "snl" together? >> seven. >> seven. >> seven seasons. seven years together. was that incredibly easy or was it a little surprising because these are very different than some of the karks you played in the sketches. >> it was so much easier. >> so much easier. to work with her. we have a kind of sibling relationship in life. it was easy to fall into that.
8:44 am
it was easy to be vulnerable around each other. >> and then you have guys like ty burrell. he's so good in this film. and luke wilson. so with so many naturally funny people, and it is serious subject matter, what is the set like when the cameras are not rolling? >> it depends on the scene. >> if the scene was funny. we were very -- >> maybe too much. >> we drove everyone nuts. we would be doing bits all the time. >> you're like, one more take. >> or we were just messing around. a serious scene, we were respectful. craig johnson wrote or directed the movie. and the crew is so great. very respectful and fans of the movie. so it was great. >> we have so many fan questions. i want to try to get to a couple quick. bill, one of our fans asked, do you miss stefan? >> uh, yeah. >> we do, too.
8:45 am
>> yeah. you'll never see him again. >> wow. >> no. i don't know. i don't know. i don't know about that. but i do miss him. >> you should have had someone doing him pop up. >> wait, he's here. i found him. >> and then, how do you guys, this is from kat, how do you keep straight faces when you're rolling during those funny scenes? >> sometimes we don't. >> we're bad. the californians, we said, we would make each other laugh. we would try to -- we would keep the same lines. we could change our inflections. >> i'm so excited you brought that up. possibly my favorite skit. fred armisen. >> he started talking differently. you could see us going, what is this voice? and kristen was much better than me. i lost it. she was like, what are you
8:46 am
doing? >> that's why we love you. so good to see you together. e hope everybody will check out "the skeleton twins. stay with us because ashley
8:47 am
8:48 am
great to have our friend ashley judd with us this morning. she's starring in "dolphin tale 2." she's speaking to the daughter of winter's doctor. >> what if i came to work and place was empty? room after room, no patients. a bunch of bored doctors because everybody was fip. no need for surgery. no sick people. no one's here honey, because they want to be. they're here because they need to be. i assure you no one stays one minute longer than they have to.
8:49 am
talk to your dad. you kids take us by surprise. you grow up so stinking fast. >> boy, how true is that. welcome back. >> thank you, good morning. >> you say you feel blessed to have this role again. >> oh, so blessed. absolutely. >> what fwragrabs you about it? >> so many things. initially, what leaps to mind is the fact that as humans, we sometimes do foolish and selfish things that hurt animals. but we have such compassion and ingenuity and help to restore them to their native's habitats. winter wouldn't be able to survive in the wild because she doesn't have a tail. the fact that she's willing to live with this prosthesis and has such grace she's an inspiration to people all over the world. it's joyful to be part of that. >> winter cannot live alone.
8:50 am
his mother dies. and this introduces hope. >> the name hope has so much meaning. winter has hope. obviously, the season, winter has hope, because spring comes. winter the dolphin has hope. we all have hope. that is a credit to charles martin smith, the director of the film. >> one of the twitter questions we got, was it difficult framing the dolphins and actors to be able to shoot together. that's part of his job. >> winter is a camera hog. it's like, hello, there's two-leggeds in this movie. she loves being the center of attention. >> great cast. harry connick, chris christopherson, morgan freeman. >> and the beautiful children. >> tell us about the aquarium.
8:51 am
what is the first movie and now the second meant for that? >> it's meant that we as audience members and animal lovers have helped increase the number of animals they have been able to help and return to the wild. cma is the real deal. it was a somewhat crummy mom and pop operation in the beginning. they've got increased facilities. the capacity to expand their science. i'm glad they tolerate me. i'm in the way when i go there. being able to see what goes on behind the scenes is fascinating, too. because they just have wipe boards full of the names of animals that they're helping. the movie is not about those animals. their work is extensive. >> they're doing great work. thank you, ashley. >> thank you, george. coming up, a important lesson to teach your kids about
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
[ cheers and applause ] new school year. new subjects. all the way. and among those is personal finance. joining us to talk about that is bill cobb, the ceo of our sponsor, h pa& r block. >> we're starting the budget
8:55 am
challenge. high school students learning real world skills without real world consequences. we give them a job. they get a salary. they have to make decisions. do i want a roommate? what level of cable do i want? what utility bill do i want? they get to learn to pay taxes. >> sorry, kids. you have to learn that. there's though consequences financially, but great stakes. >> exactly. over 100 students will win a $20,000 scholarship. the teachers with earn money for their classroom. >> tell our viewers how you kids can get involved. >> go to h pand pa& r block's w. >> you can learn so much and win a scholarship to boot. check out that out. go to our website, on yahoo!. >> this is called the h & r block bucket challenge.
8:56 am
>> you got it here first. mr. cobb, always a pleasure. >> thank you, lara. >> sounds like a great idea. ready for some more football? "monday night football" kicks off tonight. the giants taken to lions and the chargers and the cardinals. >> another big morning tomorrow. jason bateman will be here. a lot of fun. so long. >> have a great day. >> good morning. jack taylor is over at wto p with a look at your monday
8:57 am
morning commute. >> knock on wood. the lights at can now and the theway again, the latest in key bridge has a snare of traffic on the canal. everything is trying to get to georgetown. on camry county just inside the beltway is clear. moving very quickly especially out of the southbound lane. the newest problem getting out of the district is on the 14th street bridge on the george washington parkway. have got some slow traffic on the freeway from the 11th to the 14th. the forecast looks better than the freeway. >> not terrible. the first temperatures are cooler, with a look at the satellite radar picture and rain showers just west of d.c. into fairfax county. generally like to modern shout -- moderate showers as well.
8:58 am
things have been clearer with temperatures in the 50's right now. we will not get out of the 70's throughout the day due to cloudy skies in a few showers. i think that the rain showers will be more widespread. expect a warm-up for the middle of the week before we cool things back down once again. you, jackie. gas prices are falling. aaa reports the national price for a gallon of regular is down four cents from one month ago. gallonrage price for a of regular is three dollars 58 cents. virginia,
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, star of the the drama "boardwalk empire," steve buscemi. and from the comedy "new girl," max greenfield. plus, your comments and questions on another edition of the inbox. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]


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